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It’s no secret that maintaining a relevant online presence is crucial to increased revenues.

And Google ads are among the most effective ways to generate sales. However, most first-timers don’t know how to go about the process. Or, you may want to optimize your Google ads campaign for improved lead generation and more sales.

Whatever the requirement, we are here to offer the best services that won’t make you burn a hole in your pocket. Dive in to know more!

  • Keyword Research & Targeting
  • Improve ROAS & CTR
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Decrease Wasted Ad Spend

How Do Google Ads Work?

Before we tell you about what we do, let us quickly explain how Google ads influence your online presence.

Simply put, Google ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) comprise keywords, search results, and advertisements that are most relevant to your potential customers. Our highly effective Adwords campaigns utilize the “power” of Google ads to increase leads and generate successful leads, thereby helping with business revenue generation.

Another thing to know here is that Google ads are essentially PPC ads (or pay-per-click ads), meaning you will only pay when someone clicks on the ad. That’s why it’s important to communicate the right message so that you get optimum ROI (return on investment).

A Few of Our Google Ads Experts

Hope K Melanie P David W Emily L Corey G

Why Do You Need Our Google Ads Management Service?

You may think spending thousands of dollars on Google Adwords will skyrocket your online presence and sales. But without the right knowledge and experience, your Google ad campaigns will yield very little, or worse, no results.

In this regard, many businesses may end up:

  • Choosing a Google ads management company with no experience
  • Running Google ad campaigns without optimizing or monitoring them
  • Landing pages and website components aren’t optimized for successful conversion
  • Purchasing intent-less keywords or not monitoring their progress

However, our Google ads management service is your best bet to create and maintain a successful Google ads campaign that helps your marketing goals. We have highly trained and experienced paid search experts who use an extensive keyword strategy to increase search volume and draw more potential customers to your website.

Not only that, but we also help optimize the campaign and report the results regularly so that you stay up to date.

How Does Our Service Work?

If you’re a first-timer, we start with creating your Google ads account. And if you already own one, then we take over the account manager login credentials.

After this, our experts conduct a thorough audit of your business to understand your business as well as its short-term and long-term goals. This is a crucial step in curating an effective ads campaign that meets your objectives within a reasonable span and without burning a hole in your pocket.

Once this step is over, we move on to:

Keyword Research

We start off by conducting intensive research to understand the needs and search patterns of your online audience. Our team refers to search queries, organic search results, and the desired visibility of your campaigns to get a better idea of the user search intent. Here, our team may also ask for some details, like:

  • Your sales funnel
  • Visit-to-lead and lead-to-sale ratios
  • Profit margins for individual products and services

All these help us gauge customer behavior, after which our team gets down to identifying the right keywords that precisely match the search intent to increase website traffic.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is one of the key aspects that help you understand how your top competitors use relevant Google adwords to their advantage. That’s why our team conducts detailed competitor analyses to break down their campaign strategies.

As a result, you can prevent spending unnecessary money on the wrong key phrases and obtain maximum ROI through cost-effective marketing campaigns.

Creating Ad Groups

Our professionals also work to improve your online advertising strategy through the creation of ad groups suitable for different channels. This also includes creating multiple ads for a specific ad group from scratch.

Aside from that, you can avail our service to create the most effective ad copy for video ads or develop advertisement titles and descriptions for text ads.

Distributing Your Advertising Budget

Once we help you develop the right ad budget for your needs, we will allocate it to suitable bidding strategies. Similarly, we will help you figure out the monthly budget right from the get-go so that you don’t have to scramble for finances later on.

Optimizing Campaign Settings

Optimizing your Google ad spend budget ensures that your money is directed towards the most effective display of the Adwords and keyphrases. Moreover, we help establish relevant performance goals for proper conversion tracking, which is then reflected in the monthly report.

Ensuring Quality Assurance

We take care of the quality assurance of your ads by integrating Google search results and Google analytics reports. Besides, we use test conversion goals, observe the average position of competitor ads, and ensure that the ad copies and keywords are approved by the Google algorithm.

Reviewing Landing Pages

Our team reviews the landing page content to keep it in line with your business developments and provides suitable recommendations to generate more leads. At the same time, we focus on including negative keywords to keep unqualified leads at bay.

Our Campaign Management (Monitoring And Reporting) Services

After we’ve set your marketing campaign on the right track, our in-house team takes care of long-term ongoing management through:

  • Regular bid adjustments for optimal ROI
  • Performance evaluation of ads and tracking conversion rates
  • Preparing detailed report every month to summarize campaign success
  • Allocating advertising dollars to the most effective ads
  • Ensuring relevant PPC management as and when the business develops
  • Tracking paid search conversions

Who Do We Cater To?

Our Google ads management service can be availed by:

Small Business Owners

Unlike a lot of our peers who may work with only larger budgets, we have spent years specializing in affordable pay-per-click campaigns suitable for small businesses. Not only that, but we also help local businesses to optimize campaigns at reasonable prices.

If you’ve got a low budget, we will focus the campaigns on long-tail keywords that are usually less competitive but can still drive substantial website traffic. And once your business flourishes, you can always increase the budget to include different types of keywords in the mix to facilitate a wider reach.

Digital Marketing And Website Designing Agencies

We offer subcontracted Google ads management services to digital marketing houses, website designing agencies, media buyers, and consultants. These, in turn, allow them to offer various online marketing services to their clients at extremely competitive rates without hiring a complete team.

Non-Profit Organizations

We also offer discounted rates for certified non-profit organizations to help them increase their online visibility, increase contributions, and promote their cause better. In fact, qualified 501c3 organizations are eligible for free advertising worth thousands of dollars each month.

E-Commerce Business And National Advertisers

We understand that e-commerce websites and national advertisers thrive on Google shopping ads to boost their online sales. Hence, we’ve got a dedicated team of experts that work relentlessly to curate and implement “smart shopping campaigns,” thereby keeping your product or service at the top of the search results.

Some of the businesses that can benefit from our services are:

  • Home-building and renovation companies
  • Architectural firms
  • Plumbing, painting, and pest control services
  • Financial planning and insurance companies
  • Private education houses
  • Tourism companies
  • Automotive companies

What Else Do We Offer?

Weekly Ads Reporting

You will receive weekly reports that help you assess and track the campaign performance.

Monthly Strategic Calls

Our Google ads campaign strategist will get in touch with you once a month to discuss campaign performance and future strategies for your long-term marketing goals.

Regular A/B Testing

Our regular A/B (split) testing ensures conversion tracking to keep the landing pages of your campaign effective, no matter how much your business changes.

Data Mining

We constantly collect relevant data from the Google ads campaigns to help you understand what exactly your potential customers are searching for. This data is also used to ideate and plan future content for landing pages as well as online advertisements.

Rest assured that you don’t have to rely on any “trial-and-error” method to see what works best for your online presence.

Why Should You Choose Us?

For starters, we are a Google partner with expertise in Google shopping ads, video ads, and analytics. Moreover, we offer monthly services at affordable prices to fit different budgets and requirements.

You can hire us to do everything from setting up your Google ads account to optimizing campaigns and tracking results. Or, you can choose individual services like ad copy creation, shopping ads, click fraud prevention, etc.

All you have to do is reach out to us by filling in the short e-form provided on our website or calling us on the given number. One of our customer service representatives will revert according to your convenience to understand your campaign requirements.

And don’t worry- we don’t indulge in any pushy sales talks or binding contracts. We also believe in maintaining long-lasting relations with our clients, which is why we follow a transparent pricing policy.

This means that we will inform you about all costs beforehand so that you can plan the budget accordingly. Unlike other companies that often seek a hefty percentage of your total ad spend, we only charge a flat monthly fee according to the services rendered.

Besides, you can contact our experts to resolve any doubt or query at any stage of the campaign. So, don’t wait any longer and schedule an appointment with us today!

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Facebook Ads Management

Starting at $600/mo
  • For accounts spending less than $1,000/mo in Facebook Ads, our management fee is just $600/month.
  • For higher spending accounts, our monthly management fee is generally $600/mo + 20% of ad spend, but can be custom quoted based on your goals and objectives.

Google Ads Management

Starting at $500/mo
  • For accounts spending less than $1,000/mo in Google Ads, our management fee is just $500/month.
  • For higher spending accounts, our monthly management fee is generally $500/mo + 20% of ad spend, but can be custom quoted based on your goals and objectives.

Bing Ads Management

Starting at $500/mo
  • For accounts spending less than $1,000/mo in Bing Ads, our management fee is just $500/month.
  • For higher spending accounts, our monthly management fee is generally $500/mo + 20% of ad spend, but can be custom quoted based on your goals and objectives.

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Dawn White

Dawn White

These guys are always there when you need them! Whether the issue is big or small, there is little they cannot handle. I cannot express enough how greatly we appreciate their continued superior service and willingness to assist whenever we need them. Thanks Dave, Corey and the entire WebCitz team!!
Wendy Bottesi

Wendy Bottesi

Corey is so incredibly helpful!!!! He took the time and effort to make sure I had the help I needed! Above and beyond friendly! Helpful hints to navigate my website!! I felt so at ease! This is the company I will be sticking with and telling everyone about!!! A million times over thank you Corey!
Tara Candland

Tara Candland

Incredibly responsive, fast, and professional. They quickly understood the issue we were having with our site, which was fairly complicated, and were able to resolve it. They kept us updated in lay terms along the way so that we could understand how the issue was progressing.
Sarah Grantham

Sarah Grantham

Corey was absolutely amazing in helping me with my issue. He was encouraging as we worked through things that to me were huge, but he made them seem small. Will definitely use WebCitz again!!!

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Ads


What are Google Search Ads?

Google Search Ads are paid per click (PPC) ads that can be found at the top or bottom of search result pages, and are denoted by the accompanying "ad" symbol. One of the many benefits of search ads is that they show in highly visible areas on the search results page, which are where people first look for information. Additionally, search ads can be configured to show only when specific words or phrases are present in the search query, which means you can choose to target only high-intent search users.


How Can Google Search Ads Help Your Business?

You can utilize Google Search Ads to immediately increase your website traffic and target qualified leads that are most likely to convert in your sales funnel.


How Can We Improve Your Google Search Ads?

There are numerous ways an experienced Google Ads management company can help to improve your search campaigns, including easy-wins that increase your quality score, dynamic search ads that improve click-through-rates, and search term reviews that help reduce wasted ad spend.


How to Improve Your Quality Score and Ad Rank?

The quality score you receive on your targeted keywords is based on your click-through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience. Your ad rank is simply the position in which your ad shows, based on numerous factors like your bid, budget and quality score. If you can obtain a high quality score, your ad rank will naturally increase and you could potentially spend less per click than competitors at a lower ad rank. This is a truly important topic to understand, which we frequently discuss with potential PPC clients.

The most common situation we run into with new clients is a poor Google Search Ads campaign setup. We often see incorrect keyword targeting paired with poorly written ads driving traffic to the homepage. There are numerous issues with this type of search ads campaign setup. For starters, poor keyword selection results in low-intent traffic which decreases your overall conversion rate. Secondly, poorly written ad copy leads to lower click-through rates which results in lower quality scores and higher click costs. To make matters worse, sending paid traffic to a homepage often results in poor landing page experience because homepages typically talk about multiple topics and aren't optimized solely for the targeted keyword. If you've been struggling to improve your quality score and ad rank, allow our team to review your account setup and performance!


What are the Benefits of Dynamic Search Ads?

You can use a powerful campaign type called Google Dynamic Search Ads to expand your query coverage and drive more search traffic to your website. Dynamic Search Ads are similar to traditional search ads campaigns, but differ in that ad copy is dynamically generated using your website or product feed. This allows Google Ads to match search queries to an offering on your website or product feed, and show a dynamically generated ad tailored to the search query. The ad still shows in the Google search results, and are hard to distinguish from standard text ads. These dynamic search ads are a great way to improve interest from search users and our team would be happy to help you set them up in your campaigns!


What are Google Display Ads?

Google Ads offers a campaign type called Display Ads which are typically used to show graphic ads to consumers visiting third-party websites. This digital advertising campaign allows a business to target consumers that might not be actively searching for a product or service, but could be potential customers nonetheless.


How Do You Target Audiences Using Google Display Ads?

The Google Ads platform uses data from your Google account, as well as search history and website visits from your cookies, to allow advertisers to find audiences that might be interested in their products or services. There are a several types of audience selections you can use in a Google Display Ads account, let's talk about a few of them in more detail.


How Do Google Shopping Ads Work?

Anything that appears on Google, whether it is a shopping ad, free product listings, or any search result is an outcome of what people search in Google. On Google's end, the algorithms try to best match those results with the words typed in by the user. For the Shopping ads, there is no “bidding” on a specific keyword as you would with traditional search ads. Instead, you would bid on the actual products themselves to get them to appear in the desired positions on Google. To be able to show up for shopping ads, the company must submit a product feed to Google Merchant Center. The product feed is a catalog of the products and product data such as titles and descriptions.


What are Google TrueView Video Ads?

TrueView ads are the main video ad chosen by advertisers because you only pay for the cost of the ad when consumers watch or interact with the ad, and the videos can be easily designed to share a wide range of content. advertisers only pay when a consumer watches their specific ad until the end or for at least 30 seconds. The other way an advertiser would pay for a TrueView ad is if the viewer interacts with the ad, such as clicking on a call-to-action button or clicking the link to be brought to the website. YouTube as a platform requires that skippable TrueView ads must be between 12 seconds and 6 minutes long and that the non-skippable ads be no longer than 15-20 seconds.

In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads can play at almost any point of a YouTube partner's videos, whether it is the beginning, middle, or end. Consumers are given the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds of the ad running. If the video ad is at least 30 seconds, the advertiser is charged once the ad reaches that 30-seconds of watch time. With shorter ads that are less than that 30 second mark, you're charged only if the entire video runs. In-stream ads allow for marketers to have more customization in their video ads with different call-to-actions or ad text.

In-Search Ads

In-Search Ads are displayed in search results when specific keywords are searched and aren't played until someone selects the video. You're charged once the user clicks to play the video.

In-Display Ads

In-Display Ads or also called Discovery Ads, appear next to other related videos on the YouTube Watch page and are labeled as an ad. The ad is charged once the viewer clicks to play the video, the destination video page also features an area on the right-hand column where a companion banner display ad will appear. Another important note is that a single advertisement can appear in many different formats, allowing you to test which one of the formats works best for your product, or service.


What are Pre-Roll Ads?

There are some in-stream ads that are non-skippable and can play in many different sections during the partner video. These are called pre-roll ads and they can be shown in the beginning, middle or end of a video and are between 15 to 20 seconds long. Due to the fact that pre-roll ads cannot be skipped, these videos are best created with a call-to-action or CTA, this gives you the chance to better optimize the viewer that you do receive. To better optimize, means to encourage the viewers to click on your ad and potentially receive something in return.


What are Bumper Ads?

Bumpers are the shortest type video ad that you can choose from. With just six seconds per bumper, these ad spots play before a video. Bumper video ads obviously aren't the ads to tell a story in because of the six seconds length, but they are great for brand awareness and reach. They can also complement larger video campaigns that highlighting an event or product. Using the six seconds wisely can be the tricky part, you want to include only the part of your brand you want your consumers to remember. Here at WebCitz, our specialists know how to utilize a combination of banner ads and TrueView ads to get the best results.


What Are Ad Extensions?

Ad Extensions are the best way to incorporate more information within your ad at no added cost to you. If you're currently running any Google Ads, you should be using Ad Extensions for several reasons, the first is that they're free, and the second is that they give users additional information which is another reason for a consumer to interact with your ad. Some of the ad extensions are automated meaning that Google AdWords will add the extension information to your ad such as the click to call and automated calling or sitelink extensions by pulling the information from your website. Whereas, other ad extensions are manual, meaning you can choose to customize your ads according to your own preferences. There are several ad extensions to choose from, and should be selected based on which one will help your advertising campaign to meet your specific business goals.


What is a Site Link Extension?

Sitelink extensions are additional links in your ad that will take potential customers directly to a predetermined page on your website. Sitelink extensions allow you to track the clicks going to the predetermined landing pages on your website to help you to identify customer preferences. Other advantages is that you can run a specific short term campaign to run seasonal campaigns.


What is a Call Extension?

Call extensions allow you to add in your phone number to your ad so users have an additional and faster way to reach your company directly from within the search results. For companies that have a customer service team that is ready to engage and convert your audience, then including your phone number on the ad could be beneficial in gaining leads.


What is a Location Extension?

The location extension includes your address as well as your number within your ad so Google can offer searchers an easier way to find you. When people search for one of the keywords you've selected to target, and your ad shows up to the consumer, they could also see your address, directions, or the distance to your business when you use the location extension. This option is great for businesses with a brick and mortar store and it works well for when consumers search “...near me.”


What is an Offer Extension?

The idea of offer extensions is for when you are currently running a promotion and want to entice consumers to further look into your ad. It can also interest users to click your ad instead of others if they see that your options have a discount compared to your competitors. An offer extension also means more search ad space, letting consumers know about your discounts are likely to bring in better click-through-rates.


What is an App Extension?

An app extension allows you to provide a link to your app for consumers to download for easier mobile use. This reduces the extra time it takes to conduct a new search to find and download the app in an AppStore. It's important to note that this extension does not bring people to your website. Instead, when a consumer clicks on the app extension, it takes them to the app store where your app is on and directs them to your specific application information page.


What is a Review Extension?

A review is a way of assuring the consumer that they're going to like your product or service before they purchase it, based on others enjoying it and having positive things to say about it. Ultimately you decide which review to feature and enter in the quote or paraphrase you would like to show, with a credit and link to the source. The approval process can get complicated, and many businesses end up with an extension that doesn't show up on their ads.


What is Google Remarketing?

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is an advertising option that allows you to deliver targeted ads to people who visited your website in the past and didn't not purchase. As many different consumers will visit your website at any given time, some may not be ready to purchase today, remarketing is a great way to get in front and stay in front of potential customers while they make up their minds.

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