Arnold Grummer

WebCitz started working with Arnold Grummer in 2019, when their ecommerce consultant introduced them to our web development agency. We were selected to migrate their Magento storefront into WordPress / WooCommerce. We started with custom design mockups to show the client the expected look and feel, then once it was approved we built out a custom WordPress theme to their requirements. To date, we continue to help with routine website maintenance and proactive website management of their storefront.

WooCommerce Web Design

WebCitz provides Arnold Grummer with WooCommerce Development services.

Ecommerce Support

WebCitz provides Arnold Grummer with WooCommerce Support services.

Website Management

WebCitz provides Arnold Grummer with Ecommerce Management services.

Web Hosting

WebCitz provides Arnold Grummer with Web Hosting services.

About Arnold Grummer

Arnold Grummer’s LLC was founded by Arnold and his wife Mabel in 1976 as Paper Ed/Ex. The company changed names as it grew to become a leading supplier of hand papermaking kits and supplies for the home, studio and classroom in the US and Canada. Offices are located in Appleton, WI, in the heart of the Fox River Paper Valley.

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