CLV Calculator

Calculate CLV

  1. Enter average sales price:
    Determine your average price for a sale.
  2. Enter cost per sale:
    Determine how much it cost you per sale.
  3. Enter average lifetime number of sales per customer:
    Determine how many sales does the average customer make in their relationship with your company.
  4. Enter cost to acquire a new customer:
    Determine how much does it cost for each new customer.
  5. Click on the “Calculate” button. Your results will be shown in the CLV box.

CLV Calculator

Benefits of Using a Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

CLV is an important metric to the success of your business. If calculated incorrectly, it could affect your overall performance. A customer lifetime value calculator will tell you the value of your customers and how they affect your business. As the CLV metric is so important, you should always use our calculator to ensure there are no miscalculations.

Here at WebCitz, we have created several PPC calculators which give you immediate and accurate results. We know that CLV is such a beneficial and important metric that we wanted to provide it to businesses for free. We want you to have all the information you need to create a successful campaign.