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Custom Programming Services

Hire a Custom Programmer

When we talk about custom programming services, we are referring to the process of designing, building, and maintaining highly functional mobile or web applications that solve a unique business requirement.

There is a lot of work involved in launching a custom web application or mobile app project. As a custom software development agency, we invest ourselves in understanding all aspects of your business and your project before starting your work. This also applies to taking over a custom software solution started by a different programming service.

From start to finish, our software development team can help you deliver a great user experience that can directly improve your business workflow and processes.

Custom Software Development Services We Offer

These days, starting a custom software development service from scratch requires weeks of communication to scope out the entire project. Before starting any conceptual designs or custom programming work, our application developers and project managers must fully understand your business and its requirements. This helps us determine the best application frameworks, programming languages, and server configurations for your project.

We also take on software development projects started by other programming agencies. If you are bringing your custom-developed application to us from a different software developer, we suggest you budget for 8-24 hours of expense for us to review the status of your project. This will allow our software development agency to go through your custom application to determine the platform it was built in, if repositories were used, if the code is outdated, if there are obvious security flaws, and if the custom programming code is clean and well-organized.

Here are some of the software development services we can offer your business:

  • Detailed Project Scoping for Complex Web Applications or Mobile Apps
  • Consulting, Deployment, and Management of Server Infrastructure
  • User Interface Design for Web Applications or Mobile Apps
  • Usability Testing and Use Case Testing
  • Application and Database Performance Review
  • Security Review and Code Penetration Testing
  • Staff Training of Administrative Management Capabilities

A Few of Our Web Services Experts

Taylor D Corey G Jake F Drew P David W Justin F

Our Preferred Custom Programming Languages

We have an amazing team of software development experts who are immersed in exploring new ways to build out modern applications. As a software development agency, we routinely push our junior and senior application developers to learn the latest trends for improving efficiency and performance.

Here are some of the programming languages our software development team most often uses in projects:

Custom PHP Development Services

The most common programming language we come across is PHP, likely due to its enormous popularity in web applications. If you didn't know, PHP is used in well-known websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Slack and MailChimp. For our purposes though, we often develop in PHP within open-source platforms like Laravel, Magento, WordPress, and Joomla. Interestingly enough, PHP is also used in BigCommerce, which is a SaaS ecommerce platform.

Here are some of the PHP development services we've offered in the past:

  • Development and maintenance of Laravel applications, some as old as Laravel 5.x.
  • Development and maintenance of Magento storefronts in both Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x.
  • Development and maintenance of WordPress websites and plugins
  • Design and development of ecommerce product builders for fish aquariums, animal cages, agricultural equipment, and industrial machines.
  • Design and development of ecommerce functionality within product catalogs, owner's manuals, and specification sheets.
  • Development of custom search systems, product import portals, order export tools, and other data migration requirements.
  • Development and consumption of APIs.

Custom JavaScript Development Services

Many years ago, JavaScript was most often found in individual components of a web application, such as form validation, image sliders, and visual effects. Today, you will find modern software development relies heavily on JavaScript for building interactive web applications and mobile apps. In some development projects, you might find JavaScript is the sole programming language used to develop both the frontend and backend of an entire web application.

We use JavaScript to assist our clients in building applications packed with useful features. Here are some of the JS development services we've offered in the past:

  • Frontend user interface development with Vue.js, React, TypeScript, and Nuxt.js.
  • Backend development with Node.js.
  • Development of custom solutions within CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Laravel.
  • Design and development of ecommerce product builders and product personalization tools.
  • Mobile app development using Iconic and React Native.
  • Implementation of single sign-on functionality.
  • Development and consumption of APIs.

Custom Vue.js Development Services

You are already familiar with JavaScript, but have you ever come across any JS frameworks within past custom programming services? The most common JavaScript platform our software developers use is Vue.js.

Vue.js is used to develop rich experiences in web applications and mobile apps. In fact, well-known companies like Netflix, Adobe, Grammarly, and even GitLab utilize Vue.js for some or all aspects of their frontend design.

The competitive JS frameworks to Vue.js are React and Angular. Don't worry though, each of the JavaScript frameworks can accomplish the same functionality. The main differences between the frameworks are within their code syntax and developer communities. We have used React in past projects, but don't often come across Angular.

We can provide custom Vue.js development within your software application. Here are some of the Vue.js development services we've offered in the past:

  • Development of custom search systems for ecommerce and content-based Laravel applications.
  • Design and development of frontend user interfaces for Laravel, Joomla, and WordPress functionality.

Custom React Native Development Services

You can use React Native, not to be confused with React, to build out native mobile apps for Google Play and Apple's App Store. React Native is an open-source user interface framework created by Facebook (Meta Platforms, Inc.) to develop native mobile apps from a single codebase. This substantially reduces development time in comparison to managing separate software development projects for both Google and Apple devices.

Our mobile app development team can build fully functional, native apps using React Native. Here are some of the React Native development services we've offered in the past:

  • Development of mobile apps to allow a Joomla / FileMaker application to exist in a mobile application.

Our Process to Software Development Services

With more than 18 years of experience developing custom functionality for web applications, and more recently mobile apps, you can trust our software developers to handle your upcoming project from start to finish.

Here is a brief rundown of our custom software development process for modern web applications and intuitive mobile apps.


In this phase of the project, we will be learning about your company, the project you want developed, and how it will help the end-users. This will allow us to better understand your goals and be able to offer meaningful suggestions in terms of the best development framework and programming languages within your software development services.

In this phase, we should be able to put together a rough estimate for the cost to develop your application. The estimated cost will increase as unexpected obstacles and change requests are encountered.


After you've agreed to move forward with our custom software development agency, we will start planning out your project. This will allow us to reserve time in our scheduling system for the appropriate software engineers to work on your project. Another part of this phase is defining milestones to help ensure everyone stays on track, so we hit the estimated launch date.


Do you have unique layouts within the user interface of your custom software development service? If you answered yes, then you should expect us to be creating design mockups before starting to code your application. We often find design mockups help save time during a software development project because it allows everyone to agree on the layout before a custom programmer starts building the application.


This is the phase of the project when all the magic happens. We will be setting up development and staging environments, creating private code repositories for your application, integrating the design mockups into the application framework, and testing the intended server environment. You should have access to the development environment soon after its creation, which will allow you to visualize progress as it unfolds.


Near the completion of your application development services, we will create more in-depth use-case testing scenarios to allow us to ensure the final product works as expected. This will be an opportunity for you and your team to review the custom-developed web application or mobile app to put it through your own usability testing.


After all the testing has been completed and the project has been developed to your satisfaction, we will schedule a time convenient for everyone involved to roll out the web application or mobile app!

Why Choose Us

There are many great reasons to consider WebCitz for your custom programming services. Here are a few reasons:

  • We have been in business since 2004, which is more than 18 years in the industry.
  • We have project managers and account managers familiar with the core concepts of modern software development.
  • We have multiple application developers experienced in PHP and JavaScript frameworks.
  • We take the time to understand your company and its project requirements.
  • We don't under-quote application developments to get awarded the bid, only to later disappear when the project is no longer profitable.
  • We have a separate team of digital marketing experts who can help market your web application or mobile app after it launches.
  • We offer continuous support for custom programming services we've delivered in the past.

Want to Know More About WebCitz?

If you'd like to learn more about our company, please check out our about us page, our website portfolio, and our ecommerce portfolio. You can also give us a call at 800-796-8263 or send us an email!

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  • No Outsourcing
  • Service Availability of M-F, 8AM-5PM CST, No Holidays
  • * 1.25x Time Multiplier for Custom Programming (PHP, JS, React) or Laravel Application Services

Example #1: You are an existing client with a 10-hour block of time ($1,095) on your account. You have a 30-minute phone call with your project manager to discuss tasks, but 15 minutes is spent talking about golf, weather, etc. The task took 40 minutes of work to complete, and didn't involve Laravel or custom programming. In this example, you would have 55 minutes deducted from your 10-hour block of time. The time spent talking about non business-related topics isn't billed.

Example #2: You are an existing client with a 10-hour block of time ($1,095) on your account. You put in a request that requires custom programming to build or modify a unique piece of functionality on your website. The task took 60 minutes of work. In this example, you would have 75 minutes of time deducted from your 10-hour block of time, since custom programming has a 1.25x multiplier of time.

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Tara Candland

Tara Candland

Incredibly responsive, fast, and professional. They quickly understood the issue we were having with our site, which was fairly complicated, and were able to resolve it. They kept us updated in lay terms along the way so that we could understand how the issue was progressing.
Alo Health

Alo Health

WebCitz designed our Alo Health website and did such a great job of walking us step-by-step through the process, knowing the tech world was not a strength of ours. We love that we are able to change content whenever we want, but if we run into problems, they are a quick email away. They have been responsive, reliable and efficient. Thanks, WebCitz!
Jen Ollanketo

Jen Ollanketo

WebCitz helped the Oshkosh Area Humane Society with our new website and they were great to work with. Responsive, professional and affordable. I think the biggest perk for us was having someone local we could talk to for assistance instead of long wait times. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to start up or revamp their website.
Cassie Richards

Cassie Richards

Working with WebCitz has been nothing but a great experience. David, Jake, Drew, and the rest of the team are easy to work with, accommodating, and very knowledgeable. WebCitz is a company that you can trust will be there when you need them most. If I’m having an issue or problem with a website, I can always count on a quick response and a timely solution.
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