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WebCitz can help integrate AI & ML within your business to help you make sense of large sets of data and reduce time on repetitive tasks. If "artificial intelligence consultants" was a recent search query, you've found your next data science firm!

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Through the inclusion of AI into your business, you can automate digital experiences, improve creativity and drive strategic business value. Our artificial intelligence consultants help you develop AI solutions that implement critical techniques of artificial intelligence, such as natural language processing, self learning algorithms, computer vision, and more to build tailored customer experiences across various interfaces. At WebCitz, we help organizations solve complex business problems by implementing AI for a variety of behavior patterns and use cases. Our AI consultants design each AI solution after thoroughly analyzing your business needs.

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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

A major focus of artificial intelligence (AI) is the creation of intelligent machines that "think" and react like humans. AI technology is primarily intended to mimic the behavior of intelligent human beings.

In order to learn how to respond to specific actions, computers need to use algorithms and historical data. After that, artificial intelligence creates a propensity model that begins to make predictions.

  1. Become familiar with artificial intelligence by taking the time to learn about it.
  2. Analyze the problems your company is facing that could be solved with the help of artificial intelligence.
  3. Use AI consulting services to analyze your ideas and select the most appropriate AI solution
  4. Prepare your company's information


Cybercrime is becoming more and more dangerous each year as customers utilize digital transactions. It is an opportunity for the theft of both financial information and personal information. Companies struggle to ensure the security of every single transaction as more transactions are conducted on a daily basis. AI solutions can assist you in resolving this issue.

Customer Service

To provide customers with the best service, artificial intelligence technology is widely used in customer support. The use of artificial intelligence allows your company to be accessible to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for human assistance. The customer experience is improved, and your business saves valuable time.

Personalized Experience

Personalized shopping is one of the most important aspects of customer retention. Using artificial intelligence, retailers are now able to offer a specialized approach to online shoppers. Recommendation engines are one of many AI-driven solutions that can help you retain customers and increase revenue.

Data Analysis

More data is collected about customers today than ever before. Unfortunately, it cannot be understood without data analysis. Your business can benefit from AI-based software by processing unstructured data and converting it into useful information about current trends, customer needs, etc.

IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) is an emerging trend that will be a major game changer in the future. IPA is a method of automating business processes by making use of artificial intelligence to automate individual tasks. It is a more advanced version of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Through IPA, we will be able to use more sophisticated machine learning algorithms to sort data and implement artificial intelligence to recognize valuable information. Therefore, IPA is a subject that will continue to be discussed in the future.

In order to develop AI solutions, a variety of programming languages can be used. Some of the most popular ones are Python, Java, Prolog, C++, and Lisp.

AI-driven prediction and decision making

Because the global economic situation has changed rapidly as a result of the pandemic, entrepreneurs will be even more likely to be interested in AI-based forecasts and decision-making.

AI-driven business forecasting is likely to have a particularly positive impact on sales departments, medical diagnostic applications, inventory optimization, and demand and workforce planning.

The use of AI-driven tools allows businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate, data-driven information. Entrepreneurs are better able to identify business opportunities and understand customer needs and behavioral patterns.

AI-powered chatbots

The use of chatbots is already a technologically advanced solution that most of us use or at least notice on a daily basis. Conversational artificial intelligence (also known as AI-based chatbots) will take the next step in the near future.

The main advantages of AI chatbots include:

  • a customized customer experience,
  • improved range,
  • improved responsiveness,
  • significant improvement in the automation of customer service.

Machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are used in conversational AI to:

  • Comprehend what we (humans) are saying.
  • Allow us to communicate on a more human level that feels almost natural.

Leave it to the specialists if you do not have your own team of AI experts. AI consultants will integrate AI solutions with your internal systems and ensure everything works properly.

AI technology utilizes both structured and unstructured data. Artificial Intelligence database is a combination of data warehousing, advanced analytics, and visualizations in an in-memory database.

Ingesting, exploring, analyzing, and visualizing complex and fast-moving data simultaneously within milliseconds is something AI databases are capable of doing. A consultant in artificial intelligence will be able to provide more information regarding the connection of particular databases.

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