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Best Website Hosting for Churches

Best Website Hosting for Churches

Choosing a website hosting company can be a daunting task for churches. Picking the wrong one may result in downtime, security issues, and lost revenue.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best church web hosting providers on the market today. We hope you find our recommendations helpful when selecting your next provider!

Best Website Hosting for Churches

1.) WebCitz – Rated Best Web Host for Churches

WebCitz is among the most secure, reliable and flexible web hosting providers for Churches, Synagogues and Religious organizations. To provide its Church web hosting services, they utilize their own dedicated web servers at Hivelocity in Tampa, FL and Dallas, TX.

They have two tiers of web hosting services for churches and religious websites, depending how much performance you need!

Their fast web hosting services for churches and religious websites comes on their Turbo Charged servers, running AMD EPYC 7742 CPUs (64 Cores, 128 Threads), 256GB+ ECC Server Memory, and RAID-10 NVMe Storage.

Their most affordable web hosting services for churches and religious websites comes on their Turbo Charged servers, running Dual Intel Xeon 5220 CPUs (36 Cores, 72 Threads), 128GB+ ECC Server Memory, and Hardware RAID-10 SSD Storage w/ BBU.

You will find all of their servers to be routinely updated with stable software releases and security patches. Additionally, they include automated daily offsite backups, email spam protection and the latest cPanel control panel in each of their hosting packages.

2.) InterServer

This host provides a free plan for US-based non-profits, which makes it first on our list for church website hosting. If you’re not in the US, you’ll still be pleased to know that they offer a great service at a fair price.

The plan gives you an unlimited amount of bandwidth and storage, which means you’ll never be held back when building your church website. Not only that, but they provide hundreds of apps that can be installed with just one click, including WordPress and other content management systems (CMS).

You can take advantage of InterServer’s robust shared plans with features you’d expect from premium providers: unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email services for a low monthly price. Other highlights include power-packed SSDs as well as migrations at no cost!

InterServer’s pricing is guaranteed to be stable and fair, no matter what level of hosting you need. With a price-lock guarantee on all accounts, all customers can rest assured they will never have unexpected increases in their monthly fees – something that not many hosting providers do!

The company’s New Jersey headquarters are home to servers that support the data center. At 50%, they have ample room for growth and won’t suffer from performance issues like those experienced by other sites in their area of operation!

The on-site team will be there around the clock to help with any issues. They can chat, email, or call you if they need more info!

InterServer offers a variety of hosting services that can be accessed from their account management portal. Users will find it easy to order or adjust the service they need, all in one place!

InterServer Homepage

3.) Hostinger

With prices starting at just €1.15 per month, Hostinger is the least expensive around and there’s no other provider who can compete with them! But to get these low costs you need a commitment for three or more years, which may not be suitable if your business needs.

The truth is that your customers are not interested in how much you pay for hosting. They just want speed and security so that they can use the service without worrying about their data being compromised or lost due to slow speeds!

The starter plan is perfect for any church that wants to build its own websites and host them on a reliable server. It comes with 30GB of disk space, 100 GB bandwidth (with no monthly data transfer limits), and one email account, as well as 24/7 technical support to resolve any problems.

One of the most important features missing from a basic plan is automatic daily backups. That means you’ll have to do it yourself or purchase an upgrade if that’s something that interests you!

The ultimate way to grow your church’s online presence is with an advanced plan. This extra-large account comes with unlimited bandwidth and email capacity!

Many people are die-hard cPanel fans, but Hostinger knows that it’s not perfect. That’s why they created their own proprietary control panel to keep things simple and easy for you!

You can try out the service for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied with it, they’ll refund your money.

Hostinger Homepage

4.) SiteGround

If you want the best possible customer service, SiteGround is the one for you! They are known for providing outstanding support, and they have a dedicated staff of technical experts ready to help you out.

Siteground is also great for churches because they provide free SSL certificates with their shared hosting plans. This makes it easier to build secure websites and attract visitors to search engines since your website will be considered more trustworthy.

For churches looking for stability, SiteGround is the best option. It offers premium services at an affordable price with plans starting at a low $6.99/month – $14.99 per month. This isn’t the cheapest hosting provider on this list, but it does provide peace of mind, especially if you want your church website to live at all times.

For example, if you need to sort out a website issue at 6am, you can be confident that SiteGround will be there for your every request. Their support team is live chat-enabled and ready 24/7!

The 100% renewable energy match is the perfect way to save our planet! It’s not quite as good as GreenGeeks, but you have to take note of this.

SiteGround’s availability is second to none, with the company only experiencing downtime an average of two hours per year. This means that you can rest easy knowing your website will never be down for more than five minutes at a time!

Site Ground Homepage

5.) A2 Hosting

A2 offers great value for money and is known for having reliable servers. They also offer 24/h chat support, which means you can get help whenever it’s needed (no matter what time of day).

A2 Hosting’s cheapest plan is perfect for churches due to its generous storage and bandwidth limits. The A2 hosting package provides the ample space needed by church websites with 25 email accounts, making it a great deal.

A2 Hosting is a really fast company! The average response time from their servers is 284 milliseconds, which means that it takes less than one second before you get the answer to your question. And not only do they offer quick service in general; A2 also updates monthly and this will provide even faster speeds when needed.

As a hosting company, they now boast an average uptime of 99%. To improve their current number even more and achieve 100%, the host offers one feature called HackScan, which monitors your site around the clock for malware activity.

A2 Hosting is a hosting company that can provide you with an optimal performance even if it isn’t as well-known anymore. They offer quality services and their prices are very affordable, making them one of the leading providers for churches across North America!

A2 Hosting Homepage

6.) HostPapa

When starting a church website, the most important thing to consider is reliability and performance. With HostPapa’s Starter plan you get 100 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth, which provides more than enough space for your website content.

The use of 100% green renewable energy and an eco-friendly approach by HostPapa sets it apart from other companies. The company’s concern for the environment is reflected in its promotional material and it sets them apart from other businesses.

HostPapa’s hosting packages are designed to provide every customer with a fully-featured and affordable web service, at the lowest possible cost.

The starter plan offers an excellent value for small business owners. It includes all of the standard hosting features with free domain, bandwidth, and storage starting at only $3.95 per month!

However, the drawback to this pricing is you have to commit to three years of service before getting the best price. This isn’t uncommon in this industry though, so just be aware that it’s something going forward into your decision-making process.

HostPapa is a great choice for those who want to support an independent company and aren’t satisfied with the offerings from larger hosts.

With HostGator or BlueHost you can get access to more features, but if it comes down to one of only a few remaining truly “indie” providers, then I would recommend checking Hostpapa out first.

Host Papa Homepage


Finding a hosting provider isn’t the easiest task. As such, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to give you a better idea of what your options are.

How can I get a refund if my site goes down with the service provider?

Most hosting providers have a refund policy in place which will be detailed on their website. However, the server will likely have to be down for a prolonged period, not just an hour or so.

What are the best features to look for when I’m choosing my host?

The most important feature is reliability, followed closely by support response times and customer reviews. If you can find a company that has all three of these things, then go ahead with the host – if it fits your budget!

Do churches need email hosting?

While many churches share one personal account for receiving and sending emails, other organizations prefer to have their own dedicated email address so that is linked to their website. Email accounts are usually included with web hosting packages but you should check this before signing up, as some companies may charge extra.

Is Wix good for church websites?

While Wix is free to use, it does not offer the security or professional appearance that many churches are looking for. If you’re just starting out with a new church website, we recommend sticking with simple platforms like WordPress until your site has grown and become more established.

Why does a church need a website?

A church website is a great way to engage your audience and grow your mailing list. It can help you reach new congregants, spread the word about events, and connect with existing members between services.

What is the best church website builder?

The best choice depends on what type of content you want to add as well as how many people will be editing it regularly. WordPress is a powerful platform with thousands of plugins available but requires some technical knowledge from those working on the site.

Wix has pre-made templates which are more user-friendly but does not allow customization or adding complex features through coding. Which one works better? It really comes down to personal preference!

Can I use my own domain name for a church website?

Yes! Many churches opt to use their own domain name instead of linking it with a website like Wix or WordPress. If you already have your own domain, then that’s great news – you can just add the hosting package and connect it straight away without having to register separately.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are used for encrypting data sent between users’ browser and websites. They help keep information secure by ensuring any sensitive details entered on forms cannot be stolen in transit through the internet.

You might see this listed as “HTTPS” rather than “SSL” when connecting to sites – both mean the same thing so don’t worry if you’ve noticed either one appear online before!

What are the top three features of a good church web hosting company?

The best church web hosting companies will have supportive customer service reps that respond quickly to issues or concerns. They also need fast servers that won’t crash during busy times of heavy traffic on your site’s pages.

Finally, reliable security protocols like two-factor authentication (TFA) should be included to protect any sensitive data entered into forms on your sites’ pages.

Is SSL necessary for churches?

Yes! Churches should use an SSL certificate when completing online donations or accepting social media logins. SSL certificates encrypt visitors’ information, so it’s protected from hackers who might be trying to intercept the data as its being transmitted between your site and their browsers.


In conclusion, there are many website hosting companies on the market that provide great services. However, for churches, we think these five stand out as some of the best church web hosts: InterServer, Hostinger, SiteGround, A2 Hosting, and HostPapa.

Our top choice is Interserver as they have a free plan for US-based non-profits, churches, and charities. They also provide excellent customer support, have a large variety of hosting plans to choose from at different price points, and allow you to use your own domain name so it’s easy for visitors to find you online.

We hope you enjoyed this article! If so please be sure to share it with your friends and family online or on social media! Thanks again for reading our blog post on the best web hosting for churches.

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