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WebCitz has a hard-working team of web & app programmers ready to help you build custom functionality or maintain an existing solution. If "joomla web developers" was a recent search query, you've found your next programming company!

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The team at WebCitz has more than 17 years of experience helping customers build, modify and maintain PHP-driven websites. The majority of our custom programming is within the Joomla platform. However, our expert programmers also help customers with the design and maintenance of custom PHP applications. It doesn't matter if you need Joomla customizations, or are looking for a team to handle complex programming or database structuring. Our programmers will work to ensure your PHP programming needs are handled quickly and efficiently.

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A Few of Our Web Programmers

WebCitz is a USA-based web agency with 18+ dedicated team members. WebCitz does not outsource projects!

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Drew P Drew P
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WebCitz offers discounted joomla programming services for clients interested in retaining our services through a pre-purchased block of time. This will provide you a competitive hourly rate and higher scheduling priority.

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Jeff V

Joe Simmons
Joe Simmons
David Wurst and WebCitz have been a great hosting company to work with for over 10 years. They provide exceptional service and knowledge with their customers and always get it done immediately. I will never work with any other company.
July 11, 2020
Carissa Giebel
Carissa Giebel
They are great to work with. Always quick to respond to my questions and assist when needed! They have been working with me at Legacy Law Group, LLC for many years.
April 14, 2020
Dawn White
Dawn White
These guys are always there when you need them! Whether the issue is big or small, there is little they cannot handle. I cannot express enough how greatly we appreciate their continued superior service and willingness to assist whenever we need them. Thanks Dave, Corey and the entire WebCitz team!!
July 22, 2018
George Ormond
George Ormond
Corey was extremely helpful and spent a considerable amount of time going over my difficulties with a newly created website put together by someone else. I was under a very stressful deadline and he was extremely considerate and helpful. He managed to fix the problems that I was experiencing with my website. I had reached out to a number of website developers for help but only heard back from Webcity and Corey got back to me within minutes!
August 11, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Custom Joomla Extension?

Extensions are pieces of software that contain a collection of functions and can be installed on a Joomla website in order to accomplish particular tasks. By adding different features to the website, plugins enhance the functionality of the website. Joomla extensions are typically written in PHP, but may include HTML, CSS and Javascript as well.

How Much Does A Custom Joomla Extension Cost To Develop?

As each custom Joomla extension is developed exclusively for the individual customer, the cost may vary depending on the following factors:


This is, without a doubt, the most important consideration. As you may know, an extension that displays your recent posts in the sidebar is entirely different from an extension that provides you with a complete booking system. It may take a day to complete the first one, while the second will take weeks. Generally, the more complex and involved your extension is, the more it will cost to develop.

Time Frame

Does this project require immediate attention? Is there a deadline that cannot be missed? Consequently, additional staff will need to be assigned to your project, which may require them to sacrifice other responsibilities or to work overtime. Both of which will affect the project's cost.

Change Requests

If you decide to change the scope of your project partway through, you should expect to pay a higher amount. It is not uncommon for customers to decide to add new features, and it is fine, but if the changes are significant, a change order fee will apply.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and support are generally not included in the service after the project has been completed. They can, however, be provided at an additional charge through blocks of time, which we make available on our website.

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