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Best Time to Post on TikTok for Maximum Views

Are you trying to use TikTok to get millions of views? The platform is blowing up and successful businesses and personalities are made each day. If you’re looking to reach the most people you might’ve asked yourself “when is the … Read More

How to Advertise Your Online Store

11 Tips for How to Advertise Your Online Store

As a business owner, you are probably looking for ways to advertise your store. Whether it’s through social media or online ad platforms like Google and Facebook, advertising is one of the most effective ways to get new customers in … Read More

Top Tips for Managing a Blog

Top Tips for Managing a Blog

Blogging is a great way to increase your business’s exposure and generate more revenue. However, it can also be time consuming and difficult to manage. In this article, we will give you tips on how to maintain a successful blog … Read More

What is a Marketing Agency & What Do They Do?

What is a Marketing Agency & What Do They Do?

In this blog post, we will discuss what a marketing agency does and why you may want to hire one. Marketing agencies can help with many different aspects of your marketing strategy, such as branding, social media management, website design … Read More

Social Media for Ecommerce: A Quick Guide

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to attract new customers and increase conversion rates for Ecommerce businesses. However, it’s not as simple as just signing up for Facebook or Twitter. If you want the best … Read More

how to cross post to Instagram From Facebook

How to Post to Instagram From Facebook

Make it easier to grow both your social media accounts simultaneously by automatically sharing a post from Facebook to Instagram. Save time and cross-post your content to Instagram from Facebook on desktop with the help of this how to guide. … Read More

swipe up instagram links

How to Add a Swipe Up Link to Your Instagram Story

If you’re a verified Instagram user or have over 10,000 followers you can add links to your Instagram story that get triggered by a swipe up… an incredibly powerful tool. With this unlocked feature, you can promote a product, service, … Read More

Facebook pixel on wix website

How to Install Facebook Pixel on Wix

Here is your step by step to guide on how to install a Facebook Pixel on your Wix website in 10 minutes or less. What is The Facebook Pixel? The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code you install on … Read More

link instagram account to facebook business page

How to Link Instagram to Your Facebook Page (Or Remove)

Don’t miss out on the amazing benefits of linking your Instagram and Facebook Business Page. Whether your a business owner spending $10,000/mo on social media ads or an influencer posting consistent content on your socials you need to connect your … Read More

How to Invite Friends to Like a Facebook Page

A great way to help grow your Facebook Business Page is by actually inviting people to like your page. This can prove to be far more efficient than just hoping someone likes your Facebook page on their own without outside … Read More

facebook page admin access

How to Accept a Facebook Page Admin Invite

In order to gain access to a pre-existing Facebook page, you need to be assigned a page role. This is a task that comes up often when we take on a new social media management client, so hopefully, this article … Read More

Facebook Image Sizes

When posting on Facebook, either to your page or a new advertisement, the right image dimensions can make or break the post. To ensure your brand looks professional these are the Facebook Image Sizes and Dimensions to follow. Facebook News … Read More

social media advertising guide

Social Media Advertising From Beginner To Expert

Social Media Advertising From Beginner To Expert Social media advertising is responsible for bringing more than $100 million of revenue to businesses everyday. This article will teach you everything you need to know about exploding your sales with social media advertising. What is Social Media Advertising And Why Use It? … Read More

3 Ways To Use Video Marketing To Your Advantage

Have you recently thought about adding videos to your brand’s marketing budget for the year? Well, you should, video marketing is here to stay and will not be going away anytime soon.  Videos provide powerful ways to communicate your brand’s story, engage with customers through interactive content, and showcase your brand’s strengths. … Read More

4 Ways To Bring More Leads To Your E-Commerce Through Social Media

Are you utilizing social media to gain new leads for your e-commerce business? The answer should be an absolute, yes! Being active on social media is another way to attract users to your site. In fact, you can even gain qualified, new leads if social media utilization is done correctly. This does not mean go out and make a social media page for each channel, but to strategically pick the pages your users are most active on. … Read More

Social Media Icons

Social media icons are popping up everywhere. They can be used to navigate from one social networking site to the next or to see a company’s profiles on any of those sites. Social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and much more. Depending on the social networking profile you want on your website, there are a lot of strict guidelines and rules to follow. … Read More

The Social Media Website for Rich People!

You know Facebook is getting crowded when you can’t talk about yachts, private jets and caviar without someone from the 99% chiming in with their opinion about your excessive transportation and eating habits! A new social network named “Netropolitan” has sprung up hoping to distance itself from the 99% and serve only the 1% through a social network that costs $9,000 to join for the first year and $3,000 annually thereafter. It will be interesting to see how this type of social network takes off and whether it actually ends up being any different from the common people’s social options. Then again – “amazing” selfies and useless personal updates permeate all social classes. www.netropolitan.info … Read More