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We provide vision centers a complete package of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to help increase organic exposure and reduce paid advertising.

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SEO Agency for Optometrists

We've been providing small business search engine optimization services for more than 18 years!

We've offered vision centers an array of search engine optimization plans, including franchise, enterprise, ecommerce, and local.

We use a mix of technical, on-page, and off-page within our optometrist search engine optimization packages. This helps us optimize your WooCommerce, Shopify, or WordPress website placements in search engines.

Read on if you want your vision center to rank higher in search results!

Types of Optometrists We Help

We work with a wide variety of optometrists. The SEO services discussed below will help provide search engine optimization for optometrists and even:

  • SEO for Optical Retailers
  • SEO for Eye Care Clinics
  • SEO for Vision Therapy Centers
  • SEO for Contact Lens Suppliers
  • SEO for Online Eyewear Retailers
  • SEO for Eyeglass Frame Manufacturers

A Few of Our SEO Experts

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Our Optometrist SEO Services

We would like to carefully assess your vision center website and its backlink profile before committing to an search engine optimization project.

This review enables us to obtain a deeper understanding of your website's SEO, including its technical, on-page, and off-page components. Rather than making changes to your website without a plan, we believe in taking this professional review approach before starting optometrist search engine optimization.

To provide you a more comprehensive understanding of our professional optometrist SEO services, let's discuss each of these areas of SEO in detail:

Technical SEO Services for Vision Centers

Technical search engine optimization is familiar to most vision centers.

This is mostly because it covers the easily seen aspects of SEO, including page performance, Core Web Vitals, HTTPS security, responsive experiences, duplicate content, sitemap files, schema markup, Google Search Console, and other items highlighted in most SEO audit tools.

Our in-house web developers for vision centers can help fix any technical search engine optimization problem in WordPress or WordPress.

On-Page SEO Services for Vision Centers

We often find optometrists hate performing on-page SEO themselves because they aren't good at content writing. No problem at all, content creation is a passion of multiple people on our team!

With our in-house team of content writers, we can draft 750-4,000 word articles for blog posts, service descriptions, guest posts, and more! To start, we build out a content plan through proper keyword research and extensive competitor review to help improve the chances of our content placing in search results.

In addition to that, we also offer vision centers on-page SEO improvements like writing meta descriptions, optimizing page titles, fixing heading tags, building content silos, designing infographics and videos, and reducing keyword cannibalization.

Off-Page SEO Services for Vision Centers

When we look at various vision center backlink profiles, we often notice they've forgotten about off-page SEO. If you've struggled for years to get off the second or third page of search results for your targeted keywords, it might be time to look at your backlink quality.

Backlink analysis helps vision centers find malicious or spammy backlinks, such as low-quality PBN backlinks. We then put together SEO recommendations for optometrists for white-hat link building like guest posting, niche / curated edits, HARO outreach, social citations, NAP citations, and more!

Pricing for Vision Center SEO Services

The cost of our managed search engine optimization services is determined by the amount of time you're able to set aside in your marketing budget for search engine optimization. Our plans are available for budgets as low as $800 per month, though we frequently work with customers who have much higher budgets.

Use the pricing calculator below to obtain a rough estimate for the cost of your SEO plan.

Optometry SEO Cost Calculator

Answer a few simple questions about your needs and our Optometry SEO cost calculator will show you how affordable our Optometry SEO packages can be for you. To receive a personalized quote, just call 800-796-8263 or send us an email.

Types of SEO Campaigns for Vision Centers

We offer local, local, franchise, and enterprise search engine optimization plans for vision centers, so one of those should be helpful for your optometrist search engine optimization campaign. If you choose WebCitz for your website advertising package, we'll assemble a custom SEO plan for your optometrists.

Local SEO Campaigns for Optometrists

Local Area SEO is the most common type of search engine optimization campaign for vision centers. Through this type of search engine optimization, we can help your nearby optometrists show up higher in search engine results.

For example, optometrists in Chicago would want more visibility in organic search results for "Chicago optometrists." This would involve performing a local SEO audit of your website, optimizing your Google My Business account, performing on-site optimizations, performing keyword research for LSI phrasing, improving your backlink profile, reviewing your business citations, helping with online reputation management, and possibly even conversion rate optimization. Your vision center can show up higher in Google Maps with these types of SEO improvements.

It's not uncommon for localized SEO plans for optometrists to cost $800 or more a month. This budget is shared between technical, on-page, and off-page SEO tasks.

Enterprise SEO Campaigns for Optometrists

For big SEO projects, we've got enterprise-level search engine optimization. You'll be searching for enterprise SEO if you need to deploy an intricate search engine optimization strategy for your search marketing plan.

This typically involves targeting extremely competitive keywords on a national level or managing the SEO campaigns of a website with thousands of pages. This is where our knowledge of keyword research and content optimization platforms, like Surfer SEO and Ahrefs, really come into play. With enterprise SEO, you can expect a serious amount of effort put forth from our search engine optimization team. We'll scan the past search engine optimization efforts for your vision center website, build out a content marketing strategy, then we'll move into technical, on-page, and off-page search engine optimization plans.

Budgets of large scale SEO plans for optometrists usually start at $8,000 per month. This budget is shared between technical, on-page, and off-page SEO tasks.

Franchise SEO Campaigns for Optometrists

Just like local search engine optimization, our franchise SEO campaigns are tailored to franchises. This form of SEO helps improve localized visibility for each of your vision center locations.

In this case, we do all the local search engine optimization services described above, but for each location of your franchise. The key differences include optimizing multiple Google My Business profiles, performing SEO on a much more complex website, potentially handling requests from each of your franchisees, and helping you rank for franchise opportunity keywords important to building out your franchise operation.

Franchise SEO campaigns for optometrists typically cost $2,000 or more per month. This budget is shared between technical, on-page, and off-page SEO tasks.

Ecommerce SEO Campaigns for Optometrists

Getting your storefront's products and services ranked in search engines is our passion. For any online search marketing service for an ecommerce business, make sure to include SEO.

If you are looking for a top SEO agency for your vision center to help rank your ecommerce products online, look no further! Whether it's WooCommerce or Shopify, we've got a lot of experience developing and marketing ecommerce websites. The ideal pairing for your vision center is working with our search engine optimization firm that has onsite ecommerce web designers and SEO professionals. Our departments can work together to provide efficient technical, on-page, and off-page SEO plans. We'll handle your structured data, content silos, URL structures, 301 redirects, and more.

The budgets of online store search engine optimization plans for optometrists are usually $1,600/mo or higher. This budget is shared between technical, on-page, and off-page SEO tasks.

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Preferred Website Platforms for Optometrist Search Engine Optimization

We're an expert SEO company serving vision centers, and we have in-house web developers, PPC managers and SEO professionals. We can do search engine marketing for optometrists using some of the most used platforms on the internet, including WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

WordPress SEO for Optometrists

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform we've seen for optometrists.

We are often hired to optimize Yoast search engine optimization settings, configure Structured Data plugins, optimize page titles and meta descriptions, fix content silo errors, and improve URL structures within the WordPress platform. Learn more about our WordPress search engine optimization campaigns.

WooCommerce Search Engine Optimization for Optometrists

Because it's the standard of ecommerce within WordPress, it's no surprise WooCommerce is so popular.

We often help vision centers with SEO for WooCommerce. We build better product descriptions, fix product silos, improve traffic from organic search, set up Product structured data, implement 301 redirects, and more!

Shopify SEO for Optometrists

Many smaller startups and ecommerce ventures use Shopify.

We often help vision centers on Shopify improve page content, setup SEO-friendly product collections, write product descriptions, fix template concerns, fix broken links, and much more! Read more about our Shopify search engine optimization plans.

When speaking with search engine optimization agencies for vision centers, ask if they have in-house website developers, or if technical SEO campaigns have to be outsourced.

Unlocking the 5 Secrets to Getting Your Business Found

Optometrist SEO Tips

Here are our favorite tips to optimize the online presence of optometrists, divided into technical, on-page, and off-page suggestions. These SEO tips apply to optical retailers, eye care clinics, vision therapy centers, contact lens suppliers, online eyewear retailers, eyeglass frame manufacturers, and other optometric companies.

Technical SEO Tips for Optometrists

  • Ensure your optometrist website has a responsive design that is mobile-friendly.
  • Evaluate your optometrist website's loading speed using a tool like Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Utilize HTTPS encryption to secure your website. Most hosting providers offer free SSL certificates.
  • Create and submit a sitemap of your website to Google Search Console to aid search engines in indexing your website.
  • Implement local business schema markup to assist search engines in better comprehending your content.
  • Use canonical tags to prevent duplicate content issues, particularly if you have identical content available on multiple URLs.
  • Monitor your website's crawl errors and promptly resolve them.

On-Page SEO Tips for Optometrists

  • Incorporate relevant optometrist keywords in your website's page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Optimize your website's headings and subheadings with target optometrist keywords.
  • Include keywords in image alt tags to help search engines comprehend the context of your images.
  • Create original and high-quality optometrist content that targets your audience's search intent.
  • Use internal linking on your optometrist website to aid search engines in comprehending the structure and hierarchy of your content.
  • Use descriptive URLs with relevant optometry keywords.
  • Display optometrist patient reviews and testimonials prominently on your website.
  • Scan your optometrist website for broken links and repair them immediately.

Off-Page SEO Tips for Optometrists

  • Construct high-quality backlinks from relevant optometrist websites, such as healthcare or vision-related blogs.
  • Establish and maintain a strong presence on social media platforms to interact with patients and promote your services.
  • Encourage satisfied patients to leave reviews on Google My Business and other review sites.
  • Collaborate with other local businesses, particularly those in the healthcare industry, to cross-promote services and build backlinks.
  • Participate in optometrist-specific directories and citation sites to increase visibility.
  • Create informative and shareable optometrist infographics related to eye care or vision health topics.
  • Use video marketing to showcase your expertise and build engagement with potential patients.
  • Monitor your online reputation and respond promptly to feedback and reviews.

SEO for Optometrists

Popular Keywords for Optometrist SEO Campaigns

Looking for suggested keywords to target within the SEO campaign for your optometry practice? We've got you covered!

Before starting an SEO service for an optometry practice, we like to scan the website and see what you've got to work with for content and link authority.

From there, we'll check to see what types of eye care services you'd like to promote in your area. Maybe you specialize in contact lenses and want to attract more patients. Perhaps you just don't feel like you are getting enough traffic to your website or social media channels.

Having this information helps us determine what types of keywords to focus on for content writing and link building.

Common Focus Keywords for Optometrists

  • Optometrist [city/area]
  • Eye exam [city/area]
  • Contact lenses [city/area]
  • Eyeglasses [city/area]
  • LASIK [city/area]
  • Glaucoma [city/area]
  • Dry eye treatment [city/area]
  • Pediatric eye care [city/area]
  • Cataracts [city/area]
  • Macular degeneration [city/area]
  • Myopia control [city/area]
  • Orthokeratology [city/area]
  • Sports vision [city/area]
  • Visual therapy [city/area]
  • Low vision [city/area]
  • Eye emergency [city/area]

Pro Tip #1: Optometrists often target keywords related to their eye care specialty, expertise, and location. This helps you attract potential patients who are searching for eye care services or expertise nearby.

Pro Tip #2: You should consider targeting long-tail keywords, which are more specific and less competitive. For example, "pediatric eye care for lazy eye in Los Angeles" may be easier to rank for than just "pediatric eye care".

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