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Let us provide you creative logo concepts for your next logo design project. We have multiple highly-skilled graphic artists on our team.

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Digital Marketing Projects
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Digital Marketing Case Studies
Graphic Design Services

Creative Logo Design Agency

We are a creative logo design agency with more than 19 years of experience helping local companies and ecommerce brands create unique logos for their businesses.

To create an amazing logo, we've assembled a team of graphic designers, each with their own unique logo design style. These graphic artists are all experienced with the design of custom logos for use on websites, digital ads, print marketing, and embroidered clothing.

As a full-service custom logo design agency, our onsite graphic designers are ready to build out stunning logo concepts that capture your brand identity! We can't wait to get started on your future logo service!

Read on to learn more about our professional logo design services.

Our Logo Design Services

The process of to creating your next custom logo typically involves the following steps:

Logo design research

The research phase of your custom logo design service is an important step in understanding your business, industry, target audience, and competitors.

It helps our designers to create a logo that effectively represents your brand and communicates the desired message.

During the research phase, our graphic designers will gather information about your business, such as your history, mission, values, products or services, target audience, color scheme, and unique selling points.

This information will be used to identify the key attributes of your brand that need to be conveyed in the custom logo design.

The designer will also research your industry and competitors to understand the current trends and to identify what sets your brand apart from others in the same industry.

This information will help us to create a custom logo that is unique, visually appealing, and effective in communicating your message.

Logo concept development

The concept development phase of a logo design project is when our designers create initial ideas or concepts that reflect your brand.

During this phase, the designer will use the research gathered previously to develop a range of concepts that explore different design directions.

The designer will then create a variety of sketches or mock-ups that take into consideration your business and target audience.

When ready, your custom logo designer will present the concepts to you for feedback. Please be truthful - it helps reduce wasted efforts if you are brutally honest in your feedback.

Feedback and revisions of the logo concepts

The feedback and revision phase of a custom logo design service is when the designer revises the concepts presented to you, based on your feedback.

The designer may also explore different typography options and color schemes to see what works best.

This phase may involve multiple rounds of revisions until you are satisfied with the final design.

During this phase, the designer will work closely with you to make sure the final logo design concept meets your requirements and effectively represents your brand.

Finalization of the logo

The finalization phase of a custom logo design project is when our graphic designer takes the final design, chosen by you, and creates high-resolution versions in various file formats, such as JPEG, PNG, and vector file formats (EPS, AI)..

During this phase, the designer may also create different orientations of the custom logo, such as horizontal, vertical, and square versions that can be used in different contexts, like social media channels, business cards, websites, etc.

This phase is important as it ensures that the final logo is ready for production in multiple contexts, and that you have all the necessary files to use the custom logo!

A Few of Our Logo Designers

Justin F Ashton H Emily L

Pricing for Logo Design Work

The cost of our logo design services is based on the time spent working with you to understand your needs, creating design mockups, and going through any necessary revisions. Most basic logo designs take 8-12 hours to complete, while more complex logos often require much more time. You can get started today by purchasing a block of time to put our graphic designers on retainer for your company.

Invoiced Monthly

$ 119.50/hr

  • Existing Clients Only
  • Any Time Spent Billed Monthly
  • Time Use Summary Reports
  • No Outsourcing
  • Service Availability of M-F, 8AM-5PM CST, No Holidays
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Pre-Purchased Block of Time

As Low As $99.95/hr

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • No Contracts, Auto-Renewals, or Expirations
  • Time Use Summary Reports
  • No Outsourcing
  • Service Availability of M-F, 8AM-5PM CST, No Holidays
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Logo Design FAQs


How many logo design concepts do you provide?

Our logos are not pre-designed, so we will not send you dozens of hastily designed options. We will present you with a custom look based on your needs. For most of our clients, we will only offer one very well-considered concept for a completely custom logo. We will present multiple options if we have a few ideas, but most of the time, we know what is going to represent your brand well, and we can capture it in one shot. However, if you do not like it, we will throw it out and start again.


Who owns the logo design?

You have the right to use the logo as you wish after the project has been completed and paid.


How many logo revisions do I get?

There are many freelance designers who limit the number of revisions you receive when it comes to logo design or graphics. This is not the best way to ensure that you receive the best product, is it? Since all of our graphic design services are billed on an hourly basis, there is no incentive for us to limit the number of revisions that you receive.


What format will I get my logo in?

Any logo that we create for you will be provided in a high-resolution vector format. Expect to receive it in either PDF, AI or EPS file format. We do this to ensure the quality of your work is not lost if the logo needs to be enlarged or reduced in size. If you require the logo in other formats, just ask.

Logo Design Portfolio

As a creative design company, we have multiple graphic designers who have been creating custom logos for many years.

Our logo design portfolio allows you to see our designer's range of styles within multiple industries.

This can give you an idea of whether our logo designer's style and experience match your own needs and preferences, and if we are the right fit for your company.

Look at some of our past work in our graphic design portfolio.

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Jeff Ring

Jeff Ring

This company is just a thrill to work with. Everyone is so friendly and eager to help even with the smallest items. They are always very accommodating when you stop by to look at the magnificent fish tank and will greet you with a warm cappuccino.
Jen Ollanketo

Jen Ollanketo

WebCitz helped the Oshkosh Area Humane Society with our new website and they were great to work with. Responsive, professional and affordable. I think the biggest perk for us was having someone local we could talk to for assistance instead of long wait times. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to start up or revamp their website.
George Ormond

George Ormond

Corey was extremely helpful and spent a considerable amount of time going over my difficulties with a newly created website put together by someone else. I was under a very stressful deadline and he was extremely considerate and helpful. He managed to fix the problems that I was experiencing with my website. I had reached out to a number of website developers for help but only heard back from WebCitz and Corey got back to me within minutes!
Kendrick Jacobs

Kendrick Jacobs

Corey G at WebCitz was so professional and patient while helping us solve our issues. We appreciate his help so much. This company definitely needs more people like him. Amazing customer service! Thank you Corey G! (:
Joe Simmons

Joe Simmons

David Wurst and WebCitz have been a great hosting company to work with for over 10 years. They provide exceptional service and knowledge with their customers and always get it done immediately. I will never work with any other company.
Southwest Radio Church

Southwest Radio Church

What can I say about this company? These people that work there? Unbelievable!! It doesn't matter when or why you call, they will help you. The other part of that statement is: I never have to call them! They made a web site for us that works 24/7. But if I do call they actually take care of it right then. ... great bunch of guys...Southwest Radio Church really appreciates you!!
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