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WebCitz has graphic designers ready to bring your ideas to life! From graphic design to brand management, our creative experts are ready to help. If "graphic design company" was a recent search query, you've found your next creative agency!

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When your potential customers visit your website, stop by your trade booth, step into your business, read your menu or scope you out on social media they should see consistent, uniform branding. Our graphic designers can help provide direction when needed, assist with one-off design projects or provide a complete overhaul to your branding. If you've found yourself in a creative quagmire, reach out to our graphic artists to help find the creative solution you need!

  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Infographics
  • Social Media Ads
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Direct Mail
  • Event Collateral
  • Web Banners
  • Promotional Materials
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Custom Icons
  • Print Ads

A Few of Our Graphic Designers

WebCitz is a USA-based web agency with 18+ dedicated team members. WebCitz does not outsource projects!

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WebCitz offers discounted graphic design services for clients interested in retaining our services through a pre-purchased block of time. This will provide you a competitive hourly rate and higher scheduling priority.

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What is Graphic Design?

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the first impression anyone has of your business, how do you want to be seen?

Good design immediately makes your project seem better than a project that didn’t consider their design. Appealing design leads to people picking your product off the shelf, it creates trust in a website, and it leads people to start their relationship with your business. Bad design starts your relationship off to a rocky start. When you work with WebCitz, we use all of our combined visual asset skills and use best practice to make sure the finished product functions perfectly.

Graphic Design has no limits. It is used for any tangible product, digital representations, or even concepts. Think about Google. Maybe you thought about the white screen with the doodles above an empty search. Maybe you thought about the colorful logo or even just the G. There is no way to think about Google, which is something that is purely a concept, without thinking of the design of it. Their designers have worked hard so that when you think Google, there is an imprint on your brain.

Well implemented design, even subtle, can improve all interactions a client has with your site or product. Maybe if there’s an area on your website that is getting ignored and you want to draw attention to it. Is there a monthly special that needs updating? A well designed slider or call to action can turn an obfuscated item into a spotlight hero.

Why should you go with a professional designer rather than finding a designer on the cheap? Well, just because your cousin has a hammer does not mean they are a carpenter. The same goes with design. A lot more goes into well crafted design than adding images and some text. A good designer will use your branding as the guide through the entire project. From fonts to colors, we pair complementary color palettes and typography to bring your brand forward.

Cut through the noise and get the ROI with engaged customers with goal-driven design at WebCitz.

Infographic Design

Infographic Design

If your goal is selling a product, providing information is a great way to gain trust. Getting clients to read your content is a crucial part of the process. We already discussed how infographics can improve information gathering; white papers, eBooks and case studies bring all those concepts and create a cohesive package for your content.

Not only does using white papers and case studies improve the experience of your clients, but these also can improve your branding. Imagine great images, infographics and design paired with your branded colors, logos and fonts. Well branded content driven graphics adds credibility and sophistication to your company. Anyone looking at these images that use your branding make it easier for someone to know the data came from you, the most reliable source.

Case studies use data you’ve gathered and pairs it with design to show the results. These are generally successes that you are proud of and want to shout it out loud. For new websites, case studies create trust that your next client isn’t a guinea pig and you’ve got the skills to get the job done. Case studies can include testimonials and links to finished products so visitors can see your results for themselves. Design matters in putting your successes in their best light. It provides a focal point on what went right and what you accomplished.

White Paper, eBook, and Case Study Graphic Design

White Papers, eBooks, and Case Studies

Information can be dry. Most people see paragraphs of text and just ignore it. If getting the stats and information across to people quickly, infographics are essential. Infographics paired with easy to read information will make your information more visually appealing, easier to comprehend, keep readers engaged and drive up your brand quickly. Infographics can make a PowerPoint presentation go from a boring amateurish attempt to a highly polished sales aid.

There are a glut of great ways to draw attention to information with movement on website designs to direct clicks into proper funnels. All information gains a bit more prestige and importance when paired with thoughtful outcome driven design.

Think about the last time you used a website. When is the last time you read any of the content provided in paragraphs. Even this paragraph you’re reading now, there’s a good chance that you might not be reading it, but you probably saw the graphic next to it. If we put relevant information in that image, you would have gathered that without reading this text. If you need information absorbed quickly, there are no better options than easy to read infographics.

Custom Illustrations

Custom Illustrations

Collectively, we are all entirely sick of seeing stock images. Custom illustrations are an amazing way of taking an idea in your head and bringing it into the real or digital world. At WebCitz, our designers have digital pens and tablets that allow us to hand draw assets and import them into any project. We also have art school graduates that have studied everything from painting, drawing, and serigraphy so there is nothing we can’t create. We’ve created political cartoons, caricatures, fine art, and even hand drawn logos. Our creative team’s artistry sets WebCitz above most other agencies.

The best part about getting custom illustrations done with WebCitz, is it is included with your blocks of time. There are no added fees for customized individually hand drawn art. We primarily work with digital assets, however if you need something physical, the only added cost will be the cost of materials. If you are interested in having a hand drawn digital addition to your project, just let us know! Our graphic artists drafting pens and pencils are just one extra tool WebCitz toolbox.

Logo Design

Logo Design

What does a logo do? The logo is the first thing most people will see when they think of your business. It’s the start of your branding. Your logo could be something complex or something simple like a wordmark. There are many different styles of logo to consider. Do you want it to be serious? Cartoony? Bold? Modern? Clever? This is usually how a client first sees you, so you want to greet them with the feeling you’re looking for. Colors are another important step. Many colors have a psychology and mood to them. Blues are trustworthy, Reds and Yellows are hungry colors, so are used with food often. Greens often feel fresh. How about fonts? Font preferences can change rapidly. Currently bold sans-serif fonts are popular, while in the 80s, rounded fonts like Cooper Black or stripped fonts ruled the day. There are thousands upon thousands of fonts to help make your logo to complete your perfect look. Finally, think about how your logo will look on different backgrounds. How it will look big and small. Is it readable at all sizes? Sometimes super detailed images look unreadable in a small format.

What’s our process for designing logos? We will discuss your thoughts and ideas and listen to what you like. After our meeting, we will provide several examples of designs to start a conversation. These can range from hand drawn to clean and modern depending on your preferences. We work with vectors so your logo is ready for print and will scale perfectly, no matter the size. You have the complete approval process as we work out your exact vision. When the design process is finished, we will send you PDFs, Illustrator files, and any other file formats you require. You’ll get dark background and light background versions of your new logo so it will look great over any background. Full branding packages are available complete with style guides.

Print Design

Print Design

Sometimes a physical design is far more practical than a digital one. It’s better to hand someone a well crafted business card than telling them to check out your Facebook page. Maybe you need a poster to be hung around town for an event. There are all kinds of things to consider when creating print design:

  • Is it designed in the right program?
  • What file format does the printer need?
  • What is bleed?
  • What is CMYK?
  • What’s a vector?

Not only can we make any marketing materials you need, but we can add a digital touch that brings it to today’s user experience. One of our clients had us design brand new thank you cards for their clients and we added a QR card that led their happy customers to their google ratings page to increase their google ratings. Smart additions to physical design help your branding go from a singular use, to a helpful tool to your marketing arsenal.

Just because our name is WebCitz doesn’t mean we can’t design your physical assets. Many of our designers have started working in print design and transitioned to digital design. We understand the difference between RGB and CMYK and at what DPI you’ll need so the printed result isn’t vastly different than the mock ups. Our creative team is comfortable in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and After Effects so no matter what your printer requires, we’ve got the tools they use. We work directly with your printer when necessary so you don’t have to middle manage the process. Nothing could be easier than working with WebCitz with your print designs.

Carissa Giebel
Carissa Giebel
They are great to work with. Always quick to respond to my questions and assist when needed! They have been working with me at Legacy Law Group, LLC for many years.
April 14, 2020
Joe Simmons
Joe Simmons
David Wurst and WebCitz have been a great hosting company to work with for over 10 years. They provide exceptional service and knowledge with their customers and always get it done immediately. I will never work with any other company.
July 11, 2020
Jeff Ring
Jeff Ring
This company is just a thrill to work with. Everyone is so friendly and eager to help even with the smallest items. They are always very accommodating when you stop by to look at the magnificent fish tank and will greet you with with a warm cappuccino.
January 18, 2020
Kendrick Jacobs
Kendrick Jacobs
Corey G at WebCitz was so professional and patient while helping us solve our issues. We appreciate his help so much. This company definitely needs more people like him. Amazing customer service! Thank you Corey G! (:
May 26, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What Graphic Design Services Do You Provide?

When it comes to graphic design, our team is versatile and loves to create based on your vision. We're no strangers to web design, infographics, logo design, animations, video graphics, print design, packaging design, custom illustration, and photo manipulation. If you have something in mind that you'd like to be designed that's not specified here, don't be afraid to ask. Our team is ready to listen and help bring your vision to life.

Who Owns My Graphic Design Work?

You have the right to use the graphic design work as you wish after it has been completed and paid. The only exception would be if your design work includes third-party images, from vendors such as Shutterstock.

What Format Will I Get My Graphics In?

Any artwork that we create for you will be provided in a high-resolution vector format. Expect to receive them in either PDF, AI or EPS file format. We do this to ensure the quality of your work is not lost if the graphic needs to be enlarged or reduced in size. If you require the graphics for social media, let us know, and we can supply JPEG, PNG or GIF versions as well.

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