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Best Website Hosting for Churches

Best Website Hosting for Churches

Choosing a website hosting company can be a daunting task for churches. Picking the wrong one may result in downtime from security issues or support hassles.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best church web hosting providers on the market today. We hope you find our recommendations helpful when selecting your next provider!

Recommended Web Hosting Companies for Churches

1.) WebCitz

WebCitz offers a free web hosting service for non-profits, such as churches, which is a great benefit when money is tight. The free option does require a backlink in exchange for the free hosting service. If you didn’t want to take them up on the free option, even their paid packages offer a lot of great benefits.

For example, they set server resources at really good levels for a shared web hosting provider. In terms of PHP configuration, they set memory_limit to 2GB and max_execution_time to 5 minutes. This can be incredibly helpful for a website owner who needs to run a complex database query, or a web developer who is trying to help a client debug a PHP issue.

To help improve website performance, they run LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server which allows a WordPress site to install the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. This is a replacement web server software to Apache, which is by default installed on all cPanel/WHM web hosting servers. We’ve noticed in the past that websites with LiteSpeed Cache, when “Guest Mode” optimizations are enabled, have been able to easily pass Google’s Core Web Vitals. This caching system often works more smoothly than most others, since the cache files can easily be flushed within the WordPress admin area. Even if you aren’t running a WordPress website, LiteSpeed Web Server offers a lot of out-of-the-box improvements when it comes to scaling a web server and provider better site performance.

They also offer nightly and weekly backups on all of their web hosting plans. For nightly backups, the archives are stored within the same data center, but on a different machine. The weekly backups are stored in an entirely different geographic region, not connected at all to the Hivelocity data center where their servers are located.

Speaking of which, they use Hivelocity data centers within Tampa, FL or Dallas, TX. These are state-of-the-art data centers, which speaks volumes to the commitment this company puts to the physical security and network connectivity of their client’s data. In terms of server configurations, they have two different profiles that they currently offer. The most affordable solution is called their “performance hosting,” which runs on dedicated servers with Dual Intel Xeon 5220 CPUs (36 Cores, 72 Threads), 128GB+ ECC Server Memory, and Hardware RAID-10 SSD Storage w/ BBU. Their performance hosting starts at $249/year for 10GB of storage. If you can afford it, consider upgrading to their “supercharged hosting” which runs on dedicated servers with AMD EPYC 7742 CPUs (64 Cores, 128 Threads), 256GB+ ECC Server Memory, and RAID-10 NVMe Storage. That upgraded web hosting service starts at $500/year for 10GB of storage.

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2.) WPEngine

We’ve used WPEngine multiple times over the past few years. We’ve always been happy with the quality of their web hosting services. One quality that stands out is their customer service. Not only do they respond to questions in a timely manner, they also often have someone technically-inclined providing the feedback. I don’t believe we’ve ever gotten a support response from them that made us think they didn’t know what they were talking about, or didn’t take the time to review the question and answer what was being asked.

3.) SiteGround

SiteGround is another company we’ve used many times in the past few years. We’ve always been happy with their control panel functionality. Actually, they have a nice feature of letting you restore to a backup point all on your own within their control panel. Oftentimes you have to reach out customer support at a web hosting provider to get a backup restored. The performance of their servers isn’t bad either. Another feature we like is their collaborator functionality, which is far better than GoDaddy who has a similar feature that allows site owners and developers to share access.


Finding a web hosting provider isn’t the easiest task. As such, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to give you a better idea of what your options are.

Why does a church need a website?

A church website is a great way to engage your congregation and grow your mailing list. It can help you reach new congregants, spread the word about events, and connect with existing members between services.

Do churches need email hosting?

While many churches share one personal account for receiving and sending emails, other organizations prefer to have their own dedicated email address so that is linked to their website. Email accounts are usually included with web hosting packages, but you should check with the hosting provider first. WebCitz includes email account service within its hosting plans.

Can I use my own domain name for my church website?

Yes! Many churches choose to use their own domain name. If you already have your own domain, then that’s great news – you can just add the hosting package and connect it right away.

What is SSL?

Having your website load from HTTPS:// means your website has an SSL/TLS certificate installed to encrypt data transferred between your web server and your website visitors. It is recommended all websites be protected with HTTPS://, since it is considered an SEO ranking factor and can help improve trust with your website visitors. WebCitz offers free SSL/TLS certificates with all of its shared web hosting plans.

Final Thoughts on Finding a Web Hosting Provider for a Church

In conclusion, there are many website hosting companies on the market that provide great services. However, for churches, we think the ones mentioned above really stand out.

Our top choice is WebCitz, since they have a free web hosting option for USA and Canada-based non-profit organizations. They also provide excellent customer support, have multiple hosting configurations to choose from at different price points.

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