50 Best Assisted Living Websites

Greetings, assisted living providers! Are you seeking to enhance your online presence and reach more families in need of care? Look no further, as we bring you a guide to the top 50 assisted living websites.

Our team of experts has scoured the web to find and evaluate the best assisted living sites based on design, functionality, uniqueness, and user experience. From warm and inviting designs to effortless navigation, these sites set the bar for the assisted living industry.

Not only will you find inspiration for your own website, but you’ll also learn valuable tips on how to make your online presence shine.

Get ready to give your assisted living home a boost with the help of this guide! You’ll find website examples of assisted living facilities, memory care facilities, continuing care retirement communities, in-home care providers, and hospice care providers in this list! For ideas within other industries, head back to our cool web design examples article!

Top Assisted Living Home Website Designs

1. Atria Senior Living

The entire theme of the Atria Senior Living website imparts a sense of warmth and simplicity. The white background of the homepage makes the moss green fonts stand out distinctly for the visitors to easily find what they’re looking for while exploring the website.

You can also scroll through the various services offered at Atria, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care. The website also features a live chat option on the right bottom corner, offering an excellent user experience by answering all your queries about this assisted living facility.

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2. Lionwood

A beautiful picture of the Lionwood assisted living facility adorns the website’s homepage, instantly attracting your attention. Its white and blue theme creates a modern and sophisticated look, while the top panel features different website content, such as photos, maps, directions, independent living, neighborhood, and contact details. 

The website also features a personalized questionnaire to help visitors determine their possible options for downsizing within a few minutes. They can easily learn about the lifestyle of the people living in the Lionwood community from its online content to get a better idea about what the facility has to offer.

3. Elegance Living

The website for Elegance Assisted Living Facility has a rather simplistic design, featuring various photos of its people and celebrating the essence of togetherness. In the top right corner of the website, users can locate the “Find A Community” option to look for the right community that suits their needs.

If you gradually scroll down the website, you can learn more about the values, services, and philosophy of this assisted living facility. The website also features several blogs to highlight the colorful stories of its people. At the bottom, you’ll find the link to connect to the official Instagram page of Elegance.

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4. Leisure Care

The Leisure Care website has a color theme of turquoise, bright green, and greige shades, making it look eye-catching and fresh. Visitors can explore the different finely tailored services offered at this assisted living facility that fit their requirements. Whether they want independent living, assisted living, or memory care services, the website offers detailed information about everything that they can access through a simple click. 

Moreover, they can easily search and view all the Leisure Care assisted living communities using the website’s search panel without any hassle. Once they enter their city, zip code, or preferred community name on the panel, they’ll be good to go.

5. Solana At The Park Independent & Assisted Living Community

The website design for Solana has a quite glamorous appeal reflecting its luxurious assisted living facility, thanks to its white and golden color theme featuring bold black fonts. Once you visit the homepage, you can explore the various attractions of Solana, such as its assisted living facility and extravagant mansions.

The website also features beautiful photos of the entire Solana living compound, interior designs, and floor plans if users want to explore what Solana has to offer. Not to mention, they can directly talk to the executive director using the “Contact” option on the right side of the homepage to request a tour or brochure.

6. Life Enriching Communities

The website for Life Enriching Communities offers an excellent user interface and readily informs you about all the services available at this assisted living facility. Once you scroll down the homepage, you get a complete list of services, including independent living, assisted living, nursing services, therapy services, and fitness and wellness.

Moreover, the website features detailed blogs about all the living communities such as Twin Lakes, Twin Towers, and Concord Reserve. At the bottom of the homepage, you will also find the option to schedule a visit or get directions to all these communities without any hassle.

7. Christian Living Communities

The CLC website has a sophisticated tone to it that exudes professionalism while highlighting all the necessary information about the assisted living facility. Whether visitors want to donate, find a suitable community, or want to work with CLC, the website covers everything.

The website content highlights the three steps that they can follow to find the right community suiting their needs. You’ll also find published informative blogs and news that talk about CLC’s upcoming events and several accolades. If you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, you can access the general information and contact details for further reference.

8. Fox Run

The color theme of the Fox Run website design sets a pleasingly attractive tone that’s simple yet modern. With its dark blue and green colors, bold fonts, and pure white background, the website homepage creates a soothing and eye-catching aesthetic. At the same time, it features beautiful photos highlighting the stylish apartments and the lifestyle of the people living in this community. 

You can easily navigate the website to learn about the apartments, health services, and fantastic amenities that set Fox Run apart from others. The live chat option on the bottom right corner of the website also allows visitors to contact the agents if they want to gather more information.

9. Carlton Senior Living

Whether clients want to schedule a tour of Carlton Senior Living or get simple directions, the website content is designed to offer all the necessary information. Everything they want to know about this assisted living facility is just a click away, from pricing and availability to community information.

There are several photos and YouTube videos posted on the website that highlight life at Carlton. Visitors can check the customer testimonials and floor plans of different available apartments while scrolling through the website. At the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find all the contact details and links to Carlton’s social media pages.

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10. Robson Resort Communities

Once you visit the Robson Resort Communities website, you can see a gorgeous promotional video of the assisted living facility at the front and center of the homepage. The website design is highly professional and user-friendly, and customers can easily search for different communities, price ranges, and apartment sizes using the search panels located right below the video.

As you scroll further down the homepage, there are detailed maps highlighting the locations of all the communities for customers’ reference. Not to mention, the website offers a simple sign-up form if users want to subscribe to their newsletter.

11. GenCare Lifestyle

The first thing that catches your eyes after you visit the GenCare website is the heartwarming video highlighting the lifestyle of people at this assisted living facility. Whether users want to search for a suitable living community for themselves or a loved one, the website design features both of these options. 

At the right corner of the homepage, you can also spot a pop-up menu with options for live chat, price details, cost comparisons, tour schedules, and various community events. You can also go through the informative blogs on various GenCare communities posted on the website.

12. Bella Vista Senior Living

The moment you open the Bella Vista Senior Living website, the virtual guide pop-up appears in the bottom right corner so that you can start exploring immediately. You can also locate the options for scheduling a tour and contacting the authorities at the center of the homepage design. 

Once you scroll down, you’ll see bite-sized informational content and beautiful photos highlighting the gorgeous living spaces and various activities at Bella Vista. The website design also allows you to easily view the floor plans of the resorts and apartments for further reference.

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13. Five-Star Senior Living

The website for Five-Star Senior Living has a sophisticated and professional feel that’s crisp and to the point. Clients can get in touch with the customer support team about immediate assistance, scheduling a tour, or community information as soon as they visit the homepage.

All the services, including independent living, assisted memory care, and short-term stays, are neatly listed on the homepage. The website design also makes it easier to explore different living options and communities. After users enter their city, state, or zip code on the search panel, the website will show all the necessary information.

14. Balfour Senior Living

This website design has a classic and simple black and white color theme that beautifully highlights the vibrant photos of the people and gorgeous living spaces at Balfour. The homepage also allows you to dip your toes into the history of Balfour Senior Living with a brief introductory YouTube video. 

Clients get to explore all the communities and services available at Balfour, including special healthcare services of skilled nursing and Alzheimer’s and memory care. The website also offers a live chat option so that they can easily reach out to the authorities with any questions.

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15. ‘LLima at Leihana Senior Living

The Ilima at Leihano assisted living website has a well-organized and clean design offering a modern and simplistic look. It features a stunning panoramic image of the entire living compound that instantly attracts you to explore the website and dig in some more. 

As you scroll through the homepage, you can see separate sections with informational content about the lifestyle at Ilima, community features, floor plans, wellness, and dining options. There are also several YouTube videos featuring residents and their family members praising the healthcare services and outstanding quality of life at Ilima.

16. Ashford Senior Living

The Ashford Senior Living’s website has a quite colorful design following subtle tones of green and blue. You get to learn about what makes Ashford stand apart from other assisted living facilities from the information provided on the homepage. 

There’s a sticky header that allows you to explore other pages of the website to gather more information. You can also find a promo video and bite-sized content about Ashford’s amenities, resources, and services neatly organized on the homepage. This neat and well-organized design makes it easier to discover more information by navigating the website.

17. Sun Lakes Retirement Community

The website for Sun Lakes Retirement Community is designed to attract visitors to this luxurious assisted living facility. Once you open the homepage, the stunning photo of the Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes is hard to miss. It also features several visuals paired with informative content about the services, amenities, and lifestyle of people at Sun Lakes. 

You can click through every content posted on the homepage to explore other pages and learn more about the community. At the right bottom corner, you’ll also find a drop-down menu featuring a form that clients can fill out and submit to contact the authorities.

18. Mountain Park Senior Living

The Mountain Park Senior Living website has a simple yet eye-catching design, featuring fun and colorful photos and Instagram videos of the people living in these communities. There’s information about the floor plans and pricing details of the apartments for your reference.

As you scroll down, you can see the options to connect to the Facebook and Instagram pages of Mountain Park to learn about its communities. Users can also request a tour through the website and see what this assisted living facility has in store for its residents.

19. Eddy Senior Living

Once you visit the homepage of the Eddy Senior Living website, you’ll straight away come across the option to schedule a visit. This feature helps clients to avoid digging around the website to book a tour. The website design is pretty straightforward, and the homepage doesn’t offer a bulk of information that might overwhelm or drive away visitors. 

In contrast, you’ll find brief but engaging content linking to other website pages that you can explore to gather in-depth information. The website has several CTA features to help you discover more information by easily navigating through several pages.

20. Eagle Point Luxury Senior Living

This website design leans heavily on the visual aspect by highlighting several photos of the gorgeous living spaces and the lifestyle of the residents. In fact, the intro photo of the homepage showcases the beautiful living compound at Eagle Point Luxury Senior Living, which is quite eye-catching.

A sticky header allows you to explore the website to know all about the services and programs, upcoming events, floor plans, and much more. The homepage also features various Facebook posts and helps you connect to Eagle Point’s official Facebook page. At the bottom, there’s a contact form that clients can fill out and submit if they have any questions.

21. TouchMark

TouchMark Senior Living has a website design that looks and feels highly professional with no unnecessary extra images or content. There’s an excellent intro clip with photos featuring the living compound, the resorts, and the residents. The homepage offers bite-sized information about the mission and values of TouchMark, its services and amenities, dining program, and floor plans. 

There’s also a detailed map towards the bottom of the homepage showing all the streets, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers around TouchMark Senior Living for your reference. If you scroll further down, you can see an option to request more information, along with all the links to TouchMark’s social media pages.

22. Sunrise Senior Living

True to its name, the website design for Sunrise Senior Living has a bright and refreshing vibe that can easily attract visitors. In fact, the theme photo of the website featuring the lush green lawn and luxurious resorts of Sunrise can be an instant crowd-pleaser.

Not to mention, the homepage shows all the recent awards and accolades that Sunrise has received so that you can get an idea about its high service standards. Plus, there’s a 4-minute care questionnaire to determine the type of care clients need at this senior living facility.

23. Oak Park Place

The website for Oak Park Place has a neat and extremely sophisticated design with a soothing color theme of white and dark green. Thanks to the sharp font style, the website looks clean and crisp with no overcrowded texts. 

Furthermore, the homepage features the core values and mission of Oak Park Place without overwhelming the visitors with excess information. You can click on individual segments of the homepage, highlighting the services, amenities, communities, and lifestyle, to view other pages and discover more information.

24. Arbor View Assisted Living

When it comes to choosing a classic and sophisticated color theme, the Arbor View Assisted Living website gets the job done. The combination of a pure white background and blue fonts paired with the subtle pops of dark gray here and there make the website design refreshingly pleasing to the eyes. 

The homepage offers information about the programs, amenities, and services at Arbor View for you to go through at a glance without blindly digging around the website. Plus, the featured photo gallery makes the website design much more attractive and can help to generate potential leads.

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25. Senior Lifestyle

Senior Lifestyle’s website is quite professional and allows visitors to explore different communities straight away once they visit the website. The community search panel is quite hard to miss since it’s smacked right at the center of the homepage, making the whole process a piece of cake. 

Whether clients are exploring for themselves or a loved one, the website features both options. What’s more, there’s a quick link for a quiz to help them determine the community that’ll be their best fit. You’ll also find several testimonials from the residents and their family members on the homepage to get an idea of how everything works at Senior Lifestyle.

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26. Belmont Village

The Belmont Village website is designed to set a rather minimalist tone without giving away too much information on the homepage to prevent it from looking overcrowded. In fact, all the homepage content is quite brief and to-the-point, but you can click on them to visit their respective pages for in-depth information. 

The website also features a short promotional YouTube video, allowing you to take a trip to the world of Belmont Village and showing you what it has to offer. At the bottom of the homepage, there’s a section featuring Belmont Village’s latest news and events to help you know more about this place.

27. The Auberge

If you take a quick glance at the website layout for The Auberge, it might look a bit monotonous because of long chunks of text, but it’s extremely informative. You can learn all there’s to learn about The Auberge by simply going through the homepage, including its history, programs, healthcare services, and amenities. 

Moreover, you can locate an inquiry form right at the top of the homepage to help clients get started right away. As you scroll down, there’s a quick link to the official Facebook page of The Auberge, along with a featured video for your reference.

28. Scottsdale Village Square

This website is designed to celebrate the lifestyle of the senior residents at Scottsdale Village Square, featuring a short promotional clip as the theme of the homepage. At the bottom of the video, you’ll find the different living options offered here, and you can click on each option to discover more information.

There’s a sticky header highlighting separate pages of the website that you can visit to gain in-depth information on those topics. A submission form is also available on the homepage if users want to get connected to the authorities and sign up for regular email updates and much more.

29. McDowell Village

The website design for McDowell Village is nothing short of mesmerizing because of its classic color theme and gorgeous photo gallery. Once you visit the homepage, you are bound to get attracted to its neat layout and engaging content. 

In fact, the homepage is designed to highlight the philosophy and background of McDowell Village to help you get started. It features brief introductions to the services offered at this assisted living facility and offers a quick glimpse at the lifestyle of the residents. You’ll also find the options to explore several blogs and floor plans at the bottom of the homepage.

30. Manor On Paradise Senior Living

The website layout for Manor On Paradise is pretty straightforward, featuring the bare minimum information on its homepage. You get an overall image of the living compound from the theme photo on the homepage. At the same time, you can learn about the basic values and goals of this assisted senior living facility from the brief content. 

You’ll find the contact option at the top right corner, while there’s a detailed map at the bottom of the homepage. The sticky header also features links to other pages that contain photos and in-depth information about the services available at Manor On Paradise.

31. The Palace Group

The Palace Group’s website leans more towards featuring informative YouTube videos on its homepage instead of including chunks of written content to offer a more engaging user experience. Thanks to these interactive videos, visitors get to enjoy a virtual tour of the senior living facility and watch the testimonials of several residents and their family members.

Furthermore, the homepage has a separate section of thumbnails to help you explore different Palace Communities. Clients can also talk to the authorities about availability, pricing details, scheduling a tour, or requesting a brochure by filling out a short form available on the website.

32. Bay Oaks

This website design sets a minimalist yet sophisticated tone with its stunning visuals and crisp content. There’s a collection of beautiful photos at the front and center of the homepage, highlighting the luxurious decor and floral gardens at Bay Oaks. 

As you scroll down, you get some more gorgeous photos of the assisted living facility, private hotel rooms, and fine dining options, accompanied by brief introductions for each segment. Most importantly, the sticky header features the links to all the other pages, allowing smooth navigation.

33. Villa Serena Group

The website for Villa Serena Group has a modern feel because of its well-organized design and attractive visuals. There’s a brief intro highlighting the history and values of this assisted living facility that instantly catches your eye once you visit the homepage. 

Not to mention, it has a detailed segment featuring bite-sized information and thumbnails for all the services, programs, amenities, and resources available. At the bottom of the homepage, there’s a “Contact Us” section to help users get in touch with the authorities at Villa Serena anytime.

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34. Our Family Assisted Living

This website design has a soothing and neutral color theme that’s quite eye-pleasing and highly sophisticated. Its minimalist layout highlights the essential services offered at Our Family, including weekly doctor visits and short-term care, among others. 

There’s an intro from the founder and owner that talks about the values of this assisted living facility. The sticky header features options to explore the gallery and access more information about the services and amenities. At the bottom, you’ll find the details regarding consultations or scheduling a tour.

35. Kokoro Assisted Living

Kokoro’s website is specially designed to highlight and celebrate the Japanese root of this assisted living facility while incorporating the spirit of American culture and heritage. The homepage features a short intro on all the services offered at Kokoro, including physical, mental, and spiritual wellness programs. 

There’s a section showcasing Kokoro’s mission statement of mind, body, and spirit. The homepage design is quite simple and features only a few photos accompanied by short and to-the-point information. You’ll also find a submission form as you scroll down to schedule a tour or send any queries.

36. Coterie Senior Living

Even though Coterie is a luxury senior living facility, its website design has a rather minimalist vibe to avoid overwhelming visitors with too much information. The color theme of brown, moss green, and gray is aesthetically pleasing and reflects the luxurious appeal of Coterie. 

There are thumbnails highlighting the Coterie Communities and their extravagant architecture and floor plans. You can also scroll through the various services, including personalized care and unraveled amenities. If you want to know more about Coterie, you can locate the “Blog” option on the sticky header of the homepage.

37. The Village at Hayes Valley

This website design is similar to Scottsdale Village Square’s website because both these senior living facilities are owned by Pacifica Senior Living. However, the services available at Hayes Valley differ from Scottsdale. 

You can learn about all the services, like assisted living, respite care, and memory care, by clicking on the individual links available below the promotional clip on the homepage. Moreover, there are several testimonials from the residents highlighting their experience and lifestyle at this assisted living facility.

38. Nevada Memory Care

The first thing that attracts you to Nevada Memory Care’s website is its gorgeous pink and purple color theme paired with bold fonts. It sets a warm and welcoming tone that invites you to explore and dig around the website. The well-organized and clean design also works to generate more leads and enhance organic traffic. 

Once you visit the homepage, you can immediately spot the testimonials of the residents and their family members to get an idea about their life at Nevada Memory Care. Plus, several benefits and outcomes are listed on the homepage to highlight why customers should choose this assisted living facility over others.

39. Prestige Assisted Living

The website design for Prestige Assisted Living has an all-business feel, featuring in-depth information and attractive visuals on the homepage. There’s a detailed map showing the exact location of this assisted living facility at the beginning of the homepage so that visitors don’t have to scroll all the way down to get directions. 

You can also find a brief Community Overview from the executive director highlighting the ethos and values of Prestige Assisted Living. Moreover, there are individual content segments on various wellness programs and community highlights, such as services, amenities, events calendars, brochures, floor plans, virtual galleries, and newsletters for further reference.

40. Century Park

The website for Century Park might seem a bit overcrowded because of its tons of visuals and bold fonts, but it offers a lot of information about all the latest events and services. Whether users want a career at Century Park or book a stay, they can explore all the options using the search panel at the top of the homepage. 

There’s an engaging intro highlighting the background and services of this assisted living facility. You can also find a search option on the homepage to take a look at all the Century Park communities across different states of the US. Not to mention, visitors can connect to Century Park’s social media pages once they scroll down the website to locate the “Connect” segment.

41. Bright View Woodburn

The website for Brightview Woodburn is designed in a professional business page format featuring tons of information on the homepage. Once you open the website, you can spot the contact details and directions to Brightview Woodburn at the very beginning without blindly digging around. 

There’s also a concise and well-organized list of community features highlighting the standout characters of this senior living facility. You’ll find several YouTube videos and engaging content that showcase the lifestyle of residents and the services, amenities, and resources available at Brightview Woodburn.

42. Bickford Senior Living

The website design for Bickford Senior Living is as simple as it can get, offering an overly minimalist vibe. In fact, the homepage only features a promotional clip highlighting Bickford’s mission statement and the residents’ lifestyle. There’s a sticky header with different options, such as caregiver’s manifesto, careers, and stores, allowing you to discover more information. 

The drop-down search panel at the top right corner of the homepage helps visitors find the right Bickford community that fits their bill. Also, in the bottom right corner, there’s a live chat option to help them effortlessly navigate through the website.

43. Virginia Health Services

This website has a quite graphically polished design with different colorful visuals and symbols highlighting the resources, amenities, and life in general at Virginia Health Services. The homepage design boldly features the mission statement and values as its primary theme. 

As you scroll down, you can locate different symbols and thumbnails for the different services and amenities available at Virginia Health. There’s also a short inquiry form at the bottom that you can fill up and submit if you have any questions.

44. Cobbdale Assisted Living

The website for Cobbdale Assisted Living has a simple and clean design featuring only a short intro on the homepage paired with some stunning visuals of the residential estate. You can find a list of amenities available at this assisted living community at the end of the intro. 

The sticky header also offers quick links to other website pages that you can visit to gather more information. Also, the homepage has a separate section at the bottom for the latest blog posts and articles for further reference.

45. Heritage Village Assisted Living

The color theme of purple, beige, and white makes Heritage Village’s website design quite refreshing and eye-catching. You can find all the website content neatly arranged in individual segments, creating a sophisticated and professional appearance. 

The thumbnails on the homepage allow easy navigation so that you can effortlessly dig around the website for in-depth information. You’ll also find a Google Maps attachment highlighting the location of Heritage Village while offering easy directions.

46. Madison York Assisted Living

Madison York’s website design sets a professional vibe with its informative bite-sized content and smooth user interface. The homepage features many CTAs making it easier for you to explore the website and gather more information.

As you scroll down the homepage, you’ll find a segment on services and standards highlighting the services, amenities, and certifications of Madison York. You can also locate the links to all of Madison York’s social media pages at the bottom.

47. Carnegie East House

The website for Carnegie East House has a stunning color theme of white and red paired with gorgeous visuals of the Big Apple that instantly attract visitors. You can find a short and engaging intro at the top of the homepage setting the tone of the website. 

Furthermore, there are several thumbnails highlighting the activities offered at Carnegie East House that can help the residents enjoy the wonders of New York City and create their own lifestyles. Users can also find an inquiry form if they have any questions and want to contact the authorities.

48. Village Care

Village Care’s website has a colorful design featuring engaging content and the latest news and events. The homepage highlights the different healthcare services and living options available at Village Care. You can click on these thumbnails to visit the individual pages and get more information.

There’s also a promotional YouTube video about Village Care’s wellness programs and care services. The homepage also has a separate section for critical care programs where users can donate and make a difference.

49. Inspir Assisted Living

The website for Inspir has a luxurious and modern appeal featuring a rich and bold theme of black, white, and golden colors. You can take a quick glance at the extravagant life at Inspir by going through the client testimonials and the short promotional clip available on the homepage. 

There are several blogs and informative articles featured on the website for your reference. At the bottom of the homepage, the community locations and social media links of Inspir Assisted Living are also available.

50. Elm York Assisted Living

This website has a simple layout highlighting only the most essential tidbits and brief intros about Elm York’s services. You can straight away locate the aims and objectives of this assisted living facility at the beginning of the homepage. 

As you scroll down, there are separate thumbnails for different services available at Elm York, including recreational activities, dietary services, healthcare services, and housekeeping. Also, there’s an extendable toolbar at the bottom right corner, allowing you to adjust the font size, font style, brightness, and much more to offer a superb user experience.

How to Build a Great Assisted Living Website

Are you in the process of building a new website for your assisted living home? How exciting!

Let’s walk through some of the most important steps in building a new, or redesigning an existing, assisted living home website.

Feel free to skip the first few sections if you already have a domain name, hosting service, and website platform picked out!

1.) Purchasing a Domain Name

Picking out a domain name for your assisted living website is a crucial step in establishing your home’s online identity. It serves as the address that visitors will use to access your website, and it plays a significant role in branding and recognition of your home.

Here’s a step-by-step process to help you choose the perfect domain name:

  1. Brainstorm: Start by thinking of ideas for your domain name, considering the name of your home, the services you provide, and your location.
  2. Simplicity: Try to keep your domain name simple, easy to spell, and pronounce. Avoid using complex words, hyphens, or numbers.
  3. Consistency: If your home has an established brand name, it’s generally a good idea to include it in your domain name. For example, if your home is called Harmony Assisted Living, don’t consider a domain name like LocalSeniorLivingSpots.online.
  4. Availability: Check the availability of your desired domain names before proceeding. Many common domain names have already been registered. If that’s the case, see if your desired domain name is being used and available for sale. However, avoid investing too much money in purchasing a domain name.
  5. Domain Extensions: Consider which domain name extension best suits your website’s purpose. While .com is the most common and widely recognized extension, there are other options available, such as .net, .org, or industry-specific extensions like .care.
  6. Legal Considerations: Before registering your domain name, conduct a trademark search to ensure that your chosen name doesn’t infringe upon someone else’s intellectual property. Avoid registering a domain name that includes another assisted living home’s business name or a popular senior care company’s name.
  7. Register the Domain: Once you’ve settled on an available domain name, it’s time to register it through a reputable domain registrar. We’ve found GoDaddy and Namecheap to be the most user-friendly domain registrars.

2.) Choosing a Website Platform

After figuring out your domain name, the next step is selecting a website platform for your assisted living home website.

Most assisted living communities are going to develop content-based websites with event calendars, live chats, contact forms, and appointment calendars to drive conversions.

You will likely be perfectly happy with WordPress as your platform. However, there are options like Wix and other hosted website builders.

  1. WordPress: WordPress is a versatile and widely used content management system (CMS) that offers tremendous flexibility and customization options. It caters to all types of assisted living home websites, from simple informational sites to more complex sites offering online inquiries and appointment booking. With thousands of themes and helpful plugins available, WordPress allows you to create a highly customized website tailored to your assisted living home. It’s a great choice if you value control and want the ability to expand your website’s functionality over time. Although there is a hosted version of WordPress, most people who use WordPress have the open-source version installed on a web hosting account.
  2. Wix: The Wix platform is similar to WordPress in that it offers a user-friendly page builder. It provides a variety of templates and features that can be suitable for building an assisted living home website. Wix is a hosted solution, so you won’t need a separate web hosting service.

It isn’t common to see ecommerce functionality on an assisted living home website.

Web Hosting Requirements

If you choose a platform like WordPress or WooCommerce, you’ll need to find a web hosting service.

As a shameless suggestion, we often recommend our own web hosting service because of how great it is for WordPress websites. For recommendations of reliable web hosting services from other hosting companies, consider the following:

  1. WP Engine: This is one of our favorite web hosting services for assisted living homes. WP Engine has a great control panel that makes it very easy to create staging websites. Their backup process is also seamless. The only downside we’ve ever seen is the limits they place on PHP max_execution_time. Their pricing also increases quickly if you need upgraded services.
  2. SiteGround: We’ve always enjoyed working with

3.) Selecting a Website Template

Many assisted living homes prefer to purchase and customize pre-built website templates as it reduces the cost and time of web development. However, if your assisted living home prefers a custom design, you can always hire a custom web developer or custom ecommerce developer to create a theme from scratch.

To guide you in setting up your assisted living home website, let’s focus on suggestions for finding a pre-built website template! Here are some links to the main theme marketplaces to consider:

WordPress Assisted Living Home Themes

You can find free themes at wordpress.org, or explore assisted living home templates at ThemeForest.

KindlyCare – Themeforest


Lovecare – Themeforest


OakTrix – Themeforest


Old Haven – Themeforest


Wix Assisted Living Home Themes

Browse through free and paid themes in their marketplace at wix.com, some of which are suitable for assisted living homes.

4.) Creating Content & Adding Images

Now that you have your domain name, website platform, and theme sorted, it’s time to start building content for your assisted living home website!

There are several tips you can follow to create engaging and effective website copy. Let’s go over a few:

  1. Understand your target audience: Gain a clear understanding of your target audience before writing. Define their demographics, preferences, and needs. Tailor your content to address their concerns, offer valuable information, and resonate with them. This will help improve your search engine rankings for relevant searches related to assisted living homes.
  2. Define your key messages: Determine the main messages you want to convey through your website content. These should align with your brand, highlight the unique benefits of your assisted living home, and communicate the value you provide to residents and their families.
  3. Keep it concise and scannable: Online readers tend to skim content, so make your writing concise and easy to read. Use short paragraphs, bullet points, subheadings, and bold text to break up the content and improve readability.
  4. Create clear and compelling headlines: Craft attention-grabbing headlines that immediately convey the value and relevance of your assisted living home. A well-crafted headline can capture visitors’ attention and encourage them to explore your website further.
  5. Incorporate keywords strategically: Conduct keyword research and naturally incorporate relevant keywords throughout your content. This can enhance the visibility of your assisted living home website in search engine results. Avoid keyword stuffing, as it can negatively impact readability and user experience. Consider using tools like Ahrefs or Semrush for keyword research.
  6. Maintain a conversational tone: Write in a conversational style that resonates with your target audience. Avoid overly technical language unless necessary. Engage your readers by addressing them directly and adopting a friendly, approachable tone.
  7. Edit and proofread: Always edit and proofread your content before publishing. Check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Ensure the flow of your content is smooth, logical, and aligned with your brand’s voice and style guidelines. Consider using a tool like Grammarly for assistance.
  8. Leverage ChatGPT for assistance: If you need help generating ideas or refining the content on your assisted living home website, consider leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT.

Break up long sections of text by incorporating relevant and high-quality images into your content. Here are some tips:

  1. Use high-quality images: Choose visually appealing and well-composed high-resolution images. Blurry or pixelated images can diminish the overall quality of your assisted living home website.
  2. Ensure relevance: Select images that are relevant to your content and complement your message. Images should enhance the text and provide additional context or visual interest to showcase the environment and services of your assisted living home.
  3. Consider stock photo resources: Explore reputable stock photo websites such as Unsplash, Pixabay, or Shutterstock to find a wide range of professional-quality images relevant to assisted living homes. Adhere to licensing requirements and provide attribution when necessary.
  4. Customize images when possible: If you have the resources or skills, consider customizing or branding images to align with your assisted living home’s brand identity. This can create a consistent visual experience for your visitors. Tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva can be helpful for customization.
  5. Optimize image file sizes: Compress images to optimize file sizes without compromising quality. Large image files can slow down your assisted living home website’s loading speed, affecting user experience and SEO. Tools like TinyPNG can assist with image compression.

5.) Post Launch Strategies

Once you have built and launched your assisted living home website, there are several important tasks and services to consider for maximizing its effectiveness. Here are some essential suggestions to help you navigate post-launch activities:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Implementing SEO strategies is crucial to improving the visibility of your assisted living home in local search results. Conduct keyword research, optimize your content, and ensure your website has a solid internal linking structure. Regularly update and create fresh, high-quality content to attract organic traffic. Consider our SEO services or explore third-party providers like The HOTH for assistance.
  2. Paid Advertising: For quicker traffic turnaround, consider utilizing paid advertising platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads to drive targeted traffic to your assisted living home. Explore our PPC management services or find skilled professionals on platforms like Mayple.
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Analyze your website’s performance and user behavior using tools like Google Analytics. Identify areas where users may drop off or face barriers to conversion. Conduct A/B testing with tools like VWO to make data-driven changes that improve conversion rates and enhance the user experience of your assisted living home website.
  4. Website Security: Safeguard your assisted living home website from malware and other threats. Implement robust security measures such as SSL certificates, web application firewalls (e.g., Sucuri), and regular backups. Keep your CMS, plugins, and themes up to date to minimize vulnerabilities. Monitor your website for potential security risks and promptly address any issues. Additionally, consider monitoring website uptime with services like UptimeRobot.
  5. Website Maintenance: Regularly maintain your assisted living home website to ensure optimal performance. If you are using WordPress, this includes updating plugins and themes, monitoring website speed and performance, and resolving any broken links or errors. Explore our website maintenance services or consider hiring freelancers from platforms like Upwork. Regularly back up your assisted living home website to safeguard against data loss or technical issues.
  6. User Feedback and Testing: Actively seek user feedback to understand visitor experiences and identify areas for improvement. Implement user testing and gather insights on how users interact with your assisted living home website. Utilize this feedback to make iterative enhancements and continuously optimize the user experience.
  7. Content Updates: Keep your website content fresh and up to date. Regularly publish new blog posts related to assisted living, update information about services and amenities, and ensure all details are accurate and relevant. Engaging and valuable content not only attracts visitors but also encourages them to return and share your content with others interested in assisted living.

Remember, post-launch digital marketing activities are crucial for the long-term success of your assisted living home website. Stay proactive, monitor performance, and adapt your strategies to achieve your business goals and meet the needs of your audience.

FAQs about Web Development for Assisted Living Home Websites

Can you help with domain registration and hosting for the new website?

We offer assistance with both domain registration and hosting for your new website. We can help you select an appropriate domain name that aligns with your brand and business identity. Additionally, we provide reliable hosting solutions to ensure your website is accessible online with minimal downtime.

Can you migrate content from my old website to the redesigned one?

We offer content migration services to seamlessly transfer your existing content from your old website to the redesigned one. This includes text, images, videos, and other relevant elements.

Can you help me set up a booking or appointment scheduling system on the new website?

It is possible to add a booking or scheduling system to your assisted living website. This feature can greatly enhance the convenience and accessibility for residents, their families, and caregivers.

Can you provide analytics and insights to track the website’s performance after launch?

We can set up tools like Google Analytics to monitor key metrics such as website traffic, user behavior, demographics, and more. This data empowers you to understand how visitors interact with your site, which pages are most popular, and where improvements can be made.

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