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Digital Marketing Strategies for Insurance Companies

We're a results-driven digital advertising firm with more than 18 years of experience helping insurance companies increase their online presence.

Our internet advertising experts help insurance agents attract new audiences and boost brand awareness with SEO strategy, white-hat link building, paid search advertising, social prospecting, and SEO strategy.

With regards to converting customers and driving revenue, we can help with email marketing, social media advertising, sales funnel development, lead generation, conversion rate optimization, and more!

Let's discuss what our digital marketers can offer your insurance company! We often provide comprehensive digital marketing campaigns to smaller insurance companies, but we can also augment the marketing department of your large corporation to fill in missing skill sets.

What is Digital Advertising for Insurance Agents?

Digital marketing for insurance agents is simply advertising products or services through online channels like websites, search engines, social media, email, and mobile apps.

Many insurance agents think internet marketing is just another term for search engine optimization or paid advertising. While both of those services are used in insurance agency online advertising, neither completely explains the depth of a modern website advertising program.

Today's digital marketing campaigns often include dozens of digital advertising plans, all working in tandem to help your insurance company improve visibility and conversions.

For example, the best insurance agency internet advertising plans will include plans to:

  • Use SEO, social advertising, affiliate advertising, and PPC advertising to increase traffic to your insurance company digital assets (websites, apps, sales funnels, etc).
  • Create insurance agency landing pages, sales funnels, and optimize your conversion rate to grow revenue.
  • Track how visitors interact with your digital assets to help you better understand areas of improvement, retargeting opportunities, or conversion rates.
  • Show the expertise, authority, and trust of your insurance company with content marketing, video production, backlink building, reviews, and social media proof.
  • Create and nurture relationships for your insurance company with email, SMS, and social media.

A Few of Our Digital Marketing Experts

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Our Insurance Agency Digital Marketing Tactics

Our team of internet marketing specialists know the latest online marketing trends for insurance agents. We've helped more than 100 business industries, such as insurance companies, build traffic and grow conversions.

Insurance Company search engine optimization Plans

To bring your website into the first page of search results for competitive phrases you must take a holistic approach to search engine optimization within your insurance agency internet marketing campaign. This means reviewing your on-page, off-page, and technical search engine optimization since all three aspects of SEO work together to show value to search engines.

When we onboard new clients in the insurance agency industry for digital advertising, we frequently encounter challenges with site speed, content quality, and the backlink profile. To tackle these SEO challenges and improve your search optimization, off-page, technical, and on-page SEO optimizations can be utilized. Let's explore more about each of these insurance company SEO plans:

  • Technical SEO encompasses page performance, website security, XML sitemaps, website architecture, structured data, Open Graph tags, and broken pages, among other factors. These factors influence how Google interprets and navigates your content, as well as how visitors engage with your insurance agency website. When dealing with technical search engine optimization glitches, a web developer is usually needed as these problems are commonly associated with the platform or theme used on your insurance agency website. Our in-house team of web developers is proficient in popular platforms such as Shopify and WordPress.
  • On-Site SEO includes factors such as keyword research, content silos, content writing, internal linking, competitive analysis, frequently asked questions, page titles, meta tags, images, and keyword research. Improving these areas of the on-page SEO will allow search engines to better understand the value of your content and recognize your insurance company as an authority on the subject matter. Furthermore, it can assist in boosting key metrics such as "time on site" for your audience, demonstrating to search engines that you delivered useful information to the searcher. Content creation plays a crucial role in your insurance company internet advertising strategy, and should not be overlooked.
  • Off-Page SEO is essentially the state of your backlink profile, which is the number of backlinks and referring domains pointing to your insurance company, the naturalness of your anchor text and link velocity, the authority and relevance of your backlinks, signals from social channels, and many other factors. By establishing natural backlinks to your website and internal pages, you can communicate to search engines that your website and content are reputable and deserving of recognition from third-party sources.

It's crucial to keep in mind that search engine optimization involves a holistic approach that covers multiple areas, so your insurance company internet marketing plan shouldn't just focus on one or two aspects. A fast website is important, but if your insurance company has no quality backlinks or useful content, it's unlikely that you'll see it on the first page of search results, except for some uncommon scenarios. Neglecting even one aspect of search engine optimization can hinder your online visibility, even if other areas have been fully optimized. You should evenly distribute your attention to ensure competitors can't bypass your insurance company by simply completing all the required SEO checklist items.

Backlink Building Campaigns for Insurance Companies

It is worth reiterating the significance of constructing authoritative links in off-page search engine optimization, as this aspect of SEO is often misunderstood by insurance companies.

Large retailers in product-specific searches and long-standing service providers in local area search results are often the top results for competitive keywords and long-tail phrases on the first page of search results. If you further review the exact pages of these search results you will often find the number of backlinks to those pages is far greater than those to your relevant insurance company web pages. This is because search engines use backlinks to gauge the authority of your insurance company website and content on a specific topic.

To enhance the ranking of your web pages, it's essential to acquire quality backlinks to both your homepage and other internal pages through white-hat SEO backlink building services. It's important to recognize that this is a sustained effort for the digital marketing plan of your insurance company. You shouldn't get excited for a few weeks and build dozens of backlinks, and then forget about it for several months or years. Instead, you need to consider this as a long-term process for your insurance company internet marketing plan. That lack of commitment will only serve to keep your insurance company off the first page of search results. You need to establish a link-building strategy that will provide consistent and steady growth of quality backlinks from relevant websites and social platforms. It is crucial to avoid using black-hat link-building methods, buying too many backlinks from PBNs, or overusing exact-match phrases in order to keep your backlink profile natural.

Our website marketing plans for insurance companies involve the use of several white-hat link-building techniques, which include:

  • Utilizing the “Skyscraper Technique” to build a bigger, better version of a ranked content article from a competitive insurance company.
  • Composing detailed articles and having them published on third-party websites as a guest post, with a link that directs readers to your insurance company website, can help promote your organization.
  • You can contact respected websites in the insurance agency niche and propose content updates for their existing articles that might have become obsolete or failed to address a particular issue that concerns you.
  • Including your website in directories that are relevant to your industry can help expand your online presence, using valid NAP citations (Name, Address, Phone).

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Insurance Company Online Reputation Management (ORM) Game Plans

Your online reputation is an important trust factor search engines use to determine rank positions, and your target audience uses it to make purchasing decisions. This is true for all types of purchases and decision-making, ranging from the selection of a local service provider, the purchase of a product on an ecommerce store, and even the selection of insurance agents. Individuals enjoy reading about the positive and negative encounters that other people had with your insurance company.

To raise the number of reviews from previous customers for your insurance company, we can support local service companies in creating a review generation plan as part of their website marketing plan. This often involves collecting reviews on Google My Business, UpCity, Yellow Pages, Angi, Yelp, and other online review collection websites.

For insurance companies that focus on ecommerce, we can support you in obtaining reviews for your products and your company. For an ecommerce business, it is important to collect reviews for both the quality of your products and the customer service experience of your insurance company. Online shoppers want to know the product they are purchasing is of sufficient quality or utility, but they also need to know you will be there to fulfill the order and answer questions after the sale.

For the reputation of professional service providers, such as doctors or attorneys, we can help establish protocols within your digital marketing campaign for the collection of testimonials to ensure prospects always see a positive image of your insurance agents. This includes review generation, reputation monitoring, online reputation repair, survey campaigns, and social growth. In some cases, even SEO can be used to help curate the best possible first-page results for the online reputation of your insurance company.

The risk of ignoring your online reputation is the loss of long-term business, which often isn't noticed until significant damage has been accumulated. Take control of your online reputation today to ensure you always put forth a better image than your competition.

Content Marketing Strategies for Insurance Companies

Most insurance companies use content marketing as a means of attracting, engaging, and retaining a high-interest audience by creating and sharing relevant blog articles, instructional videos, case studies, white papers, and other digital media. This online marketing approach helps establish your insurance company as an industry thought leader, while also helping you dominate organic search results and the attention span of your target audience.

When your target customers begin to identify your insurance company as the source of valuable advice or guidance you will find it is easier to guide them through your sales funnel. We help insurance agency online advertising clients put together the right content marketing plan for their insurance company.

It is important to identify your target audience before starting a content marketing service. This will help you understand the best media format for the content, whether that be informative blog posts, detailed case studies, informal whitepapers, best-in-class listicles, or drip email campaigns. It will also help you determine the best delivery method, which can be from social media, search results, or some other medium.

We often help implement content marketing strategies for insurance agents that involve blog content, infographics, podcasts, videos, email campaigns, whitepapers, case studies, surveys, webinars, checklists, listicles, and lead magnets. We particularly like using the case study method because it is a powerful tool for showing expertise as a leading digital advertising service provider. These are all effective ways to market content if you implement them correctly for your insurance company.

Social Media Advertising Campaigns for Insurance Companies

The use of social ads in online advertising involves PPC advertising being run on social platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. These social media channels offer a quick and effective method for connecting to your target audience by allowing you to select interests, behaviors, and demographics. However, the downside can be the added cost of setting up the campaigns, creating landing pages, building out sales funnels, and performing conversion rate optimization to ensure the paid ads function as a proper lead generation or sales generation tool for your insurance company.

By leveraging the data sources of social media platforms, insurance companies can hyper-target their audiences to deliver personalized content based on demographics, behaviors, interests, and other factors. While this is an enormous opportunity for most established insurance companies, it can be an expensive lesson for businesses that aren't ready to take full advantage of social media ads.

We help insurance companies build out the necessary sales funnels and lead generation tools to make the most of their social media advertising. In addition, we suggest creating tactics for conversion optimization and retargeting as part of our digital marketing campaigns, as both tactics can enhance the return on ad spend for your campaigns. Let's not forget to mention the freshness of your ad creatives. When running insurance company social media advertising campaigns, you must be mindful of ad decay and ad fatigue to prevent your campaigns from becoming stagnant and suffering from degraded performance.

Search Engine Marketing Strategies for Insurance Companies

The use of search engine ads in website advertising involves paid ads being run on search engines like Google and Bing. You will find that Google Ads and Bing Ads offer a quick and effective method for connecting your insurance company to an engaged audience that is actively searching for your products or services. The downside is the cost of setting up an effective and scalable PPC advertising service for your insurance company, which often involves the creation of landing pages or sales funnels that are optimized for conversion opportunities.

We help insurance companies of all sizes build out the necessary landing pages and funnels to improve leads and generate revenue, which makes paid advertising a cost-effective website marketing plan. For any search engine marketing service, we recommend creating a plan for retargeting and conversion rate optimization to improve your return on investment.

Developing Sales Funnels for Insurance Companies

A sales funnel, or purchase funnel, is the visual representation of journeys taken by customers with your insurance company. The illustration of a sales funnel, which is often referred to as a marketing funnel or revenue funnel, looks just like a physical funnel you'd use to pour a liquid into a container. The top of the funnel is always larger because it illustrates the large number of potential customers that might interact with your insurance company. The funnel narrows at the bottom to represent the various exit points within the sales process. Naturally, the bottom of the funnel is the smallest part because it represents the number of people who converted through the generation of a lead or the sale of a product.

The development of a sales funnel for insurance companies is more difficult than the explanation of its concepts. For example, some of the most successful sales funnels produce millions of dollars of value each day for their owners. To launch a conversion funnel that produces value for your insurance company, you must put thought into the goal of the sales funnel and the type of sales funnel you want to implement.

There are numerous types of sales funnels, including premium customer funnels, free plus shipping funnels, affiliate sales funnels, self-liquidating funnels, automated webinar funnels, lead magnet funnels, and dozens of others to consider for your insurance company. When you work with one of our insurance agency-focused digital marketing professionals, you will have an experienced internet marketer to bounce ideas off to help you determine the best type of revenue funnel for your insurance company. Alternatively, if you don't have an interest in being involved in the process, we can research more about your insurance company to determine the best funnels to explore and test within your internet advertising plan.

CRO for Insurance Companies

There is almost no reason to neglect conversion rate optimization within insurance agency website marketing plans. This is a critical aspect of any type of digital marketing for insurance agents since it directly impacts the ability of the marketing service to provide value for the insurance company paying for the marketing service.

Boosting conversion rates can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Before you pursue a CRO strategy for your insurance company, it is important to understand what it is, how it works, and how to evaluate the service. This is a time-intensive process that involves plenty of iterative research and testing. What makes it most difficult is the CRO tactics that work for one insurance agency might not work for another insurance agency.

The most common insurance agency CRO plans include reducing form fields on contact forms, testing different call-to-action phrases, creating appealing headlines, implementing a sense of urgency, fixing mobile website issues, improving page speed, adding exit-intent popups, defining value for the visitor, and adding trust and social proof signals.

True conversion rate optimization for insurance agents can become much more complex. To really dive into CRO, we must fully understand your business offer, your competitors, the strengths and weaknesses of your value proposition, how visitors are currently interacting with your digital assets, the online reputation of your insurance agents, and many other factors.

Email Marketing Tactics for Insurance Companies

You can use email marketing within a digital strategy to drive brand awareness, get site traffic, improve sales and revenue, bring awareness to your social media profiles, engage past insurance agents, and gain valuable information about your target audience.

We help our online advertising insurance company clients use Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact within their email marketing plans. These are robust email marketing tools to create subscriber lists, segment your audience, and even develop email marketing drip services.

The most important part of email marketing is developing a plan to increase your subscribers. We help email marketing insurance company clients build and nurture their email marketing lists by implementing email collection opportunities within exit-intent popups, checkout processes, squeeze pages, referral programs, affiliate programs, lead magnets, and numerous other methods.

Lead Gen for Insurance Companies

For nearby service providers, the most important part of an inbound marketing program is lead generation. Not everything can be sold on the internet. For a lot of products and services, a phone conversation or in-person conversation is needed to close the sale. For these types of business industries, lead generation tactics are going to be critical.

There are many types of lead generation strategies to consider, all of which have been tried and implemented by our online marketing team, for insurance agents and other professionals, at some point in the past. The most common lead gen plans for insurance agents include the creation of helpful content, retargeting past website visitors, nurturing past contacts with email marketing, engaging visitors with live chat, developing free tools for visitors to use, creating referral programs and affiliate programs, creating video content that can be shared online, setting up free webinars for visitors to attend, or offering helpful downloadable content in a lead magnet.

For most insurance agency website advertising services where lead generation is a primary goal, our team will develop and implement one or more lead gen strategies in your digital assets to test what works best for your insurance company.

Video Marketing for Insurance Companies

As a comprehensive internet marketing agency for insurance agents, we have our own in-house video production and video marketing department. This has been extremely helpful for insurance company content marketing tactics that required original video assets. More importantly, we've used our video production department for the creation of video ads on YouTube and video marketing within Facebook Ads campaigns. There are many great applications for video production within your website advertising strategy for your insurance company. You can use videos to demonstrate unique products, teach new concepts, and improve visitor duration. You can also implement videos within digital marketing plans to bring life to paid campaigns.

Why You Should Invest in Internet Marketing for Your Insurance Company

If you run an insurance company that depends on selling a product or service, at some point, you will contemplate some type of marketing to boost revenue. There are various justifications to weigh internet advertising against other, more traditional, marketing approaches for your insurance company. Now, let's discuss some of the compelling rationales for introducing our online marketing plan into your insurance company:

  • Digital marketing for insurance agents is often more affordable than other forms of marketing because it can be started at a low amount and scaled as success is measured.
  • By utilizing useful analytics tools such as Google Analytics, you can obtain more comprehensive data on the number of visitors who engaged with your brand, the duration of their engagement with your marketing efforts, and whether they returned to your website in the days, weeks, or months following their initial interaction.
  • In today's world, people are always using their phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Why not opt for a marketing approach and platform that has the capability to pursue your target audience wherever they travel in life?
  • Digital advertising offers much more versatility than print marketing, billboard ads, television commercials, or radio ads, which are not as easy to update.
  • Among marketing techniques, website advertising for insurance agents offers the most opportunity for user engagement. It can be quite challenging to encourage people to comment, like, or share any non-digital advertisements for your insurance company.

6 Key Focus Points for Website Success

How to Develop a Digital Marketing Program for Insurance Companies

To kickoff your digital marketing plan for your insurance company, it's vital to develop a plan that includes measurable business goals. Ensuring that everyone involved in the internet marketing campaign understands the ultimate goal is crucial in order to avoid spending time on ideas that will not have a positive effect on your insurance company.

1.) Determine your intended audience

Once you have established specific business objectives for your insurance company, you can begin to identify your target audience. Knowing your target audience is crucial. This helps you tailor your insurance company online marketing efforts to platforms your audience engages in and that you use messaging that resonates with your target audience.

2.) Establish the requirements of your audience

Once you have a clear understanding of your business objectives and the customers you are trying to reach, you can make an informed decision about the requirements and search intent of your target audience. This can help ensure that your insurance agents target the appropriate keywords for your online advertising, and that your content marketing approaches are in sync with your audience's requirements.

3.) Start slower moving services sooner

If you plan to incorporate SEO in the digital plan of your insurance company, make that your first priority. In terms of digital marketing strategies, search engine optimization typically takes the longest to gain traction for insurance companies and other organizations. It can take several weeks or months for search engines to acknowledge and implement the changes you make to your website, content, and backlinks that affect your rankings, especially for the online marketing efforts of insurance companies.

4.) Invest in developing top-notch landing pages and sales funnels

Now is a good opportunity to think about implementing paid advertising for your insurance company website or other online assets. Creating a landing page or sales funnel is an important step to take before directing paid traffic to your insurance company product page, service page, or home page. Most PPC advertising campaigns for insurance companies that have high bounce rates and low conversion rates make the mistake of sending traffic to a page that isn't optimized to convert a cold audience. The best lead generation plans for insurance companies employ the use of splash pages and sales funnels to lead people to the desired marketing outcome.

5.) Develop email sequences that are automated for retargeting purposes

After setting up plans to attract traffic to your insurance company website, it's important to think about how to engage with those visitors even after they've left your site. Converting every website visitor into a customer is not always possible, and that's why it's important to have a plan for engaging with those who leave without taking action. You should consider options to build an email marketing list, offer SMS alerts for new offers, or set up tracking pixels to retarget recent visitors to your website.

6.) Make testing a regular process

With all of these online advertising strategies set up for your insurance company, you can move into the testing and optimization phase. Here, you must regularly measure the effectiveness of your insurance agency-focused campaigns, identify areas of improvement, and even experiment with new ideas you find in case studies or white papers. Your insurance company website advertising service should always be in a state of conversion rate optimization across all aspects.

Why Choose WebCitz for Your Insurance Company Digital Marketing

Our team is eager to become your digital advertising partner! There are several things to keep in mind when exploring internet marketing agencies that cater to insurance companies. Our 18 years of experience provide the assurance that the online marketing plans and strategies we recommend for your insurance company can be trusted. These are frequently the very website advertising techniques that we utilize for our own lead generation and conversion rate optimization services. Our website's digital marketing plan is likely what brought you here today.

Above all, you should select our internet marketing agency for your insurance company because you have faith that we are the right team for the job. Why choose our online marketers for your insurance company? Here are a few compelling reasons:

  • Our business has been established since 2004, giving us over 18 years of experience.
  • The major way we build leads from insurance agents is through our own website marketing tactics.
  • It's possible that you discovered our website by searching for a service we provide, such as "best insurance agency digital advertisers."
  • You can trust that our insurance company internet marketing campaigns are always provided by our own skilled marketing team, and not outsourced to other companies.
  • You can expect a prompt response from our team during business hours, as your call will likely be answered within a few rings.
  • We have extensive experience in Shopify and WordPress for any website advertising plans that involve website tweaks.

When it comes time for your insurance company to start the search for a leading internet marketing agency, we hope you keep our online marketers in mind for the task. Should you require any additional information or wish to chat with our helpful staff at the online advertising agency, please don't hesitate to reach out via email or phone.

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