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Duralight Plastics

WebCitz started working with Duralight Plastics in 2013, when they reached out to our ecommerce development agency for help with the creation of a Magento Go website. We immediately moved them out of Magento Go and into Magento 1.x CE, which was a good decision since Magento later shut down their Magento Go service. In the time since, we have helped migrate their Magento ecommerce website into WordPress / WooCommerce. In addition to that, we've helped with the website design service of their parent company's website, as well as several other sister companies in their organization. To date, we continue helping with the ongoing maintenance and support of their websites.

Ecommerce Web Development

WebCitz provides Duralight Plastics with Ecommerce Website Design services.

WooCommerce Web Design

WebCitz provides Duralight Plastics with WooCommerce Development services.

Ecommerce Maintenance

WebCitz provides Duralight Plastics with WooCommerce Support services.

Web Hosting

WebCitz provides Duralight Plastics with Web Hosting services.

About Duralight Plastics

Duralight Plastics is an online distributor of high-quality plastic sheet products for any size project. They offer a wide variety of products ranging from multiwall and corrugated polycarbonate, acrylic, and HDPE sheets to PVC liner panels, interlocking panels, and commercial interior design elements. Most of their products ship from Wisconsin (USA) and they regularly ship to all fifty states, as well as Canada.

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