47 Best TikTok Ads

Get ready to be blown away by the power of TikTok advertising! We’ve scoured the app to curate a list of the top 47 TikTok ad campaigns that not only boast visually stunning ad creatives but also make a real connection with their target audience. These campaigns not only effectively communicate their message but also create a sense of relatability and engagement to drive conversions. Whether you’re a business looking to improve your TikTok advertising strategy or just curious about what’s out there, these campaigns are sure to impress and provide valuable insights on how to create a real connection with your audience. Let’s dive into the world of TikTok ads!

1. Boss

@daisyjelley With Christmas a little different this year, we’re bringing the @boss store windows to life on TikTok this Christmas #MerryBOSSmas #Ad ? BOSS – LODEF ft. Fleur East

In the ad for Boss, they utilized a song that represents their company. The creative graphics exploding in the background was unique and definitely added to the video. One of the things they could’ve improved on for their ad was showing more of their products. But overall, this was a great ad to look over when thinking about creating your TikTok ad.

2. American Eagle

@justmaiko straight flexin’ #InMyAEJeans ? @americaneagle #AEPartner #AEContest ? #InMyAEJeans – Tropkillaz

American Eagle had an interesting take on their TikTok ad. One of the things we liked was that there was 3 different outfits that were displayed during the ad. The ad could have used some other indication for which company this was promoting. The music choice was interesting and fit with what the dancers were doing. Be sure to think about this ad when planning out your TikTok ad.

3. Vice Golf

@vicegolfofficial We´re bringing back the all time favorites and even add two striking new DRIP versions! Turn your golf towel into a fashionable accessory – do it with passion or not at all! #vicegolf ? original sound – Vice Golf Official

This ad was nicely done and can inspire others when creating their ad. In this ad, the fun animations definitely contributed to the final design. Something else we enjoyed was their display of many different products. Lastly, the bright colors helped us decide to put this ad on our list of TikTok ads. What a great ad to review when looking for ideas for your TikTok ad!

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4. Nike

@nike Turn your sound up to experience the futuristic sensation of #NikeForward through the power of #ASMR ? original sound – Nike

Nike’s ad was unique and catches viewers attention. The way of showcasing their new material in a short video was shocking. The audio that made sense for their ad was another quality we enjoyed. We also liked how at the end of the video they showed their logo and new material name. Give some thought to Nike’s ad when planning out your TikTok ad.

5. Gatorade

@gatorade just jokes #NBAFinals #PreGameShow #Comedy ? sonido original – Gatorade

This simple ad for Gatorade was unique because of the puns related to their product. We like how they showed their product in the ad so you could clearly see what they were advertising. Another quality we enjoyed was the text written on the screen in case you are watching with no volume. All in all, this TikTok ad is one to keep in your back pocket.

6. Hulu

@hulu The deadliest hunt in history begins this Friday. #Prey #PreyMovie ? original sound – hulu

In the TikTok ad for Hulu, they were advertising for a movie called Prey. We liked this ad because it had high quality sound and video to it. The commercial was suspenseful and caught viewers attention. We also noticed how at the end of the ad they used an animation relevant to the movie and showed their company name. Another great TikTok ad to review when creating your next ad!

7. Netflix


You’re invited to put the pieces together. GLASS ONION: A KNIVES OUT MYSTERY only on Netflix December 23.

? original sound – Netflix

For a streaming service, the TikTok ad for Netflix was well done. Their captivating storyline for the commercial holds audiences attention. Another thing we liked about this ad was the additional information on the movie such as rating, title and lead actors and actresses. We also enjoyed their music choice that fits the theme of their movie. For anyone looking to create a TikTok ad, make sure to check this one out.

8. HBO Max

@hbomax Even the powerful can feel powerless. #houseofthedragon ? original sound – hbomax

This was a short and simple ad but still has an impact on viewers. We liked how HBO Max utilized captions for their ad in case your volume isn’t on while watching the ad. Another feature we enjoyed was that the clip they picked wasn’t confusing for people who have never seen the movie. One of the downfalls to this ad was that they didn’t name the film or company so people are less likely to watch it or pay for a subscription. Overall, this was another good ad to put on our list of best TikTok ads.

9. Peacock

@peacock Got a killer whistle? Prove it. Stitch this and show me what you’ve got! #WolfWhistleChallenge Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is streaming now on Peacock. #PussInBoots #TheLastWish #TikTokChallenge ? Peacock_PussInBoots_WolfWhistleChallenge – Peacock

This ad showcased a movie coming soon to Peacock’s streaming service. We enjoyed the music choice for this ad because it created a semi-suspenseful feel. We also liked the way of ending their video with a cliffhanger so you are more likely to watch the movie. The interesting feature of a video with no words created a new perspective for an ad. Make sure to check out this TikTok ad when advertising for your company.

10. Paramount Plus

@paramountplus Name something more perfect… we’ll wait ? #therealworldhomecoming #therealworld #realitytv #perfect #paramountplus ? Perfect – Bellaaa

This short clip was a unique way of advertising. Though there wasn’t much that happened during the ad, it shows that their service is easy to use. Another thoughtful thing about this site was that it shows their company name within the video. Something that could have been changed in this video was the sound and recording quality. Otherwise, here is another TikTok ad for you to consider.

11. Pura Vida

@puravida “Oh thanks, it’s Pura Vida!” ?? Last chance to shop our LDW sale and get 40% off! ???????? #puravidabracelets #puravida #livefree #collage #collageart #graphicdesign #puravidife #summertime #jewelrytok ? thank you sm for using my sound – freya

The TikTok ad for Pura Vida was creative and fun. The first thing we noticed was the upbeat music which was a tice touch to their ad. Another feature we liked was the variety of products shown in their short video. We also enjoyed the thoughtful backgrounds. Their way of making the video look like a collage was definitely unique. For companies looking to advertise on TikTok be sure to check out this ad.

12. Shipt

@shipt Even wondered how much gator is in Gatorade? Check out the latest Food For Thought to lean more! ? ? #Gatorade#FoodForThought#Shipt ? original sound – Shipt

This thoughtful ad is short and informational. It shows a quick preview for a video on their youtube channel. The background music that is catchy was a nice touch. Another thing about this ad we enjoyed was the creative logo that was showed at the end of the ad. Our team felt this ad didn’t have a huge focus on what the company does but it was still informational. When looking for ad ideas, make sure to keep this TikTok ad in your back pocket.

13. Marshalls

@marshalls Who’s excited for the season of cozy sweaters & fuzzy blankets? @candacemread#MarshallsPartner #GoodbyeSummer ? original sound – Marshalls

This creative ad seems successful to our team because you could tell that Marshall is a fashion store. The storyline of a women recreating her outfit for the fall season was genius for a clothing store ad. The interesting font for the text was another feature we enjoyed. Another amazing ad to have on the TikTok ad list!

14. Disney Plus

@disneyplus They really went ???? Stream #TheBookOfBobaFett on #DisneyPlus. #StarWarsDay ? original sound – Disney+

This ad for Disney Plus was showcasing one of their new shows was well done. We enjoyed the addition of a bit of comedy in their ad. We also liked the simple word choice that didn’t overpower the video. Lastly, we liked how the music choice fit each scene well. Don’t forget to check out this TikTok ad when coming up with ideas for your advertisements.

15. Bose


how dare they…

? Smoked out Phonk – TREVASPURA

The short TikTok ad for Bose was unique and creative. It was easy to tell that they were advertising noise cancelling headphones even though it was done in a unique way. We enjoyed the sound effects for their ad because it was a nice touch for their ad. Be sure to consider this ad when planning out your TikTok ad.

16. Google

@google can’t even espresso how true this is ?? #GoogleTranslate #Coffee #CoffeeTikTok ? original sound – Google

The ad for Google related to Google Translate was a good example of a short TikTok ad. The main thing we enjoyed about this ad was of it’s humorous aspects. Another aspect we noticed was how it shows that you can translate a lot of different languages. All in all, this TikTok ad was an obvious choice for our list of best ads.

17. DoorDash


Counting down to all the panic flower orders tonight ?

? original sound – DoorDash

DoorDash’s ad on TikTok was nicely done because it had emotion to it. We choose this ad because it shows just how many people DoorDash impacts. Another aspect we enjoyed was how once people started taking the roses, you could read their message. Their creative display of their logo design in the flowers was impactful. Give some thought to this TikTok ad when planning out your advertisements.

18. Amazon


Who said you could only carry a baby in there? While your little one sleeps, slip in a bag of chips for extra practice and extra snacking.

? original sound – Amazon

We liked the ad for Amazon on TikTok because it was easy to understand what was sold to the “new dad”. The comedy aspect of this commercial helped this ad make it onto our list. The upbeat music was a great choice for Amazon’s advertisement. With so many reasons to consider this ad, it’s no wonder it’s on our list of the best TikTok ads.

19. Macy’s

@macys One @Levi’s denim jacket, endless outfits! Watch as @JMFashion shows us 5 of his top looks. #Denim #FallFashion #denimjacket #mensfashion ? original sound – Macy’s

This ad was definitely a good display for the company Macy’s. In this ad, we enjoyed the way they utilized a background that wasn’t distracting. Another aspect we liked was their fashion advice that also makes it obvious what some of their products are. This was for sure a well done ad to check out when putting together ideas for your next TikTok ad.

20. Vivvi & Bloom

@vivviandbloom Hi, we’re VIVVI & BLOOM™. We make nature-inspired formulas* and #baby care products for the ones who matter most. We think you shouldn’t have to compromise between natural-origin* and effective. *As per ISO 16128-1:2016 based on cumulative volume including water. #FYP #Natural #BabyCare #EWGVerified #Vegan #NaturalIngredients #VivviAndBloom ? original sound – vivviandbloom

This simple ad was a creative display for baby care products. One of the features we liked was the fitting graphics used over their video. We also enjoyed the short but helpful information within their ad. We also noticed how they added in their company’s name. What a great ad to review when thinking about creating your TikTok ad!

21. Neutrogena

@neutrogena_us rolling into a new skincare routine like… #neutrogena #skincare #acne #skintok #asmr #skincareasmr ? original sound – Neutrogena

The ad for Neutrogena was short and simple. We liked how they showed what product they were advertising. Another feature we noticed in this ad was their way of showing the product has a pump included. One of the aspects we feel this company could have improved in their ad was adding in some type of music or other information because it feels very basic. Be sure to consider this ad when creating advertisements for your company.

22. Beyond Body

@beyondbody_wellness We made personal wellness easy #fitness #wellness ? original sound – BeyondBody

Beyond Body’s ad on TikTok wasn’t long but it held all the information it needed to. The main aspect of this ad we liked was that they showed exactly what their product is. The feature of forming the video around customer reviews was a nice touch. We also like how this ad utilized captions for those who are watching without sound. Yet another great ad to include in our list of best TikTok ads.

23. Tinder

@tinder Our newest merch drop is live! Link in bio to cop this limited edition collection while supplies last ?? #tinder #tindertok #dating #limitededition #merchdrop #ootd ? original sound – summer ?

This ad wasn’t short on reasons to include it in our list of best TikTok ads. The most attention grabbing aspect of this ad was their music choice. Something we enjoyed about this ad was how they showcased a limited edition item without showing the model’s face. Make sure to check out this ad when putting together your TikTok ad.

24. InstaCart

@instacart @lizzo’s cart is live. Shop link in bio #cartit? ? original sound – Instacart

This ad for InstaCart was a great example to take a look at when searching for ideas for your TikTok ad. We enjoyed the unique play of event to show off their online ordering app. It was refreshing to show how simple it can be to have your groceries delivered by their company. Finally, we liked that they showed their logo and company name at the end of the ad. For any company planning on starting to advertise more, be sure to check out this TikTok ad.

25. Lexus

@lexususa Feeling right at home during the exclusive automotive event inside the exclusive automotive event. #TheQuail during Monterey Car Week. #Lexus #LexusMCW ? Astro Beat – Staysee

Lexus had a good TikTok ad to serve as an example for other companies. We liked how the company made it obvious that they make and sell cars. Their unique way of displaying their slogan was another feature we enjoyed. The variety of different car models shown throughout this video was a nice touch for a car manufacturing company. So many attractive qualities to consider in this TikTok ad.

26. RedBubble

@redbubble Serving quarantine realness. Blanket design by @Good-Politics on #redbubble. #fyp #foryoupage #blanketlife #wfh #itscalledfashion #karen #ontherunway ? CATEGORY IS… Social Distancing – Jordan Doww

The commercial for RedBubble on TikTok was interesting to say the least. They picked a unique style for their music and audio. We also liked how they showed that RedBubble ships to your home. One of the features in this ad that we felt could use improvement was understanding what the company is selling. Overall, this is another TikTok ad to think about when creating your advertisements.

27. Purple Mattress

@purple Let’s see your skills! #purple #purplemattress #BopIt #challenge ? Bop It Challenge – Aaron & Pia ???

Purple Mattress created an interesting ad for TikTok. In this TikTok ad, we liked how they incorporated “bop-it” into their video. Another feature in this ad we enjoyed was how the squishy used for “bop-it” looked like their mattress. The audio in this video was clear and easy to understand which was refreshing for a TikTok ad. Talk about a great ad to have in our list of best TikTok ads!

28. Freevee

@amazonfreevee Who doesn’t want a laugh-out-loud, feel-good show in their lives rn? ? #Sprung ? original sound – Amazon Freevee

Freevee had an informational ad on TikTok that can give inspiration for other companies looking to advertise through videos. In this ad, we enjoyed how they showed a premiere of one of their shows. The focus on consumers opinions was a nice touch for Freevee’s ad. One of the things we feel they could have improved was adding in more information about their company versus one film they have. In general, this was a great TikTok at to keep in your back pocket.

29. Hawaiian Airlines

@hawaiianair We’re pro-you-deserve-a-vacation. ? #Travel #Getaway #Vacation ? original sound – Jason Field

Though the TikTok ad for Hawaiian Airlines was short, it was extremely impactful. We enjoyed how this ad saved the suspense of the breathtaking beach view for the end of the video. Another feature we enjoyed in this ad was the simple phrase to direct the entire ad. Don’t forget to check out this ad when planning out your next TikTok ad!

30. Jo Malone London


English Pear & Freesia forever

? original sound – Jo Malone London

The TikTok ad for Jo Malone London was a great design that can inspire other companies. One of the features in this ad we enjoyed was the creative filter placed over the top of their video. Another quality of this ad we liked was the focus on items that give a fragrance. The variety of different shots to complete their video helped this video make it onto the list of the best TikTok ads. There were so many amazing qualities to this ad, it’s no wonder it made it onto our list of best TikTok ads.

31. Gillette

@gillette What he’s really been thinking about all day #WorldBeardDay #BeardCare #BeardCareRoutine #BeardOil #GillettePartner ? original sound – Gillette

This was a great TikTok ad with a creative concept that can provide viewers with some simple information. The comedy aspect of this ad really improved this company’s ad. We liked the catchy music choice because it was refreshing for a custom TikTok ad. The final showcase of the product they are selling was a nice touch for a professional company. For companies wanting to expand their advertising methods, be sure to check out this TikTok ad.

32. Hyundai

@hyundaiusa Reply to @challenger.redeye797 You heard it here folks #Hyundai #Palisade #HyundaiPalisade #suv #7seater ? Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K

We liked this company’s TikTok ad because it was short and sweet. In just a few seconds, they managed to prove that their vehicle is family-friendly. We liked the simple music choice that adds to the commercial. One of the features that could be improved in this ad was showing off the outside of vehicles along with the inside. What a great TikTok ad to review when looking for new advertising ideas!

33. Jack In The Box

@jackinthebox ? #eggroll #jackinthebox #roll #j #rollup ? Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral – WZ Beat

For the company Jack In The Box, we thought their purple and yellow color scheme created a simple design. The creative font choice also improved their ad. We also liked that they took the time to add in sound effects. Though the point of the advertisement was a little unclear, this ad still did a good job drawing viewers attention. Be sure to consider this ad when creating your next TikTok ad.

34. Top Golf

@topgolf the apprentice and the master ? #fyp ? original sound – hoopvibez

The TikTok ad for Top Golf was both simple and clear with what their company offers. We liked how this ad shows the setup at Top Golf. Another stunning feature for this ad was their attractive logo shown as their profile picture. We feel this company could have added a little bit more information in their ad, but overall it was a great TikTok ad to consider when designing advertisement for your company.

35. NARS


Always an obsession. The Multiple, our multipurpose makeup stick, is our secret to adding shimmery sheen to the eyes, cheeks, lips, and body ?

? original sound – not.jayswift

This short clip for NARS’s TikTok ad was unique because they made it obvious what they are selling. This cosmetic company didn’t have much information in their ad, but it still catches the attention of viewers. In this ad, we liked how they utilized a short phrase. Give some thought to this company’s creative TikTok ad when choosing a layout for your next TikTok ad.

36. Gucci

@gucci A #FloraFantasy is blossoming across #GucciTown with special guest #MileyCyrus on #Roblox. @mileycyrus #AlessandroMichele #GucciBeauty ? original sound – Gucci

We liked this TikTok ad because it is a thoughtful ad that can help spark ideas for other companies advertisements. The feature we liked the most in this ad was the creative animations. The dreamy music was another quality we enjoyed in this TikTok ad. Lastly, we liked how they showed their company name in the beginning of the video. Take some time to check out this custom TikTok ad.

37. Old Spice

@oldspice It takes thick skin to embody the God of Thunder. Skin that smells like Old Spice Body Wash. #SmellWorthy @Marvel Studios’ #ThorLoveAndThunder – ? original sound – Old Spice

This creative TikTok ad is a great example to look at when planning out your next TikTok ad. We enjoyed this ad because it connected the product to well-known figures to make it more relatable for viewers. Another creative quality to this ad was the interesting music and sound effects. We also liked the way they distinctly show off their products. Don’t scroll past this awesome example when looking for TikTok ad ideas to inspire you.

38. Empower

@empower This sound was made for social media managers, right? #smm #fyp #regina ? original sound – giuba

This ad was short but creative and a good way of advertising. We enjoyed the way they showed their debit card in the video so you could understand what their product is. Another quality in this TikTok ad we liked was their background that wasn’t distracting. Be sure to consider this simple ad when creating your next TikTok ad.

39. Crumbl Cookie

@crumblcookies Tune into Crumbl’s first-ever podcast, the Crumbl Mumbl! ? Here to give you an inside scoop on all things Crumbl Cookies. Streaming now on all major podcast platforms ? #CrumblCookies ? original sound – Crumbl Cookies

The TikTok ad for Crumbl Cookie was professional and creative. The most captivating aspect in this ad was their method of creating a podcast for their company. The amount of information about both the podcast and the company was stunning. We also appreciated their incorporation of a pink color scheme throughout the whole video. With so many reasons to consider this ad, there’s no doubt how it ended up on our list of best TikTok ads.

40. Carvana

@gocarvana Driving you happy, sunrise to sunset. Put yourself in the driver’s seat – shop your dream car @ Carvana.com & pick it up from one of our vending machines (now also in Glendale). Link in bio! #carvana #cartok #learnontiktok #carbuyingtips #foryourpage #carvanaexperience #fyp ? original sound – Carvana

The Carvana TikTok ad was short but had a lot of different components we enjoyed. The most impactful quality in this ad was their fun and upbeat music choice. We also liked how they showed one of their buildings within the video. This is a creative design that can help inspire other companies, so don’t skip past it!

41. Sephora

@sephora Sephora team member @Carla Cassandra can’t get enough of the @BREAD BEAUTY ? original sound – sephora

Sephora had a creative TikTok ad that can serve as an example for other companies wishing to start advertising on TikTok. In this ad, we liked how they utilized a clean backdrop. Their text used to guide their ad was also impactful. We also enjoyed how they actually showed the product they are trying to advertise. So many attractive qualities to consider when reviewing this ad.

42. FourSeasons

@fourseasons Love makes the impossible possible ???? Based on a true stay at Four Seasons New York Downtown. What will your true stay story be in 2023? #LoveFourSeasons #FourSeasons ? original sound – Four Seasons Hotels

This TikTok ad was a great example for other companies to take a look at when thinking of ideas for their new advertisements. We liked how this company used a captivating font. Another quality in this TikTok ad that stood out to us was how they incorporated their logo design. Make sure to take a look at this ad when searching for advertisement ideas.

43. QuickBooks

@quickbooks Small business owner @Julissa Prado knows how to kick imposter syndrome to the curb. #newbiznoproblem #smallbusinessowner ? original sound – QuickBooks

QuickBooks had a unique take on their TikTok ad that makes sense for their company. Their background for their ad that fits their business was refreshing. We liked how the actress in their ad was wearing the same color scheme as their logo. For any company looking for advertising ideas, be sure to check out this TikTok ad.

44. Adidas

@adidas Mind the Gap #adidas #train #fitcheck ? MTA x Aline by dnldjackson22 – dnldjackson22

For a TikTok ad, Adidas did a great job showcasing their product. The camera shots that show off their logo on the clothing was genius. Another creative quality in this ad was the resolution that was clear. We liked how the background created a sense of depth to the ad. With so many reasons to consider this ad, it’s no wonder it’s on our list of the best TikTok ads.

45. Vans


Join the Hellfire Club or meet us at Surfer Boy Pizza. Step into season 4 with the complete Vans x StrangerThings collection, available now. vans.com/strangerthings

? original sound – Vans

We enjoyed this ad for Vans and feel it could be a great example for other companies to see when thinking about their TikTok ads. We thought the incorporation of Stranger Things was a nice touch for this company because it allows them to connect with more people. We also liked how their entire video embraced the Stranger Things theme because it was rather refreshing. Keep this ad in mind when creating your next TikTok ad.

46. YETI

@yeti This Saturday on Bevo Blvd, Ambassador Matt Pittman of @Meat Church and the new Roadie® Wheeled Coolers are bringing @Texas Football and Alabama Football together through the sweet heat of barbecue. Head to the link in our bio for our tailgate details. #YETI #BuiltForTheWild #Texas #Alabama #CollegeFootball ? original sound – YETI

For anyone looking to expand their advertising field, this ad is a great example to look at. The creative way of showing their products in use by another group was refreshing. We also enjoyed how at the end of their ad they showed their company name. Talk about a great ad to have in our list of best TikTok ads!

47. REI

@rei It’s a lifestyle ? #tiktokmademebuyit #hikinggear ? Hot New Bombshell – Ella

The thought put into this advertisement was nice and that’s why we included it into our list. We liked how they showcased their logo within the ad. Another aspect we enjoyed was that they showed off many different products along with their store. Overall, this is a great TikTok ad to consider when planning out your new advertisements.

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