Secure Password Generator

Secure Password Generator

When you create a username and password for your website login, or for your email account, you will want to make sure you create a secure password. Secure passwords will include a mix of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols to make it harder for hackers to access your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Secure Password Generator


How Long Should My Password Be?

Our secure password generator tool makes creating a password easy, by generating a password based on the number of characters you specify and the format options you choose. It is recommended to set a password length to a minimum of at least 8 characters. Our generator allows you to create passwords up to 50 characters in length.

If you set short passwords, you reduce security significantly, because short passwords can become easily guessed, or bypassed with tools that perform dictionary and brute force attacks. On the other hand, setting very long passwords may lock you out of your account if you forget your password and frequently mistype it even after multiple attempts to log in.


Should Passwords Include Special Characters?

A password with a good mix of different types of characters (lowercase, uppercase, number, symbol) and between 8-14 characters is secure and sufficient for a website admin area or email account password. Instead of generating a bunch of letters, numbers, and symbols, you could even customize it by thinking of a short phrase like “Jack and Jill” and creating a password from it with a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and symbols (such as [email protected]!LL). This will help you recall your password much better in the future. If you find yourself with numerous complex passwords that are difficult to remember, consider using a service like LastPass.

If at any time you have questions about setting up a secure password, please call the WebCitz experts at (800) 796-8263 and we will be happy to assist you! As always, consider our other helpful tools for web designers!

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