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If nearly 20% of all online searches are performed on Bing, why focus 100% of your budget on Google Ads? Our paid advertising team can help you create Bing Ads campaigns or improve the ROI of your existing campaigns.

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Bing Text Ads

Our Bing Ads experts can create a results-driven marketing strategy using text ads to deliver high-intent consumers to your website and convert them within optimized landing pages. With our Bing Ads Management team's many years of experience with creating Bing ad campaigns, you can be sure you'll see results. Through highly customized text ads campaigns, our PPC experts will be able to increase qualified leads, better engage customers with dynamic search ads, improve your ad rank and boost your quality score all for the success of your Google Ads account.

  • Specialized Ad Strategy
  • Keyword Research & Targeting
  • Reach a Larger Audience
  • Improve Ad Performance

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WebCitz is a USA-based web agency with 18+ dedicated team members. WebCitz does not outsource projects!

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Monthly Text Ads Pricing

WebCitz does not have fixed-rate prices for Text Ads services. If you are interested in hiring our team to perform your Text Ads, we will work with you to determine the proper mixture of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO services.

We are happy to recommend a monthly budget for your Text Ads services after determining your goals, but ultimately it comes down to working within your SEO budget. If our recommendation exceeds your SEO budget, our team can still work with your company if you understand the results will come at a slower pace. If you can afford a higher budget than our recommendation, we will be able to deliver faster results by performing more SEO work within your Text Ads campaign each month.

8 Hours / Month

$800 / Month

16 Hours / Month

$1,600 / Month

40 Hours / Month

$4,000 / Month

80 Hours / Month

$8,000 / Month

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What are Bing Text Ads?

Bing Text Ads are paid per click (PPC) ads that can be found at the top or bottom of search result pages, and feature text and text links that marketers use to promote their brand, message and products. One of the many benefits of search ads is that they show in highly visible areas on the search results page, which is where people first look for information. Additionally, text ads can be configured to show only when specific words or phrases are present in the search query, which means you can choose to target only high-intent search users. Bing has even changed their standard text ads to extended text ads in order to allow their advertisers to have more customizability.

Bing Ads

How Can Bing Text Ads Help Your Business?

Utilize Bing Text Ads to immediately increase your website traffic and target qualified leads that are most likely to convert.

Bing Ads ROI

Better ROI

Bing Ad campaigns tend to be more cost effective as they typically get better click through rates and lower cost per click, meaning an overall better ROI. With Bing, you can get great results when it comes to getting the most out of your investments. Mobile search ads are more focused, and you can get into the more precise level of the campaign. Essentially, lower competition means lower bids and a lower cost per click. Since less number of advertisers compete and bid on the same keywords, you would need to pay less for a click on that keyword. Ultimately, you drive much more leads, traffic and sales for much less money the difference can be as high as 50%.

Bing Ads Control

Increased Control

Bing allows you to choose and assign various ad campaigns based on the different time zones, allowing you greater control within your ad settings. Making it easier for you to manage a higher level of ad scheduling strategies in Bing. Bing Ads allows these options at the ad group level, letting you quickly and easily adjust a setting for a set ad group. Bing also has intelligent tools that will help you understand your search ads, and keywords.

Bing Ads Reach

Different Reach Potential

Bing as a network has three search engines that allow you to advertise on. As Bing owns Yahoo, your campaign will appear on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL searches. This allows you to target millions of users by choosing a particular country or city for a specific group. Not only does Bing have several platforms but it also reaches a different demographic then other search engines. The demographics for Bing tends to be individuals between 35-65 years old, the majority of them parents who make around 100k, and primarily use desktops. If this meets your target audience description, Bing ads may provide a suitable option for you.

Hear What Clients Are Saying About Our Bing Text Ads Services

Sarah Grantham

Sarah Grantham

Corey was absolutely amazing in helping me with my issue. He was encouraging as we worked through things that to me were huge, but he made them seem small. Will definitely use WebCitz again!!!
January 18, 2021
Jen Ollanketo

Jen Ollanketo

WebCitz helped the Oshkosh Area Humane Society with our new website and they were great to work with. Responsive, professional and affordable. I think the biggest perk for us was having someone local we could talk to for assistance instead of long wait times. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to start up or revamp their website.
February 04, 2020
Wendy Bottesi

Wendy Bottesi

Corey is so incredibly helpful!!!! He took the time and effort to make sure I had the help I needed! Above and beyond friendly! Helpful hints to navigate my website!! I felt so at ease! This is the company I will be sticking with and telling everyone about!!! A million times over thank you Corey!
August 11, 2021
Southwest Radio Church

Southwest Radio Church

What can I say about this company? These people that work there? Unbelievable!! It doesn't matter when or why you call, they will help you. The other part of that statement is: I never have to call them! They made a web site for us that works 24/7. But if I do call they actually take care of it right then. ... great bunch of guys...Southwest Radio Church really appreciates you!!
January 22, 2020

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