50 Best Facebook Ads Campaigns

Get ready to be inspired by the best in Facebook advertising! We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 Facebook ad campaigns we could find that not only boast visually stunning ad creatives, but also clever and persuasive copywriting that drives conversions. These Facebook ads effectively communicate their message and encourage the targeted audience to stop scrolling and to take action. Whether you’re a local business or ecommerce company looking to improve your Facebook advertising strategy or just curious about what’s out there, these campaigns are sure to impress and provide valuable insights.

Without further ado, let’s check them out!

1.) accessiBe

One of the things to realize while designing Facebook ad campaigns is that simpler ads might work better. That’s what accessiBe has done in this campaign by utilizing simple graphics to show what the business has to offer to a client. And the clear, crisp, white font creates a contrast with the black background to highlight the main aim of this campaign. 

What we like the most is the address bar with the ‘Free Scan’ button, which ties in nicely with the campaign question. The color of the button matches the logo of accessiBe, giving the whole campaign a cohesive look. 

2.) Allbirds

Nothing can be better than designing an ad campaign that highlights the best in a product. Allbirds manages to do it in this campaign by making its shoe the showstopper of this image. The high-quality image highlights the design of the whole shoe, which is often the buying factor for many customers. 

Similarly, the image ties in with the text placed right below the shoe as Facebook users are able to understand the “slip-on and go” feature. We also like the pastel blue background of this ad campaign as it doesn’t clash with the white color of the shoe or text, another effective design element. 

3.) Arby’s

Arby’s is a popular fast-food chain that’s known for its sandwiches, and this Facebook ad campaign does an excellent job of introducing a new launch, the Greek Gyro. The first thing to catch our attention has to be the attractive image of the gyro that takes up most space creating interest in the viewers. 

And the big, bold white text establishes the name of the dish, making it more memorable. We also like the bright, red background, which is the signature color of Arby’s, and it’s able to instantly grab the attention of visitors while they’re browsing through Facebook.

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4.) Ashley Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture, most customers like to visualize the space with the furniture in it. So, this Facebook ad campaign from Ashley Furniture focuses on different aspects of creating a gaming setup. 

It’s great that the company has utilized several eye-catching images in this campaign, highlighting the setups that can be created using its furniture based on the needs of gamers. There’s also no lettering used on the images, so viewers won’t be unnecessarily distracted. 

As the images don’t have a separate background, the ad seamlessly blends with the rest of the Facebook page, appearing more natural.

5.) Aspiration

It can be quite hard to design Facebook ad campaigns for financial products, but this one from Aspiration makes an impact by highlighting the profitability. This campaign can be considered text-heavy due to the use of digits, but the additional image of paper money creates an attention-grabbing contrast. 

What’s more, the interest rate is presented in big, bold, black lettering, which would make people stop and check out the ad while they’re browsing. We also like that the opportunity of an additional gain has been stated in a gray color with a separate white background.

6.) Blue Tees

This Facebook ad campaign from Blue Tees has to be one of the most creative pieces we have seen due to its nifty use of colors. Even though a black background isn’t always preferred, in this case, it works like a charm to put more emphasis on the product that’s placed on a white surface. 

The text-based graphic used for the price also uses a black, white, and gray color palette with a hint of red for better contrast. Blue Tees team has even paid attention to designing a unique logo, as the placement of a price tag emoji with the all-caps font makes it more noticeable.

7.) BMW

Very few brands know how to make ads stand out, and BMW is definitely one of them. This Facebook ad campaign is simple yet impactful as it successfully highlights everything that a potential customer needs to know about the product. 

The high-quality image does all the talking as it offers a sneak peek into the much-awaited theater screen. Moreover, the text in the image has been kept minimal, with only the use of “THE 7” so that the content doesn’t clash with what’s on the screen. 

Similarly, the text preceding the image has been kept short and is used only to point out its best feature, increasing the interest of potential customers.

8.) Brilliant Earth

This is another ad campaign where the image does all the talking, and it manages to deliver an effective outcome. The team of Brilliant Earth has used a high-quality image of its wedding rings meant for men to show off their design choices. Furthermore, using a simple, beige background for the rings helps Facebook users focus on the unique styles. 

Another great thing about this ad campaign is the caption, as it mentions the full website address of the brand for easy access. The short text before the image also works well as it highlights the styles of rings available without adding unnecessary information.

9.) BroBible

The main goal of this ad campaign is to get more people to read about the Short Par 4 membership, so its design has been kept extremely simple. Attention has been paid while using the striking image of a golf ball, which helps Facebook users interested in golfing to connect with the campaign and check out the review. 

Another thing to like about this ad campaign is the use of a straightforward caption, which highlights the main point. Also, the “Learn More” CTA is quite suitable as it leads to a review article rather than a product or service.

10.) Busch

This Busch Facebook ad campaign is the perfect example of delivering several messages in one go. Apart from letting customers know about the “Busch Light Week 2022”, the ad also includes a caption about the delivery service. 

Furthermore, the image used in this campaign strikes the right balance between information and graphics. The predominantly blue color palette goes well with the brand logo making the campaign instantly recognizable. Additionally, the use of white for the lettering increases readability, especially for Facebook users seeing the ad on a smartphone.

11.) Callaway

Those who play golf know that Callaway is a leading name in designing innovative golf equipment, and this Facebook ad campaign is meant to show some of them. The contrast of monochromatic colors in the image works well to establish the premium style of the products. 

At the same time, the bold white lettering communicates the opportunity to win golf equipment without overpowering the rest of the image. Moreover, we appreciate Callaway for using the CTA of the campaign multiple times in the same ad to make it more impactful. 

The brand has attached a form with the ad, which is a nifty way to gain more traffic as the Facebook user won’t need to visit several unnecessary pages.

12.) Cash Frenzy Cash Casino

When it comes to games, especially those related to casinos and slots, nothing can be better than using catchy videos. Cash Frenzy Cash Casino has done that in this Facebook campaign by using a review video from one of its regular users. We particularly like the use of bold text with specific words highlighted using red as it grabs the attention of users almost instantly. 

Other than that, the caption for the video is quite effective as it mentions the opportunity to receive a lot of coins just by downloading the app. Since the ad is linked to the app store, Facebook users can download the app without much hassle.

13.) Char-Broil

One of the main goals of Char-Broil is to make potential customers realize that its products are much more than an outdoor grill. That’s why this Facebook ad campaign includes multiple pictures of the “Edge Electric Grill,” which accompany reviews from satisfied customers. 

The images do a great job at showing off the modern and sleek design of the grill, including its features, to get more people interested in it. And a CTA has been placed on every image, which increases the probability of more people clicking on the “Shop Now” button placed beside the caption.

14.) Chewy

As a leading pet supplies provider, Chewy is aware of customers’ needs, so this Facebook ad campaign tries to highlight some of the popular products. Multiple product images have been used in this ad campaign which are directly linked to the respective products on the website for easy user accessibility. 

The images have been kept simple with a white background to minimize clutter and make them look coherent with the regular Facebook feed. Moreover, the discount percentage has been mentioned in a blue box, leading a Facebook user to check out the product on the Chewy website.

15.) Erbert & Gerbert’s

This is another appetizing Facebook ad campaign that we had to include in this list as it’s hard to miss. But, Erbert & Gerbert’s ad is specifically beneficial for those who might be interested in starting a franchise restaurant. 

The brand has used a recognizable image from its website, which includes the popular tagline. It has used the text above the image to provide enough information on why opting for an Erbert & Gerbert’s can be profitable for the users. Those who are interested can click on the ad, and they’ll be led to a relevant landing page, which proves highly convenient for most people.

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16.) FootJoy

Have you been thinking about creating a Facebook ad campaign to promote a new product? Take inspiration from this one created by FootJoy, as it’s excellent at highlighting the best features of its new shoe with the use of a high-quality image. 

The image provides a detailed view of the bottom while showing enough style to give users a comprehensive idea of the shoe. Rather than a plain background, the image of this ad uses a patterned backdrop, making it more attractive. The image caption even includes the advertisement slogan to make the shoe more memorable to potential customers.

17.) Fortnite

One of the ways Epic Games made Fortnite popular among people worldwide was through the use of social media ad campaigns. This is an example of its Facebook ad campaigns which specifically use videos to gain the attention of Facebook users when they’re browsing through their feed. 

Spending time on quality ensured that more people view the whole video as it’s unlike other ads that they may come across on Facebook. Plus, the ad is linked to a relevant landing page on the Epic Games website so that users won’t need to waste time hunting for it on the internet.

18.) Fox Cities RetroFoam

This Facebook ad campaign from Fox Cities RetroFoam is an example of how important it’s to show a potential customer what’s being offered. The video gives a glimpse of the installation technique for the foam, which might get people more interested in the product. 

Additionally, the text accompanied by the video includes information about why RetroFoam is a good choice, making more people watch the whole video. The ad redirects users to the website of the business, so it’s easier for those who are interested to find more information related to the product or service.

19.) Full Sail University

Designing an ad for an academic institution can be challenging, but it has been done quite well in this Facebook ad campaign for Full Sail University. Things have been kept simple as it includes a straightforward image coupled with a bit of information about the institution, which acts as a hook for interested Facebook users. 

One of the things that stand out is the blend of fun and classic font styles in the image, which is more appealing to young users. There’s also a form attached to the ad, which users can fill out in a few seconds to get more information about the course.

20.) GolfPass

At times, the most striking thing about an ad campaign is the use of a superb color palette, and that’s true for this ad from GolfPass. The blue color has been extensively used in the ad following the logo of GolfPass and Peacock TV. Moreover, the blurred background of the image creates the right contrast to attract attention to the main message, which is the collaboration between the two companies. 

We also like that the company has provided extra information about the benefits of getting a membership in the text above the image. The ad even features an actual image of a peacock and a link to the free trial to let Facebook users try out the scheme right away.

21.) hims

This Facebook ad campaign by Hims uses a minimalistic and modern design that will appeal to a young male target audience. We really appreciate the use of muted, pastel colors like beige and yellow as they are suitable for conveying information about serious topics like anxiety or mental health. 

Even though the ad design includes minimum text, the right amount of emphasis has been achieved by increasing the font size in the image. And the typography has been kept simple so that it doesn’t distract ad viewers from the central message.

22.) HubSpot

One of the key techniques used by businesses when it comes to digital ad campaigns is niche targeting. This Facebook ad campaign from HubSpot is specifically geared toward designers or other businesses that often use infographics. That’s why the text has been kept minimal, and more attention has been paid to displaying a few options for templates on the ad image. 

The image uses colors often associated with HubSpot, like orange, blue, and green, which creates consistency between its website and the ad copy. Plus, clicking on the ad takes users to the relevant website landing page, leading to increased traffic.

23.) Manly Bands

This Facebook ad campaign from Manly Bands is based on direct messaging for optimal results. The brand has opted for a classic black and gold color palette for its predominantly male target audience. 

Additionally, the use of thick and thin fonts maintains a balance and prevents the ad image from looking cluttered. Another thing we really liked is the use of attention-grabbing lines in the primary text as it creates interest in the users, driving them to order the free ring sizer.

24.) Mantra

This Mantra Facebook ad campaign has a no-fuss design as it’s meant to promote the restocking of a popular product, the polo t-shirts. Hence, the brand has mentioned some of the reviews in the primary text along with the number of reviews the product has received. 

Moreover, a simple image of one such t-shirt has been used to convey the quality and comfort to potential customers. The placement of the text on the image is quite thoughtful as the white color creates an interesting contrast with the dark t-shirt, bringing more attention to the product.

25.) Marvel Studios

Here’s another example of a video Facebook ad campaign, and this time it’s from Marvel Studios, which uses the technique pretty well. Some striking features include using a bright color palette and bold lettering to stand out from the rest of your Facebook feed. 

A lot of thought has been given to writing the primary text, which packs a punch without being too long. As the video does most of the talking, the caption has been kept simple. And clicking on the “Sign Up” button takes you to the relevant website page to watch the show after paying for a subscription.

26.) MC Walk-in Showers

In this Facebook ad campaign, the MC Walk-in Showers company has used the image of a walk-in shower installed by it. The picture quality is pretty good and shows off the features of the walk-in shower. We really like that the ad campaign has been linked to an informative article as it’ll lead many people to know more about the business. 

The detailed text is quite helpful for potential customers to know the relevancy of the image. It also delivers the required information to get them more interested in the services offered by the MC Walk-in Showers company.

27.) Meta

Well, it’s hard to beat Meta, the parent company of Facebook, when it comes to designing the best ad campaigns for the platform. This ad campaign is an example of things done right by optimally using the tools provided by Facebook. 

The primary text sets the tone of the video to let you know its topic as a way to build curiosity. However, what stands out is the cohesion between the text on the video and the caption, making it unique compared to other similar ads on the platform.

28.) Miller Lite

Don’t want to stick to using one image in your ad copy? There’s no need to worry, as this collection ad from Miller Lite is an excellent example of how to use the format. The brand has kept the primary text precise and matched it up with the main image, which highlights the message of the campaign. 

Along with that, it has added images of some merchandise that Facebook users may find appealing. We especially like the contrast created between the white backgrounds of the secondary images and the dark background of the main image, which makes the ad copy look more attractive.

29.) Nitro Circus

The first thing that came to our mind after seeing this ad campaign from Nitro Circus was speed. And that’s essentially what the company wants you to feel with the help of a well-edited, high-quality video that’s extremely engaging. All the images along with the animated text act as an instant hook which is bound to make interested users click on the “Book Now” button. 

We also like how the primary text has been used to create a sense of rush to match the adrenalin kick provided by the video. Moreover, the video caption clearly mentions the location and date of the show, so the ad is most likely to bring traffic from relevant Facebook users.


NOBULL is yet another brand that makes strategic use of the Facebook video ad format to show off its newest collection. But, this time, the video is accompanied by images of the products, which makes this campaign a hybrid between video and collection ads. We think this format is especially fitting for smartphone Facebook users as the ad can fill out their whole screen, drawing greater focus. 

All the images and videos used in this ad are of superior quality, so any potential customer gets to know what the brand has to offer right at the beginning. The brand has also integrated this ad with its Facebook shopping page, which is great for letting users explore more products.

31.) Novo Insurance

Financial companies often try to play safe with their ads to maintain a professional image. However, ads like this from Novo Insurance show us the importance of being a bit more creative, especially in the current era of digital ads. 

The bright green lettering on the black background used in this ad will seldom fail to catch the attention of users browsing through Facebook. Plus, the placement of the logo on the opposite corner of the image makes the company almost unforgettable, even if someone missed checking the rest of the ad.

32.) OGIO

OGIO makes most of the image ad format available on the Facebook ad platform. The brand solely uses the image to highlight one of its turquoise blue golf bags, which looks more noticeable due to the plain gray background. Apart from that, the primary text area is used to provide information about the features of the bag, while the image description lists the ongoing offer.

33.) Pick ‘n Save

One of the ways the advertisements of Pick’ N Save differ from other brands is the use of attractive animated videos. It’s what makes this Facebook ad impressive as the brand has moved away from using plain, boring graphics, or images. 

The bright color palette is quite welcoming, so most users who come across the ad will stop scrolling and check out the whole thing. Moreover, as additional information is mentioned in the primary text above the video, most users may click the ad to learn more about the service.

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34.) PXG

PXG is yet another golf-based brand that knows how to design some of the best Facebook ads. What made us shortlist this ad for this article was its use of the black-on-black theme. Usually, similar color objects don’t look great together, but the optimal use of lighting to create shadows and highlights helps the golf clubs to pop. 

The brand also mentions “hot summer deals” in the image headline, which is always nifty to get more people to check out the displayed products.

35.) Rare Carat

This ad from Rare Carat is a prime example of a straight-to-the-point design where the brand knows how to make its products look the best. The images of the rings are spectacular, and the white background helps to show off their shine. Each ring is accompanied by information about the style and linked to relevant landing pages on the Rare Carat website. 

We also like the simple “Shop Now” CTA button, which shows that the brand is confident about its products.

36.) Ridge Wallet

The most noticeable thing about this Facebook ad campaign from Ridge Wallet is the use of a color palette that matches the product. In some cases, it may look too distracting, but the color placement in the image of this ad is well thought out and provides a contrast. 

Also, more information about the discount is given above the image, so the users know they’re getting a good deal immediately.

37.) Rolling Meadows Golf Course

The images used in this ad by Rolling Meadows Golf Course may look simple, but they truly help you imagine playing golf at the beautiful property. We appreciate Rolling Meadows Golf Course for using well-lit photos that show the true beauty of the place, matching the opening quote of the primary text. 

Another thing that stands out is the mention of the pricing with each photo so that users can click on the one that’s most suitable for them.

38.) Russel Brunson

This carousel-style Facebook ad from Russel Brunson presents the right amount of information that the target audience needs to know. The free physical book and the other services are highlighted with a bright orange background, which is immediately noticeable among other content in your Facebook news feed. 

Furthermore, the use of all-caps for the letter “free” throughout the ad is an excellent way to grab attention as no one likes to pass on free items.

39.) Scheels

This Facebook ad from Scheels has a simple design where the focus is on its waterproof boots. The brand has used several high-quality images in the collection ad format to portray the different styles of boots it carries. It has also mentioned the important information regarding a sale which will surely make Facebook users click on the ad to get a good deal.

40.) Short Par 4

This Short Par 4 ad is an excellent example of how to make the most of a simple image-based Facebook ad format. The striking feature of this ad is the use of different colored texts to make the overall message easily understandable. We particularly like the use of red for the coupon code to make it more memorable. 

There’s even mention of the “Fairway membership” multiple times to ensure that ad viewers understand the offer is only valid for those who’ll opt for a new membership.

41.) ShutEye Sleep Tracker

Ads don’t need to be boring, as proven by this one from Shut Eye Sleep Tracker, which shows off the different features of its app using a fun short video. We like the animations in the video, as they make this ad much more engaging than simple, text-based ads. 

On the other hand, the placement of text in the ad is worth mentioning as it doesn’t clash with the delivery of the primary message. This makes it easier for Facebook users to understand all the information in a short amount of time.

42.) The North Face

The North Face has always had a unique way of showcasing its products by putting them to the test to portray their capabilities. A similar format is used in this video Facebook ad campaign which takes you through the new “Vective” technology for superior hiking. Rather than using extremely bold lettering, the video includes well-balanced text chunks highlighting the new features. 

Furthermore, the brand has blended the collective ad and video ad formats to display the newly launched shoes while showing how to use them.

43.) Underdog Fantasy

We were quite surprised by this Facebook ad campaign from Underdog Fantasy as it manages to pull off a text-based ad, which is seldom used to promote online gaming apps. However, the company knows the expectations of its target audience and highlights the related perks in the ad image using bold text. 

The use of white letters on a black background reminds users of chalkboards, which ties into the theme of football and makes the ad relevant to those interested in it. And the mention of prizes worth “$2 million” throughout the ad ensures that the CTA will bring positive responses.


Here’s another notable Facebook ad for a popular video game that makes use of the video ad format. In the short span of the video, the designers have managed to include enough gameplay of the new episode to gain the attention of people. We like the use of bold lettering in the video to highlight the new features as it breaks the monotony to remind users about the fresh launch. 

Also, clicking on the ad takes you to the download page, so ad viewers won’t need to search elsewhere.

45.) Vice Golf

Did you think nothing new could be done to showcase golf balls? Vice Golf is here to prove you wrong through this quirky small video Facebook ad that presents its new drip golf balls. The colors used in the video match the product and add a refreshing touch to the classic game of golf. 

Moreover, the brand is quite upfront about its pricing and mentions it in the text over the image to intrigue users who like to play with professional-level golf balls.

46.) Virgin Voyages

When it comes to booking accommodations, many customers prefer to look for options with a proper ambiance. In this Facebook ad campaign, Virgin Voyages uses an attractive image of a cabin from one of its cruises. 

Looking at the image creates a sense of comfort and sophistication in viewers due to the ambient lighting. The neatly done bed and folded towels also convey the message of cleanliness, which increases trust in the business for a potential customer. 

Even the position of the “Book Now” button is significant as it achieves the primary goal of the business to make people book cabins on a cruise.

47.) VistaPrint

One of the best characteristics of this VistaPrint carousel ad is that it seamlessly blends with the typical UI of Facebook due to the white backgrounds of the images. Besides, the brand has used a short and effective text before the images to direct interest towards the highlighted services. 

Taking advantage of the carousel ad format, each image has been linked to the respective landing pages, making it easier to look up a particular service that interests a user.

48.) Vrbo Vacation Rentals

It’s essential to understand that in the case of some businesses, nothing works better than using image-based ads. And one of the best ways to show off multiple images is through Facebook carousel ads, as utilized by the VRBO Vacation Rentals company in this ad campaign. 

The business has added a few high-quality photos of its popular rental homes for different locations, emphasizing some of their attractions. We like that the primary text has been kept precise, so the focus isn’t taken away from the images.

49.) Webull

WeBull adds a unique touch to this Facebook ad campaign by using graphic illustrations instead of the same old stock images. A soothing and fun color palette has been used for the ad design, which presents the company as being much more approachable for a young audience. The green color has especially been utilized to highlight certain digits and words to draw focus. 

Rather than using the primary text, WeBull has integrated the main message in the image as a fresh approach. And the ad has been linked to the App Store for interested users to download the WeBull app promptly.

50.) Yatta Golf

We like this carousel ad from Yatta Golf that showcases one of its best-selling items and highlights some reviews. The brand team has managed to achieve a simple yet effective design by contrasting the black and white colors. Also, the line passing through the first image continues to the rest of the images in the carousel, which is a nice addition. 

Note that clicking on any of the images leads users to the landing page for the product, so they can shop without much hassle.

Why Should I Use Facebook Ads for My Business?

Facebook ads allow you to reach a vast user base with specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. It’s effective for brand awareness, lead generation, and driving conversions.

What Types of Facebook Ad Formats Are Available?

Facebook offers various ad formats including image ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, and more. Each format serves different goals and engages audiences in unique ways.

What Is Facebook Pixel and How Does It Work?

The Facebook Pixel is a code snippet you place on your website to track user interactions and gather data. It helps you measure ad effectiveness, track conversions, and retarget users.

What Is A/B Testing in Facebook Ad Marketing?

A/B testing involves running multiple versions of an ad to different segments of your audience to see which performs better. It helps optimize ad elements for improved results.

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Yes, Facebook ads can effectively promote events, webinars, or product launches. You can create event-specific ads to drive registrations and attendance.

How Can I Optimize Facebook Ads for Mobile Users?

To optimize for mobile, use captivating visuals, concise copy, and easy-to-click buttons. Ensure that your ad content is mobile-responsive and loads quickly.

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