47 Best Dispensary Websites

Hello, cannabis enthusiasts! Looking to showcase your products and services and create an online presence that attracts more customers to your dispensary? Our guide to the top 47 dispensary websites is here to help.

Our team of marketing experts has carefully evaluated the best dispensary sites, taking into account factors such as design, functionality, uniqueness, and user experience. From visually stunning designs to in-depth knowledge about cannabis products, these sites embody excellence in the world of dispensaries.

Not only will you find inspiration for your own dispensary website, but also gain valuable tips on how to create an online presence that stands out from the competition.

Toke up your cannabis business with the help of this guide, and create an online presence that reflects the unique flavors and aroma of your cannabis products! You’ll find website examples of legal medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, cannabis cultivation & processing, and cannabis delivery services in this list! For ideas across other industries, head back to our top web designs of the year blog article!

Top Dispensary Website Designs

1. Thrive Cannabis Marketplace

This is a great example for dispensaries looking for a professional look and feel for their next website. The part of this website’s homepage that caught our attention was definitely the high-quality imagery. The simple color palette and textured background was a nice touch for a custom website. From a marketing point of view, for a dispensary website we really liked the way they utilized the blog to create a nice feature area on the home page. Be sure to consider the unique design of this dispensary website when developing your next website.

2. Far & Dotter

We liked how this Dispensary site combined the colors of purple-y maroon and orange-y tan into an attractive website layout. We particularly liked the use of typography on this Dispensary website. After scrolling past the header of this Dispensary site, you’ll notice the wide layout and large font style which feels elegant and simple. Clear, beautiful images are another design quality of this professional Dispensary website we enjoyed. They had conversions in mind when building the design of their website. Be sure to consider the one-of-a-kind design of this Dispensary website when building out your next website.

3. Lightshade

This is a good example of a website design for Dispensaries looking for a professional layout. From a design viewpoint, we thought the use of typography on this custom Dispensary website was good. Of all the professional Dispensaries’ websites we reviewed, one of the features of this custom website we liked was the product feature right in the hero area on the home page. Good use of color and an interesting slider setup is one of the reasons we included this dispensary website in our rankings for the top web design ideas for Dispensaries. They clearly had a focus on website marketing when designing the design of their website. Give some thought to the one-of-a-kind design of this Dispensary website when developing your next custom website.

4. The Fire Station

This is a good example of a website design for Dispensaries looking for a professional website design. The excellent quality hero video was probably the most impactful feature of the homepage of this website. The color scheme was a unique choice for a custom website. They clearly had website usability in mind when designing their website. Be sure to consider the unique design of this Dispensary website when building your next website.

5. Coastal

Showcasing a clean and intuitive layout, this website keeps things simple for a Dispensary site. As you scroll through the homepage, one of the design qualities we liked was how easy they make it to see their products and put them into your cart. the clean, simple layout of this homepage was definitely refreshing for a unique website. Coastal had internet marketing in mind when designing their website. For the Dispensaries out there looking through website examples, make sure to check this one out!

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6. Chalice Farms

7. Mango Cannabis

8. New Standard


10. MA True Cannabis

11. Mowellens

12. Cannavative Group

13. GreenTx

14. GAGE Cannabis

15. Nordic Oil

16. Green Unicorn Farms

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17. Marley Natural

18. Willie’s Reserve

19. Rocky Mountain Cannabis

20. Cookies

21. Sunnyside

22. LivWell

23. Superette Cannabis Store

24. Cannabis Connection

25. Cloud Cannabis

26. Cannabox

27. The Good Level

28. Urbn Leaf

29. Ponderosa Dispensary

30. JARS Cannabis

31. Consume Cannabis

32. Northern Light Cannabis

33. Joyology

34. COMCO Wellness

35. House of Dank

36. Callie’s Cannabis Shoppe

37. Captain Jacks

38. LA Kush

39. Mercy Wellness

40. Mankind Dispensary

41. Exhalence

42. MedMen

43. Curaleaf


45. Beyond Hello

46. Verilife

47. Zen Leaf Dispensary

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