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18 Qualities of a Great Web Designer

18 Qualities of a Great Web Designer
Timothy A
Timothy A
May 21, 2021
Posted in  Web Design

As a business owner, it is important to have a web designer on your team who has more than just technical skills. A great web designer needs to also be able to communicate with clients and work well in a team environment.

They also need to be creative enough that they can come up with design ideas for different projects, even if they are not asked for them.

In this post, we will go over 18 qualities of a great web designer, so you can find the best candidate for your business.

18 Qualities of a Great Web Designer

1. Great Communication

Every design project requires good communication. A web designer needs to be able to understand the business goals, and then develop designs that align with these objectives. Failure to communicate can result in incorrect work, which can cause delays and excess costs.

2. Creativity

It’s important for a good web designer to have creativity when designing for their client. Their job depends on improving an existing website or creating something new from scratch, so a lack of creativity will get them nowhere. Many web designers are only able to design a single type of visual – and you don’t want your website to look like all the rest.

3. Able to Meet Deadlines

Web designers should be able to meet deadlines. It’s important for a web designer to work closely with the client, which will ensure everything is delivered on time. Some responsibility lies with the client too, as the designer should be reminded amount upcoming milestones and deadlines.

4. Problem-Solving Skills

Web designers need problem-solving skills because there are always problems that arise during the designing process. These problems must be sorted out quickly and efficiently before further issues arise.

5. Passion

If your designer has passion for web design, they’ll be more eager to find new and unique ways of doing things. A lack of motivation can lead to stagnation in creativity, which means you’ll have a harder time getting people’s attention on the internet.

6. Self-Discipline

Discipline comes into play when dealing with clients or deadlines. If an internal drive is lacking, then the designer is less likely to meet goals and deadlines. It’s important to hire a web designer who respects the time and budget of their client, so look out for this quality.

7. Software for Design

Web designers need to know how to use the best software for design, such as Adobe Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, Figma, and Webflow. Web designers should how to change vector-based graphics and make small edits to images.

8. An Expansive Portfolio

The more experience a designer has, the better they’ll be able to think of solutions for problems that may not have been considered before. A portfolio that shows a range of different work is essential, as it demonstrates what the designer is capable of. The portfolio doesn’t have to be extra special in appearance. In fact, a few links to their best work is enough.

9. Solid Design Skills

Web designers need to possess the fundamental skills needed to do the basics. In fact, they need to be able to think in a logical, structured way. Designers should have the ability to create attractive visuals and layouts that are both functional and usable.

10. Design with SEO in Mind

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for any website. A web designer should be aware of SEO and know how to optimize a site so it ranks higher in the results on search engines like Google or Yahoo. Every piece of code will impact the overall load time of the website.

11. Self-Learning

The best web designers are constantly learning. A great web designer should be aware of the latest trends in design, new capabilities and functions of software used for creating websites, as well as any changes in browser rendering.

12. Ability to Work Collaboratively

Web designers need to collaborate with others. They will be able to work with various disciplines like marketing, programming, or SEO specialists. Great sources for inspiration are other sites that successfully connect.

13. Responsive Design

Web design is no longer just for the desktop. Mobile devices are now an integral part of everyone’s life, so a designer should be able to create designs that work on any screen size. The designer should have expert knowledge of fluid grids and flexible images for websites that flow smoothly.

14. Great Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are crucial for a web designer. Web designers should know how to create slides, presentations, and other visual aids that communicate clearly what they plan to do for the client.

15. See the Details

The best web designers are detail-oriented. They think about every aspect of a design and spend time on the small things that will make a difference for their clients. A designer who isn’t detail-oriented will not notice small coding bugs and design mistakes.

16. UX

User experience is the key to any successful website. A web designer will need to be able to create a user interface that guides visitors through your site in an intuitive way, providing clear signposts and direction without being too directive or hectoring. The navigation should be easy to use on all devices and should provide an intuitive layout with a clear hierarchy of information.

17. Be Honest

The best web designers are honest about what they know and don’t know. They can tell clients that a project will take more time or money than originally planned. Designers that lie should be avoided at all costs! They tend to take on more than they can handle, which results in huge errors in the long run.

18. In Control of Their Emotions

When things go wrong, it’s important that the web designer is in control of their emotions. They should be able to pick themselves up and keep working on your project without getting flustered or feeling too overwhelmed by what has happened.

Closing Thoughts on What Makes a Great Web Designer

In conclusion, we have seen that there are many qualities of a great web designer. You should be detail-oriented and honest with your clients if you want to do the best work possible. Web design is not an easy job but it can also be very rewarding for those who spend time on their craft!

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