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WebCitz can help you power interactive single page applications, integrate creative frontend designs, or build out robust technology within our Vue JS development services.

Our Vue JS development company has vast experience in the ever-changing world of website technologies and methodologies. In fact, our Vue JS developers have been developing web applications and mobile apps for many years. These Vue JS experts work strictly for our web development agency, since we do not outsource work! We know the intricacies of the Vue JS framework and have used it within numerous custom programming projects, as a standalone solution and within popular frameworks like WordPress and Laravel.

In fact, we've used Vue JS within ecommerce development projects to create product builders, personalization tools, product information management systems, import / export interfaces, shopping carts, and search systems. You can use Vue in content-based websites too!

Why Choose Vue JS?

When it comes to using the best JavaScript frameworks for software development, Vue JS (also written as Vue.js) is possibly the fastest and most lightweight of the options. It performs better than most alternative frameworks across several metrics, even with minimal optimization. So, let's discuss the advantages of choosing the Vue JS framework.

1. Easy Scalability

Vue JS is one of the most flexible JavaScript frameworks, meaning you can scale your mobile app or web application while using Vue JS without worrying about limitations. You can use Vue JS to create modular Single Page Apps (SPA) entirely within Vue JS, or much smaller frontend design features alongside other existing frontend functionality.

To put it simply, whether you want to build an entire web app from scratch or include supporting libraries in your existing software, Vue JS works beautifully. If you manage a fast-growing company, you might need to frequently upgrade apps to stay up to date with the changing market trends.

2. Adaptable Ecosystem

Vue JS allows software engineers and project managers to find quick solutions without needing to reinvent the wheel. For example, experienced software developers can utilize reusable blocks of code from the community to develop a web or mobile app using this framework.

Moreover, Vue JS may primarily focus on the representation of the view layer, but it also supports other technologies to provide different solutions to a problem. These technologies include:

  • Vuex
  • Vue CLI
  • Vue Test Utils
  • Vue Router

Those technologies work together with Vue JS to boost the web app development speed and maintain uniformity across different web development projects.

The highly adaptable ecosystem of Vue JS ranges between a JavaScript library and a JavaScript framework, making it an ideal problem-solving utility in any web or mobile app development project.

3. Simple And Clean Framework

The Vue JS framework offers a cleaner structure and better syntax than other popular frameworks, making the app development process much more efficient and faster.

Every feature of your web page or mobile application developed by Vue is a component, representing encapsulated elements of the user interface (UI). The components in Vue JS are usually written using CSS, HTML, or JavaScript and stored in one single file without dividing them into multiple separate files.

Since all the encapsulated UI components are essentially chunks of code arranged in one file, you can reuse them as templates for similar elements during web app development. Furthermore, each component is treated as a single file itself, making it easier to read the code and perform quick bug fixes.

The Single-File Components system of Vue JS also allows efficient unit-testing to check how each app component works individually. Thanks to the Vue loader Webpack plugin, the entire task is made much simpler and straightforward.

4. Easy Integration

Any emerging technology must have the ability to smoothly integrate with existing applications, and Vue JS is well-regarded for this quality. Since it only relies on JavaScript, integrating it with other libraries and existing frameworks is simple.

Not just this, Vue also allows you to create custom templates using JavaScript, JavaScript Syntax Extension (JSX), and HTML. With its lightweight structure and Single-File Components solution, Vue is the perfect tool that you can use in any application development project.

What's more, the internal organization of Vue JS is practically a blend of Angular and React, making the transition between these libraries much easier. Thus, the integration process of Vue with different libraries and projects is almost effortless.

5. Easy To Learn

Vue JS has become widely popular among software developers because it is easy to learn and doesn't require in-depth knowledge about other libraries, including TypeScript and JSX, unlike other front-end technologies. All you need is a basic understanding of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Moreover, if you have a growing development team of new web and mobile app developers, Vue is the easiest framework to get them started with for web application development. Popular code editors, such as Atom, Visual Studio, and Sublime Text, also support Vue, making it easy for newcomers to try it out without complications.

Additionally, newer web developers can get excellent support from the Vue community that's active 24/7 on Discord chats and forums. They can also access countless guides or online courses to get started with Vue JS.

6. Improve Your Code Base

As mentioned before, Vue allows JS developers to build projects ranging from entire web applications to simple feature additions, thanks to its flexibility. It helps you continuously upgrade and improve your mobile or web applications to keep up with customers' changing needs. As such, you can gradually improve your existing code base and streamline your application.

Besides, thanks to its progressive nature, skilled VueJS developers can gradually introduce the framework into their existing code base without needing to reinvent the wheel. With Vue, you can go from component to component, which makes the whole project much more manageable.

7. Virtual DOM Rendering

A Document Object Model (DOM) represents the HTML page structure, including page content, styles, and elements as individual objects. When users interact with a web page, these objects change their formation, and a browser needs to update the information accordingly to correctly render the page.

Since rendering the whole DOM can be cumbersome, Vue JS uses a virtual DOM to make the process much easier. It utilizes a copy of the original DOM to determine the elements that need updating without rendering the entire thing; this leads to significant performance improvements.

By using a virtual DOM, Vue offers fast and rapid Server-Side Rendering (SSR) to provide performance-driven results, depending on your business challenges. In fact, Vue is much more effective than React or Angular frameworks while testing data-bound DOM components, thanks to its virtual DOM rendering system.

8. Two-Way Data Binding

Another advantage of Vue's virtual DOM manipulation is two-way data binding to create superb user interfaces, and also easily update the bound components containing data from time to time. This way, it becomes easier to track data updates with two-way data binding.

Since two-way data binding establishes the connection between the UI and model data updates, it is excellent for performing real-time updates. In Vue, bound data of different components is updated reactively like DOM objects, making the data updating process much easier to complete.

A Few of Our Vue.js Developers

Drew P Jake F Taylor D David W Justin F Corey G

Our Vue JS Development Services

Even though Vue JS is a straightforward and progressive JavaScript framework, there are certain benefits of hiring the professional services of a Vue JS development company. A professional software development company can complete the project efficiently and of higher quality than someone still learning the basics. That’s where we come in!

With more than 18 years of experience, you can trust the expertise of our web and mobile app developers to know how to properly use Vue within your project. Here are a few of the Vue JS development services we provide:

1. Mobile App & Web Application Development

Beyond consulting, our dedicated team of skilled developers specializes in web and mobile app development. We have expertise in developing fast, lightweight website applications and mobile apps that are tailored to fit your business requirements. Not only this, we strive to deliver a fairly simple code base that's both clean and easy to understand, which will help future JS developers on your project.

2. Vue JS Consulting Services

As previously mentioned, Vue JS is similar to Angular and React (not to be confused with React Native) in that it includes most of the functionalities of those frameworks to offer an agile development methodology. Depending on your business goals and project requirements, you might need to use different features of Vue JS to build your mobile app or web application.

As a Vue JS development company, we have an experienced, in-house team who can offer excellent consulting services at any stage of your project. We can help you determine which Vue features are best-suited for your custom web development project, or even assist with the creation of custom functionality.

3. Third-Party Integration

If you plan to use Vue JS for your frontend you won't need to worry about it working with your backend or other server-side functionality. The Vue JS framework is entirely independent of the server-side language you use, so it doesn't matter if you need to use Vue JS with functionality written in PHP, Ruby, Python, or even a different JS framework like Node.js. We will ensure the integration process is fast and seamless without compromising the quality of your existing digital environment.

4. Interactive UI Development

Our UI/UX designers are experienced in creating interactive user interfaces using Vue's core library, for both desktop computers and mobile devices. We can build engaging user interfaces for your applications that are easy to navigate on any device.

Furthermore, our web development experts offer Vue JS component development to help ensure your UI components are reusable and functional across different web and mobile applications. This helps provide the best UI solutions to help you improve your organic traffic and build customer loyalty.

5. Real-Time Web & Mobile App Development

To enhance user experience, you need secure applications that can offer real-time data. Our Vue developers are proficient in designing performance-driven, real-time web apps to provide end-users the information they need about your business.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking to hire top-notch Vue JS development services, you have come to the right place. We have multiple, onsite Vue JS developers who have years of experience developing custom web and mobile applications using Vue JS and other JavaScript frameworks.

We believe in communication and availability, which is why we put so much effort into talking about the technologies we are experienced in and the capabilities of our team. You can trust our Vue JS development services because of our core competencies, which include:

  • Streamlined Communication
  • Result-Oriented Development Strategies
  • Timeline-Focused Project Managers
  • Experienced Web Developers

You will struggle to develop a successful Vue JS project without the sound technical knowledge of a professional team of experts, and that's why we're here! We can help you develop highly engaging and interactive web and mobile apps using Vue that can fulfill your business goals and create a solid online customer base.

When you are ready to discuss your needs to hire a Vue JS development company, reach out by email or give us a call at 800-796-8263!

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Example #2: You are an existing client with a 10-hour block of time ($1,095) on your account. You put in a request that requires custom programming to build or modify a unique piece of functionality on your website. The task took 60 minutes of work. In this example, you would have 75 minutes of time deducted from your 10-hour block of time, since custom programming has a 1.25x multiplier of time.

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Kendrick Jacobs

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Carissa Giebel

They are great to work with. Always quick to respond to my questions and assist when needed! They have been working with me at Legacy Law Group, LLC for many years.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Vue Developers


What Is Vue.js?

The Vue.js framework is a JavaScript framework for developing UIs (User Interfaces) and SPAs (Single Page Applications). It is well known for its fast-paced learning curve. Vue.js is such an easy-to-learn and approachable library that anyone with a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can start building web applications. As a library or a full-fledged framework for developing large web applications, it is a versatile framework.


Who Uses Vue.js?

There are many well-known services that utilize Vue.js, such as GitLab, Laravel, and Behance.


Which Is Better, Vue.js Or ReactJS?

Both Vue.js and React are excellent tools for building interactive user interfaces. For you to decide which option is best for your next project, you must consider a number of factors, including your specific use case, your business needs, your environment, developer availability, your budget, and the time frame you have available.

Vue is lightweight, easy to learn, and pleasant to work with. Vue's familiar templating syntax and use of components make it easier to integrate or migrate existing projects to it. Thus, Vue.js is not only great for startups, but it can also be used for large-scale applications.

Performance-wise, Vue.js is comparable to React. However, final results are largely determined by the optimization efforts and the size of the application. Everything is explained in great detail in the documentation.

Vue provides official packages for state management, routing, or server-side rendering, which are up-to-date and ensure synchronization among all components of your system. Vue CLI 3 and Vue UI make the process of setting up a project and preparing it for deployment extremely fast. In turn, this facilitates the creation of MVPs in a timely and efficient manner.

On the other hand, React is a veteran of the JS field. With corporate support, a large community and an even larger ecosystem, React is ideally suited for building complex enterprise applications. In addition, the job market for experienced React developers is booming, so you will not be lacking in qualified candidates. With its maturity and community, asking for assistance and receiving a prompt and detailed response is more or less guaranteed.

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