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Parallax Scrolling: Pros & Cons

Parallax scrolling is a growing web page design tactic that is becoming more common for websites to showcase. Sites that employ parallax scrolling use it's clever techniques to engage visitors and impact user experience. Parallax scrolling was first utilized in the 1980's with 2D video games. The technique worked by having the foreground and background moving at different speeds as the player moved through the game. The same effect happens on web pages: while a visitor scrolls up or down on a website, animations and images move and can be interacted with the visitor. All of this depends on what functionality you want for your site and what you want your visitor's to focus on at the end of your site.
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Social Media Icons

Social media icons are popping up everywhere. They can be used to navigate from one social networking site to the next or to see a company's profiles on any of those sites. Social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and much more. Depending on the social networking profile you want on your website, there are a lot of strict guidelines and rules to follow.
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