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  1. Enter revenue derived from ad source:
    Calculate how much revenue you made from this particular ad source. In other words, look at what your overall sales were from this ad.
  2. Enter cost of ad source:
    Calculate how much you spent on this ad campaign and enter it into the “Cost Of Ad Source” field.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button. Your results will be shown in the ROAS box.
    For more information on ROAS and how it can help improve your campaigns, read below!

ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) Calculator

Benefits of Using a ROAS Calculator

There are several benefits of using our PPC tools rather than calculating it by hand.

Gain Campaign Insights

With ineffective ad campaigns, the first sign of poor performance is a low ROAS. If you calculate your ROAS and the percentage is less than 100%, it’s time to review and rework your campaign. If the percentage is higher than 100%, then you should continue to do what you’re doing. One of the most important and long-lasting benefits of using a ROAS calculator is it forces you to be aware of important ad campaign metrics like spend vs. revenue.

No Miscalculations

Utilizing our free ROAS calculator is a great way to make sure that your ROAS is not calculated wrong. Miscalculations can harm your campaign performance. When you use a return on ad spend calculator, you guarantee an accurate result every time. ROAS is a key metric in leading you in the right direction regarding how to move forward in your campaign. If it is calculated wrong, you may end up making a poor decision on your campaign.