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Even large companies with an excellent offline reputation need to compete for a place in the digital space. This is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial component of every digital marketing strategy. Big businesses with a strong online presence have a comprehensive and well-designed website with thousands of pages.

However, optimizing SEO for large websites with thousands of pages and keywords is tough. Enterprise SEO is the answer to such a problem (1). It boosts search visibility in an organic way for such large company websites.

  • Strategic, High-DR Link Building
  • Large-Scale Content Building
  • Data-Driven SEO Approach
  • Extensive Keyword Research

The Definition of Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is the process of creating and focusing on SEO strategies that can improve organic presence and revenue possibilities for larger organizations. Here, a larger organization does not necessarily mean large as per the number of employees. A large organization in this context is one with a large number of web pages on the website.

The SEO strategies need to be scalable so that an enterprise company can maintain its rankings on the search engines. SEO is the biggest driver of traffic to websites for all businesses. For enterprise business, it is even more of a necessity.

At the most basic level, the fundamentals of SEO do not change, but the scale of SEO activities hugely differs. In Enterprise SEO, any material such as photos, videos, comments, etc., that requires continuous maintenance requires a lot of attention. Diagnosing, discovering, and dealing with technical issues can seem overwhelming when dealing with a large number of web pages.

For all businesses, it is critical to build and sustain authority in today’s competitive market. Enterprise SEO plays a vital role in the success of any larger enterprise having a presence online. Securing backlinks with renowned websites can enhance a website and is a well-known strategy of enterprise SEO. It helps enhance the online presence of a business and presents them as market authorities.

Many firms that may be well-known can lose their customers quickly if they don’t undertake any online activities regularly. Customers are looking for relevant, timely, and trustworthy information in this hyper-connected world.

SEO strategies for enterprises are constantly evolving and getting more and more refined. SEO companies can help enterprise businesses in growing their business and customer base quickly and efficiently.

Is there a difference between small business SEO and enterprise SEO? At the most basic level, they are similar, but the main difference is that the tactics for bigger organizations require scaling at a high level. Thousands of web pages need to be maintained and updated continuously. The strategies that may work for a small or mid-size company with a few hundred pages may not work for enterprise business.

Organic search is essential, and so is your brand’s image. If your brand can make an excellent first impression, it can lead to other positive actions. Enterprise SEO helps your business reach the right customers. With proper optimization and automated emails, it is possible to maximize good reviews and ensure that people find the brand on a search engine.

Online reviews are a key factor in any revenue increase. Multiple sites should appear every time someone types in your brand name, including review sites, news articles, and Wikipedia. This way, enterprise SEO experts can increase any brand’s trust and credibility among its customers.

  • 81% of customers conduct online research before any major purchase
  • 85% of customers look for content from experts to help in decision making
  • 71% of consumers use search engines to discover new brands, products, and services
  • 85% of customers agree that the online search leads them to search more about the products, services, or brand

Enterprise SEO is not just about making others aware of the power of SEO but also approaches SEO in a very different way. In order for enterprise SEO to work seamlessly (2) across a large number of pages, a simple framework is necessary.

Usability: this is related to technical SEO. You need to check if the website is responsive, crawlable, engaging, and shareable.

Relevance: right content will lose its meaning if it is not relevant. Relevance is extremely important, along with content that informs and entertains.

Authority: the links, citations, and references that a website earns can help it become an authority in the industry.

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The Benefits of Enterprise SEO

The SEO issues in enterprise businesses are highly complex because of the large number of web pages on their website. Usually, the larger sites have more brand authority, but that also means that these sites keep the pages up to date and fresh. Enterprise SEO has to be scalable, sophisticated, and smart for it to work well. There are several benefits of enterprise SEO, including:

Targeted local marketing

Local searches are gaining importance all the time, and 78% of all local searches result in an offline purchase. Most of the searches are carried out on mobile devices. Businesses that can focus on the local markets have a big advantage regarding local searches. To be able to compete locally, it is necessary that its messaging connects with the local customer base. Local SEO strategies are needed to connect the local needs and preferences to the brand and its products. Using local SEO efficiently allows businesses to create opportunities through targeted marketing.

Create brand awareness

Most people like to check reviews and testimonials before buying anything. It is important to have a substantial presence online and improve brand searches for the business. By publishing high-quality content and giving out relevant information, the brand will get more positive reviews and feedback from current and potential customers. Moreover, the search engine takes high-quality content and positive feedback as a sign that you are an expert in your field. This will help you create a strong brand image.

How does enterprise SEO help? It maximizes exposure and crawling and uses different avenues to improve the reach across all stages of a business. These include:

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Social media
  • Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts

Only a well-rounded and thorough approach can work well and increase traffic at all levels of marketing.

Maintaining brand image

Once a positive brand image is created, the important thing is that the business is able to maintain the brand image and improve on it. Enterprise SEO allows businesses to highlight the positives and keep their brand strong.

Enterprise SEO allows large businesses to completely control their brand image and message. Enterprise businesses can control the content and information about them online. This is directly related to a company or business’s reputation too. With enterprise SEO, a business can control negative information and promote the content they want.

Good enterprise SEO tactics also help in highlighting the plus points, such as creating backlinks that work and creating backlinks that can notify about any changes in the website. This is a great way to maintain a brand image.

Keep up to date with algorithm changes

With enterprise SEO, it is possible to prevent dramatic changes that can occur every time any updates happen with a search engine. If Google makes any changes in its algorithm, the brands are affected. Some get a positive boost, but many also have to suffer the brunt of these changes. Enterprise SEO uses several techniques and plans for long-term and consistent improvements instead of getting bogged down due to changes in the system.

Getting backlinks from high-authority sites

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of SEO. When reputed websites use your content, they will link it to your website and create a backlink. When you publish any articles or guides that cover any topic in-depth, other writers can use this material as inspiration and give you credit for it. This improves your brand image and attracts increased numbers of customers. Link management is key to ensuring that you get maximum benefits out of the links. Links help build authority, but only if they are rightly placed and used. It is important to ask the following

  • Are the links correct and appropriate?
  • Do they add value to the page, and if yes, what kind of value?

Improves customer reach

Even if a business is very large, it may not be helpful unless it shows up on the search engine. The business size is of no use unless it has good customer reach. Enterprise SEO is perfect for improving customer reach by ensuring that each marketing stage is correctly targeted. From the first step of creating awareness of a brand among possible customers, through its evolution and keeping customers interested until the purchase stage, enterprise SEO keeps tabs on all processes and stages.

Scaling the website

This is one of the biggest benefits of enterprise SEO. Initially, SEO may seem like a complex process because of the many things that need consideration. It could be content. Keywords, links, and much more. The work multiplies exponentially on an enterprise website. The numbers increase even further after every new acquisition, merger, or product launch.

The only way to go is to implement enterprise SEO with a team of experts handling all the issues. Scaling is necessary for all websites, but for an enterprise business, it is in a class of its own. Enterprise SEO ensures that there are fewer mistakes, and the website’s performance in search engines remains high.

Increase in the conversions

The best SEO practices help improve conversion rates and increase revenue. Well-designed and strong enterprise SEO strategies will lead to more conversations and result in more engagement. The strategies include optimizing product descriptions that match the targeted keywords. An increase in revenue as a result of increased conversions is the main aim of any business, and enterprise SEO can help large businesses achieve this. Enterprise SEO solutions treat your website as a whole when trying to increase exposure during the journey of a business. There are multiple stages where a buyer connects with the business, and the right solutions will take into account all these stages.

  • Creating awareness
  • Arousing customer interest
  • Helping them evaluate
  • Making a commitment
  • Sale

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Ecommerce SEO

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The Key Elements of Enterprise SEO

You realize the importance of enterprise SEO for large websites and their well-being. The main elements of enterprise SEO include:


Most of the optimization takes place with the content. High-quality content that is relevant and trustworthy is very important. Keyword optimization, updating content, and information about a new product, all the content has to be geared towards engagement with customers and constantly refreshed.

Some content optimization strategies (3) can benefit enterprise SEO.

  • Please find out your target so that you can focus on it.
  • Create a list of topics that can be used
  • Find and identify the right keywords.
  • Using different content formats makes the content fresh and users interested. The exact format can generate fatigue.
  • How you integrate the keywords on the content pages also matters. It should feel organic, or the users may treat the content as spam.
  • Have a clear schedule for the content. Follow a calendar to ensure that you are not repeating yourself. A schedule will also help remember important events that need to be published as content.
  • Constantly monitor and analyse the content and its performance. Even a tiny dip should be taken seriously.
  • Keep an eye on the competitors’ content to compare and make any changes to the content when needed.


Everyone knows the importance of keywords, and SEO optimizes these for more benefits. Enterprise SEO uses keyword optimization with a broader perspective. It looks for opportunities to rank different cities for local and broader terms and then fills the gaps. Enterprise SEO allows businesses to find keywords that can bring a lot of traffic. These could be international, transactional, or other keywords that can make a difference.

Better tactics

At the enterprise SEO level, multiple tactics and strategies are used along with various methodologies. These could include link building, voice and visual search, mobile, data structuring, and more. Optimization of all these allows for better strategies to be formulated.

Better cohesion

Enterprise SEO experts use templates that allow for brand cohesion across all the pages. All these templates require tweaks to get them at optimum levels of speed and responsiveness. This is crucial for an enhanced user experience.

Better speed

Any optimization is only as good as the speed. The website’s speed must be fast for customers to have a good experience. Moreover, along with better speed, all the right tools must be in place so that there is a quick resolution if any issue arises.

Enterprise SEO management is multi-layered, and tracking all the moving parts can be difficult. Everyone needs to work together as a team to achieve their goals.

Strategies Required for the Success of Enterprise SEO

Now that we know how important enterprise SEO is, we should also look at some strategies that a large business should implement.

Maintain page speed

Larger websites with thousands of pages need to ensure that the page speed remains high constantly. As the sites get larger, the issue of speed gets more complex. It is imperative to test the website speed to know how much time it will take for the users. To improve the speed of the pages, some things can prove helpful, such as compressing images, reducing redirects, and caching the web pages.

Group the content into subdomains

Creating a website hierarchy makes it possible to get a better hold of a larger website. Enterprise SEO will work better if you have subdomains that are under a root directory. However, these subdomains will get their own websites instead of separate folders. The subdomains will remain closely linked to the root directory but will have their own management system and analytics tools. This is very helpful for enterprise SEO because subdomains can handle a large amount of content without burdening one website.

Some SEO experts believe that some search engine crawlers may confuse a subdomain for an entirely new website. In contrast, others feel that crawlers can recognize subdomains as an extension of the main website. Businesses need to decide what works best for them, but subdomains can be helpful, especially large websites.

Refresh without harming the old content

One of the biggest challenges for enterprise SEO teams is to keep the content up to date, accurate, and fresh according to the industry standards. At the same time, there is no way that the old pages can be deleted. Any old content with high page authority and backlinks needs to be preserved.

Un refreshing content and adding new information can be a balancing act for enterprise businesses. The whole point of enterprise SEO is to have a scalable process in place.

High-quality content at a huge scale

The main aspect of any type of SEO is creating high-quality content for the website. When it comes to enterprise businesses, the content needs to be of high quality but also scalable. The SEO team can find new keywords for the content creation team to keep the website ranked high. The enterprise SEO team will give the target keywords and guide the content team to create competitive content. Good teams for both the research and creation are necessary because the content has to be scalable.

Correct keyword selection

An enterprise SEO team can do proper research to find the best and most effective keywords to use. Keyword selection is already quite hard, and after writing so much content, it may seem hard to generate more content with the same keywords. A good enterprise SEO team can research and find the gaps so that new content can be written.


Huge enterprise websites with thousands of pages need automation for faster analysing and monitoring. It is impossible to do this job manually unless there are hundreds of people looking into it at all times. Automation allows monitoring a website’s backlinks, problem areas, and more. Moreover, automation helps in simplifying project management. Workflows help in unifying large projects with several locations and different website needs. Faster automation is necessary for an enterprise SEO to keep the process scalable with high efficiency.

How to Get Started with Enterprise SEO

What works for general SEO will not work for enterprise SEO. A distinct strategy for enterprise SEO is necessary because these sites have thousands of pages, several employees, and millions of organic searches every month. Just like local SEO requires specific expertise, enterprise SEO also requires special nuances and expertise to succeed. Starting with enterprise SEO is not complicated but requires an enterprise business to be ready for it.

Simplify the process

Most large companies and businesses have multiple hierarchies. Every decision requires approval from various authorities, and communication up to and down takes a lot of time. To have an efficient enterprise SEO, there must be a limited number of people and levels that all SEO decisions regarding content must go through.

One point of contact

One person should be appointed as the decision-maker for everything related to SEO. This will help in faster decision-making without too much interference. If the content requires too many approvals, then there may be too many changes in the content, and by the time it is published, it could be already outdated. The publishing process will get longer and lose its impact.

Some approvals are important

It should be established as to what needs approval. Many large enterprises will wait for SEO approval before publishing it. This is not a wrong practice because it ensures high quality. However, there are times when waiting for approvals can be counter-productive. Technical SEO elements such as meta descriptions and URL slugs do not require many reviews.

Set practices to be followed

There can be some mandatories for content that can be set down early in the process. This will reduce the time in final decision-making and eliminate unnecessary and repetitive approval processes. Certain mandatories could be specific colors for headlines or graphs, image styles, specific phrasing in the content, etc.

Manage the metrics

Large businesses with huge websites generate a large amount of data. Though most of it is valuable, it can soon become a huge burden if the company does not manage it properly. It can be very challenging to manage data on such a large scale. It is best to implement a data management program before starting the enterprise SEO process. Several types of software allow large enterprises to set up, gather, and track data through analytics. If the data management process is implemented right at the beginning, it will be worthwhile for the enterprise in the long run. Well-maintained data is more useful in creating better SEO strategies. Once the process is set, an ongoing data management plan will be ideal for keeping track of all information. Getting fortnightly or monthly reports on the key data points is possible. The reports are useful to the business and the SEO team.

Content organization

The sheer size of enterprise websites can make the content organization a major obstacle in the SEO process. The main problem areas are:


If the larger and older websites have not been set up properly, it will be difficult for search engines to detect them. If the search engine is not reading it correctly, then it is not using the SEO correctly. This can be avoided by creating and submitting an XML sitemap. The site map allows search engines to read and detect the website in the best way.

Link profile

Many large enterprise businesses find it difficult to build a strong link profile. Usually, all interlinking happens only on one or two pages, and mostly these are the home and the contact page. While it may seem like a good strategy for directing customers, the search engines do not like this and may even hurt the SEO performance.

Duplicate content

Large enterprises usually end up with duplicate content; dealing with it can be a lot of work. Address the issue of duplicate content right from the beginning so that it does not get out of hand. Such repeated content can bring down the SEO score. It is important to clean up the duplicate data when starting with a new SEO program. Cleaning duplicate material also removes penalties, if any, and helps in ranking higher.

What to Pay Attention to in an Enterprise SEO Strategy

In large enterprises, there are several priorities, and many trade-offs and tussles happen during the allocation of budget. It is up to the senior management to see how SEO fits in the mix. Before starting with enterprise SEO, it is necessary to keep in mind certain things.


Enterprise SEO takes longer to implement and to show results. One needs to be patient. Small businesses may take 3 to 6 months to show results, while for a large enterprise, it may take up to a year.

One of the main reasons for this is that enterprise SEO has a longer technical SEO audit process. Large volumes of content and thousands of pages mean more corrections and errors that need fixing. Though time-consuming, it is a crucial process for success in the SEO process.

By fixing errors, it is possible to get an exemption from the existing penalties and prevent more such errors in the future. Error-free content allows a company to compete better on search engines.

Another reason enterprise SEO takes more time is the multiple levels of approval the decisions have to go through. The actual publishing gets delayed with every level of approval.


Most search engines nowadays rank content based on user reviews and preferences. It is best to focus on creating content that is user-centric or geared towards a good user experience. The main reasons for this shift in focus are:

  • The search engines are more refined and can identify topics and keywords to synchronize the users’ queries better with the results shown. Search engines are better at deriving meaning from the content, and overuse of keywords can raise a red flag as spam content. Penalties may follow after this.
  • Search engines put a lot of emphasis on user engagement levels. The ranking not only considers the number of views per page but also how the users interacted with the page. Good indicators of a good user experience include:
    • Spending more time on the page
    • Clicking to read more pages
    • Sharing the page
  • Keywords are still crucial for SEO performance but must be used judiciously. Using keywords should seem organic and not forced or overused in the content. A stronger focus on user experience and lesser on the keyword volume can be a better option.

Final Thoughts on Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO (4) can multiply the effect of a large website manifold on search engines. It is no longer a question of choice because all large enterprises are using enterprise SEO, and the competition is fierce. If you want to see success, the basic things that you need to do are:

  • Structure the website so that search engines like Google can find them and understand the content correctly.
  • The content has to be of high quality. It may seem subjective, but by focusing on the users, it is possible to generate the right content.
  • Attract attention to the website by making use of backlinks and other means. Links are one way a search engine decides whether a website is better than its competitor.

Enterprise SEO is the way to go for large enterprises with a huge online presence. In the near future, it is going to get more and more refined and efficient. Enterprise SEO works across multiple sites and handles thousands of pages in a bid to streamline the process and make it more efficient. A good enterprise SEO strategy will see that the website they manage remains high on the search engine rankings and gets positive reviews from its users in an organic way.

Putting enterprise SEO in place is a tough and complex process, but it is worth the effort. It is only through SEO that a business connects with its customers, engages with them, and generates revenue. The effects of enterprise SEO are long-lasting and can prove immensely beneficial when well-tailored to meet an organization’s requirements.

Enterprise SEO Cost Calculator

You are in complete control of your Enterprise SEO budget. Answer a few simple questions about your business and our Enterprise SEO cost calculator will show you how affordable our Enterprise SEO packages can be for you. We are happy to work with any budget as long as expectations are realistic for how much can be accomplished each month. You can always modify the budget for your Enterprise SEO campaign. This Enterprise SEO calculator helps you understand the factors involved in calculating an estimate for your Enterprise SEO services.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Enterprise SEO


What Is Enterprise SEO?

Having thousands of pages on a website requires specialized SEO teams and high-level strategies to increase traffic. Companies with enterprise SEO teams provide actionable advice that enhances the revenue of large organizations and provides a scalable, strategic approach to expanding the company's operations.

Small Business SEO: This type of SEO is implemented on small business websites that contain a few pages all the way up maybe dozens of pages. Additionally, small businesses generally target long tail keywords that have less competition.

Enterprise SEO is performed on large websites with thousands of pages. Large companies, with thousands of products and individual pages for each product, require the expertise of enterprise SEO specialists. You may choose to concentrate on short-tail, highly competitive keywords in enterprise search engine optimization.

Additionally, enterprise SEO employs more advanced and time-consuming tactics that can have a significant impact on the number of conversions that occur on the site. Enterprise SEO is used by large companies because it creates a specialized strategy at the corporate level that connects SEO with content marketing, public relations, and social media.


What Are Examples Of Enterprise SEO?

At WebCitz, we have over 16,000 pages on our website. Therefore we understand the importance of building and maintaining large websites. Some main examples of Enterprise SEO with large websites are the following:

  • Salesforce: This is one of the world's leading CRM platforms with over 58,900 pages and ranks for around 81,417 keywords every year.
  • Adobe: American multinational computer software company has around 94,3000 pages and ranks for 197,467 keywords; most are on the first page of Google.
  • Square: This is a financial services company that has 465,000 pages and counting. Square ranks for 112,660 on the first page of Google.
  • Mail Chimp: A marketing service and automation platform that has around 154,000 pages on its website and has 60,385 keywords on page one of Google.

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