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I'm the founder of WebCitz, LLC and have more than 20 years of experience developing and marketing websites.
50 Best Industrial Websites

50 Best Industrial Websites

If you’re in search of a professional and well-designed industrial website, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 industrial websites that not only provide valuable information on their solutions, but also boast a visually appealing and … Read More

50 Best Non Profit Websites

50 Best Non Profit Websites

Get ready to be inspired by the power of non-profit! We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 non-profit websites that not only provide valuable information about their cause and impact, but also boast visually stunning designs that effectively communicate … Read More

50 Best Manufacturing Websites

50 Best Manufacturing Websites

Proudly showcasing the best of North American manufacturing, we’ve compiled a list of the top 50 manufacturer websites that not only provide valuable information on their products and services, but also boast a visually appealing and user-friendly design. From sleek … Read More

49 Best HVAC Sites

49 Best HVAC Websites

It’s good to be in the heating and cooling industry, since it’s got a solid business outlook with lots of growth potential. There’s one thing HVAC businesses lack, however, compared to other industries: recurring revenue. In order to build a … Read More

The Best Link Building Strategies

The Best Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Content

The traditional method of building links for higher rankings no longer works. This post will discuss how to improve your ranking and reach by obtaining high-quality backlinks from relevant sites. Social media promotion and content integration are still effective methods … Read More

the Evolution of Ecommerce

The Evolution of Ecommerce

The world of ecommerce has changed so much over the years. The internet evolved rapidly, with dial-up connections giving way to broadband, which gave way to Wi-Fi hotspots that could be accessed anywhere at any time. As our means of … Read More

Best Time to Post on Tiktok for Maximum Views

Best Time to Post on TikTok for Maximum Views

Are you trying to use TikTok to get millions of views? The platform is blowing up and successful businesses and personalities are made each day. If you’re looking to reach the most people you might’ve asked yourself “when is the … Read More

How do Ecommerce Websites Get Product Images?

How Do Ecommerce Websites Get Product Images?

Product images are a crucial part of any ecommerce website development. Without these pictures, customers would have to rely on descriptions and other content to make their purchase decisions. But how does an ecommerce store get the rights to use … Read More

Magento 2.4.4 Released

Magento 2.4.5-p1 Released

For those of you running Magento 2.x websites, we would like to inform you that Magento 2.2.6 has been released which includes numerous bug fixes, feature improvements and security updates. Please contact us for assistance in applying the patch or upgrade on your store. For more information about the latest Magento release, go to the Magento website and click on this edition. If you need assistance with updating your website, contact us today. … Read More

How Much Will My Website Cost?

How Much Will My Website Cost?

Are you researching website agencies to build a website for your business in 2022, or maybe next year in 2023? You might be wondering what the cost will be to build, maintain and market your new business website. Before reaching out to a … Read More

BigCommerce Certified Partner

WebCitz is excited to announce that our company has become a BigCommerce certified partner! We’ve worked on numerous BigCommerce developments over the years, but haven’t taken the time until recently to become certified. The process involved countless hours going through … Read More

Adobe Certified Expert-Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner

WebCitz is excited to announce one of our Magento developers, David Wurst, took the Magento 2 Business Practitioner exam and passed! Developers with this credential have demonstrated a thorough understanding of how to leverage Adobe Commerce functionality to satisfy ecommerce … Read More

Magento Released

WebCitz would like to inform you about new updates to the Magento 1 security release. The latest release is Magento Community Edition which implements numerous SUPEE patches. Please contact us for assistance in applying the patch or upgrade on your store. For more information about the latest Community Edition go to the Magento website and click on this edition. If you need assistance with updating your website, contact us today. … Read More

Importing and Exporting Databases over Command Line (CLI)

The staff at WebCitz is frequently importing and exporting databases over the command line. It is incredibly faster than downloading and uploading files over HTTP through phpMyAdmin, and has the added benefit of bypassing common resource limitations in cPanel. … Read More

How to Delete Every error_log File on a cPanel Server

Have you ever needed to free disk space on a cPanel server with a lot of customer accounts on it? An easy way to free up disk space is deleting error_log files. We’ve seen customer accounts with error_log files in the range of 5-10GB depending on the number of errors being logged from their websites. Here is a quick and easy set of commands to check error_log files and delete them, if necessary. … Read More

Open Office Remove Leading & Trailing Spaces From Cells

OpenOffice – Remove Leading and Trailing Spaces from Cells

Our staff does a lot of data manipulation using OpenOffice Calc. We’ve always found it easier to work with data import sheets using OpenOffice over Excel, though we do like Excel for certain tasks. Here is a quick tip for removing leading spaces and trailing spaces from OpenOffice Calc worksheets. … Read More

Shopify Certified Partner

WebCitz is excited to announce that our company has become a Shopify Partner! We’ve worked on numerous Shopify web developments over the years, but haven’t taken the time until recently to become certified. The process involved countless hours going through … Read More

National Selfie Day!

WebCitz is excited to have been able to partake in National Selfie Day! While working on a 360-degree video promotion in downtown Appleton, our team took a minute to snap a quick selfie to share with our customers. Let us know what you think! … Read More

Nashville, TN Client Meeting

WebCitz recently sent two of its developers out to Nashville, TN to meet with an existing customer regarding several large, upcoming programming projects. The trip was a great success, allowing us to meet with a client we’ve talked to multiple times per day over the past two years. It is always great to put a face to a name and we are excited to travel out again further down the road to review the vast improvements slated for 2018! Take a look at some of the pictures heading into Nashville, walking around town and some lunch from a local BBQ joint! … Read More

Magento Certified Developer!

WebCitz is excited to announce that David Wurst took the Magento Developer exam yesterday and passed with flying colors! The exam covered topics including basics, request flow, rendering, database, EAV model, adminhtml, catalog, checkout, sales/customers and advanced features. We now get a shiny new badge to show off!!! … Read More

Halloween 2017!

The team at WebCitz decided to decorate the office to make warm and cozy for Halloween. How did we do by the front door?!? … Read More

WebCitz – Virtual Reality

WebCitz is extremely excited to announce we now offer 360 degree 3D VR video! This is perfect for viewing any type of scene as if you were actually there. It is also great for anybody who has showrooms, restaurants, any real estate they want to show off, or anywhere with an attractive interior. WebCitz is extremely excited about this addition, and we hope to talk to you soon. … Read More

360° Spinner Videos

WebCitz is happy to show off some 360° spinning video which is a perfect way to show off your products to your customers that would like to see more than a two dimensional representation. The 360° spinning videos are also fully customizable to your brand’s products. Rethink your company’s online video marketing with hundreds of different visual effects that can be added to 360° spinner videos. Contact us today to learn more about video options. … Read More

Wake Up Your Marketing

Wake up your online marketing. Fresh new ideas are right at your fingertips. WebCitz is excited to introduce its new 4K video production and we would love to help you with all of your web design, social media, PPC, SEO and much more. Contact us today to get your marketing plan started. … Read More

WebCitz Video Launch

WebCitz is very excited to release our first video with hundreds more coming in the near future. This video highlights who we are and what we can do for your business. We cannot wait to help our clients with this service in the future. Contact us today to learn more. … Read More

Conference Room Additions!

WebCitz is pretty excited about its recently upgraded conference room. There will be more added into the conference room in the near future. Our team moved into a larger space back in May 2016 and are finally working on completing out some of the furniture additions as time permits. There just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. More pictures to come! … Read More

New Shirt Arrival

The newest Magento Specialist in the office decided to be a funny guy and order a vanity shirt online. It has made its way to the blog to shame him! … Read More

Introducing the Jura Z6!

WebCitz is happy to announce the addition of the Jura Z6 to its team! This mechanical barista comes with all the bells and whistles people have come to expect in an espresso machine. You can forget separate devices to grind coffee and froth milk – this new team member takes appliance downsizing to a new level. The internal hopper and grinder for coffee beans, as well as the internal frothing system for milk, allow this new hire to replace three other machines and put out a caramel macchiato in a fraction of the time of its predecessor, bless her soul. The time savings provided by this beauty surprisingly result in a return on investment of 90 days, and the eventual disappearance of the burr grinder (left) and one of the milk frothers (right) pictured in the image below. If you are in the local area please stop by our offices and meet the new team member! … Read More

Coffee Machine Down!

It comes with great sorrow that we must announce the recent passing of our espresso machine. She has been part of the WebCitz family since March 2012 and delighted our staff and customers with more than 10,000 coffee beverages ranging from espressos and Americanos to full out caramel macchiatos. The many years in the constant grind at WebCitz were simply too much for this lady to handle. In her final days she was overcome by a water leak, heating core and water pump malfunction. The curtains may have been pulled too early on her show, but the memory of her contributions to the company will last a lifetime. … Read More

Magento Certified Solution Specialist & Front End Developer

WebCitz is proud to announce that David Wurst, one of its ecommerce developers, has taken and passed the Magento Certified Solution Specialist and Magento Certified Front End Developer exams this Monday! He had a great time driving out to the testing facility in Kenosha, WI and is nearly caught up from his first day off in more than a year! In the coming months, when time permits, he plans to take another day off to take the Magento Certified Developer and Magento Certified Developer Plus exams. If you have Magento development questions please feel free to call 800-796-8263 and talk with Dave or Corey about your project! … Read More

New Office Location Update!

Here are a few images of the back entry (with a fire extinguisher for when Timm grills out) as well as an image of the utility area (where Corey can store all of his cleaning supplies!). They aren’t final pictures yet, but it is close! We are in the final two weeks and will be in the new office by May 1, 2016!
Read More

New Office Location Update!

Here are a few updates to the status of our office relocation! The build out is coming along nicely. Pictured below is the conference room and one of the general work areas. There is still a lot of work to have completed, but we are confident everything will come together in the next and final two weeks of the build out! … Read More

WebCitz to Relocate in May 2016!

WebCitz is happy to announce a relocation to a new, larger office around May 2016! Take look at some of these before photos and stay tuned for regular updates as the build out progresses! … Read More

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Our team would like to announce the recent accreditation of David Wurst as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional! You can check out our Bing Ads company profile if you like! Yes, we are also a certified Google Partner if you were wondering! Please contact us about your PPC accounts if you have questions – we are always happy to help! … Read More

Google AdWords & Analytics Certified!

WebCitz now has a Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified marketer on staff! It took about five and a half hours of testing to get through all of the exams, but it was well worth it! We now fully qualify as a Google Partner and should receive our updated status and certification badge soon! Talk about excitement! … Read More

Mileage from Your Website Design

The process of redesigning a website is a big undertaking and the decision to do start it is often pushed to the back burner. How do we know this? Because we have seen hundreds of businesses push off redesigns and redevelopment work. Sometimes you just get too busy, sometimes you are waiting for a new version of software to be released and other times it is a financial or other resource issue. … Read More

Excel Tip How to Check for and Remove a Trailing Comma

Excel Tip / Trick: How to Check for and Remove a Trailing Comma

If you have ever worked with a spreadsheet that had lots of data – perhaps thousands or tens of thousands of rows – then you know the importance of formulas. We would like to share a handy formula with you that will check a cell for a trailing comma (or other character) and remove it. Please keep in mind that this formula actually checks to see if the last character is a comma – it will not just remove the last character in the cell no matter what – a crucial check for anyone that might not have such a problem on all cells. … Read More

Peyton Receiving a Pep Talk

Here is a great picture from within the office last Friday, featuring Corey giving Peyton a pep talk before the big game this past Sunday. As you might know, this pep talk must have been beneficial since it supposedly helped Peyton and company beat out a team whose quarterback threw for over 500 yards with 5 touchdowns, breaking franchise records and entering into an elite select group of quarterbacks. It should be known that we are a pro Green Bay team – we just like to have fun with the Fat Head! … Read More

Cardinal Path Webinar on Attribution and Product Listing Ads

WebCitz is excited to be attending a Cardinal Path webinar for enhanced knowledge in Attribution and Product Listing Ads! This is definitely going to be a great benefit for some of our marketing customers! As most of you know, we were in San Francisco, CA USA back in July for an entire week soaking in a lot of great knowledge from Cardinal Path’s instructors! … Read More

Google Analytics & AdWords Seminar!

WebCitz will be in San Francisco, CA from July 15, 2013 to July 19, 2013 for five days of Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Bing Ads training seminars to catch up on the latest trends and strategies! Do you have … Read More

WebCitz BBQ!

This is a great picture of Corey sitting out by the picnic table watching our mini grill heat up on June 20th. Have you ever contacted our company? If so, you likely spoke or emailed with Corey to get answers … Read More

cPanel & WHM Certified

One of our staff has passed the L1: cPanel Base Certification:Sales test from cPanel University! Stay tuned throughout the year as we rack up other certifications in PHP, PHP Frameworks, and Red Hat! … Read More