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    Enter the total cost

    Determine how much you spent on all of the ad clicks of your received ad that you’re calculating for. That means if your ad has had four clicks and two of your ad clicks was $0.50, one was $0.30, and the other was $0.20, you’d input $1.00 as your total cost in our CPC calculator on the right.

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    Enter the number of clicks

    To determine how many clicks your ad received you would look at the analytics from your ad and look at where it says “Clicks” and take that number, or using the same example, you’d input 4 in the “Clicks” field of our CPC calculator on the right.

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    See what your CPC is!

    When you click “Calculate” after you have put in all of your information, you’ll get the cost-per-click calculation for that ad. For more information on how CPC can help improve your campaigns, read below!