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50 Best Blog Websites

50 Best Blog Websites

Are you looking for inspiration on how to design your next blog? We’ve put together this list of the best blog designs we could find on the internet to help give you ideas for what makes a good blog. Throughout these examples you’ll find creative ways to organize blog content into categories, insert paid advertising to generate money from your writing, and connect people to new ideas.

When we were working on our list of the Top Websites on the Web, we thought it would be a good idea to separate some of the blogs into their own article. We did our best to put together a list of personal blogs and company blogs in this ranking article to help you find design ideas that match the intent of your website.

If you’ve got examples of other amazing blogs, whether they are for personal or commercial reasons, please reach out to let us know. We’d love to keep this article updated with a wide variety of blog layouts to help inspire people! We’d even be open to some “vlogs” which are video blogs!

1. Cup of Jo

2. Sincerely Jules

3. The Londoner

4. 500px

5. Pando

6. Design Milk

7. Dan Flying Solo

8. Fubiz

9. Web Design Depot

10. Bark Box

11. Mashable

12. The Blog Abroad

13. Adventure.com

14. HyperQuake

15. Airbnb

16. Dribbble

17. Brit + Co

18. Little Fat Boy

19. Flourist

20. Lili’s Travel Plans

21. Beardbrand

22. Traveling Mitch

23. Urban Influence

24. Copy Blogger

25. Hint of Vanilla

26. Fairly Curated

27. No Film School

28. Jeremy D. Larson

29. Create & Cultivate

30. Simply, Liv

31. TechCrunch

32. Selective Potential

33. Rachel Kable

34. The Recipe Critic

35. Help Scout

36. GoSquared

37. SPI

38. Smashing Magazine

39. Awwwards

40. Maria Killiam

41. Cookie + Kate

42. Writing Revolt

43. He Spoke Style

44. Afford Anything

45. GirlBoss

46. Pixelgrade

47. The QMan (The Quintessential Man)

48. Jess Ann Kirby

49. The Crafty Needle

50. Sevenports

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