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In today’s age, who is not on Facebook? Unless you are someone who detests all types of social media!

While you may have your reasons to stay away from SNS, there is no denying that these websites are ideal for advertising businesses. In fact, Facebook boasts more than two billion monthly users, making it a leader in customer and user acquisition. These users spend at least 40 minutes per day on the site to generate leads and grow e-commerce revenue.

But we understand - not everyone has the technical and managerial knowledge to employ Facebook advertising services such that it helps their business grow. That’s when our digital marketing services can help you recognize the bottlenecks in your ad campaign, create a suitable marketing channel, identify the target audience, and much more.

  • Interest-Based Targeting
  • Improve ROAS & CTR
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Audience Split Testing

Why Do You Need Facebook Ads Management Services?

As already mentioned, a lot of people use Facebook on a daily basis. As a result, using Facebook advertising services can help big and small businesses increase website traffic, improve site performance, and keep an eye on target audiences’ insights.

Let’s get a little more into detail about the benefits of using Facebook ad services.

Reach Your Target Audience

Considering the number of regular users Facebook has, it currently is a close second to only Google’s search users. Another factor that makes the Facebook audience easier to target is the variety in demographics. Currently, the social networking site attracts 62% of users below the age of 34, and 38% of users go all the way up to 65.

However, there has been a gradual increase in the number of older Facebook users. In fact, according to Pew Research Center, the number of users born between 1946-1964 has increased by double digits since 2015. Moreover, the number of users born in or before 1945 has doubled during that time.

So, no matter the niche of your business, you are sure to find a suitable audience on Facebook.

Suitable For Both B2B And B2C Businesses

Many believe that Facebook makes a more suitable advertising platform for B2C businesses. After all, you’re directly appealing to the end-user, right?

But considering how business decision-makers nowadays spend more time on Facebook for advertising, it is no surprise to know that B2B businesses can also flourish on this platform. Although the competitive industry makes it a tad harder for businesses to take advantage of Facebook ads, your online presence can grow exponentially with the right strategy and targeting.

In fact, the target of any B2B business is often on the site, not just for work but for leisure. So, Facebook remarketing is something every business should tap on as that will help them remain in the target’s consideration. Remember - “out of sight, out of mind,” and you wouldn’t want the repercussions of that proverb to hold true for your business!

Notably, Facebook offers the following targeting segments for B2B businesses:

  • Business travelers
  • Interest industry
  • Employment industry
  • Job title
  • Employer company size
  • Employer name

Versatile Marketing Strategy

Another reason that makes Facebook advertising service suitable for all types of businesses is its adaptability. Basically, it can easily adapt to any stage in the marketing funnel. From multiple targeting options to ad formats - the SNS is versatile enough to cater to any advertising strategy.

For instance, if a user is higher up on the funnel, your business can use Facebook video ads, sponsored stories, etc., to catch their attention. The goal here is to implore the user to check out your business/product/service. Obviously, if it isn’t what the user is looking for, they will ignore it.

Similarly, for mid-funnel users who are still in the consideration phase, Facebook considers the user’s app usage and targets ads towards them accordingly. Plus, there is a range of custom buttons to personalize your ads according to your business needs and goals.

Deeper Audience Insights

Your business can take advantage of Facebook’s transparency as that helps recognize the audience and understand their requirements more deeply. Accordingly, you can formulate a Facebook advertising campaign that will guarantee success!

Given below is a brief list of the “type” of audience you can gain through Facebook advertising:

  • Fans: Followers of your Facebook page
  • Friends of Fans: Friends of your followers
  • Behaviors or Interests: The type of audience you have targeted for your business on the self-reported criteria
  • Remarketing: Facebook users who have visited your site before

Accordingly, Facebook allows you to check each segment and identify areas with more traffic. This further helps in refining the stages and improving your overall Facebook advertising strategy.

Psychographic Targeting

While most marketing agencies may focus on demographics, Facebook ad management services prove that demographics are not an accurate indicator of one’s purchasing requirements.

For instance, not every youngster out there has a low disposable income. So, how does one use Facebook ad services to recognize their lifestyle and needs?

Interestingly, the social media site employs various characteristics like hobbies, interests, behaviors, etc., to understand what the user wants to buy or invest in. Hence, social media management plays a key role in creating a successful digital strategy for your business.

Target Competitor Businesses

With Facebook ad management, businesses can take a peep into the competitor’s target while creating their own fanbase. Now, obviously, you cannot directly target the “fans” of your competitors. Instead, you can target those with a specific taste according to their favorite brands.

Though the data collected for this analysis may not update in real-time, it works accurately enough for businesses to find potential customers.

Multiple Ad Formats To Choose From

Facebook ad management further lets you choose among ten ad formats so that the ads can reflect your business motive and personality. Keep in mind that almost every ad format contains a visual and textual element - both being ideal for sending across the desired message to the viewer.

A Few of Our Facebook Ads Experts

David W Corey G Emily L Melanie P Hope K

What Metrics Do Facebook Advertising Services Measure?

Currently, we use our proprietary software along with Facebook Ads Manager and Google Analytics to assess your ad campaign. Given below is a detailed description of how each tool works to take your digital marketing efforts up a notch.

Google Analytics

This tool by Google is essential for monitoring the performance of one’s advertising strategy. As such, our Facebook ad experts manage and analyze the activities of the target viewers once they leave your website/Facebook page.

The questions asked while monitoring your Facebook audience are as follows:

  • How much traffic is new to the site?
  • How long are visitors staying on the site?
  • What percentage of traffic is bouncing when visiting the site?
  • What pages are they viewing, and how many?

Facebook Ads Manager

Since you’re primarily using the Facebook platform to run ads, it only makes sense to employ the site’s Ads Manager to your advantage. Although the key performance indicators vary according to your advertising goals, given below are some standard metrics that are common among advertising campaigns.

  • Results (clicks, views, post engagements, conversions, etc.)
  • Impressions
  • Cost per result
  • Reach
  • Results rate (click-through-rate, conversion rate)

Along with Facebook Ads Manager, our software will make use of Facebook Pixel to seek more data regarding your target audiences. It is basically a code on top of each page of your website, which tracks visitors, their actions, the pages they check, and more.

As such, you can remarket your business/product/service to the website visitors and improve lead generation, track visitors, optimize campaigns, etc.

Our proprietary method

Our method gives you the edge over local businesses that may be solely relying on Facebook advertising. This is so you can get better data on leads, forms, and calls to work closely on your campaigns.

We prove the capability of our services by providing real data and ROAS' (Return on Ad Spend) through split testing, monthly reports and analysis, and more. You can also take advantage of a dedicated account manager and Facebook advertising expert to make your campaign a sure shot success!

What Type Of Companies Should Opt For Facebook As Performance Managing Services?

Still not sure whether investing in our Facebook ad management services will be worth it? Well, you should create a Facebook advertising campaign if you want to…

  • Save time on marketing (by ditching traditional methods)
  • Get professional advice from Facebook advertising experts
  • Create brand awareness
  • Learn more about advertising, analyzing results, scaling campaigns, and more
  • Recognize business competitors
  • Improve performance by optimizing conversions, ad clicks, etc.
  • Get successful in Facebook ad performance

Other than these, if you have different requirements and are still on the fence about our service, get in touch with our strategists. Share information about your business goals, and they’ll give you prompt and practical advice on digital marketing.

Factors To Look For In A Facebook Ads Management Services Provider

Obviously, a Facebook advertising service has to offer various features that will help you assess your social presence and grow. But other than that, here are some more lesser-acknowledged factors that you must look for in such service providers.

On Trend

Always opt for a service that stays in tune with the latest trends in digital marketing. Consequently, the said company should train its team members and increase their expertise in new tactics.

Transparent Pricing And Policies

The price of a service plays a huge role in determining its value for your business, and rightly so. You wouldn’t want to sign up for something only for it to cost an arm or a leg, right?

So, always check the pricing page of the service you are opting for. Besides, also check how it shares advertising and marketing results and how it assesses the performance of a particular campaign.

Prompt Communication

Last but not least, make sure that the support team of the service company offers prompt advice and solutions. After all, time is money, especially in this fast-paced, ever-changing online community. So, the experts of the team should be available and eager to help.

Our Facebook Marketing Process

Now that we know what to look for in a Facebook ads management service, let us explain our advertising process. This is to tell you why we are what you’re looking for!

Market Analysis

We start off by conducting an in-depth market and competitor analysis of your industry and service area. As a result, we can recognize your direct competitors, especially those who are outperforming you. Thereafter, we analyze their content and strategies that help them lead the industry.

Formulating Social Campaigns

The next step is to research high-engagement content and schedule posts accordingly. But besides organic campaigns, we give equal focus to data-driven paid social campaigns as well. Both go hand in hand in improving engagement and interactions.

We also create custom audiences and ad copy for high-performing social campaigns. This helps in conducting effective split testing and improving paid social ads.

Tracking And Managing Those Campaigns

Once the campaigns are live, we track your audience and reach, engagement rates, click-through rate, and ROI. At the same time, we manage each campaign for it to perform better. We also monitor leads, sales, and engagement and reach new audiences across various social channels.

Employing Advanced Email Strategies

To guarantee audience retention, we use marketing automation, formulate win-back email campaigns, and more.

Get In Touch Today!

Facebook allows so much more than just tagging your friends on memes! Its sophisticated yet easy-to-use advertising solutions can unleash the entrepreneur in you and make your business flourish.

But of course, all that’s difficult to achieve without an expert on board, and that’s when you need us! We help you reach qualified leads, bring in more customers, and earn higher returns at affordable prices.

So, join us as we help you achieve your business goals!

Facebook Ads Management

Starting at $600/mo
  • For accounts spending less than $1,000/mo in Facebook Ads, our management fee is just $600/month.
  • For higher spending accounts, our monthly management fee is generally $600/mo + 20% of ad spend, but can be custom quoted based on your goals and objectives.

Google Ads Management

Starting at $500/mo
  • For accounts spending less than $1,000/mo in Google Ads, our management fee is just $500/month.
  • For higher spending accounts, our monthly management fee is generally $500/mo + 20% of ad spend, but can be custom quoted based on your goals and objectives.

Bing Ads Management

Starting at $500/mo
  • For accounts spending less than $1,000/mo in Bing Ads, our management fee is just $500/month.
  • For higher spending accounts, our monthly management fee is generally $500/mo + 20% of ad spend, but can be custom quoted based on your goals and objectives.

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