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Looking to build an online store? Explore these options in custom and template-based Shopify development services to launch a new site!

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Custom Shopify Development Company

We are a custom Shopify website development company with more than 20 years of experience helping ecommerce brands launch great stores.

To design and build awesome Shopify websites, we rely on our own in-house team of Shopify experts. We never outsource web design or web development projects, which means you can expect the same people who talk to you on the phone to be the ones developing your Shopify site!

As a full-service Shopify agency, we have graphic designers, ecommerce developers, and digital marketers ready to take your project from start to finish.

Read on to learn more about our custom Shopify development services.

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Our Shopify Development Services

Next is choosing how your Shopify development services will be started – through a template, or custom design.

1.) Template-based Shopify Developments

The most cost-effective way to build a new Shopify store is to start with a pre-made website template.

There are thousands of Shopify themes available. Most even have an online demo to let you see the design before making your choice. Don’t worry though, we’ll help you find one that fits your brand!

There are a few downsides to using a pre-made website template, which include:

  • Templates are often developed to include dozens of style and layout options, of which you’ll only ever use one. This leads to a bloated codebase, which could negatively impact page speed and your ability to pass Google’s Core Web Vitals.
  • Templates are often maintained by their original developers, who may eventually stop releasing updates.
  • Templates are often hastily designed and developed, leading to mobile layout issues or browser compatibility issues that must be addressed by your Shopify web design company.

These projects start at $6,000, and increase in price with product data and functionality requirements.

A Few of Our Shopify Developers

2.) Custom Shopify Developments

If you aren’t interested in a website template, we can build you a custom Online Store 2.0 theme within Shopify, instead. This is a common option through any custom Shopify web design agency.

This involves going through the process of creating design mockups that fit the unique look and feel of your branding.

Taking this approach allows you to see the design come together before our ecommerce web developers build out your website.

However, this process is time consuming and results in a higher cost for your ecommerce development service.

These projects start at $24,000, and increase in price with product data and functionality requirements.

Shopify Website Development Cost Calculator

Answer a few questions to see estimated pricing, then call 800-796-8263 or send us an email to get started!

Types of Shopify Development Projects

We have a large, onsite team of Shopify experts ready to help build out your future Shopify design.

Let’s go over how our team can help you start a new Shopify websiteredesign your current Shopify theme, or migrate an existing website into Shopify.

1.) Starting a new Shopify website

If you’re starting a new ecommerce venture, we’d love to be part of your journey!

We’ll walk you through all the best parts of the platform, including the vast selection of Shopify themes and Shopify apps. We’ll even go over the Shopify store setup, adding products, managing collections, fulfilling orders, and other store management asks!

When you start a new Shopify website build with WebCitz, you can rest assured we’ll have options to help you from start to finish on your new custom ecommerce web design project!

2.) Redesigning an existing Shopify theme

There is nothing better than refreshing the design of an ecommerce website!

Our custom Shopify website development services are the perfect opportunity for you to improve the look and feel of your website, fix user experience issues, and potentially even increase your conversion rate in the process!

Our team would be happy to show you examples of recent Shopify redesign projects we’ve completed. You can also check out our best Shopify websites blog article for inspiration on your upcoming ecommerce development service!

3.) Migrating an existing store into Shopify

We have ample experience moving ecommerce stores into the Shopify platform.

Here are some of the Shopify migration services we’ve worked on in the past:

  • BigCommerce to Shopify
  • Magento to Shopify
  • HTML to Shopify
  • Virtuemart to Shopify
  • WooCommerce to Shopify

Before deciding on Shopify, it would be wise to discuss your project’s requirements and goals with our team.

If your ecommerce functionality or data migration requirements are far outside the normal scope of Shopify it would be prudent to discover that now.

Our Shopify website development company can help you understand the scope of your ecommerce migration project before you make any decisions.

There are numerous factors to consider, including:

  • To what extent will product, customer, and order data need to be migrated?
  • What functionality does your existing website have that is missing from your Shopify store?
  • How prepared are you for URL changes and 301 redirects?
  • Are you using a WordPress blog that will need to be replaced?
  • Do you have experience utilizing the Shopify admin area?
  • If you have highly complex product data, will it be manageable within Shopify?
  • Are you familiar with Shopify’s use of collections instead of categories?
  • How will the launch of your Shopify store be coordinated, and will you need access to the old website?

Shopify FAQs


What’s the difference between custom and template-based Shopify designs?

Custom Shopify designs are created specifically for your business, offering a unique look that perfectly matches your brand. On the other hand, template-based designs use pre-existing themes, which are then customized to fit your brand and preferences. You typically get exactly what you want in a custom theme, but are forced to make concessions in a template-based development based on the limitations of the theme and your budget.


How long will it take to develop a complete Shopify website for my business?

A template-based Shopify design typically takes between 2-4 weeks, depending on your requirements and product data. Custom designs, due to their bespoke nature, usually take a few months to complete.


Are your Shopify designs optimized for mobile shopping?

Absolutely! We ensure that all our designs are mobile-responsive, providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers across all devices. Please be aware that custom Shopify developments often have greater support for a wider range of screen sizes, since the development was handled from the ground-up to match your requirements.


How involved can I be in the design process?

We value your input and feedback. Whether you choose a custom or template-based design, we’ll involve you at every stage to ensure the website aligns with your vision. In a custom Shopify design, we’ll be able to accommodate an increased amount and depth of design requests.


Will you assist in migrating my existing data and products to the new Shopify platform?

Yes, we can offer data migration services to make the transition to your new Shopify website smooth and hassle-free. Data migration services can be extensive though. If you need to migrate vast amounts of data, or data that is stored in a custom manner, or highly complex data, the migration process is likely to be very time consuming.


How do you ensure the security of my Shopify store?

Shopify handles the security of their platform. You can improve your own security by limiting the third-party apps you install, since each app often stores and processes data offsite. You can also remove unnecessary collaborator accounts to improve security. It isn’t a bad idea to export your store data for safekeeping, too.


Can my Shopify store be integrated with other third-party tools or apps?

Definitely. Whether it’s CRMs, marketing tools, or specific payment gateways, we can seamlessly integrate a wide variety of third-party apps with your Shopify store. We can help you implement those apps and communicate directly with the app developers if there are issues.


What post-launch support and maintenance services do you offer?

We offer a range of Shopify support services, including content updates, theme improvements, and issue troubleshooting.


Will you train my team on how to manage the Shopify platform?

Yes, we can provide basic training sessions to ensure you and your team can confidently manage and update your Shopify store. We do not provide development or marketing training though, just basic catalog and order management training.

Why Choose WebCitz for Your Shopify Store

As a Shopify ecommerce development agency, we have more than 20 years of experience developing successful online stores. We’ve launched hundreds of ecommerce websites in that time, using platforms like osCommerce, CubeCart, Virtuemart, X-Cart, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

You won’t easily find another Shopify ecommerce development company with such extensive ecommerce experience.

Here are some of the best reasons to choose WebCitz as your Shopify website design and web development team:

  • We don’t outsource Shopify store design projects, since we have our own in-house Shopify web designers.
  • We have our own in-house team of Shopify web development experts.
  • We offer Shopify maintenance and support after the launch.
  • We are highly experienced with the Shopify design framework.
  • We offer Shopify SEO services to help you rank your store online.
  • We are intimately familiar with the Shopify API.
  • We don’t give up on our clients because we are professional Shopify website designers!
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