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50 Best Roofing Websites

The roofing industry is one of the most competitive local businesses out there. Not surprisingly it’s getting harder and harder to stand out and reach new customers. Because it’s common to get a roof every 15 to 20 years in order to stay in business these roofing companies need a full pipeline of prospects and qualified leads. One of the best ways to do this is a professional-looking roofing website. Below is a list of the 50 best roofing website examples.

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1. Houston Roofing

This roofing website has a sharp intro picture with a gorgeous roof and a smiling, friendly contractor. Also, there is a live chat option allowing users to chat with someone right away, potentially getting questions answered and making it easier to get a quote. Some features that stand out on the homepage are the contact information, social media links, reviews, and blog.

2. Metro NYC Builders

Metro NYC Builders does a great job of explaining the services that are offered. Every builder/contractor offers different services, some offer more and some offer less. So it’s a good idea to explain the services your business offers. So you don’t waste people’s time. Many pictures go along with all the written content which also helps the reader follow along easily.

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3. NY Roofing

This website uses a bright yellow and black color scheme. There is a yellow banner that the top of the page that grabs your attention. The yellow color is used to highlight important content. NY Roofing does a great job of explaining their business along with showing images of what they can offer. Also, they have a blog section allowing users to read different posts and learn important information.

4. Manhattan Roofing

Manhattan Roofing has a very simple homepage and a clean, organized header. They share a small paragraph about the business and what services they offer. All of the pages have a contact form at the bottom. Which makes it easy to contact the company where ever you are on the website. Also, at the bottom of the page, there is a Google map, phone number, email, and address.

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5. Phil DiBello

This site is very welcoming with a picture of the team right at the top of the page. Also in their intro paragraph, they explain the business and how long they have been in business. There is also a video that explains more and all the information is in one spot. The services are put nicely into 4 different categories making them easy to click through. Phil DiBello features their testimonials through videos that will help build trust with the readers.

6. ASAP Roofing & Exteriors

This roofing website has an immediate pop-up wanting you to get into contact with them right away. On the homepage, there are many different links throughout the website allowing the user to get to the “contact us” page. The services are located on the homepage and each has a brief explanation of each one. Also, they do a great job of keeping their commercial services and residential services separated and always had each service labeled.

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7. Cleveland Commercial Roofing

Cleveland Commercial Roofing has a very clean and attractive website. There is a good mix of images, white space, and written text. They do a good job of keeping the content organized by using different separators, along with different color blocks. A few features that stand out are the live chat, Facebook link, and address/phone number at the bottom of the page.

8. American Roofing

This website has an awesome intro video that shows the worker doing their job and working together. Right off the bat they share what they specialize in and have a great explaining that goes with the picture. Also on the homepage, they explain their warranty and how it all works. Google reviews are located within the website on their own page. Easy to contact this company with their phone number, email, and social media links all at the top of the page.

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9. Quality Discount

Quality Discount’s website does a great job of highlight what services they offer in the intro slider. They get that information out to the potential customer right away. Throughout the homepage, there are many hover effects, which when you hover over them you can receive in-depth information. The testimonials are on a slider, which is easy to read. Also, they offer a free estimate, financing, and a live chat.

10. Next Level Roofers

This site has a sticky header that is clean and organized well. Which makes it easier for visitors to find what they need or browse through the information. Within the other pages, they do a great job of organizing the information and pictures. First, the image catches your eye then you go to read the information.

11. Universal Roof & Contracting

This roofing website is simple with plenty of white space throughout the page. There is a red, white, and blue color scheme. Also, there are very strong headlines with big, capital letters. The homepage flows very well and is easy to read and understand. Blue and white blocks are used to keep information separate.

12. Janney Roofing

Janney Roofing has a creative website. There are two video clips on the homepage sharing their big news for this year. Also, they have rounded buttons and circle pictures which makes the page look clean and elegant. The pictures being circular are something cool and unique from other roofing websites.

13. Avatar Roofing

Avatar Roofing has a YouTube video right on their front page, so potential customers can watch the quick clip and get a better idea of who they are and what services they offer. Many pictures on the homepage draw the attention of the audience then bring attention to the information next to the picture.

14. Stay Dry Roofing

Stay Dry Roofing has a user-friendly navigation menu that shows the potential customer all the things they can do. The website also features an informative blog that shows the latest information and showing pointing to that this company is a roofing expert. A very nice Google map showing all of their locations.

15. Recovery Roofing & Construction

This roofing website is very simple with plenty of white space. A blue color scheme is used and works well throughout the website. Right under the intro video, there is a contact form to fill out right on the homepage. Also, some reviews are presented at the bottom of the page. Along with social media links for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

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16. Superior Roofing

This website is very clean and attractive. With the different boxes for different information and services that are offered. Also, customer testimonials are found on the homepage that flips through some of them. Everything is nice and organized with many “read more” and “learn more” buttons for potential customers to reach out for more information.

17. Synergy

Synergy offers many different opportunities to reach out and contact them. They offer a form to schedule an inspection and a form to contact them. Also, their phone number can be found at the top and bottom of the page. Along with a link or two on the homepage that will bring you to the contact page. The homepage is easy to read with plenty of white and some red highlight important information.

18. Brennan’s Roofing

The website for Brennan’s Roofing has a red color throughout bring attention to different information. Some notable features are the testimonials from happy customers, accessibility, and the clickable contact form making it easy to get into contact. There is an awesome section that showcases the work they have done.

19. JC&C Roofing

This website shouts hard work and quality. The first text you see over the intro clip is “quality is not an act it’s a habit.” Also, they do more than just roofing, on the homepage they share the many different cleanup services that they offer. Some features are video testimonials, live chat, and a free estimate form. At the bottom of the home page there is a section for certifications, showing potential customers that can be trusted.

20. Amstill Roofing

Amstill Roofing has an immediate pop-up, which gives you a chance to get a free quote. The website is very easy to access and find your way around. There are reviews and live chat buttons that follow the visitors as they scroll. Many short clips showing the process of roof repairs. Also a great explanation of what happens during a roof repair.

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21. Punum Roofing

This website is very simple. Great quality throughout the site. Some features are featured on the homepage and the rest of them are on another page linked with a “read more” button. A great short clip giving a great explanation of the business, along with a detailed paragraph.

22. Star On Roofing

Star On Roofing shows you exceptionally good pictures of roofs that highlight the work the company can do. Also, they show client testimonials that scroll through which is easy to read. At the bottom of the homepage, they have a community section showing the viewer how involved they are and that their community is important to them.

23. Lon Smith Roofing

This roofing website has many pictures and videos showing the audience what their company is all about. Also, they have many pictures that show that they are involved with their community. Address and contact information can be found at the bottom of the homepage, along with social media links. Which gives the potential customer many different ways to get into contact with this business.

24. Halo Roofing

Here’s another website that is focusing on a simple, clean design. Halo Roofing showcases a great deal of information but without overwhelming the visitors. A sticky header that highlights the services, reviews, service areas, ways to file a claim/schedule an inspection, and their contact information. The page is very straightforward making it easy for potential customers to browses through information and get the information they need.

25. Hans Nombach Roofing & Tuckpointing

The website for Hans Nombach has a clean and easy-to-read design. The potential customer can easily navigate and discover the company’s information with many links at the top of the page. Even though there is a good amount of information available, the text is broken up well and placed carefully around different visuals and a bright bold red color.

26. Roofing Companies Chicagoland

This website has a section first thing on their home page that shows exactly what they work on. They don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Also, they highlight the important information with a bright yellow color. There are also a few testimonials at the bottom of the page that are very detailed, which helps the reader and is also nice social proof.

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27. Chicago Flat Roof Company

This roofing website makes it very clear that the company works on flat roofs in Chicago. They make it clear with their title, pictures, website options, and more. All of their content throughout the site is gathered around this basic principle. Some features that are helpful to the user are the contact form, Google Maps, and address/ phone number all on the homepage.

28. Chicago Roofing Solutions

This site has a very clean top menu with many different categories organizing information. Chicago goes for something that usually you don’t see, a 24/7 emergency repair option. This is a great option to have ensuring potential customers that if they have an issue they would be able to get it fixed as soon as possible.

29. Gallagher Bros

The Gallagher Bros website is very clean and attractive. Right away there is a question if you have damage on your roof, offering a free inspection. There are two different locations so they make sure to separate those well. This company does more than just roofing, they do a nice job of showing what they all do. They use a hover effect to help keep things organized but also help explain each service. Each one has a great CTA offering the potential customer a quote.

30. Piney Orchard Roofing

This website’s homepage. There is a good amount of high-quality images. Also, they broke the different sections apart well and made them noticeable different. The google reviews rating plugin is a good addition, along with a phone number that’s in a sticky header to get into contact with the company.

31. Flat Roof Company

Flat Roof Company is a commercial roofing company, and their website does a great job of showing all the services they offer. Also, they share the customers they have served, which are popular companies. There is a section on the homepage that shows pictures of past projects. Which one picture is shared for each service and there is also a link at the top to find more testimonials.

32. MLK Construction

This website is very simple with showcasing the services that are offered. Also testimonials from happy customers, along with some information about the company. All of the links are easy to get to with them being on a sticky header. Also, the links are located at the bottom of the page with their contact information.

33. Dry Bones Roofing

The website for Dry Bones Roofing has a clean and simple design. The services, reviews, location, and contact form can all be found on the homepage. There is plenty of white space around the company’s information. Also, there are bold colors and well-placed graphics that bring attention to the CTAs.

34. Mr. Roof

Mr. Roof has an awesome visual that shows what services they offer. It’s a picture of a house and there are different icons around the house that you can click on and hover on to get more information. Also, they have a great intro slider that shows their team hard at work. This roofing website is great at showing their work through visuals.

35. MidSouth

This roofing website uses a black and yellow color scheme that works well throughout the site. The website starts by showing a short video of what the business is all about and what services they offer. There is a great introduction of the team on the about tab. Also, there is a great question and answer section that visitors can look at and get answers they were looking for or get information about other important topics.

36. Don Kennedy Roofing Co.

At the top of the homepage of this website, it’s made clear that they offer residential roofing and commercial roofing. The sticky header is organized nicely, making it easy to browse through the information. Other information on the homepage is also nicely organized with a card design. Each block having a detailed description, a picture, and a button to receive more information.

37. Memphis Roofing

Memphis Roofing has a blue and red color scheme that works well throughout the site. The main menu has many different categories, which are easy to discover new information. They even highlight the different types of roofs that they offer. Many visuals showcasing the work that they can do for the potential customer. Also, they make it very easy to get into contact with the business with the phone number at the top and bottom of the homepage.

38. Excellent Roofing

This site has a sharp drone video that shows you the hard-working team on a few different roofs. The mixture of the intro clip and the pop of bright red and blue colors grabs the visitor’s attention. The rest of the page has a clean feel to it with them using boxes to highlight the services offered, along with past projects. Also, there is an informative blog at the bottom showcasing helpful tips.

39. Sherriff Goslin Quality Roofing

This website uses colors that aren’t often used with other roofing websites. Many visuals on the homepage showcasing the services they offer and the types of shingles that they offer. Also, a good amount of written text and links to more information. This allows the potential customer to get a lot of questions answers by just looking through the company’s information.

40. Moss Roofing

Moss Roofing has a great website that right at the top of the page shares some background information and why they should be trusted by the audience. This is a great way to build trust right off the bat and get important information out to the potential customer. On the homepage, they showcase the services, testimonials, and news articles. Some important features that can be found on this roofing website are a live chat, contact form, and other reviews from places like Google, Angie’s List, and Accredited Business.

41. IndyRoof Company

This roofing website is a great example of a site that wants to get its information out in the easiest way possible. There are many video clips throughout the website. Also, a good amount of images highlight important sections of the site. The videos help the potential customer get a better idea of the company. There are also social media links, live chat, and an organized menu separating their commercial and residential work.

42. John Peters Roofing

This website allows you to easily get a free estimate by filling out a form that is right at the top of the homepage. The design is kept simple with not many pictures and plenty of white space. The few pictures that are located on the page are to show the services. A big map is shared at the bottom of the page showing the areas they serve in. Great way for potential customers to see if the company will travel to that area.

43. Stay Dry Roofing

Stay Dry Roofing uses many images to showcase information on their site. These images help grab the visitor’s attention and also keeps them engaged throughout the website. Many useful links at the top making it easy for visitors to discover information about the company. Some features that are showcased on the website are the free inspection form, testimonials, and informative articles.

44. Kingdom Roofing Systems

Here’s another roofing website using an intro clip that shows their hard-working team working on different roofing projects. Kingdom Roofing Systems focuses on a simple design but gets the important information out but makes sure it’s not overwhelming to the reading. Things that help are many visuals, space between topics, and many links to more information within different pages.

45. Phoenix Roofing & Remodeling

This website is a great example of a simple and clean design with many CTAs. Phoenix Roofing & Remodeling uses simple icons to explain and highlight different aspects of the site. Their CTAs are nice and bold with a bright yellow color. It is easy for people to navigate through the website with a sticky header with many links and helpful resources.

46. Stapleton Roofing

Stapleton Roofing does a great job of showing you their company’s hard work and the quality of their work. It’s very easy to connect with this company with their phone number and social media links all at the top of the page. This is offering the potential customer many different ways to get into contact. Also, they showcase their mission, happy customer testimonials, and Google Map.

47. Lyons Roofing

This roofing website uses many big, bold text and a bright red color scheme. Using big, bold text makes your site different from other sites just like yours. This makes them stand out and then the website is easier to remember. Also, some questions are asked reaching out to the audience and engaging them with the content available. Also on the home page, their photo gallery is showcased to see past work.

48. Source 1 Roofing

Source 1 Roofing showcases a short video right off the bat, getting a lot of information out the view all in one place. Each service has a picture and a link to learn more. Also, plenty of reviews from happy customers are shared on the homepage.

49. First Quality

The way the graphics load on this site is particularly sleek. When scrolling down it reveals a nice drop-down menu which makes it easy to contact their office. Also, there is a series of guides and resources that can be used to reach out for help.

50. Portland Roofing NW

This website has a very clear layout and well-thought-out pages which make the experience smooth and straightforward for potential customers. A contact form that allows the potential customer to receive a free inspection/estimate and request an appointment. Some features that stand out on the homepage are the Google Map, testimonials, and many easy-to-find links throughout the website making it easy to contact them.

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