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You won't regret choosing our performance web hosting services for your non profit organization. We never overcrowd our servers and use cutting-edge server hardware!

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Choose a FREE Non-Profit Web Hosting Service!

WebCitz is excited to offer free web hosting for the websites of non-profit organizations!

To get started, simply contact us with verification of your non-profit organization's IRS 501(c)(3) status.

From there, our team will create your free hosting account with 10GB SSD storage and 100GB of bandwidth. That's it! You can keep it as long as you'd like, but we do require a homepage backlink.

Need more than 10GB of storage, or 100GB of bandwidth, for your non profit website? No problem, we have heavily discounted upgrade options for non profits!

The Importance of Fast Web Hosting for Non Profits

Your non profit's website performance (page speed) has a direct impact on your user experience, conversion rate, and search rankings.

We understand how budgets can be tight for non profits, and we are here to help! Make the switch to our free web hosting services for non profits and never look back!

When you switch your web hosting to our servers, you should experience a noticeable increase in page speed and database performance. That is because we invest heavily in our server network to ensure we offer the best hosting services available!

Do your non profit's digital marketing a favor and make the switch to a faster web hosting service today!

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How We Provide Fast Non Profit Web Hosting

To provide incredibly fast web hosting services for non profits, we start by selecting cutting-edge server hardware, installing industry-leading server software, and loosening configuration settings to provide more resources!

After that, we put limits in place for how many hosting accounts can go on a server to ensure we never over-commit server resources.

From there, each server is put into a maintenance and security program to routinely monitor performance and availability.

This simple approach to web hosting for non profit organizations has allowed us to scale considerably over the years, while maintaining high customer satisfaction.

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Web Hosting Agencies for Non Profit Websites

All of our web hosting services are well-suited for a variety of CMS platforms and PHP frameworks.

That said, most non profit organizations using our free web hosting services are running a WordPress website.

As long as your non profit's website runs on a LAMP-stack, meaning Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, you'll be safe to switch to our web servers.

Non Profit WordPress Web Hosting Services

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS platform on the internet used in web design projects, with more than 40% of all websites on the internet running WordPress.

As you can imagine, we've had to put considerable effort into testing the best configurations to provide the fastest web hosting available for non profit WordPress sites.

To get the most out of our free WordPress hosting services for non profits, we recommend installing LiteSpeed Cache.

That plugin works with the LiteSpeed Web Server software running on our web servers, which provides an incredible caching system.

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