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With more than 18 years of experience, our dedicated web servers are among the most secure, reliable, and flexible WordPress hosting services in the market.

To provide a reliable, yet secure, shared hosting environment for your WordPress website, we utilize CloudLinux, Imunify 360, and cPanel. These software applications help us provide account isolation, malware protection, and tightened security in our LiteSpeed WordPress hosting services. Let's not forget, we also maintain daily and weekly offsite backups of your WordPress website!

For resource flexibility and speed performance, we utilize the latest production releases of LiteSpeed Web Server, LiteSpeed Cache, and MariaDB. Not to mention, we also set most PHP configuration limits significantly higher than the defaults to help you squeeze more performance from our web servers!

The Importance of Fast WordPress Hosting w/ LiteSpeed Cache

Fast WP hosting is essential for providing good user experience, which helps to improve your Google search rankings.

WordPress sites that load quickly and have minimal downtime are typically favored by search engines.

There are several signs to be on the lookout for if you have a slow-loading website, including high bounce rates, low conversion rates, and poor search engine rankings.

Do your digital marketing service a favor and switch to a faster web hosting service with LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress!

WordPress Page Speed Case Studies

There are numerous studies about the importance of fast hosting for the WordPress platform.

One such study by KISSmetrics found that 40% of visitors will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Another study is by Akamai Technologies, where they found that every 100 milliseconds of delay in page load time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

The hosting case studies suggest that website performance is important for user engagement and conversion rates. That means, having the fastest web hosting available for your WordPress website can be the crucial first step to your website's success. Make sure your WP site loads quickly with the help of a quality hosting provider!

Web Hosting

$249/yr or $25/mo

  • 10 GB Hardware RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • Daily / Weekly Backups
  • Standard Server Hardware & Configuration

High-Performance Web Hosting

$499/yr or $50/mo

  • 10 GB RAID-10 NVMe Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • Daily / Weekly Backups
  • Premium Server Hardware & Configuration

How We Provide Fast WP Hosting

To provide super-fast WordPress web hosting, we start by selecting cutting-edge server hardware.

Then we install industry-leading server software (CloudLinux, Imunify 360, cPanel, MariaDB, LiteSpeed Web Server, etc) and set generous limits on configuration settings.

After that, we restrict how many WordPress sites are allowed per server to ensure resources are never over-committed.

Finally, each of our servers are then put into a routine maintenance program to periodically monitor performance, network, and security metrics.

This simple approach to LiteSpeed WordPress hosting has allowed us to scale while maintaining great customer satisfaction and incredible server performance!

Not convinced? No problem at all - take advantage of our money-back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied with LiteSpeed Cache on your WordPress hosting service, we'll refund your hosting payment!

Non-Profit WordPress Web Hosting

If the WordPress site you need hosted is for a non-profit, check out our free non-profit WP hosting to see if you qualify!

Performance WP Web Hosting

For our budget-friendly LiteSpeed + WordPress web hosting services, we utilize Dual Intel Xeon 5220 CPUs (36 Cores, 72 Threads), 128GB+ ECC Server Memory, and Hardware RAID-10 SSD Storage w/ BBU.

High-Performance WP Web Hosting

For our supercharged, high performance LiteSpeed + WordPress web hosting services, we utilize AMD EPYC 7742 CPUs (64 Cores, 128 Threads), 256GB+ ECC Server Memory, and RAID-10 NVMe Storage.

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LiteSpeed WordPress Hosting FAQs


What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is a type of web hosting service that is specifically optimized to host WordPress websites. It is designed to provide a fast, secure, and reliable hosting environment for a WordPress website.


What are the Hosting Requirements for WordPress?

The best way to get accurate WordPress hosting requirements is to reference this web page:

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George Ormond

George Ormond

Corey was extremely helpful and spent a considerable amount of time going over my difficulties with a newly created website put together by someone else. I was under a very stressful deadline and he was extremely considerate and helpful. He managed to fix the problems that I was experiencing with my website. I had reached out to a number of website developers for help but only heard back from Webcity and Corey got back to me within minutes!
Jeff Ring

Jeff Ring

This company is just a thrill to work with. Everyone is so friendly and eager to help even with the smallest items. They are always very accommodating when you stop by to look at the magnificent fish tank and will greet you with with a warm cappuccino.
Cassie Richards

Cassie Richards

Working with WebCitz has been nothing but a great experience. David, Jake, Drew, and the rest of the team are easy to work with, accommodating, and very knowledgeable. WebCitz is a company that you can trust will be there when you need them most. If I’m having an issue or problem with a website, I can always count on a quick response and a timely solution.
Rummeles Fine Jewelry

Rummeles Fine Jewelry

Great company to deal with! They have a great team of people and are always there to answer any questions we have!
Jen Ollanketo

Jen Ollanketo

WebCitz helped the Oshkosh Area Humane Society with our new website and they were great to work with. Responsive, professional and affordable. I think the biggest perk for us was having someone local we could talk to for assistance instead of long wait times. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to start up or revamp their website.
Dawn White

Dawn White

These guys are always there when you need them! Whether the issue is big or small, there is little they cannot handle. I cannot express enough how greatly we appreciate their continued superior service and willingness to assist whenever we need them. Thanks Dave, Corey and the entire WebCitz team!!
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