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Need more sales for your franchisees? Perhaps more new franchise development leads? These franchise SEO strategies help brands like yours rank in search!

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Since content needs to be handled across several channels, it is important to build a comprehensive strategy to get the best out of search engine optimization. It includes third-party review platforms, franchisees' websites, social media accounts, and Google My Business (GMB). A Franchise business can vary in size, nevertheless, it can include giving franchisees the authority to update their profiles, consolidating the duty under a marketing firm or internal manager, or possibly the master franchisee.

In case you're wondering, what is Franchise SEO, then this is the place for you. In this article, we will be discussing franchise SEO and the challenges faced by it in detail.

Our Franchise SEO Services

The global internet is used increasingly by franchisors and their franchisees to fill their sales funnel with qualified leads. Search engines like Google are becoming the primary method for franchise owners to identify and connect with new ones. Franchise SEO is a crucial component of a franchise business' marketing strategy.

While traditional marketing methods may still be effective, SEO for franchise sites brings companies to the attention of customers who are actively looking for franchise possibilities or the products or services of the company itself. Search engines have a great hand in utilizing explicit calculations and KPIs which guide you on how to get organic traffic to some web pages. There are multiple benefits to having a strong and natural hunting procedure through which you can get many vital experiences.

Another reason is that SEO is essential to include low-cost management and delivering significant ROI, providing actionable and usable data, generating multiple leads, and further ensuring your business's growth. It builds the credibility and authenticity of your company and attracts targeted users.

Franchise SEO, however, is a catch-all word for various methods and approaches used to increase franchise firms' search exposure. It may involve applying local SEO strategies to rank specific franchises and producing content to organize a local franchise opportunity website to onboard new franchisees. Similar to how local clients are increasingly likely to discover franchisees through web searches.

The immediate process of adhering to a set of guidelines known as search engine optimization, or SEO, aims to increase your website's exposure and the volume of "quality" traffic it receives from search engines like Google. One of the most common procedures that help businesses gather their prospective customers is keyword research. Therefore, if you want to gather more customers towards your Franchise, then your keyword game should be on point.

More the keywords and phrases your potential consumers use to research or purchase a product, the more your website can live up to Google's standards, the more likely it will show up at the top of search engine results (or, in this case, a franchise). Franchise owners and their franchisees "perform" SEO in slightly different ways since they have distinct business objectives:

  1. one is attracting new franchise purchasers,
  2. and the other is attracting local clients.

We will delve deep into these points further in the article. Given that SEO may be unfamiliar to some, we have clarified it using examples from the real world to demonstrate what it looks like and how it benefits both franchisors and their franchisees.

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Pricing for Franchise SEO Services

The cost of our franchise SEO services is based on the amount of time you can afford to allocate toward search engine optimization in your marketing budget. We are happy to work with budgets as low as $800/month, but frequently work with budgets considerably higher.

Please use the pricing calculator below to get an estimate for the cost of your franchise SEO campaign

Franchise SEO Cost Calculator

Answer a few simple questions about your needs and our Franchise SEO cost calculator will show you how affordable our Franchise SEO packages can be for you. To receive a personalized quote, just call 800-796-8263 or send us an email.

Why Visibility is Important for the Exposure of a Franchisee

Each franchisee probably competes on their own customized local search engine results page (SERP), and therefore, ratings of the company depends on visibility of the business online. Most customers get an idea about a business based on their ratings on the search engines, therefore, it is essential for a Franchise business to have better visibility for consumers.

A sustained SEO strategy may increase individual franchisees' exposure and success.

Since we're talking about the importance of ranking above your competitors on a local search engine, let's see how this much needed exposure will help in exposure-

  • Improved brand awareness- As the ranking will increase, people in your particular area will come to know about your business. Hence, there will be an improved brand awareness amongst the prospects.
  • Trust- Getting a better exposure on SERP involves higher ranking and rating. It proves the authenticity of your business and automatically builds trust within the customers.
  • Inquiries from new potential franchisees- When your business is ranking on search engines, it will gather attention from everyone. Therefore, if someone is looking for a franchisee and finds you ranking above others, they will ultimately leave their queries about your business.

All of the points mentioned above are positive effects of increased search exposure in localized searches around the nation for franchises. You mustn't directly start looking at payment structures and some legal obligations which are associated with it; you have to have an excitement about a franchise – and the main point is a particular franchise niche.

This part of the assessment is necessary and all about evaluating and analyzing potentials through researchers in the current market; you can talk to the people to find and spot possible future opportunities because it has enormous potential of becoming the next big thing in digital marketing.

To gain more knowledge about the field, you have to read various publications of industries and seek advice from recognized and established figures in the industry. You can connect through social media platforms or industry events. The gathered information will guide you to stay on the right track.

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9 Essential Strategies for Franchise Local SEO

1.) Locate the location of a Franchise with Google maps

Searching for a storefront on Google is very simple and easy to discover a business in 2021. Users may quickly obtain GPS instructions to the location of their choice with Google's help. It is a map with layout of the local area including streets, lanes and nearby shops. So, it is important to enroll your business in Google My Business.

Signing up for Google My Business is very simple. Download the app on your phone or open their official website. Now, adhere to the recommended directions. A localized search result will appear at the top of the page for localized service business queries on Google (such as "oven cleaning Liverpool"). It will include a local map of the designated area and listings for companies related to the search keyword.

Since 46 percent of all Google searches are for local information, therefore, it is essential to set up list your Franchise on GMB. It is prerequisite to increasing search visibility. It's the most straightforward and affordable franchise SEO techniques. For every branch, it is necessary to include its contact details, photographs of the site, and the neighborhood's operating hours, you'll want to ensure that each local franchise profile is optimized.

2.) Yelp is an important tool to detect the location

Searchers frequently resort to Yelp in addition to Google My Business to examine review ratings when they aren't utilizing Google to discover a highly rated business. Franchise locations listed on Yelp allow customers to discuss their experiences, increasing credibility with potential customers.

As a Harvard Business School researcher discovered, a 1% improvement in Yelp rating results in a Five–Nine% boost in sales; this may significantly strengthen your local Franchise's SEO and conversion rates. If you don't add each franchise location on Yelp, you risk losing out on prospective clients who are now in your neighborhood and looking for your goods or services.

They won't consider your Franchise an option if someone looks for it in Liverpool, however, your Yelp page will come to the rescue in this case. With this, they'll share realistic images of your storefront and goods and discover precisely what resident consumers loved and hated about a franchise location.

Since 93 percent of consumers go through reviews available online before making a purchase, having an accessible, thorough, and helpful Yelp page would probably increase conversions and local SEO.

3.) Using an SEO Plan is Essential

There usually are two alternatives available to you when building websites for franchisees. Although this could be an intelligent strategy for franchise SEO, building microsites for individual place is highly expensive. Implementing franchise SEO strategies to different websites might occasionally provide positive results.

Instead of being dispersed across several domains, a franchise company's complete activities should often always be included on a single website. It improves the consumer experience and Google's understanding of the franchise company. The franchise brand's authority is evenly distributed to each location by concentrating on the efforts of local search engine for many areas on a single page.

It is an essential and quick question that many have put forth. In this age of the internet, digital marketing & social media platforms are the easiest way to reach out to your targeted audience or customer. With the rise in smartphones and users of smartphones, all businesses are getting their hold on the digital marketing field.

SEO plays a crucial role in maintaining and managing brand websites, such as ensuring the website ranks well, the "keywords" are optimized and making the website professional. SEO gives a chance and services to every small-scale business which has the potential to expand and grow its company and target more customers who are leads through geo-centric SEO methods.

Geo-centric SEO, also known as local SEO marketing, is efficient in marketing your business online; it helps companies promote their products or offerings to local customers.

4.) Develop Individualized local franchise landing pages

Making a particular location stand out from the competition should be the aim of a customized franchise landing page. In case of a landing page, use these recommended practices for franchise SEO:

  1. Your call to action must be clear and pertinent to the area.
  2. Include links to each of your franchise pages.
  3. Include a variety of relevant and voluminous keywords in your article.
  4. Include top-notch images whose alternative text contains top keywords.
  5. Your headers should contain keywords related to franchise locations.
  6. Use keyword-rich anchor text to direct internal links with franchise landing page.
  7. Instead of copying information from other landing pages, provide original content that offers substantial value to consumers.
  8. Keep any additional internet citations for that location consistent with your company's information or NAP.

Each franchise location should have a local landing page on their website.

In addition to social media, these sites are the franchisee's primary online presence; therefore, their GMB and Yelp listings have to be connected. The local landing page presents a franchise's SEO potential since it is a foundation for publishing content relevant to a particular area. It may draw on the franchisee's connections to the community to enhance credibility.

5.) Include ranking keywords of a location in your website's content

A franchise website must include location-based keywords to rank for those crucial localized searches. There should be a link between the landing page and main navigation location's parent page, matching the exact anchor text. Local landing pages should have highly optimized names, including the top-level keyword each Franchise is attempting to rank.

For instance, if your business is a Russian eatery with a location in San Francisco, you should mention “Russian bakery” along with its specified location in title tags, headers, and main body of the website. One may also employ regional names, neighboring tourist attractions, and local landmarks to make it more optimized. Thus, your company may appear in search results for phrases like "Russian bakery in my area”.

6.) Ensure your customers left a feedback of each destination

The foundation of an internet reputation is online reviews. 84 percent of individuals say they place an equal amount of faith in internet evaluations and personal recommendations. Since 72% of buyers would wait to purchase until they have read reviews, potential clients will be incredibly cautious about using your services if your shopfront has no reviews.

A franchise's positioning on the map will be influenced by the volume and quality of studies on its Google My Business listing. Therefore, it is essential the owners have a mechanism in place for collecting reviews. They can do so when the customers purchase anything, you can request them to leave a review. You can also request with a follow-up email.

Of course, a ton of tools is also available to scale and speed up the review gathering process. Studying towards better results that best meets your objectives is essential, as many other comparable solutions exist. Responses to all evaluations should be carefully considered, especially those unfavorable or neutral.

7.) A schema for every location is essential

Schema, is a detailed data about a page's content that aids to better comprehend and rank your website. For example, the price, inventory level, and many reviews for a bed may all be included in the schema markup on the product page for that chair. At the same time, an internet marketing company may use FAQ Page markup to make the FAQs included on your page for making "Internet marketing services (with location)" more search engine friendly.

For location-based inquiries like “Internet services San Francisco”, this effectively provides additional space on the search results page. This extra space enhances your ability to shine from the rest, which raises your click-through rate and traffic. Any Franchise SEO companies with several locations emphasizes the LocalBusiness schema markup. It is primarily used as an easy and efficient approach to give Google the most crucial data for the benefit of Franchise SEO.

AggregateRatings, GeoCoordinates, Product, and Price are additional schema markups that can be helpful to a franchised firm. Search engines like Google and Bing may rank your material more precisely and appropriately with schema markup, boosting rankings. Search engines may occasionally use the data to provide better results.

A prosperous result improves your website's space in the SERP. For example, your website may include information about stars, product prices, and more. Users may choose your services over a rival after reading this information. If you suppose you lack the time or resources to add structured data to your website, it could be worth reaching out to an SEO agency for assistance. It will need a lot of technical know-how.

However, Google's guidance on schema markup and Structured Data Testing Tool, which can be used to diagnose and correct problems, can help simplify things.

8.) Regularly check each of your franchise locations naps

The most critical information concerning a franchise is its Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP). This information must be kept constant on all websites where the company is visible. Each Franchise must maintain a consistent NAP throughout its location page, social media accounts, online reviews, and company listings on directories like Google My Business.

In addition to being practical, this uniformity enables Google to determine precisely about your Franchise. The days of listing businesses in the phone book's yellow pages are long gone; nowadays, one may find companies online in various places. As a result, like a franchisor, you must keep track of your company's operations across several offline and online sites.

You'll notice little variations in how the company's NAP information is displayed across numerous listings if you let each franchisee control their local business listings. The most vital thing amongst this is effective franchise SEO techniques begin by ensuring that the NAP for every location is consistent throughout all web listings.

9.) Make sure your business location appears on GPS devices

Make sure your franchise locations are included in GPS Points of Interest databases if you want them to be accessible on all GPS devices. GPS makers (like Garmin and TomTom) and automobile manufacturers consult databases to display the points to consumers on their GPS activated devices.

It is significantly simpler that riders discover or come across a franchise when franchise sites are submitted for approval in these databases.

Stand Out from the Crowd

5 Essential Parts of Franchise SEO

Since we're talking about Franchise SEO, it is important to have a look at Search Engine Optimization in general. Like a jigsaw, SEO requires five components to fit together correctly. Although they are all unique, a portion of a bigger image becomes apparent when you arrange them side by side. Whether you want to do the job yourself or collaborate with an SEO partner, even an essential awareness of the five ideas outlined below will help you immensely.

These components are also helpful for optimizing a Franchise on SERP.

1.) Keyword study

You must first identify the keywords and phrases that potential customers use to search online before you can optimize your website for them. You may use several methods to do your keyword research, but remember that it is in and of itself a big ball of wax. An SEO agency may help in this situation by providing their tools, knowledge, and time.

2.) On-page SEO

When search engines like Google scan and analyze your website, they consider various elements to assess its quality compared to other websites that are similar to it. These elements affect how well your website performs in search. These on-page components are straightforward, like page names, header tags, and Meta descriptions. Others, including the "quality," "relevancy," or "trustworthiness" of any websites that link to yours, are less obvious.

3.) Website Speed

Search engine rankings may be impacted by how quickly a website loads. When searching for results, Google's algorithm seeks to avoid slow sites at all costs since they offer a terrible user experience. Unbolting and streamlining a sluggish web page can be done in various ways, but the analysis is the first step.

4.) Consistently publish high-quality articles

You need to do more than just mark the boxes next to the fundamentals we've discussed to rank well. Having high-quality material is crucial. Ensuring you are acting E-A-T is a necessary component of this equation (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust). This guide's Chapter 5 provides helpful instructions on how to accomplish that.

5.) Off-page SEO

These include citations (locations where your company is cited elsewhere online, like Yelp), online reviews, connections to your site from other websites, and places where others recognize your brand.

Franchise SEO FAQs


What is franchise SEO?

Franchise SEO refers to the strategies and practices specifically tailored for franchises, ensuring both the main brand and individual franchise locations are optimized for online search visibility.


Why is SEO important for franchises?

SEO ensures that your franchise brand is visible on a national or global scale, while also ensuring each local franchisee is visible in their respective local searches. This dual focus helps in brand consistency and driving local foot traffic or sales.


How does franchise SEO differ from standard SEO?

While standard SEO focuses on a single website or location, franchise SEO simultaneously optimizes the main franchise brand and individual franchisee locations. It combines national brand strategies with local SEO for each location.


How do you handle multiple franchise locations in terms of local SEO?

We ensure each location has its own optimized Google My Business listing, consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) across online directories, localized content, and strategies to garner local reviews.


Will all our franchise locations rank on the first page?

Our aim is to improve visibility for all your franchise locations. However, rankings can be influenced by various factors, including local competition, the current state of a franchise's online presence, and location-specific strategies. Nobody can guarantee specific rankings - the best they can do is make a false promise and luck out if they get you the specific placement.


Do you create location-specific content for each franchise?

Yes. Localized content is vital for franchise SEO. We create tailored content that resonates with the local audience while maintaining brand consistency.


How do you handle franchisees operating in highly competitive areas?

For franchisees in competitive regions, we deploy advanced strategies including hyper-local content, competitive backlink building, localized keyword targeting, and leveraging local PR or events for increased visibility.


How do you ensure brand consistency across various franchise digital properties?

We work closely with your brand guidelines and coordinate with both the franchisor and franchisees. Consistency in messaging, visuals, and local adaptations is maintained through systematic audits and collaborative communication platforms.


How do you measure the success of a franchise SEO campaign?

We track metrics at both the national brand and local franchisee levels. This includes organic traffic, keyword rankings, local search visibility, and conversions. Regular reports offer insights into the performance of each location and the overall brand.


Why should our franchise choose your agency for SEO services?

Our team is experienced in addressing the unique challenges of franchise SEO, balancing national brand visibility with local franchisee success. We leverage state-of-the-art tools and have a proven track record of driving results for franchise-based models.

The 3 Pillars of Franchise Search Engine Optimization

As a virtual marketer, understanding how to get your brand, internet site, or corporation observed with the aid of using searchers is a center skill, and know-how of how search engine optimization is evolving will maintain you on the pinnacle of your sport.

We can break search engine optimization into 3 center additives or pillars which you want to be acquainted with – and motion regularly:

Technical Optimization

Technical search engine optimization is the method of finishing sports for your web website online, which might be designed to enhance search engine optimization but isn't associated with content material. It regularly occurs at the back of the scenes.

On-Page Optimization

On-page search engine optimization is the method of ensuring the content material for your online website is applicable and affords a high-quality consumer experience. It consists of focusing on the proper key phrases inside your content material and may be carried out thru a content material control system. Common examples of content material control structures encompass WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, and Expression Engine.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page search engine optimization is the method of improving your website online's search engine ratings through sports outdoor of the web website online. In essence, this is accomplished by building the website's online reputation through backlinks.

Search engines depend upon algorithms to discover net pages and determine which of them to rank for any given keyword. So, Search engine optimization is the method of enhancing the fine end amount of internet site visitors to an internet site or an internet web page from SERPs. Search engine optimization goals unpaid site visitors in place of direct or paid site visitors.

The trouble with high priced back-links

From a revel in the running with huge, largely-scaled brands several entrepreneurs recognize the energy of backlinks. However, maximum entrepreneurs are constructing backlinks with high-priced, tedious strategies. They're paying corporations an excessive price consistent with hyperlinks (usually $300 to $500), or they're doing old-college backlink outreach in-house.

Backlink outreach is when you ship an email inquiring that the content material supervisor hyperlinks your content material. You've possibly obtained those emails yourself.

Get a simpler response for virtual PR requests

It's easier to get a response for a virtual PR request than a primary link request, as shared by several businesses on their experience of pitching content materials for search engine optimization. Instead of asking websites to hyperlink to your site, you can ask for virtual PR coverage, which usually produces hyperlinks.

It takes approximately 5 to 10 emails to get a cure for a visitor to submit or podcast interview. And often, you don't even want to ship emails. You can begin by leveraging relationships with content material managers, bloggers, and podcast hosts, which you already know.

Build relationships you can leverage

Digital PR gives greater than simply backlinks. You additionally construct new relationships with non-competing companies, influencers, newshounds, and content material creators.

You can leverage those relationships again.

You would possibly co-advertise and market sports like webinars and digital summits. Otherwise, you may switch functions in every other email newsletter. One way or the other, your creativity is your limit.

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