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We keep updated on the latest marketing trends for charities. This includes search ads, social media, email marketing, lead generation, CRO, and more!

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Digital marketing for charities involves advertising through online channels like websites, search engines, social media, email, and mobile apps.

Many charities think digital marketing is just another term for SEO or PPC advertising. While both of those services are used in charity internet marketing, neither completely explains the depth of a cutting edge online marketing program.

Today's online advertising campaigns often include dozens of tactics, all working in tandem to help your charity improve visibility and conversions.

Let's discuss what our internet marketers have found to work best for those in this industry!

50+ Digital Marketing Tactics for Charities

Our team of internet marketing specialists know the latest online marketing trends for charities.

For years, our team has assisted charities with their digital marketing goals. The strategies / tactics discussed in this section can help with online advertising for charities and even:

  • International Charities
  • Disaster Relief Charities
  • Poverty Alleviation Charities
  • Environmental Charities
  • Animal Welfare Charities
  • Health Charities
  • Education Charities
  • Youth Development Charities
  • Arts And Culture Charities
  • Advocacy Charities
  • Community Development Charities
  • Faith-based Charities
  • ...and more!

A Few of Our Digital Marketing Experts

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1.) Lead Generation for Charities

Lead generation is a digital marketing strategy that can greatly benefit charities. It focuses on attracting potential supporters and capturing their contact information to nurture them into becoming donors or volunteers. By implementing targeted lead generation tactics, you can effectively grow your supporter base and increase engagement. Here are 5-10 specific strategies tailored to charities:

  1. Online Donation Campaigns: Develop online donation campaigns that highlight the impact of your charity's work. Create compelling stories, videos, or images that evoke emotion and inspire action. By providing a seamless and secure donation process, you can generate leads who are motivated to contribute to your cause.
  2. Social Media Fundraising: Utilize social media platforms to launch fundraising campaigns and engage with potential supporters. Share impactful stories, testimonials, or progress updates to create a sense of urgency and encourage donations. By leveraging the power of social networks, you can generate leads who are passionate about your cause and willing to contribute.
  3. Email Newsletters for Supporters: Develop regular email newsletters to stay connected with your supporters. Share success stories, upcoming events, or volunteer opportunities. By nurturing your relationships with supporters, you can generate leads who may be more likely to make ongoing contributions or get involved in your charity's initiatives.
  4. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Implement peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns that empower your existing supporters to raise funds on your behalf. Provide them with the tools, resources, and personalized fundraising pages to amplify your reach. By mobilizing your supporters, you can generate leads who may not have been directly engaged with your charity before but are inspired by the efforts of their peers.
  5. Targeted SEO for Cause-Related Keywords: Optimize your website and online presence for search engine optimization (SEO) by incorporating keywords related to your cause and geographical area. Focus on terms like "donate to [cause name]" or "charity for [cause] in [city name]." This approach allows you to attract leads actively searching for charities supporting specific causes in your area.
  6. Collaboration with Corporate Partners: Establish partnerships with local businesses or corporations that align with your charity's mission and values. Offer joint campaigns, cause-related marketing initiatives, or workplace giving programs. By leveraging their networks and resources, you can generate leads who are introduced to your charity through your corporate partners.
  7. Impactful Content Marketing: Develop content marketing campaigns that educate and inspire your target audience about your cause. Create blog posts, videos, or infographics that raise awareness, provide information, or offer actionable steps to get involved. By providing valuable content, you can attract leads who are seeking knowledge and are inclined to support your charity's cause.
  8. Virtual Events and Webinars: Host virtual events or webinars that educate and engage your target audience. Invite guest speakers, share success stories, or offer educational sessions related to your cause. Collect contact information during registration to generate leads interested in your charity's initiatives and looking to make a difference.
  9. Collaboration with Influencers and Ambassadors: Partner with influencers or ambassadors who have a strong online presence and are passionate about your cause. Have them share their personal connection to your charity and encourage their followers to get involved. By leveraging their influence, you can generate leads who are inspired by their advocacy and interested in supporting your cause.
  10. Volunteer Recruitment Campaigns: Develop volunteer recruitment campaigns that showcase the impact and benefits of volunteering for your charity. Highlight the different opportunities available and the positive change volunteers can make. By targeting individuals who are interested in giving their time and skills, you can generate leads who are motivated to become volunteers for your charity.

Lead Gen for charities

2.) Social Advertising for Charities

Social advertising is a powerful digital marketing strategy for charities to raise awareness, attract donors, and mobilize support for their noble causes. By leveraging social media platforms, you can effectively engage with your target audience, share impactful stories, and drive donations to further your organization's mission. Here are five specific examples of how social advertising can benefit your charity:

  1. Storytelling with Video Ads: Use social media video ads to tell compelling stories about the beneficiaries of your charity's efforts. Showcase real-life examples of how your organization has made a positive impact on individuals or communities. By sharing emotional and inspiring narratives, you can connect with potential donors on a personal level and encourage them to contribute to your cause.
  2. Targeting Supporters of Similar Causes: Utilize social advertising to target individuals who have shown interest in or supported similar causes. For example, if your charity focuses on providing clean water in underprivileged areas, target individuals who have donated to other water-related charities. By reaching out to people who already have a passion for similar causes, you increase the likelihood of gaining new donors and supporters for your charity.
  3. Hosting Virtual Fundraising Events: Organize virtual fundraising events, such as webinars, live streams, or online auctions, and use social advertising to promote these events. Offer exclusive insights into your charity's work, interviews with key members, or guest speakers who can share their experiences and expertise. Virtual events provide a cost-effective way to engage with potential donors and inspire them to contribute to your charity's initiatives.
  4. Matching Donation Campaigns: Craft social media ads to promote matching donation campaigns. Encourage businesses or individuals to pledge matching funds for a limited time. By highlighting that every donation made during the campaign will be doubled, you create a sense of urgency and incentivize donors to participate. Matching donation campaigns can significantly boost contributions and help your charity achieve fundraising goals.
  5. Showing Transparent Impact: Use social advertising to share data, infographics, or reports that illustrate the tangible impact of donations received by your charity. Demonstrating transparency and accountability in how funds are used can build trust with potential donors. By presenting clear evidence of your charity's achievements and the results of past projects, you can foster confidence in the positive change your organization is making.

Social Media Marketing for charities

3.) Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Charities

Conversion rate optimization is a valuable digital marketing strategy for charities like yours to optimize your website and paid advertising efforts. By strategically improving user experience and engagement, you can attract more potential donors and increase the conversion rate of website visitors into valuable contributions and support for your cause.

  1. Compelling Storytelling: Share powerful and emotional stories on your website that highlight the impact of your charity's work. Engaging storytelling can resonate with potential donors and inspire them to contribute to your cause.
  2. Simple and Clear Donation Process: Streamline your online donation process to minimize steps and make it user-friendly. A hassle-free and straightforward donation process can reduce donor friction and increase the likelihood of conversions.
  3. Impactful Visuals and Infographics: Utilize impactful visuals and infographics on your website to illustrate the outcomes of your charity's initiatives. Visual representations of your achievements can create a stronger connection with potential donors and encourage them to support your cause.
  4. Personalized Donation Appeals: Implement personalized donation appeals on your website or in email campaigns. Tailoring your messages to donors based on their previous contributions or interests can increase the chances of repeat donations and long-term support.
  5. Targeted Paid Advertising: Use targeted paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and social media to reach potential donors interested in causes similar to yours. By showing relevant ads to the right audience, you can drive more qualified traffic to your website and increase donations.
  6. Donor Recognition and Gratitude: Show appreciation for your donors by recognizing their contributions publicly or sending personalized thank-you messages. Demonstrating gratitude can strengthen donor loyalty and encourage them to continue supporting your charity.
  7. Real-Time Impact Updates: Provide real-time updates on your website or social media platforms about the progress of ongoing projects or campaigns. Keeping donors informed about the impact of their contributions can foster a sense of trust and transparency, motivating them to contribute more.
  8. Matching Gift Campaigns: Run matching gift campaigns where donations are matched by a sponsor or a corporate partner. Such campaigns can create a sense of urgency and incentivize donors to contribute before the matching funds run out, leading to increased donations.
  9. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Encourage supporters to create peer-to-peer fundraising pages to raise funds for your charity. Enabling your supporters to leverage their networks and personal connections can expand your donor reach and lead to more conversions.
  10. Donor Surveys and Feedback: Conduct donor surveys to gather feedback on their giving experiences and their motivations for supporting your charity. Incorporating donor feedback into your strategies can enhance donor satisfaction and increase engagement and contributions.

6 Key Focus Points for Website Success

4.) Sales Funnels for Charities

As a charitable organization, sales funnels can be a powerful digital marketing strategy to attract potential donors, engage with supporters, and convert them into loyal contributors to your cause. Sales funnels guide individuals through a personalized journey, from initial awareness of your charity to becoming active donors. Here are 5 examples of how sales funnels can benefit your charitable organization:

  1. Donation Funnel: Create a sales funnel specifically designed to encourage online donations. Develop a landing page that showcases your charity's mission, impact, and current projects. Use social media ads and email marketing to reach potential donors who are interested in your cause. Offer a compelling call-to-action to donate directly on the landing page. Follow up with personalized thank-you emails and updates on how their contribution has made a difference. This funnel nurtures potential donors from awareness to making a donation, increasing your charity's fundraising success.
  2. Monthly Giving Funnel: Develop a sales funnel to encourage recurring donations from supporters. Create a landing page that explains the benefits of monthly giving and the impact it can make on your charity's work. Use targeted email campaigns and social media ads to promote the monthly giving program. Offer an incentive, such as exclusive updates or merchandise, for signing up as a monthly donor. Follow up with personalized emails expressing gratitude and providing updates on the impact of their ongoing support. This funnel encourages individuals to become long-term partners in your charity's mission.
  3. Volunteer Recruitment Funnel: Create a sales funnel targeting individuals interested in volunteering for your charity. Develop a landing page that highlights the various volunteer opportunities available and the impact volunteers can make. Use social media ads and email marketing to reach potential volunteers in your community. Offer an easy-to-fill form for individuals to express their interest in volunteering. Follow up with personalized emails containing details of upcoming volunteer events and testimonials from satisfied volunteers. This funnel attracts committed individuals to contribute their time and skills to support your charity's initiatives.
  4. Corporate Partnership Funnel: Develop a sales funnel to attract corporate partners and sponsors for your charity's events and projects. Create a landing page that showcases successful past partnerships and the benefits of collaborating with your charity. Use LinkedIn outreach and targeted email campaigns to connect with potential corporate sponsors. Offer customized partnership packages and benefits tailored to each company's objectives. Follow up with personalized emails, highlighting the positive impact of their partnership on your charity's mission. This funnel fosters mutually beneficial relationships with corporate entities, enhancing your charity's funding and reach.
  5. Legacy Giving Funnel: Create a sales funnel to encourage planned giving and legacy donations. Develop a landing page that educates potential donors about the impact of leaving a legacy to your charity. Use email marketing and social media to reach out to your existing donors and supporters. Offer informative resources, such as guides on estate planning and will writing. Follow up with personalized emails expressing gratitude and providing support in the legacy giving process. This funnel encourages individuals to include your charity in their estate plans, leaving a lasting impact on your cause.

Sales Funnels for charities

5.) Email Marketing for Charities

Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy for charities to engage with donors, raise awareness about their causes, and drive fundraising efforts. As a charity organization, you can use email campaigns to tell compelling stories, update supporters about your projects, and inspire them to take action. Here are six examples of how email marketing can benefit your charity:

  1. Impact Stories: Share impactful stories of the people or communities your charity has helped. Use email newsletters to showcase the real-life impact of your projects and how donations have made a difference. Personal and emotive stories can touch the hearts of your supporters, motivating them to continue supporting your cause.
  2. Event Invitations: Send out event invitations and updates via email to your supporters. Whether it's a fundraising gala, charity run, or virtual event, use email marketing to promote the event, provide event details, and encourage attendance. You can also follow up with post-event emails to thank attendees and share event highlights.
  3. Monthly Giving Program: Implement a monthly giving program and use email marketing to promote it. Send personalized emails to your donors, explaining the benefits of becoming a monthly donor and the impact of their recurring contributions. Regularly update donors on how their ongoing support is making a difference.
  4. Matching Donations: Create urgency and excitement with email campaigns announcing matching donation opportunities. Inform your supporters about generous donors willing to match contributions for a limited time. Encourage recipients to take advantage of the match, doubling the impact of their donations.
  5. Volunteer Opportunities: Use email marketing to recruit and communicate with volunteers. Send targeted emails to specific groups of volunteers based on their interests and availability. Keep volunteers informed about upcoming opportunities and express gratitude for their valuable contributions.
  6. Year-End Appeals: Launch compelling year-end fundraising campaigns through email marketing. Craft persuasive messages explaining the importance of year-end donations and their potential tax benefits. Include a clear call-to-action and create a sense of urgency to encourage last-minute contributions before the year ends.

Email Marketing for charities

6.) Search Advertising for Charities

Search advertising is a powerful digital marketing strategy for charities like yours, enabling you to connect with potential supporters and donors who are passionate about your cause. By leveraging search engines like Google, you can display targeted ads to individuals searching for relevant topics, increasing your online visibility and driving meaningful traffic to your organization. Here are five examples of how search advertising can benefit your charity:

  1. Cause-Specific Campaigns: Set up cause-specific campaigns to appear in search results when users search for issues related to your charity's mission. For instance, if your charity focuses on environmental conservation, create ads targeting keywords like "wildlife preservation donations" or "climate change solutions." By focusing on cause-specific keywords, you ensure that your ads are shown to users with a clear interest in supporting causes aligned with your charity's mission, increasing the likelihood of attracting potential donors.
  2. Local Targeting: Utilize location-based targeting to connect with potential supporters in your local area. Tailor your ads to showcase the impact your charity has on the community. Local targeting enhances your visibility among users looking to support local charitable organizations and drives more meaningful contributions to your cause.
  3. Fundraising Events: Create ads that promote your charity's fundraising events. Whether you are hosting a gala dinner, a charity run, or an online auction, target keywords related to your event. This approach attracts potential supporters interested in participating or donating to your event, increasing the chances of raising funds and awareness for your cause.
  4. Impact Stories and Success Stories: Incorporate ads featuring impactful stories and success stories from individuals or communities your charity has helped. Genuine stories of positive change and the difference your charity has made can inspire potential donors and supporters, showcasing the importance of their contributions in creating meaningful change.
  5. Volunteer Opportunities: Showcase volunteer opportunities in your ads to attract individuals looking to get involved in charitable activities. Whether it's for one-time events or ongoing projects, target keywords related to volunteer work and community service. Promoting volunteer opportunities can attract potential supporters looking to make a direct impact on your cause, increasing volunteer engagement and commitment to your charity.

Search Engine Advertising for charities

7.) Content Marketing for Charities

Content marketing is a powerful digital strategy that can significantly benefit your charity organization. By creating compelling and heartfelt content, you can raise awareness for your cause, connect with potential donors, and inspire action to support your charitable initiatives.

  1. Impactful Storytelling: Use storytelling to share inspiring stories of individuals or communities positively impacted by your charity's work. Through written narratives, videos, or podcasts, convey the real-life difference your organization is making, tugging at the heartstrings of potential donors and supporters.
  2. Visual Impact Reports: Create visually engaging impact reports that showcase the outcomes and achievements of your charity's projects. Use infographics, charts, and images to present data and success metrics, demonstrating transparency and accountability to donors.
  3. Virtual Fundraising Events: Host virtual fundraising events such as webinars, online galas, or live streams. Use these events to engage your audience with compelling content about your charity's mission and invite donations to support your cause in real-time.
  4. Volunteer Spotlights: Dedicate content to recognize and appreciate your volunteers' contributions. Share stories, interviews, or videos featuring their experiences and how they have contributed to your charity's impact. This not only celebrates their dedication but also encourages others to get involved.
  5. Education and Awareness Campaigns: Develop educational content that raises awareness about the issues your charity addresses. Create informative articles, videos, or social media posts to educate the public about the importance of your cause and the challenges faced by those you support. Use hashtags and social media challenges to increase the reach of your campaigns.

Content Marketing for charities

8.) Reputation Management for Charities

For your charity organization, reputation management is a vital digital marketing strategy. It involves actively shaping and maintaining the public's perception of your cause and the work you do. Here are five tailored examples of how reputation management can benefit your charity and help you make a bigger impact:

  1. Transparency in Fund Allocation: Emphasize transparency in your financial operations and publicly showcase how the funds are allocated for different projects and initiatives. Providing detailed reports and updates on the impact of donations will build trust with your donors, fostering a positive reputation for your charity as a trustworthy and accountable organization.
  2. Impact Storytelling: Share powerful stories and testimonials from individuals or communities that have directly benefited from your charity's efforts. Utilize multimedia formats like videos, images, and written narratives to effectively convey the positive change your charity is creating. This storytelling approach will boost your reputation by showcasing the tangible results of your work.
  3. Collaboration with Influencers: Collaborate with influencers and well-known personalities who align with your charity's mission. Their endorsement and support can significantly increase your organization's visibility and credibility, attracting more donors and volunteers to your cause.
  4. Proactive Crisis Management: Be prepared to handle any negative publicity or misinformation that may arise. Respond promptly and truthfully to address any concerns or controversies. Proactive crisis management will demonstrate your charity's commitment to open communication and ethical practices, preserving your positive reputation even during challenging times.
  5. Volunteer Recognition Program: Implement a volunteer recognition program to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of your volunteers. Showcase their contributions through social media shout-outs, blog features, or even hosting annual appreciation events. This strategy not only boosts the morale of your volunteers but also enhances your charity's reputation as an organization that values and recognizes its supporters.

Reputation Management for charities

9.) Video Marketing for Charities

As a charity, you can inspire change and connect with donors on a deeper emotional level. Video content offers you a powerful platform to share impactful stories, showcase your mission, and rally support for your cause. Here are five heartwarming examples of how video marketing can make a difference for your charity:

  1. Beneficiary Stories: Create powerful video stories that showcase the lives of individuals or communities positively impacted by your charity's work. Share personal testimonies of how your organization has made a difference in their lives. These emotional stories can evoke empathy and compassion, compelling potential donors to contribute to your cause.
  2. Virtual Fundraising Events: Host virtual fundraising events, such as galas or auctions, and promote them through video marketing. Create captivating event teaser videos that highlight the event's purpose, special guests, and exclusive experiences. Virtual fundraising events allow you to reach a broader audience and raise more funds for your charitable initiatives.
  3. Volunteer Testimonials: Film video testimonials from dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and effort to support your charity. Let them share their rewarding experiences and the fulfillment they find in helping others. Volunteer testimonials can attract more individuals to join your cause and become valuable supporters.
  4. Impact Reports: Produce engaging video impact reports that showcase the results of your charity's projects and initiatives. Use visual data and statistics to demonstrate the positive outcomes achieved through donor support. Impact reports build transparency and trust with your audience, motivating them to continue supporting your cause.
  5. Donor Appreciation Videos: Create heartfelt videos to express gratitude and appreciation to your donors for their contributions. Personalize the videos by mentioning donors by name and showing the impact of their donations. Donor appreciation videos foster a sense of connection and loyalty, encouraging donors to continue their generous support.

Video Marketing for charities

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