51 Best Landscaping Websites

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top 51 landscaping websites!

Whether you’re a seasoned landscaper or just starting out, having a strong online presence is crucial in today’s digital age. A website not only showcases your past work and available services, but also provides a platform for customers to connect with you.

In this article, our web development team carefully reviewed and evaluated hundreds of landscaping websites to bring you the best of the best. From captivating designs to seamless functionality, these websites set the bar for the industry.

Get ready to be inspired and learn valuable tips on how to build a successful website for your landscaping business. You’ll find website examples of landscaping, lawn care, gardening, irrigation, hardscaping, and snow removal companies in this list! For further examples, head back to our Best Websites of 2023 article!

The Top Landscaping Website Designs

1. Medina Lawncare

This website uses a very simple layout highlighting the projects they do and their finished projects. They use plenty of white space keeping the page simple and easy to read. Very easy to get ahold of this business with their phone number located at the top and the bottom of the home page. Also, they share testimonials for potential customers to see other customer’s experiences.

2. Dante’s Native

This landscaping website has a navy and green color scheme that goes well with the pictures on the page. This page is easy to navigate with links at the top and bottom of the page. On the main page, they highlight what they offer along with what they do well.

3. Kemora

This site is very clean and attractive. The layout is very easy to read, giving links to more information. Also giving a sidebar at the top to easily navigate through all the links. The pictures on the page help break up the different topics talked about. The phone number is located right at the top and social media icons at the bottom.

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4. Chicago Landscaping Services

The landscaping website shows right off the bat that they want to connect with you. They feature their phone number, email, and a contact form right at the top of the page. Along with a live chat to get an immediate response. Which customers like to see, so they don’t have to wait long to hear back from the company. They share a video of what they are about. Also, they share actions that they take to leave the planet a better place.

5. BEN G. Landscaping

This page is very simple by starting with a contact form and showing the services they offer on the main page. Also explaining why you should choose them and not any other landscaping company. The site is keep organized by different sections at the top of the page making it quick and easy for visitors to browse through the website.

6. Rosario Gambino & Son

This example website catches your eyes by using an intro slider with different finished projects. Then they show attractive pictures of different landscaping they have done, showing you more that they offer. They’re building trust by sharing that they have been in business for 29 years and other statistics.

7. Urban Roots

The green color scheme throughout the whole page helps the design and it catches your eye. It also matches the business colors. Testimonials are shared at the bottom of the page showing happy customer experiences. Also, they share contact information at the bottom of the page, along with a picture of their location.

8. Marquez

Right at the top of the page, this website features the hours of operation, along with their phone number and email. This allows customers to anticipate when they should hear back from the business. Also, they feature the services they offer, with details of what exactly they will do. They share in many places on this landscaping website that their philosophy is “To have the best-looking yard, trust Marquez Landscape.”

9. All One Landscape

This landscaping website has a unique and cool blue, green, yellow color scheme. They want to stand out from other companies like them. Also, they want you to know they offer a wide range of services (they even say it in their name), so the customer will be able to rely on one company for everything they need. With having many services they feature their main services and have a button for each area so you can see more information, making the page less busy and overwhelming.

10. 215 Landscaping

The site is all about getting information out to potential customers. They use a blue and red color scheme, in which the red really pops against the blue. The first thing they do is explain 3 steps that can be taken so the customer can get exactly what they are looking for. They highlight things that are important to them. Which shows potential customers what they can exact from the company. Also if the customer is looking for specific qualities from the business.

11. JTB Landscapers

This website uses a red color scheme that makes the page stand out. They showcase extremely attractive landscaping with waterfalls, build in fireplaces, and much more. This is perfect for targeting people who are looking for new landscaping areas outside. There’s a video that goes into more detail about the business and shows other custom designs they have done, this is a great way of showing potential customers that you will make their dream come true.

12. Medscapes

The page’s layout keeps the information organized and easy to read. For every different topic, they use a long picture that goes across the whole page and acts as a separator. There’s an area that explains why landscaping is good, this is a great way to get information about what you offer but also get visitors interested in what you have to offer.

13. ACER

ACER’s website starts by sharing a video about its business. This gives the visitors a better understanding of what to expect right off the bat without reading into the page. The page is very simple with a green color scheme. Very easy to navigate through the page with the layout being clear and easy to read. Testimonials from happy customers are shown right under the video, letting potential customers hear and see what kind of work has been done.

14. Landscape Solutions

This landscaping website has a very modern feel, which also describes the company’s aesthetic very well. The site pulls you in by showing an attractive picture of a backyard landscaping project. They use plenty of pictures to show you what they can do. Showing pictures will target the people that learn for visuals. There’s a live chat so people with questions can get them answered immediately, which visitors love to see.

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15. Gardens of Babylon

This page uses a green and purple color scheme. The color scheme is unique and also matches perfectly with the flowers in the intro video slider. The whole website has a very friendly feeling, with calm colors, many pictures of different plants, and pictures of the family. At the bottom of the page, there are featured Instagram pictures showing happy customers and their thriving plants.

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16. Gibbs Landscaping

This landscaping website offers a lot of different services. They keep them very organized so it’s easy for visitors to wander through the page. You also get a detailed portfolio of projects that are completed to browse through. Then They leave a contact form at the bottom of the page, making it easy for potential customers to contact you after seeing the information offered.

17. Nashville Landscaping Service

This site is easy to understand and follow. They explain what their company has to offer and what services they provide. Also, they feature a section about why you should choose them for your landscaping project. There is a live chat to be able to chat with someone and get answers right away.

18. Austin Native

This example page is very simple. There is plenty of white space used so visitors aren’t overwhelmed when looking over the page. They have their ratings on top of the page next to the “Contact Us Now” button. In the beginning, they explain exactly what to expect when contacting them. Potential customers will see that and know that if they contact you there will be a plan within 14 days.

19. Sullivan’s

Easy to navigate landscaping website that makes it easy for visitors to browse through the information. There’s also a search option letting visitors that already know exactly what they want. They use a red color scheme, which makes the site really pop.

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20. Houston Landscaper

This landscaping website features different videos of projects they have done. In the video they show the before, the process, and the after. This gives potential customers a good understanding of how the project would get done. Under the about tab they have a personalized message, along with their mission for the business. This is a great way for potential customers to know more about you and the business.

21. Green Thumb

Green Thumb starts by having their phone number and email easily accessible at the top of the page. They think that when you visit the website you want to contact them, so they want to make it easy for the potential customer to reach them. There are several links on the top of the page along with the bottom that is very easy to navigate.

22. Guerrero

This site has a black and orange color scheme. The orange really pops when against the black. Easy to connect with this business with a clickable phone number at the top and a contact form at the bottom of the page. Every landscaper offers different services. Some offer more and some offer less. This website does a great job of explaining what services they have to offer. Also pictures of projects they have completed. It’s important to make the area of expertise clear so you aren’t wasting people’s time.

23. Care Green

This website offers residential and commercial landscaping. To make it easy for visitors to look through the information and not get overwhelmed, they separated the services into different categories with links. The links will take you to more information and explain more about each service.

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24. Scissortail Landscaping

This website example focuses on maintaining the property. Right off the bat, they share the services that they offer. Also, they share the process of how they will keep the customer’s yard maintained. This gives the potential customer an idea of what to expect and customers will know if you are exactly what they are looking for.


This landscaping website does a great job of demonstrating what they do with images. The layout allows visitors to easily browse through the information. There are many pictures throughout the site showcasing the work they do, along with a link to their portfolio at the bottom. They also use testimonials showing that they do good work and that the team offers an excellent service.

26. Metro Greenscape

The main page makes it very clear what the company offers right from the start. There are six different categories of services that are offered that you can click on. There is a video that features a customer and their finished landscaping job. The finished results are shown, along with what kind of service she got, and how happy she is with the project. The layout of the page stands out because it’s different than other sites, as they have one big picture on half the page and then a few little pictures. Then once you scroll down the big picture stays but you see the little pictures, along with information. The layout is easy to read and gets a lot of information out.

27. Prestige Landscape & Tree Service

This site uses a blue color scheme. Very simple, with not many pictures. The site focuses more on information and what services are offered. Also, they have a link to some projects they have finished with before and after’s. They make a point to introduce the owner with a picture and a picture of the team, which is always a good thing to do.

28. Liaison Landscapes

A blue and green color scheme that works well with their logo. Their landscaping services are organized into 3 different categories and when you hover over the text it gives you what is in each area. They briefly share their values for the company, along with what the customer can be expected to see. Many different links to click on that brings you to the contact page, also a contact form toward the bottom.

29. Green Landscaping

This website has a creative design, with a green color scheme. Which makes the site stand out from other sites and will be easier for visitors to remember your website. They use some moveable pictures and diagonal lines making the layout unique. They go into detail about some of the services they do well and what’s important about them. This is a great way to show potential customers that you know what you doing and that they are able to trust you.

30. Reno Green

This landscaping website design will provide some awesome inspiration for your future projects. There is a video on the page that works well and adds another visual for the audience. The blog section appears sophisticated too while it will boost search engine optimization. They highlight the testimonials using a slider that is all readable and neat.

31. Cutting Edge Landscape

This page does a good job of explaining what they have to offer. The intro video grabs your attention right away. They share a diagram of a building with icons in different areas of the building, like the parking lot, side of the building, and the trees. When you hover over them you can see what they each for those areas. A good visual for potential customers and a fun way of showing what you offer. They also introduce their team for each location.

32. Modern Landscape

There is a modern feel, which describes their aesthetic. Also, they’ve modern as their name, which will help people find this website when looking for a modern look. High-quality pictures throughout the page. They share different landscaping styles so visitors can look there and have an idea of what they want and what options they have.

33. Landscaping Contractors

This website example has some very strong calls to action throughout the page. It makes it clear to potential customers which action to take next. The layout is easy to follow with pictures and plenty of white space between information. Their philosophy is “Your property… our reputation.” which is a great way to show visitors that you are dedicated and take pride in the work they do.

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34. Goodman’s

They use a red, white, and blue color scheme that helps the site flow. The site is clear and to the point. They don’t want to waste your time, so there are many links at the top of the page for visitors to find their way around the site. Many different opportunities for clickable links to get into contact.

35. Divine Design

This landscaping website has a purple banner that helps grab people’s attention. The site has a nice layout with a purple and green color scheme. Many boxes are used to keep information organized and make the site less confusing and easier to read. There are many links throughout the page to easily get into contact and get a quote.

36. Lifescape Colorado

The very simple main page, with many boxes and links to more information. They share lots of projects they have done, helping potential customers find one that fits what they are looking for. This website is very clean and attractive. There’s a lot of information but is organized well making it easy to read and not feel overwhelmed.

37. LKM Mowing & Landscaping

38. The Landscaping Co.

This website is very simple explaining what they have to offer, along with a picture. At the top of the page, there are different links to more information, including their portfolio. They have a video that explains more about the business. This is a great way to get information out to visitors easily and show the work you have done.

39. JTB Landscaping

This example site keeps it simple with a black and white color scheme. They focused on putting information out but make sure it isn’t overwhelming. The page uses plenty of white space between information and some pictures to separate a few different topics. They incorporated a video of different landscaping that the business has designed and completed.

40. Timberline

This landscaping website uses a bright green banner that catches your eye right away. You can see right away that they’ve been in business since 1982. It starts to build trust with the potential customer right away. They do a great job of showing their services and show which service is for both residential and commercial and which ones are just for one or the other.

41. 1st Impressions Landscape & Garden Center

42. Columbus Landscaping Service

This website has a simple and readable introduction sharing what their business is all about. With green effectively representing nature and being eco-friendly, they make sure to use plenty of green as their primary color. They want to make sure the potential customer knows that they care about the earth, also they share that they don’t use harmful chemicals.

43. Memphis Landscape

This company uses an intro clip of their team working together and some projects they have done. This is showcasing the value of collaboration to complete a project. They explain their landscaping process, showing the potential customer what they can expect when using this company for their projects.

44. Picture Perfect

The red color really makes the site pop. They put the services that they offer right at the top of the page. With each service, there is a link for visitors to reach out for more information. Also, their phone number is located at the top and the bottom of the page.

45. Radmer’s

This landscaping website makes it easy to find everything you are looking for quickly. The sticky header makes excellent navigation for the website. They start by sharing a little about themselves and what offer. Then they go into the services they offer and some pictures of projects they have done. At the bottom of the page, they have a contact form for visitors to fill out.

46. Anderson

This site uses bright colors helping the page stand out. They have a list on the page that shows what services they offer. They go into details on 4 different services, allowing visitors to get more information through the links. Towards the bottom, they share some testimonials from happy customers.

47. P.H.M. Incorporated

This landscaping website starts out by sharing services that they offer but then shares how the business got started back in 1986. Along with a picture of the owner and his kids. This is a great way for people visiting your website to get to know you and your business. Also, build a connection between the company and the potential customer. A contact form is at the bottom of the page, with the phone number and email of the business.

48. Ortiz Lawn & Landscaping

This page is very simple showing what services are offered. They use black and bright green for the color scheme and the green really pops against the dark color. Contact information is at the top and bottom of the page, along with a live chat option for visitors to get a response back right away.

49. P&R Landscaping

The work, about, contact pages are very impressive. It has a great design on the homepage with high-quality images and it’s apparent that there’s a great use of visual hierarchy. There are clickable links at the bottom of the page of social media for easy brand connection. The services section is organized well, with a simple layout with green icons and short descriptions. This website also has a sticky header that provides easy and quick access to the other pages.

50. Rhudd’s

The page is super clean and has a simple homepage design. With plenty of white space so the content looks good and clear. Some more interesting features on this website are their customer satisfaction, dedication to their customers, FAQ link, and more. These features will help build creditability with the audience.

51. Boston’s Landscaping

This landscaping website design is a good inspiration. It’s a super neat and clean website that is ready to generate more leads for its brand. There are useful elements and it’s ready to impress potential clients, especially with the hero header. They also feature their projects through a masonry layout, which looks nice and neat.

FAQs about Web Development for Landscaper Websites

What things are important to make a landscaping website good?

A good landscaping website should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and informative. The website should have a clean and modern design that is consistent with the company’s branding. It should be easy to navigate, with clear and intuitive menus, and a search function to quickly find specific information.

The website should also be optimized for fast loading times and have a responsive design to ensure that it is easily accessible on mobile devices. High-quality images of the company’s work and services should be included, along with detailed descriptions and pricing information.

It is also important to include customer testimonials and reviews to build trust with potential clients. Finally, the website should be regularly updated with fresh content, such as blog posts or seasonal promotions, to keep visitors engaged and coming back for more. Overall, a good landscaping website should be a powerful marketing tool that showcases the company’s professionalism and expertise.

How to choose a website-building company?

As a landscaping business owner looking to create a website, the best approach is to do some research and find a reputable website-building company that specializes in creating websites for businesses like yours. Look for a company with experience in designing websites for small and local businesses.

Check out their portfolio of previous work to see if they have created websites that you find visually appealing and easy to navigate. Make sure to also read reviews and testimonials from other business owners to get an idea of their experience working with the website-building company.

Once you have selected a company, communicate your needs clearly and work closely with their team to ensure that the website reflects your brand and meets your business goals.

How much does it cost to build a landscaping website?

You can expect the starting price of a template-based landscaping website built in WordPress to be around $4,000. If you need design mockups built into a custom theme, expect a higher starting price in the area of $10,000.

If you are looking for an ecommerce website for your landscaping business, you can expect quotes to start around $6,000 if the site is in Shopify or WooCommerce. Likewise, if you need custom mockups built into a custom theme you can expect a higher starting price of around $20,000. The main contributors to cost increases include premium design requirements, custom functionality, and data migration.

Should landscapers use website templates?

Using a template website can be a cost-effective and efficient way for a landscaping company to establish an online presence. There are many benefits to using a template website for a landscaping company.

Firstly, it can save time and money as a pre-designed template already exists, eliminating the need for a custom design. Secondly, many template websites are user-friendly and easy to navigate, with pre-built features and functionalities such as contact forms, social media integration, and photo galleries.

Thirdly, using a template website can provide a level of consistency and professionalism to the online presence of the landscaping company. Additionally, some template websites may offer search engine optimization (SEO) features to help improve the website’s search engine ranking, which can lead to increased website traffic and potential business leads. Overall, using a template website can be a great option for a landscaping company looking to establish an online presence quickly and affordably.

What website platform is best for a landscaping website?

We would suggest using WordPress to build your landscaping website First because, WordPress is a free and open-source platform, meaning there are no licensing fees or subscriptions required to use it. Additionally, WordPress has a wide range of templates and themes available, many of which are specifically designed for landscaping businesses, making it easy to create a visually appealing website without having to start from scratch.

Secondly, WordPress has a user-friendly interface, allowing business owners with little to no web development experience to easily manage and update their website. Thirdly, WordPress has a large community of users and developers, which means that there are many resources and support available for troubleshooting and customization.

Additionally, WordPress is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO), meaning it is easier to improve the website’s visibility in search engine rankings, which can lead to increased website traffic and potential business leads. Overall, using WordPress as a website-building platform can be a great option for a landscaping business looking to create a professional and functional online presence with minimal cost and effort.

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