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Marketing Tips for Home Builders

We keep updated on the latest marketing trends for home builders. This includes search ads, social media, email marketing, lead generation, CRO, and more!

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Internet Marketing Solutions for Home Builders

Digital marketing for home builders is the process of advertising through online channels like websites, search engines, social media, email, or apps to prospective home builders.

Most home builders think of online marketing as another phrase for search engine optimization or PPC advertising. While both of those services are used in home builder website advertising, neither completely explains the depth of a modern digital marketing program.

Modern digital advertising services include dozens of strategies, all working together to help generate visibility and conversions for your home builder.

Let's go over some ideas from our website marketers for your industry!

50+ Website Marketing Solutions for Home Builders

We are a team of digital marketing experts with diverse knowledge and experience in the latest digital advertising trends for home builders.

Over the years, we've worked with a wide variety of home builders to help improve their internet marketing. The tactics discussed in this section can help with internet advertising for home builders and even:

  • Custom Home Builders
  • Production Home Builders
  • Sustainable Home Builders
  • Tiny Home Builders
  • Modular Home Builders
  • Log Home Builders
  • Luxury Home Builders
  • Green Home Builders
  • Affordable Housing Builders
  • Vacation Home Builders
  • Urban Infill Home Builders
  • ...and more!

A Few of Our Digital Marketing Experts

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1.) Lead Generation for Home Builders

Lead generation is a digital marketing strategy that can greatly benefit home builders. It focuses on attracting potential home buyers and capturing their contact information to provide your home building services. By implementing targeted lead generation tactics, you can effectively grow your client base and increase sales. Here are 5-10 specific strategies tailored to home builders:

  1. High-Quality Website: Create a professional website that showcases your past projects, home designs, and testimonials. Include a contact form for potential home buyers to request more information. By presenting a visually appealing and informative website, you can generate leads who are impressed by your work and interested in building a home.
  2. Virtual Tours and 3D Renderings: Utilize virtual tours and 3D renderings on your website to provide immersive experiences of your home designs. Allow potential home buyers to explore the floor plans and visualize their future homes. By offering interactive and engaging visual content, you can generate leads who are captivated by the possibilities of building a home with your company.
  3. Targeted Facebook Ads for New Home Buyers: Utilize Facebook's advanced targeting features to run advertising campaigns aimed at individuals who are in the market for a new home. Highlight the benefits of custom-built homes and offer promotions or incentives for new clients. By reaching out to individuals who are actively searching for a new home, you can generate leads who are more likely to consider building with your company.
  4. Collaboration with Real Estate Agents: Establish partnerships with local real estate agents and offer incentives or referral programs for clients who choose to build instead of buying an existing home. Provide educational materials or seminars for agents to enhance their knowledge of your home building process. By networking with real estate professionals, you can generate leads from individuals who are exploring various housing options.
  5. Targeted Google Ads for Custom Home Building: Utilize Google Ads to run advertising campaigns targeted at individuals searching for custom home builders in your service area. Emphasize your expertise in custom home design and construction. By appearing in search results, you can generate leads who are actively seeking custom home building services.
  6. Customer Referral Programs: Establish a customer referral program where existing clients are rewarded for referring new clients to your home building company. Provide incentives such as discounts on upgrades or referral bonuses. By encouraging word-of-mouth marketing, you can generate leads from satisfied clients who recommend your services to their friends and family.
  7. Collaboration with Architects and Designers: Establish partnerships with local architects and interior designers. Showcase their work on your website or collaborate on home design projects. By leveraging their expertise and reputation, you can generate leads who are impressed by the quality of design and construction offered by your home building company.
  8. Targeted Email Campaigns for Home Design Trends: Develop targeted email campaigns aimed at individuals who have shown interest in home design trends or subscribed to your newsletter. Provide insights on the latest home design trends, energy-efficient features, or sustainable building practices. By staying in touch with your audience and providing valuable information, you can generate leads who are interested in building homes that reflect the latest trends.
  9. Online Reviews and Testimonials: Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews and testimonials on popular review websites or your website. Showcase these reviews to build trust and credibility. By showcasing the positive experiences of previous clients, you can generate leads who are influenced by the feedback and are more likely to choose your home building services.
  10. Collaboration with Home Shows and Events: Participate in local home shows, trade fairs, or community events related to home construction and design. Showcase your home models, offer informational materials, or host seminars. By networking with event attendees, you can generate leads from individuals who are actively exploring home building options.

Lead Gen for home builders

2.) Social Advertising for Home Builders

Social advertising is a highly effective digital marketing strategy for home builders to showcase your construction expertise, engage with potential homebuyers, and generate leads for your projects. By leveraging social media platforms, you can target your ideal audience, display your portfolio, and position your home building business as a reliable and reputable provider. Here are five specific examples of how social advertising can benefit your home building organization:

  1. Promoting New Housing Developments: Use social media ads to promote your new housing developments or real estate projects. Target individuals in your local area who may be searching for new homes or investment opportunities. By showcasing the unique features and benefits of your properties, you can attract potential homebuyers and generate leads for your development.
  2. Highlighting Custom Home Building Services: Craft social advertising campaigns to highlight your custom home building services. Tailor your ads to appeal to individuals interested in building their dream home. By showcasing your expertise in crafting personalized living spaces, you can attract clients seeking unique and tailored home solutions.
  3. Targeting First-Time Homebuyers: Utilize social advertising to target first-time homebuyers who may be looking for affordable housing options. Offer insights on the home buying process and guide them through the steps of home ownership. By addressing the concerns of first-time buyers, you can position your home building business as a reliable partner in their journey.
  4. Sharing Testimonials and Success Stories: Create social media ads to share testimonials and success stories from satisfied homeowners who have purchased properties from your home building company. Highlight their positive experiences and the benefits they enjoy from their new homes. By featuring real-life testimonials, you can build trust and credibility with potential customers.
  5. Promoting Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes: Use social advertising to promote your energy-efficient and sustainable home building practices. Target environmentally conscious individuals interested in eco-friendly homes. By showcasing your commitment to sustainability, you can attract clients who prioritize green living and sustainable construction.

Social Media Marketing for home builders

3.) Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Home Builders

Conversion rate optimization is a crucial digital marketing strategy for home builders to improve their online presence and attract more potential customers. By optimizing your website and paid advertising efforts, you can enhance user experience and increase the likelihood of website visitors turning into valuable leads and conversions. Here are some CRO strategies specifically tailored for home builders:

  1. Showcase High-Quality Visuals: Use high-resolution images and videos to showcase your past projects, home designs, and construction process. High-quality visuals can give potential customers a glimpse of your craftsmanship and entice them to explore further, increasing the chance of inquiries and conversions.
  2. Highlight Customer Testimonials: Display testimonials from satisfied homeowners who have worked with your home building company. Genuine feedback from happy clients can build trust and credibility, encouraging website visitors to reach out and learn more about your services.
  3. Provide Interactive Floor Plans: Offer interactive floor plans on your website that allow potential buyers to explore different home designs and customization options. Interactive tools engage visitors and give them a sense of involvement in the home-building process, leading to increased conversions.
  4. Offer Virtual Tours: Incorporate virtual tours of model homes or completed projects on your website. Virtual tours provide a realistic experience for potential buyers, allowing them to virtually walk through the property and envision living in it, which can boost engagement and conversions.
  5. Implement Live Chat Support: Provide live chat support on your website to assist potential customers in real-time. This allows visitors to ask questions and get immediate responses, leading to a higher likelihood of conversions as you address their queries and concerns.
  6. Use Clear Calls-to-Action (CTAs): Place clear and persuasive CTAs throughout your website. For example, use phrases like "Request a Quote," "Schedule a Consultation," or "Learn More About Our Services." CTAs guide visitors to take the desired action and increase conversion rates.
  7. Showcase Energy-Efficient Features: If your homes incorporate energy-efficient technologies, highlight them on your website. With growing interest in sustainable living, showcasing these features can attract environmentally-conscious buyers and increase conversions.
  8. Optimize for Local SEO: Implement local search engine optimization (SEO) to target potential customers in specific areas. Use location-based keywords and create content relevant to your target locations. Optimizing for local SEO can increase website visibility and attract more qualified leads.
  9. Offer Financing Information: Provide information about financing options for homebuyers. Offering transparent and flexible financing solutions can make your homes more affordable and appealing to a broader audience, increasing the chance of conversions.
  10. Run Limited-Time Promotions: Periodically run limited-time promotions or exclusive offers on your website. Limited-time incentives create a sense of urgency and can drive potential buyers to take action before the offer expires, boosting conversions.

6 Key Focus Points for Website Success

4.) Sales Funnels for Home Builders

As a home builder, sales funnels can be a highly effective digital marketing strategy to generate leads and guide potential customers through the home-building process. Sales funnels can help you showcase your expertise, build trust, and ultimately convert prospects into happy homeowners. Here are 5 examples of how sales funnels can benefit your home building business:

  1. Custom Home Design Funnel: Create a landing page offering a free custom home design consultation. Use online advertising and social media to target individuals looking to build their dream home. The landing page should include a form to collect customer information and details about their preferences. Follow up with email sequences that showcase your previous custom home projects, introduce your team of architects and designers, and highlight your commitment to bringing their vision to life.
  2. First-Time Homebuyer Funnel: Design a landing page targeting first-time homebuyers. Use SEO techniques to ensure your page ranks high in relevant searches. The landing page should offer a free guide or checklist for first-time homebuyers. Collect email addresses in exchange for the resource. Follow up with email sequences that educate potential buyers about the home building process, offer financing options, and provide testimonials from happy first-time homeowners.
  3. Move-In Ready Homes Funnel: Implement a funnel targeting individuals looking for move-in ready homes. Create a landing page showcasing your available properties and their unique features. Use online ads to reach potential buyers in your target market. The landing page should encourage visitors to schedule a tour of the move-in ready homes. Follow up with email sequences that highlight the benefits of each property, offer limited-time incentives, and invite prospects to join your exclusive mailing list for early access to new listings.
  4. Energy-Efficient Home Funnel: Create a landing page focused on energy-efficient homes and their long-term cost savings. Use targeted online ads to reach environmentally-conscious homeowners. The landing page should offer a free energy efficiency assessment and collect customer information for scheduling. Follow up with email sequences that educate customers about green building practices, showcase your energy-efficient home designs, and offer special financing options for eco-friendly upgrades.
  5. Referral Incentive Funnel: Design a landing page encouraging satisfied homeowners to refer their friends and family. Use email marketing to reach your existing customer base. The landing page should offer a referral incentive, such as a cash reward or home upgrade, for successful referrals. Follow up with email sequences that thank customers for their referrals, provide updates on the status of the referred projects, and invite customers to exclusive events or gatherings as a token of appreciation.

Sales Funnels for home builders

5.) Email Marketing for Home Builders

Email marketing is an essential digital marketing strategy for home builders like you, enabling you to engage with potential homebuyers, nurture leads, and showcase your expertise in the construction industry. It's an effective way to stay top-of-mind with your audience and convert prospects into loyal customers. Here are six examples of how email marketing can benefit your home building business:

  1. New Project Announcements: Send email announcements whenever you start a new housing project. These emails can include project details, architectural renderings, and progress updates. By keeping potential buyers informed about your latest developments, you can generate interest and anticipation for your new homes.
  2. Personalized Home Recommendations: Use email marketing to send personalized home recommendations based on customers' preferences, budget, and location. By showcasing homes that align with their needs, you can increase the likelihood of converting leads into homebuyers.
  3. Virtual Tours and 3D Renderings: Share virtual tours and 3D renderings of your model homes through email. This allows potential buyers to explore the layout and design of your properties from the comfort of their homes, making it easier for them to envision their future living spaces.
  4. Testimonials and Success Stories: Feature customer testimonials and success stories in your emails. Positive feedback from satisfied homeowners can build trust and credibility for your home building company, encouraging more prospects to choose your services.
  5. Financing Options and Incentives: Provide information on financing options, incentives, and special offers through email marketing. This can attract potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing a new home but need additional financial support or motivation to take the next step.
  6. Home Maintenance Tips: Offer valuable content through email by sharing home maintenance tips and best practices. Providing homeowners with useful advice for maintaining their properties helps position your company as a helpful resource, fostering long-term relationships with your customers.

Email Marketing for home builders

6.) Search Advertising for Home Builders

Search advertising can be a highly effective strategy to promote your home building services and connect with potential customers in need of new homes or construction projects. By utilizing search ads, you can reach individuals actively searching for home builders, making your business more visible and increasing leads. Below are five examples of how search advertising can benefit your home building company and help you succeed:

  1. Local Home Building Services: Create search ads targeting your local area to promote your home building services. When people in your community search for terms like "home builders near me" or "custom home construction in [your city]," your ad can appear at the top of search results, increasing your visibility to potential customers seeking reliable home builders in their vicinity.
  2. Custom Home Designs: Advertise your custom home design services through search ads. Use keywords related to unique home designs, such as "modern custom homes" or "luxury home architects," to reach customers looking for personalized and innovative home building solutions. This strategy positions your home building company as the go-to destination for one-of-a-kind dream homes.
  3. New Housing Developments: Run search ads to promote your new housing developments. Target keywords like "new homes for sale" or "new construction communities" to attract individuals or families looking for newly built homes. This strategy allows you to showcase your latest projects and connect with potential buyers interested in modern living spaces.
  4. Green and Energy-Efficient Homes: Showcase your green and energy-efficient home building practices through search ads. Use keywords like "sustainable home builders" or "LEED-certified homes" to reach eco-conscious customers seeking environmentally friendly living spaces. This strategy highlights your commitment to sustainable construction and attracts environmentally conscious homebuyers.
  5. Home Remodeling and Renovations: Create search ads to promote your home remodeling and renovation services. Use keywords like "home renovation contractors" or "kitchen remodeling experts" to reach homeowners looking to renovate their existing properties. This strategy allows you to diversify your services and connect with a broader audience seeking home improvement solutions.

Search Engine Advertising for home builders

7.) Content Marketing for Home Builders

Content marketing is a solid foundation for your home builder business's digital strategy. By creating valuable and informative content, you can attract potential homebuyers, showcase your expertise in home construction, and establish trust with individuals seeking their dream homes.

  1. Home Design Inspiration: Develop content that offers home design inspiration, including articles and galleries showcasing various architectural styles and interior design ideas. Provide insights into popular layouts, color schemes, and features. This content positions your home builder business as a source of creative and innovative home designs, capturing the attention of potential homebuyers looking for their dream homes.
  2. Customization Options: Create content that highlights the customization options available for homebuyers, such as floor plan modifications, material selections, and upgrade possibilities. Offer case studies of previous customizations to showcase your home builder's flexibility and commitment to meeting individual client needs. This content appeals to homebuyers seeking personalized and unique homes.
  3. Green Building Practices: Share content that emphasizes your home builder's commitment to green building practices and energy-efficient homes. Provide information on eco-friendly construction materials, energy-saving features, and sustainable building techniques. This content appeals to environmentally conscious homebuyers who prioritize energy efficiency and eco-friendliness in their future homes.
  4. Home Buying Process Guides: Develop content that guides homebuyers through the home buying process, from selecting a suitable floor plan to financing options and the construction timeline. Offer tips on choosing a reputable home builder and the importance of inspections. This content helps potential homebuyers feel confident and informed, positioning your home builder business as a reliable partner throughout the home buying journey.
  5. Client Testimonials and Home Showcases: Share authentic client testimonials and showcase images of completed homes. Include details on the client's experience with your home builder and highlight the unique features of each home. This content builds trust and showcases your home builder business's ability to deliver high-quality homes that exceed expectations.

Content Marketing for home builders

8.) Reputation Management for Home Builders

As a home builder, reputation management is a crucial digital marketing strategy that can significantly impact your business success and attract more clients. It involves actively shaping and maintaining the online perception of your home building services. Here are five tailored examples of how reputation management can benefit your home building organization:

  1. Portfolio of Completed Projects: Showcase a visually appealing portfolio of your completed home building projects on your website and social media. Highlight various architectural styles, interior designs, and finishes. This visual showcase will build trust with potential clients, showcasing your expertise and craftsmanship as a home builder.
  2. Client Testimonials and References: Feature genuine testimonials from satisfied clients on your website and marketing materials. Offer references of previous clients who are willing to speak about their positive experiences with your home building services. These testimonials and references will enhance your reputation as a home builder that delivers quality work and ensures client satisfaction.
  3. Energy-Efficient Home Features: Create and share informative content on energy-efficient home building practices, sustainable materials, and green certifications on your website and social media. Offer advice on reducing energy consumption and utility costs. This content marketing approach positions you as an expert in energy-efficient home building, attracting eco-conscious clients seeking sustainable living solutions.
  4. Home Design Webinars and Events: Organize webinars or in-person events on home design trends, building technology, or construction innovations. Promote these events through email marketing and social media. Hosting successful home design events will enhance your reputation as a home builder that stays up-to-date with the latest industry developments and delivers modern and innovative homes.
  5. Transparent Communication: Maintain transparent and open communication with clients throughout the home building process. Provide regular updates on the progress of construction and address any questions or concerns promptly. Demonstrating clear communication will foster positive word-of-mouth referrals and enhance your reputation as a home builder that prioritizes client satisfaction and delivers personalized service.

Reputation Management for home builders

9.) Video Marketing for Home Builders

As a home builder, you can showcase your craftsmanship, inspire potential homeowners, and demonstrate your ability to create dream homes. Video marketing offers you an engaging platform to display completed projects, walk viewers through the home building process, and build a strong brand identity in the housing market. Here are five effective examples of how video marketing can benefit your home building business:

  1. Virtual Home Tours: Create immersive virtual tours of your model homes or completed projects. Allow potential homeowners to virtually explore different rooms, appreciate the interior design, and experience the layout of the house. Virtual home tours give viewers a realistic sense of the homes you build, generating excitement and interest in your properties.
  2. Construction Time-Lapse Videos: Record time-lapse videos of your home construction projects from start to finish. Show the entire building process, including foundation pouring, framing, interior work, and finishing touches. Construction time-lapse videos demonstrate your efficiency, professionalism, and attention to detail, appealing to clients seeking a reliable home builder.
  3. Client Testimonials: Film video testimonials from satisfied homeowners who have experienced your home building services. Let them share their positive experiences, express their satisfaction with the final results, and discuss how their homes have improved their lives. Client testimonial videos build trust and credibility, convincing potential homeowners that your home building company can deliver their dream homes.
  4. Expert Design and Building Tips: Create videos that offer design and building tips from your experienced architects and builders. Share insights on choosing the right materials, optimizing floor plans, and incorporating smart home technologies. Expert tips videos position your home building company as a knowledgeable authority in the field, attracting clients seeking guidance on building their ideal homes.
  5. Showcase Community Features: Produce videos that showcase the amenities and features of your residential communities. Highlight nearby schools, parks, shopping centers, and other attractions that make your locations desirable for potential homeowners. Showcase community features videos help buyers envision their lifestyle in your developments, encouraging them to choose your properties over competitors.

Video Marketing for home builders

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