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SEO Tips for Architects

We provide architecture firms a complete SEO guide to help increase organic traffic and reduce their paid advertising spend.

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SEO Campaigns Completed
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SEO Agency for Architects

With more than 19 years of experience, we know professional SEO for architects!

In this time, we've offered architecture firms and other industries a wide range of search engine optimization plans, including franchise, enterprise, ecommerce, and local campaign types.

The way we go about our architect SEO plans includes a mixture of off-page, technical, and on-page search engine optimization strategies. This helps provide a balanced approach to optimizing your WordPress, WooCommerce, or Shopify website rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs).

If your architecture firm could benefit from an increased position in searches, read on and start saving money on paid ads!

How to Rank Architect Websites on Google

Here are some SEO strategies that are specifically tailored for architecture firms, interior design firms, landscape architecture firms, urban planning firms, construction companies, engineering firms, historic preservation consultancies, sustainable design firms, hospitality design firms, residential architecture firms, commercial architecture firms, institutional architecture firms, and other architects.

We've grouped them into technical, on-page, and off-page suggestions.

1.) Technical SEO Tips for Architects

Technical SEO refers to optimizing your architecture firm website's infrastructure so it can be properly crawled and indexed by search engines, which includes aspects like site speed, mobile optimization, XML sitemaps, and structured data markup. This ensures search engines can easily access, understand, and rank the website's content.

We can help out with all of these items and more, or you can handle them on your own:

  • Ensure that your architect website has a responsive design that works well desktop, small laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. There are a lot of screen sizes out there to accomodate. On a desktop computer, you can resize your browser window from large to small to see how different layout elements adjust for smaller screen sizes.
  • Check your architect website's speed using a tool like Google PageSpeed Insights. Don't get caught up trying to pass Core Web Vitals. It isn't always possible on complex websites and might not be worth the investment. Instead, try to fix simple things to get a score of 60+.
  • Use HTTPS encryption to secure your architect website. Most hosting companies offer free SSL certificates that you can use.
  • Create an XML sitemap for your architect website and submit it to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to help search engines crawl and index your website better.
  • Implement local business schema markup to help search engines understand the content on your website.
  • Use canonical tags to avoid duplicate content issues if you have the same content available on multiple URLs of your architect website.
  • Regularly monitor your architect website's crawl errors and fix them promptly. You can find such errors in Google Search Console.

A Few of Our SEO Experts

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2.) On-Page SEO Tips for Architects

On-page SEO involves optimizing each page of your architect website to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. This often focuses on elements like keyword presence, meta tags, quality of content, user experience, page organization, and internal linking.

We can help out with all of these items and more, or you can handle them on your own:

  • Create high-quality, original architecture-related content that targets your audience's search intent. While ChatGTP is a popular content writing tool, don't rely solely on AI content. It is often generic, repetitive, and/or inaccurate. Be sure to proofread content before you post it.
  • Include relevant architecture-related keywords in your website's page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Optimize the headings and subheadings on your architect website with relevant target keywords.
  • Use architecture-related target keywords in image alt tags to provide context for your website's images.
  • Use internal linking to help search engines understand the structure and hierarchy of your website.
  • Use descriptive URLs that contain relevant architecture-related keywords on your website.
  • Display client reviews and testimonials prominently on your architect website to build trust and credibility.
  • Scan your architect website for broken links and fix them immediately. You can use this free tool from Ahrefs to scan for broken links.

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3.) Off-Page SEO Tips for Architects

Off-page SEO involves all the actions taken outside of your architecture firm website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). This includes strategies like link building, social media marketing, and reputation management. Such efforts help increase your website's reputation, authority, and visibility online.

We can help out with all of these items and more, or you can handle them on your own:

  • Build high-quality backlinks from relevant architecture-related websites, such as design or construction blogs.
  • Create and maintain a strong presence on social media to engage with clients and build brand awareness.
  • Encourage satisfied architecture clients to leave reviews on Google My Business and other relevant review sites.
  • Collaborate with other local architecture businesses to cross-promote services and build backlinks.
  • Create listings in local business directories and citation sites that are relevant to architecture to increase your architect website's visibility.
  • Create informative and shareable content related to architecture or interior design topics that your architect clients would find interesting.
  • Make videos to showcase your team and build engagement with clients. Be sure to optimize the video content with relevant architecture-related keywords.
  • Monitor your architecture firm's online reputation and respond promptly to client feedback and reviews. Even negative reviews should be responded to appropriately.

We can review your website and rankings, then provide a recommendation on which areas of technical, on-page, and off-page search engine optimization need the most attention. This will help establish a budget and scope for ranking you higher in search results!

Alternatively, if you don't need help improving your rankings, check out this guide on DIY SEO!

Unlocking the 5 Secrets to Getting Your Business Found

Popular Keywords for Architect SEO Campaigns

Looking for suggested keywords to target within the SEO campaign for your architecture firm? Whether you plan to hire us, or optimize the site yourself, we've got you covered!

Before starting an SEO service for an architecture firm, we like to scan the website and see what you've got to work with for content and link authority.

From there, we'll check to see what types of services your firm offers. Maybe you specialize in commercial architecture, residential architecture, or green building design.

Having this information helps us determine what types of keywords to focus on for content writing and link building.

Common Focus Keywords for Architecture Firms

  • Architecture firm [city/area]
  • Commercial architecture [city/area]
  • Residential architecture [city/area]
  • Green building design [city/area]
  • Interior design [city/area]
  • Building renovation [city/area]
  • Historic preservation [city/area]
  • Landscape architecture [city/area]
  • Building construction [city/area]
  • Architectural engineering [city/area]
  • Building codes [city/area]
  • Building materials [city/area]
  • Building permits [city/area]
  • Building plans [city/area]
  • Building systems [city/area]
  • Building technology [city/area]

Keyword Tip #1: Architecture firms often target keywords related to the types of services they offer and their location. This helps you attract local clients who are searching for architectural services nearby.

Keyword Tip #2: You should consider targeting long-tail keywords, which are more specific and less competitive. For example, "green building design for commercial spaces in San Francisco" may be easier to rank for than just "commercial architecture".

SEO for Architects

Pricing for Architecture Firm SEO Services

When it comes to our managed SEO services, the price is calculated based on the amount of time you have available in your digital marketing budget to devote to SEO.

While we are pleased to work with budgets as low as $800 per month, we often collaborate with companies who have substantially larger budgets.

To obtain an estimate for the cost of your SEO campaign, please utilize the pricing calculator provided below.

Architect SEO Cost Calculator

Answer a few simple questions about your needs and our Architect SEO cost calculator will show you how affordable our Architect SEO packages can be for you. To receive a personalized quote, just call 800-796-8263 or send us an email.

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