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9 Best PHP Code Security Scanners

10 Best PHP Code Security Scanners

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the most common PHP code security scanners used to find vulnerabilities in web applications. Experienced PHP developers know the importance of checking their code for security problems, since its easy to make a simple mistake during development. Here are the 9 PHP code scanners we recommend you consider for protecting against malicious attacks and other security vulnerabilities.

Recommended Security Scanners for PHP Applications

1.) RIPS

RIPS is a widely used and incredibly popular PHP static code analyzer that may be used throughout the build process to spot security problems in real-time. You may sort the findings based on industry conformity and compliance to help you prioritize your efforts.

Here are a few of the top features:

  • It helps you determine the amount of risk for each issue.
  • It helps you prioritize the resolutions based on risk level.
  • It helps you understand the vulnerability’s full implications.
  • It helps you keep track of the issues and the necessary work to resolve them.

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RIPS PHP code scanner Homepage

2.) SonarPHP

To find flaws in PHP programs, SonarPHP employs pattern matching and data flow approaches. It’s a static code analyzer that works with Eclipse and IntelliJ. In fact, it’s easily one of the best static code analyzers for PHP, according to some of our developers.

The custom rules feature of SonarSource allow you to extend its functionality by adding new rules. It checks the source code against more than 100 standards. It even supports Java-written custom rules.

SonarPHP is a cost-free and open-source project (available in github) that may be downloaded as part of the SonarSource community edition.

SonarPHP on GitHub

3.) PHP Malware Finder (PMF)

PHP Malware Finder (PMF) is a self-hosted security scanner that aids in the detection of suspect malware code within your application’s files. It has the ability to detect web shellcode, encoders, obfuscators, and other suspicious code. As PMF leverages YARA, you must have it installed before beginning a test.

PMF on GitHub

4.) Exakat

The goal of this security scanner is to present a static code analyzer engine that works in real-time for compliance, risk, and best practices reinforcement. Exakat has hundreds of PHP analyzers. Some of the framework-specific analyzers include WordPress, CakePHP, and Zend.

You may use the public analyzer if your PHP application code is on GitHub, or you can download and use the cloud-based application online.

With Exakat’s assistance, you may easily add security to your app. It also comes with over 150 rules to improve code review and even has a free community edition.

Exakat homepage

5.) Psalm

Psalm is a handy tool for finding bugs and keeping consistency in your application. PHP Parser is the foundation on which it’s based, so it’s an ideal source for finding issues and improving the integrity of your software.

Psalm Homepage

6.) Progpilot

Progpilot allows you to enter the type of analysis you want, such as GET, POST, COOKIE, or SHELL_EXEC within the application. It currently supports the CodeIgniter framework and SuiteCRM.

It’s free, open-source software that’s designed to be lightweight and easy to use. It also has a multi-language support feature where users can define their own language in the configuration.

Progpilot on Github

7.) PHPStan

PHPStan is a wonderful tool for detecting errors while you’re developing your PHP application. There’s no need to execute anything.

If you wish to use PHPStan, make sure you have composer and PHP 7.1+ installed.

PHPStan homepage

8.) PHP Vulnerability Hunter

This can be used to examine for faults, both statically and dynamically. The scan is broken down into three parts: initialization, scanning, and un-initialization. The following is a list of what it can find:

  • Cross-site scripting
  • Local file inclusion
  • Full path disclosure
  • SQL injection
  • Arbitrary code execution
PHP Vulnerability Hunter Download page

9.) Symfony

It is important to ensure the security of external code in your PHP application. That is where Symfony Security Monitoring comes in, since it is a service that continuously checks your dependencies for known security vulnerabilities. Best of all, it’s compatible with any PHP project that uses composer.

Symphony homepage

Should I Use a PHP Vulnerability Scanner?

Yes, you should use a PHP vulnerability scanner to find vulnerabilities in your code. While some scanners are specific to certain frameworks, most can be used with any application.

Additionally, most scanners offer a variety of features such as static and dynamic analysis, scanning for known flaws, and more.

While you may think getting hacked is unlikely, the fact is it happens all too often. Make sure you’re using one of these top PHP code security scanners to help find and fix vulnerabilities.

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Final Thoughts on PHP Security Scanners

In conclusion, the previously mentioned security tools should be considering for finding vulnerabilities in your web application and helping to secure them against future attacks. Any one of them could be a valuable asset within your development process and help keep your software safe from malicious acts.

Which scanner do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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