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WebCitz started working with RxOneShop in 2015, when they reached out to our ecommerce development agency for assistance in creating a highly custom ecommerce website. We were able to build out an incredibly complex, and custom, ecommerce development for their business within the Magento platform. Their website included the development of custom supplier ordering restrictions, a completely custom checkout system, a complicated import portal product imports, a price comparison tool, and several other unique features specific to their business. More recently, we were selected to migrate their website from Magento to Laravel, allowing us to build out an even more custom and feature-rich web application to allow pharmacies all over the country to place orders within their system. We have thousands of hours of time put into the development and support of their custom ecommerce functionality. To date, we continue to work with them on website additions, routine support, and digital marketing.

Internet Marketing

WebCitz provides RxOneShop with digital marketing services.

Ecommerce Development

WebCitz provides RxOneShop with ecommerce web design services.

Laravel Application Development

WebCitz provides RxOneShop with Laravel development services.

JavaScript Development

WebCitz provides RxOneShop with Vue.js development services.

Laravel Maintenance

WebCitz provides RxOneShop with website support services.

Search Engine Optimization

WebCitz provides RxOneShop with SEO services.

Web Hosting

WebCitz provides RxOneShop with web hosting services.

About RxOneShop

RXOneShop is a one-stop-shop for pharmacies. They are able to offer competitive pricing due to the immense volume of orders they place with their long-lasting industry partners. Customers are able to order online and RxOneShop is able to offer their customers 30 day payments terms, all without any membership or transaction fees.

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