Conversion Rate Calculator

Calculate Conversion Rate

  1. Enter the number of conversions:
    To find your conversion rate, you will first need to find out how many conversions you have received. Once you have your conversion number, enter it in the field called “Conversions” in the conversion rate calculator to your right.
  2. Enter the number of visits:
    The next step is to calculate the number of visits that a particular ad has received. You can do this by entering it in the “Visits” field. Just be sure to take both the conversions and visits from the same ad!
  3. Click on the “Calculate” button. Your results will be shown in the Conversion Rate box:
    Your conversion rate is expressed as a percentage. Learn more about your conversion rate below!

Conversion Rate Calculator

Benefits of Using a Conversion Rate Calculator

Using a conversion rate calculator for your PPC marketing, you can be sure that you’ll get an accurate and quick result. Our free PPC tools can also ensure that no mistakes are made. If you make the smallest mistake with your math, it can cause you to make an incorrect decision with your ad campaign.

An example of how a miscalculation can cause you to make an incorrect decision is if you accidentally switch the order of your numbers in your calculations, you will have a completely inaccurate conversion rate. It will either be much higher, or much lower than the actual conversion rate and could make you adjust things within your campaign that may have actually been helping you. Utilizing our free conversion rate calculator can give you immediate results that inform you about your PPC campaign.