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Importing and Exporting Databases over Command Line

The staff at WebCitz is frequently importing and exporting databases over the command line. It is incredibly faster than downloading and uploading files over HTTP through phpMyAdmin, and has the added benefit of bypassing common resource limitations in cPanel.
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How to Delete Every error_log File on a cPanel Server

Have you ever needed to free disk space on a cPanel server with a lot of customer accounts on it? An easy way to free up disk space is deleting error_log files. We've seen customer accounts with error_log files in the range of 5-10GB depending on the number of errors being logged from their websites. Here is a quick and easy set of commands to check error_log files and delete them, if necessary.
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OpenOffice – Remove Leading and Trailing Spaces from Cells

Our staff does a lot of data manipulation using OpenOffice Calc. We've always found it easier to work with data import sheets using OpenOffice over Excel, though we do like Excel for certain tasks. Here is a quick tip for removing leading spaces and trailing spaces from OpenOffice Calc worksheets.
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