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It is important to pick the right shopping cart, but how do you know which is the best one for your specific needs? The team at WebCitz is more than happy to help guide you through various choices ranging from open source platforms like Magento and WooCommerce to hosted solutions like Shopify. When it comes to hosted solutions, we've found Shopify to be the most stable, reliable and scalable of all its competition. From a merchant's perspective, Shopify takes care of common hassles like finding web hosting, signing up for merchant accounts and installing security upgrades. From a developer's standpoint, Shopify is often easier to train a customer how to use and faster to develop in than alternative options. The only shortcomings we've found with Shopify is the recurring app fees can become expensive and managing storefronts with huge product catalogs is cumbersome. Overall, it is a great platform for storefronts with a few dozen products and modest app requirements. If you already use Shopify, or are interested in moving into Shopify, give us a call to explore how our team of ecommerce developers and marketers can help you.

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