How to Invite Friends to Like a Facebook Page

A great way to help grow your Facebook Business Page is by actually inviting people to like your page. This can prove to be far more efficient than just hoping someone likes your Facebook page on their own without outside influence. There are two ways to do this which will depend on who it is you’re trying to invite to like your Facebook page.

1. How to Invite Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Page
2. How to Invite Non Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

How to Invite Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

  1. Click the 3 dots towards the top of your Facebook page
facebook page invitations

Towards the top of your Facebook page you should see dots. Depending on what device your on the placement might vary slightly.

2. Click “Invite Friends”

invite friends to like your facebook page

From the drop down menu click the last result that says Invite Friends.

3. Select which friends to invite to your Facebook page

invite friends to like facebook page

Here you can select your friends individually or in bulk. You can even use the search bar to more easily find the friend you’re looking for.

(Optional) You can send up to 50 invites at a time using Messenger if you’d prefer. Simply click the checkbox in the lower left hand corner. By default the people you invite to your Facebook page will just receive a standard notification.

If you click the “All Friends” drop down menu at the top you can actually filter your friends by the Facebook groups you’re both a part of.

After you’ve selected your friends click “Send Invites” to complete the process of inviting your friends to like our Facebook page.

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How to Invite Non Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

  1. Click on the number of reactions on the Facebook post

From your Facebook page navigate to a post or image of yours that has received at least one reaction. In this example you can see 1.2k people reacted to this post.

Click on the number itself right next to the small reaction icons.

2. Click “Invite” next to each person

invite non friends to like facebook page

Note: This only works until you have 100,000 Facebook page likes

After clicking the number it will bring up a list of every person that reacted to your post.

Next to their name you will see an “invite” button. Click that button to have that person receive a notification that say something like this:

“[Page Name] has invited you to like their page.”

You can invite these people manually or, what I prefer to do with larger accounts is use a chrome extension to invite them for me. This works with just one click of a button.

Once your page reaches a certain point, you’ll probably want to start looking toward other avenues to increase your following count. We’ve got a great blog post to do just that! Check out our article Social Media Advertising From Beginner To Expert to exceed your current limits!

Quick Wins for Your Campaigns

Final Thoughts on Getting Friends to Like a Facebook Page

IMPORTANT: If you do decide to click “invite” manually DON’T do it as fast as you can. If you do this will trigger an alert to Facebook that will stop allowing you to invite people for a certain time.

To avoid this invite people to your page in smaller chunks of say 20 to 30 and then waiting a few minutes to do it again. If you’d like to invite non friends to your Facebook page that fastest way possible simply wait 2.1 seconds between each invite. This way you can invite as many as you want without taking a larger break like the first option. (This is why I use bots to do this part. They time the invites perfectly).

I don’t believe you need to be the admin of that page but if you do, here’s a guide on how to accept a Facebook admin invite.

If you haven’t already you should link your Instagram to your Facebook page. Linking these 2 accounts will allow you to run ads and posts across the platforms simultaneously. Not to mention once you have a verified Instagram account or at least 10,000 followers you’ll be able to add swipe up links to your Instagram stories.

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