Seven Ports

WebCitz started working with Seven Ports in 2019, when they reached out to our digital advertising agency for help with the management and marketing of their collection of websites. Over the years, we've helped maintain more than five websites for their company, ranging from custom PHP websites to WordPress / WooCommerce developments. We have also helped debug issues with their FileMaker database. More recently, we migrated all of their websites and web applications to their own fully-managed, dedicated server in our network. To date, we continue to help with their ongoing website maintenance and support services.

WooCommerce Development

WebCitz provides Seven Ports with WooCommerce Web Design services.

WooCommerce Support

WebCitz provides Seven Ports with WooCommerce Maintenance services.

Search Engine Optimization

WebCitz provides Seven Ports with Ecommerce SEO services.

Web Hosting

WebCitz provides Seven Ports with Web Hosting services.

About Seven Ports

Sevenports offers all kinds of fish tanks and aquariums to fit your needs. Shop top brands for nano aquariums, aquascaping tanks, planted aquariums and so much more.

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