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We keep updated on the latest marketing trends for landscaping businesses. This includes search ads, social media, email marketing, lead generation, CRO, and more!

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Digital Marketing Services for Landscapers

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Landscaping Businesses

Digital marketing for landscapers involves advertising through online channels like websites, search engines, social media, email, and mobile apps.

Landscapers usually think of internet marketing as search engine optimization or paid advertising. Even though both services are used for online advertising, neither fully describes the depth of complete website marketing plans for landscaping businesses.

Modern digital marketing campaigns often include dozens of tactics, all working together to help your landscaping business improve visibility and conversions.

Let's talk about what our internet marketers have seen help people in this industry!

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50+ Internet Advertising Strategies for Landscapers

Our team of online advertising consultants know the latest website advertising trends for landscapers.

Through the years, we've helped many types of landscapers market themselves online. The strategies discussed in this section can help with digital marketing for landscapers and even:

  • Residential Landscaping Companies
  • Commercial Landscaping Companies
  • Lawn Care Companies
  • Tree Service Companies
  • Landscape Design Companies
  • Landscape Construction Companies
  • Hardscaping Companies
  • Outdoor Lighting Companies
  • Snow Removal Companies
  • Tree Nurseries
  • Landscape Maintenance Companies
  • ...and more!

A Few of Our digital marketing experts

1.) Lead Generation for Landscaping Companies

Lead generation is a digital marketing strategy that can greatly benefit landscaping companies. It focuses on attracting potential customers and capturing their contact information to generate leads for landscaping services. By implementing targeted lead generation tactics, you can effectively grow your customer base and increase sales opportunities. Here are 5-10 specific strategies tailored to landscaping companies:

  1. Optimized Website with Portfolio: Create an optimized website that showcases your landscaping projects and services. Include a portfolio section with high-quality images of your past work to impress potential customers. By demonstrating your expertise and attention to detail, you can generate leads who are interested in professional landscaping services.
  2. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize your website for local search keywords such as "landscaping services in [city]" or "best landscapers near me." Ensure your business is listed on Google My Business and other relevant local directories. By appearing prominently in local search results, you can generate leads who are actively looking for landscaping services in your area.
  3. Collaboration with Home Builders or Contractors: Establish partnerships with home builders, contractors, or real estate developers. Offer them landscaping services for their new construction projects or renovation projects. By collaborating with these professionals, you can generate leads from individuals who require landscaping services for their newly built or remodeled homes.
  4. Targeted Facebook Ads for Homeowners: Utilize Facebook's targeting features to run advertising campaigns aimed at homeowners in your local area. Highlight the benefits of professional landscaping in enhancing the beauty and value of their homes. By reaching out to homeowners, you can generate leads who are interested in improving their outdoor spaces.
  5. Online Reviews and Testimonials: Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and testimonials on popular review websites or your website. Showcase these reviews to build trust and credibility. By displaying positive feedback from previous customers, you can generate leads who are influenced by their experiences and are more likely to choose your landscaping services.
  6. Targeted Google Ads for Landscape Design: Utilize Google Ads to run advertising campaigns targeted at individuals searching for landscape design services or ideas. Highlight your expertise in creating stunning outdoor designs. By appearing in search results, you can generate leads who are actively seeking professional landscape design solutions.
  7. Collaboration with Local Nurseries: Partner with local nurseries or gardening centers. Offer them referral incentives for recommending your landscaping services to their customers who are looking for design and installation expertise. By collaborating with nurseries, you can generate leads from individuals who trust their gardening experts and seek professional landscaping assistance.
  8. Targeted Instagram Ads for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Utilize Instagram's advertising platform to run campaigns targeted at outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Showcase your landscaping projects in breathtaking outdoor settings. By captivating the attention of individuals who appreciate the beauty of nature, you can generate leads who are interested in transforming their own outdoor spaces.
  9. Email Marketing with Seasonal Maintenance Tips: Develop targeted email campaigns aimed at your existing customer base and subscribers. Provide seasonal landscaping tips, maintenance advice, and exclusive offers. By offering valuable content and nurturing relationships, you can generate leads who are more likely to engage with your landscaping services.
  10. Collaboration with Property Management Companies: Partner with property management companies that oversee residential communities, commercial buildings, or homeowner associations. Offer them landscaping services for their properties. By collaborating with property management companies, you can generate leads from property owners or managers who require professional landscaping maintenance and improvements.

Lead Gen for landscapers

2.) Social Advertising for Landscapers

Social advertising is a powerful digital marketing strategy for landscapers to showcase your landscaping services, connect with potential clients, and grow your landscaping business. By leveraging social media platforms, you can reach homeowners, businesses, and property managers looking for landscaping solutions. Here are five specific examples of how social advertising can benefit your landscaping business:

  1. Showcasing Before-and-After Transformations: Create social media ads featuring stunning before-and-after images of your landscaping projects. Target homeowners in your local area who are interested in improving their outdoor spaces. By showcasing the impressive transformations you've achieved, you can demonstrate the value of your services and attract potential clients looking to enhance their properties.
  2. Promoting Seasonal Services: Utilize social advertising to promote your seasonal landscaping services, such as spring garden cleanups, fall foliage maintenance, or winter snow removal. Target individuals who may be searching for specific seasonal landscaping solutions. By highlighting your expertise in handling seasonal landscaping challenges, you can capture the attention of potential clients and position your business as a reliable service provider.
  3. Sharing Educational Tips and Tutorials: Create social media ads that offer valuable landscaping tips, DIY tutorials, and maintenance guides. Target individuals interested in gardening and landscaping. By providing useful and educational content, you can establish yourself as an authority in the landscaping industry, build trust with your audience, and attract potential clients seeking expert advice.
  4. Offering Limited-Time Discounts: Utilize social advertising to promote limited-time discounts or special offers on your landscaping services. Target individuals who have shown interest in landscaping or home improvement. By creating a sense of urgency, you can encourage potential clients to take advantage of the exclusive discounts and drive more leads and inquiries to your landscaping business.
  5. Engaging with Local Community Events: Create social media ads to promote your participation in local community events, such as gardening workshops, environmental cleanups, or charity fundraisers. Target individuals in your local area interested in community activities. By getting involved in community events and showcasing your commitment to the local community, you can build a positive reputation and attract potential clients who appreciate businesses that give back.

Social Media Marketing for landscapers

3.) Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Landscaping Companies

Conversion rate optimization is a crucial digital marketing strategy for landscaping companies to improve the effectiveness of their online presence and attract more potential customers. By implementing specific CRO techniques, you can increase the number of conversions on your website and paid advertising. Here are some tailored examples of how CRO can benefit your landscaping business:

  1. Showcase Before-and-After Images: Display visually appealing before-and-after images of your landscaping projects on your website. These images can showcase your company's expertise and demonstrate the transformation of outdoor spaces, encouraging potential customers to hire your services.
  2. Clear and Concise Call-to-Action (CTA): Use clear and compelling CTAs on your website and paid advertising. For example, "Get a Free Landscaping Consultation" or "Request a Quote Now." A well-placed CTA can prompt visitors to take the desired action, such as filling out a contact form or calling your business, leading to more conversions.
  3. Customer Testimonials: Feature authentic customer testimonials on your website. Positive feedback from satisfied clients can build trust and credibility, making it more likely for potential customers to choose your landscaping services and convert.
  4. Local SEO Optimization: Optimize your website for local searches, including location-specific keywords and phrases. This optimization can help your landscaping company appear in relevant local search results, ensuring that potential customers in your service area find and contact you easily.
  5. Service Area Maps: Create and display service area maps on your website. Clearly indicating the locations you serve can assure potential customers that you are available in their area, increasing the likelihood of conversion.
  6. Offer Free Resources: Provide valuable resources on your website, such as landscaping guides, seasonal tips, or DIY project ideas. By offering free resources, you can position your landscaping company as an authority in the industry and attract potential customers looking for helpful information.
  7. Mobile-Friendly Website: Ensure that your website is fully optimized for mobile devices. A mobile-friendly website provides a better user experience for visitors browsing on smartphones or tablets, increasing the chances of conversions from mobile users.
  8. Highlight Specializations: Showcase your landscaping company's specific areas of expertise or unique services. For example, if you specialize in sustainable landscaping or eco-friendly designs, emphasize these aspects to attract environmentally conscious customers who align with your values.
  9. Online Scheduling and Booking: Implement an online scheduling and booking system for landscaping services. Allowing potential customers to easily book consultations or services online can streamline the process and lead to more conversions.
  10. Guarantees and Warranties: Clearly state any guarantees or warranties you offer for your landscaping services. Providing such assurances can alleviate customer concerns and boost confidence in choosing your company, leading to higher conversion rates.

4.) Sales Funnels for Landscapers

As a landscaper, implementing sales funnels as a digital marketing strategy can significantly boost your business by attracting potential customers, showcasing your landscaping services, and converting leads into loyal clients. Sales funnels guide prospects through a personalized journey, addressing their specific landscaping needs and preferences, ultimately leading to increased bookings and customer retention. Here are 5 examples of how sales funnels can benefit your landscaping business:

  1. Seasonal Garden Makeover Funnel: Create a landing page targeting homeowners interested in refreshing their gardens for the upcoming season. Utilize social media advertising or collaborate with home and garden influencers to attract potential customers. The landing page should showcase stunning before-and-after images of garden makeovers and offer a free downloadable guide on seasonal garden tips. Follow up with email sequences that provide more garden inspiration, offer special promotions on garden makeover packages, and encourage them to schedule a consultation to discuss their specific landscaping needs.
  2. Lawn Maintenance Subscription Funnel: Design a landing page promoting your lawn maintenance subscription service. Utilize content marketing or collaborate with real estate agents to reach potential clients. The landing page should highlight the benefits of a well-maintained lawn and offer a free lawn care checklist. Follow up with email sequences that emphasize the importance of regular lawn maintenance, offer exclusive discounts on the subscription plan, and provide testimonials from satisfied customers who have benefited from your service.
  3. Outdoor Living Space Funnel: Create a landing page targeting homeowners interested in creating their dream outdoor living space. Utilize email marketing or collaborate with home improvement websites to attract potential clients. The landing page should showcase beautiful outdoor living designs, including patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens. Follow up with email sequences that highlight the comfort and relaxation outdoor living spaces provide, offer special package deals on outdoor design and construction, and encourage them to schedule a consultation to discuss their vision.
  4. Commercial Landscaping Funnel: Design a landing page focusing on commercial property managers and businesses in need of landscaping services. Utilize social media advertising or collaborate with property management companies to reach potential clients. The landing page should showcase your expertise in commercial landscaping, including office parks, shopping centers, and industrial complexes. Follow up with email sequences that highlight your previous successful commercial projects, offer free site assessments, and provide customized landscaping proposals tailored to each business's unique needs.
  5. Irrigation System Installation Funnel: Create a landing page targeting homeowners in need of irrigation system installation. Utilize content marketing or collaborate with local hardware stores to attract potential customers. The landing page should explain the benefits of efficient irrigation systems and offer a free guide on water-saving tips. Follow up with email sequences that emphasize the importance of water conservation, offer exclusive discounts on irrigation system installations, and provide case studies showcasing the water-saving benefits of your systems.

Sales Funnels for landscapers

5.) Email Marketing for Landscaping Companies

As a landscaping company, email marketing is a valuable digital marketing strategy that can help you connect with both existing and potential customers. Through creative and targeted email campaigns, you can showcase your expertise, highlight your landscaping services, and ultimately grow your business. Here are six examples of how email marketing can benefit your landscaping company:

  1. Seasonal Maintenance Tips: Send seasonal maintenance tips and reminders to your email subscribers. For example, in the spring, you can offer advice on lawn care and planting tips. In the fall, provide guidance on preparing landscapes for the winter. This helpful content positions your company as a knowledgeable authority and keeps customers engaged throughout the year.
  2. Before-and-After Project Showcases: Create compelling before-and-after showcases of your landscaping projects. Use email to share stunning images and descriptions of the transformations you've achieved for your clients. Visual storytelling can be a powerful way to demonstrate the value of your services and inspire potential customers to invest in their own landscaping projects.
  3. Special Offers and Promotions: Use email marketing to announce special offers and promotions on your landscaping services. Offer limited-time discounts or exclusive deals to entice potential customers to choose your company over competitors. Segment your email list based on customer preferences (e.g., lawn care, hardscaping) to ensure relevant offers reach the right audience.
  4. Customer Referral Program: Implement a customer referral program and promote it via email. Encourage your satisfied customers to refer friends and family to your landscaping services in exchange for rewards or discounts. Email is an effective way to remind customers of the referral program and keep your services top-of-mind for future landscaping needs.
  5. Expert Landscape Tips: Share expert landscaping tips and insights in your emails. Offer advice on plant selection, landscape design, and sustainable landscaping practices. Providing valuable information positions your company as a trusted resource and builds credibility with your audience, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.
  6. Community Engagement and Events: Use email marketing to promote community engagement and events related to landscaping. For instance, you can sponsor a local gardening workshop or participate in a neighborhood beautification project. Sharing these activities via email demonstrates your company's commitment to the community and fosters a positive brand image.

Email Marketing for landscapers

6.) Search Advertising for Landscaping Contractors

Search advertising can be a highly effective strategy to promote your landscaping services and connect with potential customers in need of beautifying their outdoor spaces. By utilizing search ads, you can reach individuals actively searching for landscaping solutions, making your business more visible and increasing inquiries. Below are five examples of how search advertising can benefit your landscaping contractor business and help you flourish in the market:

  1. Local Landscaping Services: Create search ads targeting your local area to promote your landscaping services. When people in your vicinity search for terms like "landscaping contractors near me" or "local landscape design," your ad can appear at the top of search results, increasing your visibility to potential customers seeking professional landscaping assistance in their area.
  2. Lawn Care and Maintenance: Advertise your lawn care and maintenance services through search ads. Use keywords related to lawn care, such as "professional lawn mowing" or "lawn fertilization experts," to reach homeowners looking for expert help in maintaining their lawns. This strategy positions your landscaping contractor business as a trusted provider of lush and well-maintained lawns.
  3. Outdoor Living Spaces: Run search ads to promote your outdoor living space design and construction services. Target keywords like "patio builders near me" or "outdoor kitchen installation" to attract homeowners looking to transform their outdoor areas into functional and inviting living spaces. This strategy showcases your expertise in creating stunning outdoor retreats.
  4. Landscaping for Commercial Properties: Showcase your landscaping services for commercial properties through search ads. Use keywords like "commercial landscaping contractors" or "corporate property landscaping" to connect with businesses in need of professional landscape maintenance and beautification. This strategy positions your landscaping contractor business as a reliable partner for maintaining attractive commercial landscapes.
  5. Seasonal Landscaping Enhancements: Create search ads to promote your seasonal landscaping enhancements. Use keywords like "spring flower planting" or "fall landscape cleanup" to attract customers seeking seasonal upgrades to their outdoor spaces. This strategy allows you to offer specialized services for each season and keeps your business relevant throughout the year.

Search Engine Advertising for landscapers

7.) Content Marketing for Landscaping Contractors

Content marketing is a blossoming digital strategy that can significantly benefit your landscaping contracting business. By creating valuable and inspiring content, you can attract potential clients, showcase your landscaping expertise, and establish trust with homeowners and businesses seeking breathtaking outdoor spaces.

  1. Landscaping Design Ideas: Develop content that presents various landscaping design ideas for different types of properties, such as residential yards, commercial spaces, and public parks. Use visuals and descriptions to showcase innovative landscape designs that transform outdoor areas into beautiful and functional spaces. This content sparks inspiration in potential clients, encouraging them to envision the possibilities for their own properties.
  2. Seasonal Landscaping Tips: Create content that offers seasonal landscaping tips, such as planting schedules, lawn care guides, and outdoor maintenance during different weather conditions. This content positions your landscaping contracting business as a knowledgeable resource, appealing to homeowners and businesses seeking expert advice to keep their outdoor spaces looking pristine year-round.
  3. Before and After Transformation Stories: Share content that features before and after photos or videos of your successful landscaping projects. Include details on the challenges faced and the innovative solutions implemented. This content showcases your landscaping skills and demonstrates how your contracting business can turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary outdoor oases.
  4. Landscaping DIY Guides: Develop content that offers do-it-yourself (DIY) landscaping guides for smaller projects. Provide step-by-step instructions and necessary tools to complete simple landscaping tasks. This content attracts potential clients looking to tackle small landscaping projects themselves while also positioning your contracting business as a helpful and trustworthy resource for larger landscape projects.
  5. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices: Create content that highlights your landscaping contracting business's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Share information on using native plants, water-saving techniques, and environmentally conscious landscaping designs. This content appeals to environmentally conscious homeowners and businesses seeking landscaping services that align with their eco-friendly values.

Content Marketing for landscapers

8.) Reputation Management for Landscaping Companies

As a landscaping company, reputation management is a crucial digital marketing strategy that can significantly impact your business success and attract more clients. It involves actively shaping and maintaining the online perception of your landscaping services. Here are five tailored examples of how reputation management can benefit your landscaping business:

  1. Before and After Project Showcase: Create visually appealing before and after showcases of your landscaping projects on your website and social media. Highlight the transformation of outdoor spaces and the quality of your work. This visual representation will build trust with potential clients, showcasing your expertise and the aesthetic value you bring to properties.
  2. Client Testimonials and Reviews: Feature genuine testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients on your website and marketing materials. Share stories of how your landscaping services have enhanced the beauty and functionality of their properties. These testimonials and reviews will enhance your reputation as a landscaping company that delivers excellent results and ensures client satisfaction.
  3. Seasonal Landscape Tips: Provide informative content on seasonal landscape care, gardening tips, and plant selections on your website and social media. Offer advice on maintaining beautiful gardens throughout the year. This content marketing approach positions you as a knowledgeable and caring landscaping partner, attracting potential clients seeking expertise in landscaping and garden maintenance.
  4. Community Landscaping Projects: Highlight your involvement in community landscaping initiatives, such as public parks or beautification projects, on your website and social media. Showcase your commitment to giving back to the community. This emphasis on community engagement will reinforce your reputation as a landscaping company that values more than just business transactions.
  5. Responsive Customer Service: Prioritize quick and attentive communication with clients, whether it's through phone calls, emails, or social media. Address inquiries and service requests promptly and professionally. Demonstrating excellent customer service will foster positive word-of-mouth referrals and enhance your reputation as a landscaping company that values client satisfaction and provides reliable support.

Reputation Management for landscapers

9.) Video Marketing for Landscaping Companies

As a landscaping company, you can showcase your creativity, expertise, and the stunning outdoor spaces you create. Video marketing offers you a dynamic platform to visually present your landscaping services, inspire potential clients, and build a strong online presence. Here are five effective examples of how video marketing can elevate your landscaping business:

  1. Before and After Transformations: Create captivating videos that showcase the dramatic transformations of outdoor spaces before and after your landscaping work. Film the initial state of a dull or unappealing area, then reveal the stunning results after your landscaping efforts. Before and after transformation videos demonstrate the impactful changes you can bring to a property, enticing potential clients to hire your landscaping services.
  2. Expert Gardening Tips: Produce informative videos that offer expert gardening tips and advice to your audience. Share knowledge on plant care, seasonal maintenance, and sustainable gardening practices. Expert gardening tip videos position your landscaping company as a knowledgeable authority in the industry, attracting potential clients who seek professional guidance for their outdoor spaces.
  3. Client Testimonials: Film video testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced the results of your landscaping services. Let them share their positive experiences, the enjoyment they get from their transformed landscapes, and the benefits of working with your company. Client testimonial videos build trust and credibility, motivating potential clients to choose your landscaping services.
  4. Virtual Garden Tours: Use virtual reality or 360-degree video technology to create immersive garden tours. Allow potential clients to virtually explore the beautiful landscapes you have designed. Virtual garden tours provide an interactive and engaging experience, enabling clients to envision the potential of their own outdoor spaces with your landscaping solutions.
  5. DIY Landscaping Projects: Create DIY landscaping project videos that offer step-by-step instructions for simple outdoor improvements. Share ideas for small garden upgrades, patio decor, or easy-to-install features. DIY landscaping project videos showcase your willingness to help and provide value to potential clients, establishing your landscaping company as a helpful and approachable resource.

Video Marketing for landscapers

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