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With increased connectivity and an ever-growing tech-savvy population, web applications and mobile apps tend to generate the user engagement across multiple platforms that growing businesses desire. But it's often difficult to design cross-platform apps, given the budgetary constraints and turnaround time required to develop and maintain separate apps for each mobile platform.

React Native eliminates the hassle of platform native frameworks and allows you to build high-performing apps on iOS, Android, and other major platforms. Nearly 38% of software developers used React Native in 2021 to design apps for desktop and mobile devices. This is due to its user-friendly development process and ease of use.

If you wish to learn more about React Native or adopt it within your next project, check out our services and how we can help you create your next mobile app.

What Is React Native App Development?

Facebook was the creator of React Native, an open-source JavaScript framework that allows software developers to create mobile apps.

The key benefit of React Native is it allows software developers to build mobile apps for Android and iOS from a single codebase. This greatly reduces the time required to build and maintain mobile apps, which helps make them more affordable and obtainable by startups and corporations. Instead of hiring two teams of app developers, one to build an Android app and another to build an iOS app, you now just have a single app development team.

React Native is among the fastest-growing app development frameworks. You can use it to design cross-platform apps for a personalized, creative, and appealing user experience.

In short, it's a game changer in web development! There are alternatives, such as Google Flutter, Cordova, and Ionic which have similar features. However, our React Native development company prefers React Native when consulting on developing mobile apps.

A Few of Our React Native Developers

David W Corey G Justin F Jake F Drew P Taylor D

What Makes The React Native Framework Special?

A critical aspect of mobile app development is designing a universal user interface. This is a strength of React Native since it allows for cross-platform development within its framework. With the right web technologies and development tools, it's possible to use React Native to develop a UI that works on both iOS and Android.

Best of all, this doesn't mean you will have to learn a whole new app engine. In fact, the React Native framework uses Flexbox to design user-friendly layouts. It's much the same as working with Flexbox when designing and developing a website, which makes the learning curve minimal for a skilled developer.

In addition to Facebook, many other major apps and corporations have adopted React Native for the development of their mobile apps. Here are some examples:

  • Instagram
  • Shopify
  • Walmart
  • Tesla
  • Skype

React Native Development Features

We have been developing React Native projects for a while, which means we've got enough time into this framework to share some of its best features.

1.) Reusable Code

Probably the most useful feature of React Native is its ability to allow developers to reuse code across multiple platforms. The amount of code you can reuse various depending on the functionality, but this feature helps reduce development time and project cost.

2.) Stronger Developer Community

Since its launch in 2015, React Native has become incredibly popular. As an open-source framework, developers around the world can contribute their knowledge to its community. As this community continues to grow, the popularity, features, and functionality of the platform will continue to rise, making it difficult for alternative platforms to overcome its following.

3.) NPM Repository Support

React Native supports NPM (Node Package Manager) which allows our React Native development team to streamline the installation and management of third-party packages. NPM provides access to a collection of pre-made libraries that come in handy for app developers.

4.) Third-Party Libraries

For further development, and to promote out-of-the-box thinking for unique solutions, React Native comes with support for third-party libraries. This is something other cross-platform app development frameworks often lack, which gives it an advantage.

5.) Programming Language

Often the success or failure of a framework depends on the flexibility of the programming language it is built upon. If developers can learn the framework faster, and better understand how everything comes together, it will stand a better chance to gain momentum in the development community.

React Native uses JavaScript and TypeScript, with the former acting as the base of the framework while the latter provides an out-of-the-box approach to some solutions. The inclusion of JavaScript as the base programming language helps React Native attract JS developers. In fact, nearly 66% of web developers consider JavaScript their preferred programming language.

6.) UI Capabilities

When UI is the priority, it's difficult to look beyond React Native thanks to its vast UI libraries for multiple applications and enhanced rendering capabilities.

7.) Live And Hot Reload

By using React Native's live reloading tool, app developers can edit and make changes to code efficiently. As soon as changes are made, the "live reload" feature provides a compiled file of changes to the simulator, and then the file is reloaded for use.

In native development frameworks, hot reloading isn't available. This means every time app developers make changes to the code they have to recompile the entire application to see the results. React Native saves app developers a lot of time by reloading apps instantly so they don't have to go through this exhausting task hundreds of times during the project.

8.) High Performance

The best part of React Native is that it has been an integral part of mobile platforms (iOS and Android development) since its launch. It's the fastest among other mobile development frameworks, which makes React Native development services even more attractive. Additionally, there is enough documentation and community discussion related to this framework to power cross-platform mobile app development.

How Can Our React Native Development Company Help Your Business?

When you hire us for React Native app development services, our dedicated team will be able to provide any of the following services:

1.) React Native Consulting

For your mobile app to flourish, it's important to maintain a clear line of communication between your team and our app developers. We can explain all the steps from design to development and beyond so that you understand the various requirements throughout the project.

2.) UI/UX Development

We have in-house graphic designers and React Native developers who can work together to create design mockups for your user interface. When approved by your team, the design mockups can move into development, allowing our React Native team to implement the necessary layouts. Our goal is to avoid gaps in UI/UX and provide real-time solutions across multiple devices.

3.) Application Development

After you tell us about your business needs, it's our responsibility to bring your vision to life. Our React Native developers focus on creating a profitable and productive mobile application through innovative techniques and modern methods. We strive to improve our development tactics, and find new approaches to problem-solving, to help us deliver the best results possible.

Our React Native Android and iOS app development services help optimize the entire process. You might be tempted to try out hybrid apps for mobile development, but with React Native you get an unmatched user interface and feature-rich applications that cater to the target audience.

4.) Maintenance And Support

There are some React Native app development companies that will wash their hands of further responsibility after the launch of your mobile app. That isn't how we do business though, since we strive for long-lasting relationships with our clients. After your mobile app is launched, our team can continue to update and improve the application through our support and maintenance services. This helps ensure your mobile app continues to be supported by a team of experienced developers for years to come.

Tools We Use for React Native App Development

Here are some of the development tools we use to build top-notch React Native mobile apps:


To build the native app, its required to have XCode installed on developer's machine. XCode is a highly used developer toolset to build apps for iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. This wouldn't likely be the IDE used for the development though.

Android Studio

This is another program required to be installed to compile the native app. Android Studio is one of the fastest tools (the newer versions) that help build high-performing apps for all Android devices. Again, this wouldn't likely be the IDE used during development.


This Google-built tool helps developers through cloud messaging, maintaining a real-time database, and analytics.


Redux is a predictable state container for JS apps through which you can write code that runs in different environments, behaves consistently, and proves easy to test.


For the latest JavaScript applications, we use this module bundler. This would be a universal tool for any React Native developer.

What Makes Our React Native Developers Different?

We offer some of the best React Native development services to help your mobile app achieve its business goals! Check out some of the qualities that help us stand out:

Consistent Performance and Delivery

We put a lot of emphasis on learning the latest development technologies and how they can efficiently integrate within mobile app projects. In addition, our project managers and app developers strive to implement effective project management methodologies, based on the demands of the client. For example, we are experienced with waterfall, scrum, agile, and a few alternatives. For app development projects, we often lean toward scrum as a project management style.

Smooth Onboarding Process

Whenever new clients come to us with their business needs, we take the time to fully understand their business goals and how the final product will be used by their customer base. This type of collaboration is important in avoiding oversights during various aspects of the project's development, which could otherwise lead to delays and cost overruns. Additionally, since our clients are located across the United States and Canada, we have streamlined how we communicate via phone, live chat, and video conferencing.

Brainstorming & Touch Base Conversations

To ensure everything is being developed to your satisfaction, and that your business goals are being achieved, we will often set up brainstorming and conversational meetings either internally within our company or with members of your team. This allows multiple developers and stakeholders to express any concerns they may have or seek clarification how something will be used by an end user down the road. When everyone understands and shares the vision of the project, the outcome will be fantastic.

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Cassie Richards

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