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If you're having a hard time getting your multiple business locations to rank on Google, then franchise SEO may just be what you need to improve your rankings. If you are sick of not ranking well on search engines, we can help. At WebCitz, we have an analytics-driven approach to SEO for franchise clients. We build you an SEO campaign with a strong local base, from citation listings to website structure, high-quality content, and online map listings. We’re a strategic franchise marketing partner that specializes in web design, pay per click, and SEO.

  • On-page Optimization
  • Scalable Content
  • Locally Driven SEO
  • Off-page Optimization

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WebCitz is a USA-based web agency with 18+ dedicated team members. WebCitz does not outsource projects!

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Monthly Digital Marketing with Franchise SEO

If you are serious about increasing the number of phone calls, inbound leads or purchases from your website then you need a team dedicated to the success of your website. We have a large, in-house marketing team that is ready to divide-and-conquer all your toughest Franchise SEO and digital marketing challenges.

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Our marketing services are structured around the amount of time we will commit to proactively managing your Franchise SEO and other website marketing efforts.

  • No Contracts or Obligation
  • Month-to-Month Commitment
  • Dedicated Marketing Manager
  • Proactive Marketing Management
  • Franchise SEO
  • Monthly Marketing Plan Reviews
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What is Local SEO for Franchises?

What is Local SEO for Franchises?

Local SEO for franchisees is optimizing a website so that it appears in search results for location-based searches. It’s one thing to use search engine optimization to rank certain pages, but local SEO appears when a customer is searching for a related item as yours in a city or region. There are several steps in utilizing a local SEO strategy for multiple locations, including geographic keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions. Not only are those things important but you also need to have specific location information within your website, and location-specific reviews.

As many franchises are established brands and are highly recognizable, they have an advantage against smaller companies and combining that with a local SEO strategy can be what you need to drive customers to the location of your business. In order for a consumer to purchase from your business, they must first know your specific location exists near them, they won’t be able to visit and make a purchase. Local SEO for franchises fixes this issue, it points your customers in the direction of your particular location

Want to find out more about our Local SEO services? Contact the marketing experts at WebCitz today by calling us at (800) 796-8263, or by chatting with us on live chat today!

Our Franchise SEO Services

Conducting a Competitive Analysis

Conducting a Competitive Analysis

  • Use a data tracking software to conduct a competitive digital marketing analysis to identify the similarities and differences among you and your top three competitors.
  • Identify the best high intent SEO keywords and search terms in your area.
  • Establish a baseline for your website structure, content, visibility, and off-site citations, and compare it to your competitors to create a plan complete with goals.

Conducting a Competitive Analysis

Optimizing Website Content

  • Install Google Analytics to track site traffic.
  • Improve your franchise’s website design to be fast, secure, and mobile friendly.
  • Edit your website’s code, content, and structure to match the SEO best practices.
  • Perform conversion rate optimization on all website elements to ensure an optimal experience for your customers.

Conducting a Competitive Analysis

Tracking and Edits To Your SEO Campaign

  • Monitor your keyword rankings and organic traffic.
  • Monitor your top three competitors.
  • Monitor keyword and search trends in your industry.
  • Continually optimize and pivot your campaign for better performance over time

Conducting a Competitive Analysis

Measurement and Analytics Reporting

  • Provide easy-to-understand monthly reports on the status and results of all your SEO campaigns.
  • Monitor analytics to watch for abnormalities, hacks, or other sales-damaging events.


Conducting a Competitive Analysis

Establish New Website Content

  • Targeted content that improves your local search rankings and enhances the user experience.
  • Create SEO-optimized illustrations.
  • Optimize content for voice search and digital assistants.


Does Your Franchise Need an SEO Strategy?

Does Your Franchise Need an SEO Strategy?

If you’re looking to partner with a marketing agency to help you improve your visibility in local search results, WebCitz can help! WebCitz is a full-service franchise digital marketing agency that specializes in custom, results-driven digital marketing strategies. We have years of experience helping our clients. improve their visibility in both national and local search results, and we can do the same for your franchise. When you work with us, we’ll get to know your business and create a custom plan tailored to your needs and goals. Get started with local SEO for your franchise by contacting us today to speak with a specialist for franchise SEO services!

Wendy Bottesi
Wendy Bottesi
Corey is so incredibly helpful!!!! He took the time and effort to make sure I had the help I needed! Above and beyond friendly! Helpful hints to navigate my website!! I felt so at ease! This is the company I will be sticking with and telling everyone about!!! A million times over thank you Corey!
August 11, 2021
Kendrick Jacobs
Kendrick Jacobs
Corey G at WebCitz was so professional and patient while helping us solve our issues. We appreciate his help so much. This company definitely needs more people like him. Amazing customer service! Thank you Corey G! (:
May 26, 2020
Alo Health
Alo Health
WebCitz designed our Alo Health website and did such a great job of walking us step-by-step through the process, knowing the tech world was not a strength of ours. We love that we are able to change content whenever we want, but if we run into problems, they are a quick email away. They have been responsive, reliable and efficient. Thanks, WebCitz!
May 15, 2020
George Ormond
George Ormond
Corey was extremely helpful and spent a considerable amount of time going over my difficulties with a newly created website put together by someone else. I was under a very stressful deadline and he was extremely considerate and helpful. He managed to fix the problems that I was experiencing with my website. I had reached out to a number of website developers for help but only heard back from Webcity and Corey got back to me within minutes!
August 11, 2020

What Is Franchise SEO?

Local SEO for franchises refers to the process of optimizing a website to appear in local search results, such as "dog daycare madison wi".

Search engine optimization allows you to rank for keyword phrases related to your products or services, but local SEO for franchises helps you reach customers in your area who are searching for those terms.

A local SEO strategy for multiple locations involves a number of tactics, such as including geographical keywords in your content, title tags, and meta descriptions, including specific location information on your website, and including testimonials and reviews for each location.

As a franchise, you already have the advantage of an established brand, and local SEO is a great way to help your potential customers discover your particular location.

In order to ensure the success of your franchise SEO campaign, there are several challenges as well as common beginner mistakes to avoid. Your team must understand (and know how to overcome) these challenges if you manage your SEO in-house.

Here are a few of the most common challenges associated with SEO for multiple locations:

  1. Duplicate content: Your website must contain original content. It is possible for local franchise SEO to fail if your website contains a large amount of content from another website, such as a fellow franchise location.
  2. Invalid NAP: Ensure that your franchise provides your name, address, and phone number. If you are promoting a location, do not include your corporate contact information. You should provide the information that your users are seeking: yours.
  3. Make every internal link (or link to another page on your website) count. When you link excessively or unnecessarily to internal pages, you can send a negative signal and reduce your chances of appearing on page one of search results.
  4. A franchise SEO firm (such as WebCitz) can assist you with your local SEO strategy if you are having difficulty. You can request a website audit from them and they will identify errors on your site and recommend solutions, or even take over the management of your SEO strategy if you are overwhelmed.

A professional SEO strategy for multiple locations includes everything your business needs to boost its online visibility, which can lead to increased in-store traffic, sales, and revenue. In most cases, your business and team do not have to worry about anything - your franchise SEO agency handles everything.

To provide some perspective, most SEO plans for franchises include:

  1. Developing a customized strategy for your brand or location
  2. Optimizing your website as well as your Google My Business profile
  3. Monitoring your website's performance, such as its rankings, traffic, and conversions
  4. Improving the usability of your website
  5. Creating new, optimized content for your website
  6. And much more!

Professional franchise SEO services can assist you in developing a successful SEO strategy for your business. They are especially helpful if your team does not have the time to manage your online presence, since search can bring a great deal of traffic (and revenue) to your business.

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