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Top 12 Advanced SEO Tips

In this article, I will cover the top 12 advanced SEO suggestions to make your online business successful! As more and more business moves online, getting to the top of search engine rankings is no longer a simple task. The basics just won’t cut it.

In this post, we take a look at my top 12 advanced SEO suggestions that will give you an edge over your competition. Although not all of these advanced SEO tips are easy to implement, they’re definitely worth it!

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1. Advanced SEO Tip – Core Web Vitals

Google Search Console

This is a section you’ll find in your Search Console. Basically, it’s all about your page experience. Although Google isn’t currently taking your page experience score into account, it will soon be a huge ranking factor. The main way to improve your score is to increase the speed of your site, but you’ll want to do everything you can to improve the overall user experience.


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2. Advanced SEO Tip – Use More Headings


Headings help to break up the content on your page so that it is easier for visitors and search engines alike to navigate.

You should use headings as much as possible when posting articles online, especially if you like long-form content. Plus, more headings generally mean that you’ll rank for more snippets.

Headings on a blog highlighted

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3. Advanced SEO Tip – Optimize for Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are a new and valuable way to be found on Google. Research has shown that upwards of 90% of people will click on the featured snippet if it looks relevant to their search query.

To optimize for these, make sure your headings match the search query. You should then provide short paragraph answers under the headings, and even bold the most important information.  The aim is to provide an answer in a clear way that is easily scanned.

4. Advanced SEO Tip – Upgrade Existing Content

Fresh Content

Before you start creating more content for your website, you may want to upgrade your existing content. New content takes a long time to rank, so you can get quicker wins by concentrating on the content you’ve already written.

You can add new content to your posts or choose to completely rewrite them. This is a great way for you to refresh your old posts and give more value at the same time. Updating old content has been linked to ranking boosts, so give it a go.

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5. Advanced SEO Tip – Internal Linking

Link Optimization Between Appropriate Pages

You should try and link the pages on your website together so that you can get more exposure from one article. This is an incredibly easy task to do, but one many businesses skip entirely.

Internal linking has two main two benefits:

1). It passes ‘link juice’ to the other pages you link to. This means that some of one page’s authority will be passed onto another page.

2). It improves the time spent on your website, as visitors will click from one page to another. Time spent is both good for your rankings and direct conversations on your site.

WebCitz Internal Links Highlighted

6. Advanced SEO Tip – Fix 404s

Fix Page Not Founds

404s usually happens when people click on links that were never published, or if the file is missing from the server.

Since you don’t want to be penalized for this type of situation, it’s important to have an automated system in place that can find those broken link destinations (page URLs), so you know where to update them with new content.

a 404 page one on a laptop

7. Advanced SEO Tip – Optimize for Mobile Page Speed

Use Page Speed Tools to Check Page Loading Time

It’s important to consider how much time it takes for pages on your website to load, as slow load times can lead directly to a decrease in conversions and revenue.

There are many factors that come into play with page speed optimization – some of the major ones being site architecture (including code responsiveness), server performance, browser caching, etc.

To determine where you should start when optimizing mobile page speed, take a look at what happens before and after loading each part of the web page individually by using GTmetrix or Pingdom Tools. These tools will show you specifically where bottlenecks occur during the loading process, so you know exactly which areas need to be optimized.

It is not enough just to pay attention only during development and design phases – it’s important to continuously keep track of how quickly webpages load in order to lower bounce rate, increase conversions, and boost revenue from site traffic.

someone holding a smartphone

8. Advanced SEO Tip – Get Creative with Link Building

Focus on Backlink Optimization!

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of advanced SEO. You can attract more links by using skyscraper link building, creating pillar posts, claiming links when your images are used, creating new industry terms, or even purchasing them from reputable websites.

One of my top tips for getting links is by finding unbranded link mentions. If you’re mentioned on a website, but there is no link back to your website, reach out to them and see if they will. This tends to result in a backlink every time. You see, you’re not sending out a cold email, but rather contacting someone who has already talked about who you are or what you do. You can use BuzzSumo’s “Brand Alerts” feature to find every time your brand is mentioned online.

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Blog article with a backlink highlighted

9. Advanced SEO Tip – Don’t Forget About Mobile

Design for Mobile First!

It’s not enough to optimize your website for desktop devices anymore – now you need to pay attention to how it looks on smaller screens. You may want more page views, but you also have a higher bounce rate and lower conversion rates because the content is difficult to read when viewed on a phone or tablet. Make sure that images don’t shift place, buttons are big so they can be clicked with one touch, forms take up as little space as possible, and text size is readable at all times.

person using a smartphone

10. Advanced SEO Tip – Add “Content Features” To Your Page

Calculators, Summaries, Lists, etc.

Content features are an often overlooked SEO strategy that can give you a major boost in rankings. They’re things like adding calculators, summaries, lists, and credible data. Adding these features will give a boost to the overall experience of your visitors, while also serving as great ‘link bait’.

11. Advanced SEO Tip – Optimize Content for Keyword Relevance

LSI Keywords

This is a strategy that many companies neglect, but it can have major impacts on your SEO. You should include the right LSI keywords on your page, which are words related to the main target keyword. This will tell Google how relevant your page is for that topic. As a result, you will be rewarded with higher rankings for both the main keyword and a bunch of other long-tail keywords.

a laptop keyboard

12. Advanced SEO Tip – Optimize for Voice Search

Optimize for the Long, Spoken Questions!

Voice search is the future, and if you’re not optimizing for it now then you could be losing potential traffic. Voice search lets people use their voice to find a topic they are looking for by speaking into an internet-connected device, like a Google Home speaker or iPhone.  It’s good practice to think about how people word things differently when using voice search. Generally, people tend to ask longer questions when speaking on their phones.

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Whether you start with fixing your 404s or adding content features, use these advanced SEO suggestions to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you have questions about how to implement these advanced SEO techniques, please reach out to the WebCitz team today at (800) 796-8263.

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