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FREE Google Shopping Listings

Free Google Shopping Listings

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many brick and mortar stores are now having to rely on online selling to keep their business going. As online shopping has increased, many businesses don’t have the budget to spend on online marketing. 

As a result of this, Google as of June of 2020 will allow merchants to show their products across Google Shopping, which reaches hundreds of millions of shoppers a day. For searches on the Google Shopping tab, results will be primarily free listings, much like on the Google search results page. Google Shopping ads will also still appear in these search results like they do today. 

Impact on Google Shopping Ads

Just as before, businesses will still be able to continue to use their paid ads as well as utilize these free organic shopping. With free Google Shopping Ads, it allows for more customization and flexibility among advertisers in order to promote their products. 

Once a company’s products get accepted by Google Merchant Center, the next step is to create a shopping campaign to promote a specific product. The advertisers that are currently using paid Google shopping ads will be able to continue to promote their products through ads that are more likely to show up towards the top, whereas these unpaid ads will have to compete with the sponsored ads and will be below these paid ads.

Google shopping ad

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How Do I List My Products on Google Shopping?

To have Google show your products, you will first need to set up a Google Merchant Center account and create product feeds for each of your products. A product feed is a spreadsheet of data about your product that tells Google how to create your product listing and how it matches a consumer’s search queries.

For businesses that already have products loaded into Google Merchant Center can choose to input their products into the surfaces across Google within “manager programs” to be able to run the free Google Shopping listings.

Optimizing Google Shopping Ads

To create your Google shopping ad, Google pulls all the information from your Google Merchant Center about a specific product. Due to this, it is important that the information you input into your Google Merchant Center is optimized to ensure that your free listings are the best they can be. You can achieve this by optimizing certain attributes within your Google Shopping feed that will help both your free Google Shopping listings and your Google Shopping ads.

1.) Product Title

A product’s title is weighed heavily in Google’s ranking, not only is the title the largest text you see but is also what identifies what your item is. As we know that a product can only have one product name, it is important that it is optimized for what a consumer will be searching for. 

2.) Test Different Product Images

As the competition to be noticed on Google’s search page, it is important to pay attention to how your product image looks to ensure it stands out from the rest. A bad product photo will give a consumer a bad impression of your product and business, so try to avoid poor quality images. The best course of action is to research what your competitors have done such as what is the image background, coloring of the image, and are the items shown in use or by itself. 

3.) Product Descriptions

The descriptions of your products are important for consumers and Google to understand more about this certain item. With providing more information in your products description, it helps Google better match up your products with consumers search queries. Include as many relevant feed attributes as you can, such as your product category, product type, color, condition, size, and color.

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