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Do you think graphic design is only meant for comic books or animation movies? If you think like this, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity. If you are not using visual content in your digital marketing service, you are lagging far behind your competition.

Graphic design is the art of communicating through creativity using pictures, images, and other visual pieces. Effective graphic design elements can elevate a digital marketing campaign to a different level.

Graphic design not only makes the content more entertaining, but it is also a great way to engage with the customers. With graphic designing, building a lasting brand impression and influencing customers’ buying decisions are possible much more quickly.

What is Graphic Design?

The Interactive Design Foundation describes Graphic Design as the craft of creating visual content to communicate messages. Graphic design is a modern art form that has made digital marketing more exciting and effective. Not very long ago, people did not fully understand the importance and potential of graphic design. Now, the digital marketing process is incomplete without graphic design.

Graphic design can communicate ideas and messages, even complex ones, visually. They are used in almost all types of digital marketing across all sectors. Graphic design is a craft that combines skill and technique to create visual content that is displayed for the customers’ benefit.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to marketing campaigns on electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. It is also called online marketing and includes email, social media, and web-based advertising. Text and multimedia messages are also a part of digital marketing. Usually, television is not a part of this and is put in the group with other traditional marketing options such as magazines, billboards, and direct mail.

Do you know that a high percentage of people go online every day and spend at least some time browsing? For marketers, it is a great opportunity, and they use online marketing to create awareness, build a brand, offer a great user experience, and increase revenue. Now, digital marketing is big on mobile phones because more people go online on their mobile devices. So, most digital marketing campaigns are designed and created to work smoothly on mobile phones.

The Relationship Between Graphic Design and Digital Marketing

If you think graphic design is only about incorporating pictures into advertising or marketing, you need to think again. Graphic design is meant for visual marketing, but that is not all it is to be used for. Graphic design is most effective when it is used to communicate with the target customers. Graphic designers must use the right strategies to ensure that the images they use have the right impact. A human-centric approach is necessary for success. A graphic designer will focus on both the design’s visual appeal as well as its usability.

First impressions matter; our graphic design company knows that to be true. The images that you use should be able to attract and impress people who are looking at your website or for a marketing campaign.

Why Use Graphic Design in Digital Marketing?

It is a known fact that the human brain processes images up to 60000 faster than it does with text. Most of the information our brains process is transmitted through images. Images are easier for people to recall and retain, and graphic design, when used correctly, can build the best connections for a business with potential customers. Here are a few reasons why graphic design should be a part of digital marketing:

Bring in design elements in digital marketing

Graphic design includes elements such as typography, fonts, symbols, placements, and colors. This allows a business to project an image that genuinely connects with the customers. Trained and professional graphic designers understand the target audience's psychology and use the various elements to appeal to this target market. Graphic designers can use different shapes, colors, styles, etc., to incorporate themes and concepts that directly communicate with the target customers.

Building a distinctive brand identity

Graphic design plays a vital role in establishing a distinguished tone and style among the clutter of competitors on the internet. The unique style allows customers to identify the logo and recall the brand immediately when they see it.

The personality of the business

With graphic design elements, it is possible to showcase a company's personality and authentic culture. It is crucial that when a customer or a potential customer sees the images, he or she can recognize and understand the true culture of the business. This is especially important for a brand with a distinct culture that wants to attract a specific target audience.

Brand perspective

With the right visual images, your target customers can read the underlying messages that your business wants to convey. Next comes brand building and creating trust among your customers. Graphic design makes it easy to create a brand perspective and establish it in the market. Brand building is all about recognition and longevity. How the logo or a brand name is designed can tell the story and philosophy of the company.

Speaking with designs

Images and pictures can reach people worldwide, and they would mostly understand them without any difficulty. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Designs can easily break the language barrier and speak to different people about the company or the business without using words. The visual elements in the marketing campaign can usually be the decisive factor in the success of the marketing effort.

More professional appearance

With well-executed graphic designs, a business or a company can create an impression of being trustworthy and professional. Most customers base their online buying decisions on a business or company’s website and appearance. They are more likely to trust a professional-looking company’s offerings.

More sales

The whole point of a marketing campaign is to increase sales and revenues. Graphic design can play an essential role in this. How your website looks and creates connections with the target customers will ultimately decide the fate of the business. Appropriately used good graphic designs can increase the revenues by up to 25 % and sometimes even more.

Increase traffic to the website

The traffic to a website mainly depends on the rankings the search engine decides. Both the design of a website and how users respond to it are taken into account by the search engines while ranking various websites. Graphic design makes all the difference when it comes to user experience. Moreover, an attractive website will naturally get more views and rank higher on the search engines.

Interesting Graphic Design Statistics Related to Digital Marketing

6.94% of first impressions are design-related

94% of people base their first impressions of a company on its design

18% of small companies are ready to pay up to a $1000 for logo design

73% of companies spend more on design to stand out from the competition

84% of customers agree that promotional videos helped them make a purchase

92.6% of eople believe visual dimension is most important while deciding buying

94% of people abandon a website if it is not good

40% of people believe the use of the right color can increase viewers

Best Way to Use Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is incomplete without graphic design elements. Professional graphic designers who are trained and specialize in designing for digital marketing are much in demand. Well-trained designers can create the logo and color palettes that truly express a brand's personality and experience.

Companies invest a lot of money in their marketing campaigns to favorably influence their target customers' decisions. They hire graphic designers to bring their marketing strategies to life. The graphic designers will most probably use the seven design elements to create the perfect visual elements that will appeal to the potential customers. These design elements are the building blocks that a graphic designer uses for creating successful compositions. These are:

  • Shape
  • Color
  • Space
  • Form
  • Line
  • Value
  • Texture

With even small changes in any of these elements, a graphic designer can change the mood or evoke different feelings. Apart from the elements of design, the principles of design are equally important. A graphic designer should use the right principles with the different elements to produce the desired results. The three primary purposes of graphic design are function, aesthetics, and communication, and they all help in a digital marketing campaign.

Are Graphic Designs and Infographics the Same?

The term infographics come from ‘information’ and graphics.’ We can say it is a subset of graphic design. The main focus of infographics is to efficiently and effectively display information. Infographics in itself is a broad category and include several other design disciplines.

Where graphic design is the problem-solving process and communicating through images, illustrations, etc., an infographic is more of a marketing resource and is used to present data in interesting ways. Infographics are used to present data and information in such a way that it is quickly understood.

It has become easy to reach out to the customers, but it can still be a struggle to win their attention and take it to the next level. Infographics may be the missing piece of the puzzle that you need. This may be the marketing solution that could make all the difference. Some reasons why infographics have become necessary

  • Visuals always have a better impact than texts. By using infographics, it is possible to present data creatively. Graphs, charts, and tables can make the audience understand your message easily.
  • With high-quality infographics, there is every chance that more and more go through the content. This will directly affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positively. Moreover, it is easy to embed code into the infographics and create backlinks to your site.
  • There is no doubt that infographics lead to better engagement from the customers. The infographics may even be used on social media to gain more customers.
  • By using data, you can make the content appear more trustworthy and credible. It is even better if you can present this data in a visually appealing way.

Impact of Graphic Design on Website Layouts

Many people make the mistake of thinking that web and graphic design are the same. However, a website layout is the complete arrangement of a page's visual elements. It includes the text as well as the images. Some components that are part of almost all web layouts are:

  • Header and menu: this is what attracts the customers first, and it is usually right at the top of the web page. This part may also include the logo and the menu. The menu helps visitors find their way around the website.
  • Images: usually, there is an image or a video under the header. This, along with the header, are what helps create an excellent first impression. This image or video needs to be chosen carefully to convey the necessary message professionally.
  • Main content: this is the meat of the website. It is usually in the form of text and explains what the website is about. It should convey the vision and mission of the company to the visitors. This part will also have the buttons with ‘buy now’ or ‘main menu’ options.
  • Footer: this is the bottom-most part of a web page layout. Visitors will usually find various links and contact information in this part. There may be icons that lead users to the social media accounts of the company or the business.

Together these components are the backbone of a webpage.

A web page layout includes graphic design elements. Web page layout and graphic design are interlinked and interdependent for good results. Graphic design will have the desired impact only if it is used correctly in the web page layout. Both web page layout and graphic design are part of the web designing process, and for every element to work well, everything has to be in sync. Good layouts of web pages have balance and can easily draw users' attention to where it is needed.

Importance of Logos in Digital Marketing

Are you one of those people who think a logo is not all that necessary? Just try to remember any famous brand, and the first thing that pops up in your mind is the brand’s logo. Why is a logo important? Is it a part of graphic design? How important is it for digital marketing?

A logo is a symbol or design used to identify a business or a company. It is almost like a face for an organization. A logo can grab attention, make the company’s identity more visible and memorable, create brand loyalty, and much more. Usually, logos are found on the top of a web page and are part of the header of a web page layout. The importance of logos is immense.

  • Logos can catch attention very easily
  • They can make a strong first impression
  • A logo can be the foundation for the brand identity
  • Logos separate an entity from its competition in crowded markets
  • Logos can evoke brand loyalty

All professional graphic designers understand the importance of logos. Companies spend a considerable amount of time and money to come up with the best logo possible. Here are some critical points that must be considered while designing a logo.

  • A strong and balanced logo: whether a logo is an image or text or a mix of both, it reflects an organization’s soul and personality. It needs to have a strong and balanced look.
  • Keep the logo simple: the most famous brands have simple logos. Take Apple or McDonald's logos, for example. The logo should be simple yet easily recognizable.
  • Memorable logo: a logo does not need to have the image of the business it represents but still should be remarkable in the way it represents the brand. Nike uses a swoosh design as its highly recognizable logo.
  • The flexibility of the logo: a logo is used in various ways. Sometimes it is displayed on large billboards and sometimes in minute sizes on visiting cards or on the corners of letterheads. The best logos can work in just one or two colors if needed and still look good in several colors.
  • Colors of the logos: colors of the logos need to be chosen carefully. Colors communicate many things, such as blue representing trust and loyalty. In contrast, green color usually represents life, nature, etc. the colors of the logos must represent the organization in every way. Moreover, it is best if the logos can work on dark and light backgrounds.
  • Timeless logos: this only time can tell if the logo turns into a timeless logo or not. Trends and fads come and go, but class remains. The Coca-Cola logo is one such example of a timeless logo.
  • Unique logo: undoubtedly, an essential factor while designing a logo is ensuring it is unique and stands out in the crowd. It should not be predictable or bland but remain true to the organization’s values. It is best not to copy established brand logos because they will have no value.

Biggest Trends in Graphic Design for Digital Marketing

There is no denying the importance of graphic design when it comes to digital marketing. However, online marketing will not reap any benefits unless it is done right. Here are some modern trends that most graphic designers agree can make all the difference.

  • Motion design: digital billboards, vision boards, and websites are all seeing more and more motion design. Static graphics are alright, but motion designs are a big option for brands looking to move to the next level. New and innovative digital platforms and virtual and augmented reality tech allow brands to push the envelope. Graphic designers need to understand movement and rhythm and how to incorporate these into their work.
  • Limitless options: globalization has already allowed us to break down the borders and barriers and now it is getting even more pronounced. There are opportunities for graphic designers to collaborate with talent from all over the world. It also forces them to work and think in new and exciting ways. The end results are amazingly creative and more authentic.
  • Better typography: graphic designers feel that more exaggerated letterforms with more character will be more in use. Colors will also play an important part, and most designers predict more vibrant colors. Graphic designers will get a chance to play with more flamboyant designs and colors.
  • More eco-friendly designs: there is a lot of talk about the environment, and the graphic design industry will not remain aloof. We may notice the use of the green color more often on the website to show an organization’s commitment to the environment. The graphic designers will need to choose the right materials that are sustainable and recyclable to convey an eco-friendly outlook.
  • Social media: Instagram stories and Pinterest are just two of the many popular social media platforms that graphic designers will continue to use for digital marketing. The designs, if visually appealing, can go viral and give the brand a great push.

Graphic design trends keep changing, but it is essential to use these methods thoughtfully to get maximum benefit. Graphic design is not used just for creating art but also to propel the digital marketing campaign.

Final Thoughts on Graphic Design

Graphic design in digital marketing is not a luxury but a necessity. Graphic design and graphic designers have a huge role to play in creating brand awareness, attracting customers, and increasing revenues for an organization. Most people love to see images and prefer them to read text. Graphic design that is well executed can create the best first impression and increase brand recall.

The online space is highly competitive, and making a place in the digital space is not easy. All online organizations are competing for the users’ attention and money. Choosing the right marketing strategies is vital to make a place in such a cluttered and crowded marketplace.

Graphic design makes the job of an online digital marketer easier. With the right graphic designer team, it is possible to not only make a mark but also succeed financially. From here, why not check out some of our recent graphic design examples in our portfolio!

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Example #1: You are an existing client with a 10-hour block of time ($1,095) on your account. You have a 30-minute phone call with your project manager to discuss tasks, but 15 minutes is spent talking about golf, weather, etc. The task took 40 minutes of work to complete. In this example, you would have 55 minutes deducted from your 10-hour block of time. The time spent talking about non business-related topics isn't billed.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Graphic Design


What Graphic Design Services Do You Provide?

When it comes to graphic design, our team is versatile and loves to create based on your vision. We're no strangers to web design, infographics, logo design, animations, video graphics, print design, packaging design, custom illustration, and photo manipulation. If you have something in mind that you'd like to be designed that's not specified here, don't be afraid to ask. Our team is ready to listen and help bring your vision to life.


Who Owns My Graphic Design Work?

You have the right to use the graphic design work as you wish after it has been completed and paid. The only exception would be if your design work includes third-party images, from vendors such as Shutterstock.


What Format Will I Get My Graphics In?

Any artwork that we create for you will be provided in a high-resolution vector format. Expect to receive them in either PDF, AI or EPS file format. We do this to ensure the quality of your work is not lost if the graphic needs to be enlarged or reduced in size. If you require the graphics for social media, let us know, and we can supply JPEG, PNG or GIF versions as well.

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