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Through our expertise in ecommerce development and omnichannel management, we help Peterborough-based businesses sell online.

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Peterborough, ON Ecommerce Website Development Specialists

Our ecommerce web designers have built custom websites for Peterborough-area businesses for more than 18 years.

Knowing how your Peterborough ecommerce business works is key to creating an effective ecommerce website.

The things we talk about with you are things like how you've run an ecommerce business in Peterborough, what platforms you've used, how your customers interact with your brand, what features you need, and how you handle orders.

Even after your Peterborough ecommerce website is designed, we'll be here to help with optional Peterborough website marketing plans and web maintenance services! Our team also offers ecommerce development services in nearby areas of Lakefield, Canada, Omemee, Canada, Millbrook, Canada, Norwood, Canada, and Hastings, Canada.

Peterborough Ecommerce Web Developers

Our Peterborough Ecommerce Website Development Solutions

Our company was founded on the principle of providing custom website solutions in Peterborough and nationwide. In the Peterborough-area, we've worked with local companies to understand their ecommerce website and build a custom website that's tailored to their online brand.

You'll be in good hands with us when it comes to Peterborough ecommerce website development. We'd like to work with you and your Peterborough team to understand your functionality requirements, outline the deliverables and turnaround time, and help you with everything after the launch.

In addition to developing Peterborough-area ecommerce websites, our team also offers Toronto, Gatineau, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Oshawa, Windsor, St. Catharines, Barrie, Guelph, Kingston, Milton, Brantford, Thunder Bay, Belleville, Welland, North Bay, and Ottawa small businesses and large corporations a custom ecommerce web design service.

A Few of Our Ecommerce Developers

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Pricing for Peterborough, ON Ecommerce Website Design Tactics

We determine the cost of our ecommerce web development services based on the amount of time you have available for the development of your online store. If budget is a concern, we advise exploring a template-based ecommerce website as an affordable option. For those who prioritize performance and customization, we suggest exploring a custom ecommerce website built from scratch and starting with a design mockup.

Peterborough Ecommerce Website Development Cost Calculator

Answer a few simple questions about your project and our ecommerce website cost calculator will recommend a budget for your ecommerce development. For a custom quote, just call 800-796-8263 or send us an email.

The Best Ecommerce Platform for Your Peterborough Website

If your Peterborough ecommerce company needs a platform recommendation, we need to know what your website's goals are. There isn't one ecommerce platform that works for all Peterborough businesses.

For WooCommerce and Shopify projects, we have separate development teams. We can provide expert advice and service because our nearby ecommerce website developers specialize in their own preferred ecommerce platforms.

Peterborough WooCommerce Website Design Packages

The most popular Peterborough website content management system is WordPress. To run an ecommerce website using WordPress you will likely be searching for a WooCommerce web designer in Peterborough.

Our WooCommerce website development team has experience helping startups and existing ecommerce businesses in Peterborough get started with WooCommerce.

Here are some of the reasons our ecommerce website developers tend to recommend WooCommerce:

  • We recommend WordPress and WooCommerce for Peterborough web design projects that require a custom designed theme, but are working on a limited budget. Based on Understrap, our own WooCommerce template is a great starting point for Peterborough WooCommerce website designs. Shopify theme development can be more expensive for Peterborough ecommerce clients.
  • If your Peterborough small business already has a WordPress site, we recommend WooCommerce. It doesn't make sense to spend a lot of time and money redesigning your content-based website just to add ecommerce.
  • WooCommerce is a great open-source option for Peterborough web companies. There are no monthly fees to use WordPress or WooCommerce, except the website hosting fee to keep the website online. As an alternative, Shopify has expensive monthly fees (depending on your plan) and their apps are often more expensive than WooCommerce or WordPress plugins.
  • Most Peterborough small businesses that want a product builder should consider WooCommerce. If you are using WordPress and WooCommerce, there are numerous product builder plugins to consider and we've got experience developing custom builders in WooCommerce. Don't worry though, there are third-party apps for Peterborough websites running Shopify that need a product configurator.
  • We recommend WooCommerce for those in an industry not accepted by Shopify.

Peterborough Shopify Web Development Strategies

Shopify is the most popular web-based ecommerce platform. To run an ecommerce website using Shopify you will likely be searching for a Shopify website developer in Peterborough.

Our Shopify web development team has experience designing websites for new and existing businesses throughout Ontario within the Shopify platform.

Here are some of the reasons our ecommerce developers often recommend Shopify:

  • Peterborough merchants searching for a hosted ecommerce platform should check out Shopify. With Shopify, you can run an ecommerce business in Peterborough without constantly updating plugins and software.
  • When Peterborough web companies don't need a lot of custom functionality, we recommend Shopify. The cost of developing custom functionality with Shopify is higher than with WordPress. Additionally, you'll find getting Shopify apps often require monthly subscriptions versus one-time purchases for WordPress plugins.
  • We recommend Shopify for Peterborough ecommerce businesses that rely heavily on fast delivery times for development and marketing initiatives. For testing out a new product, it's usually faster to set up a Shopify website and go through various apps and design ideas to test conversion rate optimization.

Peterborough Ecommerce Developers

Rebuilding Existing Ecommerce Storefronts

Peterborough ecommerce sites that don't perform, don't function, or don't convert well might need a website refresh.

Every Peterborough ecommerce website overhaul project deserves exceptional care. It's possible to lose search rankings and online sales if your web developer forgets to create 301 redirects, completely restructures your URLs, or improperly reorganizes your product catalog.

We like to know your whole business before we start an ecommerce website makeover in Peterborough. Here are some of the important factors to consider when redesigning Peterborough ecommerce websites:

  • You have an ecommerce website in Peterborough. How do people get there? If most online sales are coming from organic search traffic it will be critical to maintain URL structures or implement 301 redirects. It is also advisable to maintain the same product categories, breadcrumb trails, and page content throughout the development of your Peterborough website.
  • What do customers think of your Peterborough website? If your online shoppers aren't happy with the design of the site then it is okay to make big modifications. Consider being more conservative with design updates if your conversion rates are already good.
  • Are you moving your ecommerce platform? It will work different than your old website, if that's the case. Things like entering products, fulfilling orders, updating customer info, and going through check out will be different.

Peterborough Ecommerce Developers

Determine Goals for Your Peterborough Ecommerce Web Development Package

You can pay a lot of money to build an ecommerce website in Peterborough. You should make a list of the goals you'd like to see achieved by a Peterborough ecommerce developer before you hire them. Keeping track of measurable goals will help you keep your ecommerce website progressing in the right direction. We've seen these goals for Peterborough ecommerce website development projects:

  • To build out an online website for a new Peterborough ecommerce venture.
  • Upgrade an old Peterborough ecommerce system into a new one to improve security or functionality.
  • To revise an existing Peterborough ecommerce website in the same platform to improve UX, reduce bounce rates, and improve conversion rates.
  • To improve the speed and responsiveness of the shopping experience.
  • To fix web accessibility concerns for ADA and WCAG compliance.

We've provided such Ontario ecommerce web design solutions before and are excited by the prospect of helping with your new ecommerce development! Let us help you put together a list of goals for your ecommerce website if your Peterborough ecommerce company needs help!

Questions to Ask Your Peterborough Ecommerce Website Developer

You should ask plenty of questions before hiring an ecommerce web design company in Peterborough. Even though the answer is important, how it's delivered is more important. Check to see how receptive the sales team is to detailed questions. You'll get a good idea for how things will be when the Peterborough ecommerce web development service starts up. Here are some common ecommerce website development questions we get asked by ecommerce businesses in and around Ontario:

  • Is your ecommerce web design outsourced? WebCitz does not outsource ecommerce development services because we have our own team of Shopify and WooCommerce developers for your Peterborough ecommerce website.
  • Do you create 301 redirects if the URLs are going to change? WebCitz tries to keep the URL structure the same, but this is often not possible during platform migrations. We do create 301 redirects for Peterborough ecommerce website developments that will have a different URL structure.
  • Do you make design mockups before starting a new ecommerce web design? WebCitz makes design mockups for all Peterborough WooCommerce development projects, but we don't create design mockups for Shopify projects that are on a restricted budget.
  • Can you help Peterborough small business owners choose the right platform for their ecommerce site? WebCitz helps Peterborough customers choose the right ecommerce platform. Typically, the answer is based on the web design and ecommerce requirements.
  • How quick is the delivery time for Peterborough ecommerce web design services? WebCitz usually gets Peterborough ecommerce development projects done in 3-4 months, but it can take up to 9-12 months for complex ecommerce websites.
  • Have you seen your Peterborough ecommerce web developer's past work or recent reviews? Check out our ecommerce website development portfolio, ecommerce case studies, and dozens of client reviews!

How We Design the Best Peterborough Ecommerce Websites

Efforts to design an ecommerce website in Peterborough should follow a formal process. Here's how we make Peterborough ecommerce websites:

1.) Discovery Phone Calls

In a discovery call, we learn about your Peterborough company, your ecommerce history, your development expectations, and your future plans. This helps ensure everyone working on your project has an opportunity to voice their opinion, which goes a long way to minimizing confusion throughout the ecommerce project.

2.) Kickoff Discussion

If you feel confident about our ecommerce development agency for your Peterborough website development, go ahead and sign the proposal, submit a down payment, and schedule your kickoff call! This will be an opportunity for everyone involved in the project to have discussions about how the project will unfold, who will be responsible for each phase of the design, and anticipated turnaround times for each element of the project.

3.) Design Mockups or Template Selection

If your future Peterborough ecommerce development is in WordPress with WooCommerce, or your design budget accommodates a custom design in Shopify, then the first phase of the project will begin with mocking up the design of your website. This helps everyone agree on the look and feel of your site before an ecommerce developer starts working on it. This is where we start helping you select a template for your Peterborough ecommerce website if you opted for a template-based approach within Shopify.

4.) Ecommerce Development

The longest part of your Peterborough ecommerce build will be the development. Data migration, theme customization, functionality development, and more! Throughout this process, you'll have a password-protected development website to visit so you can follow along and provide comments as necessary.

5.) Website Launch (Plus Website Training!)

As soon as the ecommerce web design project is finished, we'll provide you with any training you need. If you're comfortable with managing the ecommerce site, let's schedule a time that works for everyone to launch your Peterborough ecommerce site! You can even get a checklist for launching the ecommerce website if you're interested!

We've been working on our Ontario ecommerce web development process for more than 18 years. We have incredible experience designing, developing, and launching successful ecommerce websites throughout Canada!

Additional options for Your Peterborough Ecommerce Web Design Project

The development of the website is only one part of a successful ecommerce storefront in Peterborough. Here are a few optional extras that will help you get the most from your Peterborough ecommerce website:

  • Let our website marketers help you rank your ecommerce products higher in Peterborough search results, or nationwide.
  • We have a PPC advertising team who can help you with any campaign type on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Bing Ads.
  • Website accessibility solutions to help you comply with ADA and WCAG.
  • We have innovative graphic designers who can design logos, web banners, affiliate graphics, social media graphics, and other custom artwork for your Peterborough company.
  • Whether your Peterborough business needs an ecommerce website or a complete web design and online marketing firm, we've got you covered!

Why Choose WebCitz for Your Peterborough Ecommerce Web Development

Choose WebCitz for our ecommerce experience, the dedication we put into each of our customers in Ontario, and the unique solutions we bring to the table.

As an ecommerce web design agency, we design awesome, high-converting ecommerce websites for small businesses and large corporations in Canada! Our ecommerce website development agency is only 1077.6 kilometers away and can handle all your Peterborough ecommerce website design needs quickly and effectively.

Here's why you should choose WebCitz:

  • We don't outsource ecommerce development services for Peterborough businesses.
  • We have an in-house team of top ecommerce website developers.
  • We have separate development teams for WooCommerce and Shopify website projects.
  • We use a custom ecommerce theme we built, based on Understrap, for "from scratch" WordPress with WooCommerce projects.
  • We've worked with multiple CSS frameworks, including Bootstrap and Tailwind.
  • We have a team of search engine optimization, UX, ecommerce funnels, and conversion rate optimization specialists to help answer Peterborough online marketing questions.
  • We've got free website development tools like color scheme pickers and password generators.
  • If you have any questions about your Peterborough ecommerce web development service, you can reach us by phone, live chat, or email.

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